Just Gotta get Used to It…

It’s been a good week since we last touched base. The weather was much better this week, as evidenced by me walking outdoors each day during my daily workouts. Spring is getting closer and closer for us. Matt continued teaching and coaching in Zionsville. His wrestling season is winding down with his final two meets next week. He enjoyed some successes and endured some challenges this week as he continues to learn how to navigate the world of middle school politics. Abby had another full week of classes as she begins to settle in to her second semester of her sophomore year at Franklin. We enjoyed seeing her for a bit this week as she split her time between classes, Greek life and her friends at college. After a much-deserved week off, Luke returned to being a two-sport athlete as he split time between football and baseball this week. Ann wasn’t feeling well this week and didn’t sleep particularly well and as a result she was tired all week. She finally had time to do some scrapbooking with her friends and continued prepping for After-Prom. I just missed my weekly exercise goal, logging fourteen miles this week in only four days of workouts as I dropped another four pounds this week on my diet. But I’m afraid I may have given it all back this weekend, though. The dogs got along better as the feeling-out process is starting to shake itself out. I think Lola has gotten used to having a new friend, Molly has gotten used to sharing her toys and Delilah has gotten used to putting up with Lola’s antics. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

We enjoyed a warmer start to the week on Monday – heck, it got all the way up into the 50s! After staying the night at Kam’s house last night, Luke came into town about mid-morning then went to Gma & Gigi’s house to visit and dog-sit for most of the day as he had the luxury of being off school that day for President’s Day. He did not have any practices that evening, so he ran around with Oak and then came back and played a little PS4 before turning in. Matt also enjoyed the day off from Z-West for the holiday, spending the majority of his time down at Taylor’s apartment. Abby didn’t get as lucky, having a full day of classes and sorority stuff at Franklin. Ann & I were in Abs’ boat as we both had to work as well. Ann’s day was filled with meetings, which I transported her to and from. It helped to break up my day, so I didn’t mind. I met Justin & Vic at China Buffet for a keto lunch. I was able to finish my Safety Committee report that afternoon, which was my goal so it was a good day. I walked over a 6K after work, outside. It felt great! It was decent but there was a biting wind out of the east, which I thought was weird. We ran a couple errands when we got back into town that evening then Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we watched the Daytona 500. There were a couple big wrecks and one nasty one at the very end as Hoosier native Ryan Newman got flipped upside down and run into in the driver’s side door at 200 mph. It looked gruesome and they didn’t show much of him being pulled out of the car, which only added to the suspicion that something bad had occurred. The last report we got that evening was that he was in stable but serious condition…but that he should be ok. As it turned out, he was able to leave the hospital a couple days later, thankfully. We wound down the evening watching the return of American Idol before calling it a night. Here are pictures from Luke’s final wrestling tourney of the year – Regionals at Richmond High School.

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After raining all night, it was still coming down strong when we left for work on Tuesday morning. Thankfully it stopped during our morning commute. Luke returned to school – much to his chagrin – and after five or six prompts to get his arse out of the bed. He had football practice after school then later went to the boys’ basketball game that evening with his buddies. Ann & I had fast days at work. Justin & I went to Chi-Pi for lunch then I walked three miles on a chilly afternoon around the airport property. That evening Ann made salmon, broccoli and cauliflower rice for dinner. It was delicious and although we had some leftovers, they didn’t last long! Here are pictures of Matt from last week’s Battle of the Nest wrestling meet.

mwzn20.01 mwzn20.02 mwzn20.03 mwzn20.04 mwzn20.05 mwzn20.06 mwzn20.07 mwzn20.08 mwzn20.09 mwzn20.10 mwzn20.11 mwzn20.12 mwzn20.13 mwzn20.14 mwzn20.15 mwzn20.16 mwzn20.17 mwzn20.18 mwzn20.19 mwzn20.20 mwzn20.21 mwzn20.22 mwzn20.23 mwzn20.24 mwzn20.25 mwzn20.26 mwzn20.27 mwzn20.28 mwzn20.29 mwzn20.30 mwzn20.31 mwzn20.32 mwzn20.33 mwzn20.34 mwzn20.35 mwzn20.36 mwzn20.37 mwzn20.38 mwzn20.39 mwzn20.40 mwzn20.41 mwzn20.42 mwzn20.43 mwzn20.44 mwzn20.45 mwzn20.46

We had a cold start to our Wednesday with a hard frost on the cars. Luke did a little better getting up that morning, aided by a large cup of coffee. He had a good day at school then ran around with his buddies for a bit before coming home for dinner and to play Fortnight. Ann & I both had fast days then I walked a 5K on a lovely but chilly day. I warmed up the leftover salmon and made fish tacos for dinner. We went through Luke’s baseball gear to see what he needs and came up with a short list (thankfully) of stuff for the upcoming season.

We had another cold start to our Thursday morning. Luke had a fast day of classes then went to football practice. Afterward, he came home to get his baseball stuff together but got more than he bargained for when he found Delilah had pooped in her pin. Rather than grabbing his stuff and quickly walking away, he instead cleaned it up for us like a responsible young man. We were proud of him…and thankfully we didn’t have to deal with all that crap! Ann had another fast day but started feeling bad that afternoon. By the time we got home she was running a fever. She took some meds and fell asleep in her chair – where she slept the rest of the evening. I had a long day at work then walked a 5K out in the cold where I think I may have gotten some wind burn from the bone-chilling northeasterly gale. Luke enjoyed his baseball workouts that evening. Afterward, he came home for a while then went out to study for Chemistry at Oakley’s house. Although the studying went well (he would ace the quiz the next day), they still managed to get in some PS4 until late and Luke stayed the night out there. Here are various pictures from our recent adventures.

sis20.02.114 sis20.02.115 sis20.02.116 sis20.02.117 sis20.02.118 sis20.02.119 sis20.02.120 sis20.02.121 sis20.02.122 sis20.02.123 sis20.02.124 sis20.02.125 sis20.02.126 sis20.02.127 sis20.02.128 sis20.02.129 sis20.02.130 sis20.02.131 sis20.02.132 sis20.02.133 sis20.02.134 sis20.02.135 sis20.02.136 sis20.02.137 sis20.02.138 sis20.02.139 sis20.02.140 sis20.02.141 sis20.02.142 sis20.02.143 sis20.02.144 sis20.02.145 sis20.02.146 sis20.02.147 sis20.02.148 sis20.02.149 sis20.02.150 sis20.02.151 sis20.02.152 sis20.02.153

Although I had the day off on Friday, I was still up early with the dogs and ran Annie into work. Thankfully, she worked here in town, so it was an easy drive. I dropped her off and went to Five Points to get some new shoes on Barney. They replaced the front two wheels and pulled the nail out of the right rear that had been in there for three months or more. Afterwards, I dropped it off at Jerry’s shop (J&A Auto) to get new brakes and an oil change. They are so nice there; his wife Alexis even drove me home! Meanwhile, Luke got up and went to school on time then came home for a bit before going out with his friends until late. Abby came down to see her dogs (and us, I suppose). We took her out for lunch at ElRep. We dropped off Ann at the house so she could nap afterward while Bu & I got Tonya’s oil changed and went out junking. We found a couple treasures before coming home. Abs picked up Luke and they went to Grandma’s house for the afternoon while I worked on repairing the siding that Delilah ripped off. She somehow got ahold of the cable line that runs behind the siding and pulled on it, separating the bottom row for about 20’. It took me almost an hour to get it all back in place. I took Ann out to Burney to scrapbook at the church until late and Shawna brought her home. Abs dropped off Luke and headed back up to school. She stopped to see Ann on her way back to FC then met up with Matthew on her campus. He came down to spend some time with her, which was really cool. It does my heart good to know that they are friends as adults – well, young adults anyway! 😊 That allowed me to have a quiet evening with the dogs. When Ann got home, I was asleep on the couch but she was exhausted. So, she went to bed while I stayed up until Luke got home. But by then, of course, I was wide awake so I ended up staying up late and checked in my new Hot Wheels. Here are pictures of some recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.02.22 hwc20.02.23 hwc20.02.24 hwc20.02.25 hwc20.02.26 hwc20.02.27 hwc20.02.28 hwc02.02.29 hwc20.02.30

Ann was up early on Saturday because the dogs were carrying on loudly – especially Delilah. I got up and checked fluids in the vehicles before I ran Annie back out to Burney for the day to resume her scrapbooking with her friends. On the way back into town, I called Luke and got him up so we could go to breakfast. We ended up out at Frisch’s then did some HW hunting. Although we came up empty, we did manage to get some duct tape that was a close match to the paint color on the Hot Rod Lincoln. We patched up the huge hole that he knocked in the bumper cover a month ago. It isn’t an exact match, but we made it look the best we could until he can save up enough money to replace it. At least now, it doesn’t have pieces flopping around when he drives. He went out with his friends for the day and I took a nap. Annie woke me up and I ran out to get her from scrapbooking. Luke got cleaned up and went to the basketball game on Senior Night with his friends. The theme was camo, so it was right up his alley. Ann was going to go to do some fundraising at the game, but she was tired and wasn’t feeling particularly well…and besides she had three other volunteers already out there, so we stayed in and watched the series finale of Criminal Minds along with a couple other shows. Later, she was feeling a little better so we went over to the Sunken Boat Bar for a couple hours of euchre with Bryan & Angie. It was boys vs. girls with the good guys winning 2-1 for bragging rights. We had fun catching up with them and did a lot of laughing, which was good for the soul. After the basketball game, Luke came back home with Oakley and he ended up staying the night with us. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.02.92 smp20.02.93 smp20.02.94 smp02.02.95 smp20.02.96 smp20.02.97 smp20.02.98 smp20.02.99 smp20.02.100 smp20.02.101 smp20.02.102 smp20.02.103 smp20.02.104 smp20.02.105 smp20.02.106 smp20.02.107 smp20.02.108 smp20.02.109 smp20.02.110 smp20.02.111 smp20.02.112 smp20.02.113 smp20.02.114 smp20.02.115 smp20.02.116 smp20.02.117 smp20.02.118 smp20.02.119 smp20.02.120 smp20.02.121 smp20.02.122 smp20.02.123 smp20.02.124 smp20.02.125 smp20.02.126 smp20.02.127 smp20.02.128 smp20.02.129 smp20.02.130 smp20.02.131 smp20.02.132 smp20.02.133 smp20.02.134 smp20.02.135 smp20.02.136 smp20.02.137 smp20.02.138 smp20.02.139 smp20.02.140 smp20.02.141 smp20.02.142 smp20.02.143 smp20.02.144 smp20.02.145 smp20.02.146 smp20.02.147 smp20.02.148 smp20.02.149

Apparently, the dogs don’t know the meaning of sleeping in as they had both Ann & I up far too early on Sunday morning. It was a slow day for us as we were feeling pretty lazy that morning. Oakley got up and left hours before Luke even got out of bed. Ann & I got caught up on our DVR’d shows and napped on and off throughout the day. We eventually got around to our weekly household chores but took things slowly. Luke stuck around today, resting up for next week when he has to take the ISTEP testing. He ran out and got us takeout for dinner so Ann didn’t have to cook as she was running a low grade fever again. We watched Seven Worlds One Planet, American Idol and NCIS New Orleans before winding down and calling it a week. It was a relaxing way to cap off a good week.

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature a few miscellaneous photo albums. We lead off this week with a photo of Ann’s house on Main St at Christmastime, circa 1986; then we fast-forward to September 1995 where we see Ann & I at our wedding reception and the next morning at the hotel in Columbus and then on our honeymoon on the coast of Maine with our friend Chris.

Waybac.1986.aafoms12 Waybac.1995.09.tawr150 Waybac.1995.09.tawr151 Waybac.1995.09.tawr152 Waybac.1995.09.tawr153 Waybac.1995.09.tawr154 Waybac.1995.09.tawr155 Waybac.1995.09.tawr156 Waybac.1995.09.tah66 Waybac.1995.09.tah67 Waybac.1995.09.tah68 Waybac.1995.09.tah69 Waybac.1995.09.tah70

Next up is our video section which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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