M-m-m-my (Co)rona

We learned a new term this week – social distancing. This is due to the hyper-vigilance employed throughout the country this week in response to COVID-19 – the Coronavirus. In order to slow the progress of the virus infecting our planet, events have been cancelled, travel has been discouraged, places are closing – even countries are shutting their borders. This, in turn, has created panic with segments of society – causing hysteria and unreasonable demand on supplies of basic needs – which has caused stores to run low or even out, in some cases. With his wresting season completed, Matt focused his attention on teaching and working his second job. By week’s end, his school was closed and he would have to figure out a way to teach his special-needs children from home (called e-learning) until further notice. We missed seeing him this week. Abby had a full week of classes at Franklin. But by week’s end, she too, had her school closed. The Franklin student body will be doing “distance-learning” from home for the next month – at least. Yay…Abby’s home!! Luke enjoyed his first week of Spring Break. He didn’t have any football workouts but had a few baseball practices and enjoyed spending time with his friends this week. His second semester of school and spring sports schedule are unknown at this time. He had a life skill growth opportunity as well this week. Ann did great with her knees this week. She got around much better and seems to be fully healed from her recent health scare. She spent most of her week talking about Coronavirus and her company’s response plan. I had a very busy week as well, equally spending most of my time talking about our response to the pandemic. I gained three pounds this week as my diet was spotty and I only managed nine miles of walking. The weather was up and down again this week. We saw a lot of rain but thankfully none of the snow we were forecast to receive this weekend. It was warm enough for me to exercise outdoors this week but we didn’t get to see much of our old friend the sun. The stock market got sick with the Coronavirus too and took a nose-dive this week. Let’s hope it comes back soon…we’d like to retire one day in the near future… Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

Ann & I were up early and out the door to work on Monday morning. It was nice out and although we never saw the sun, the temps climbed into the 60s. I had a fast day. Justin hurt his ankle in a 4-wheeler accident yesterday, so he went to see the doctor. Thankfully, it wasn’t broken. After his appointment, Vic & I met him & Amanda at Chi-Buff, where I brought him his laptop so he could work from home that afternoon. The rest of the day flew by and I ended up leaving early to pick up Annie and take her to her follow-up doctor’s appointment in Greensburg. He said she was doing great, which was awesome news. We came home and I had intended to go walking but instead did some stuff around the house and flopped on the couch with Ann. We watched a few things on the DVR as I backed up files and starting editing pix and vids for this week’s blog entry. Abby called a couple times about her laptop overheating and shutting down. She video conferenced me when we got home and we were able to troubleshoot and get it straightened out, thankfully. I think she may come down to Columbus to see us on Wednesday for lunch. Luke enjoyed his first day of Spring Break. He came home from Kam’s in time to clean up and get his stuff for baseball practice. Afterward, he came home and played some PS4 and lounged around the house before going out with Brayden that night. Here are pictures from Matt’s wrestling tournament last weekend.

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We woke up to a rainy Tuesday morning and the smell of dog poop. Sure enough, Delilah had an accident in her pin overnight and made quite a mess. I got her cleaned up then got her toys and blankets sanitized and then focused on cleaning her pin. I finished just as Ann was ready to leave for work. I dropped her off at her downtown office, here in town, and went on to Columbus. Luke slept in then picked up Ann and drove her to the hospital to have her labs drawn before returning to work. Later, he had baseball practice on a cold day. I had a long day at work then walked about three miles outdoors. It was chillier than I expected and I cut it a little short of three miles and headed on home. Ann had a good day. She enjoyed the solitude that allowed her to get a bunch of stuff done. When I got home, I noticed Luke’s rear passenger tire was going flat. He ran to the filling station and got it aired up before going out to run around with his buddies Oakley and Braden. When he came back by home, he was solo and spent the evening on his PS4. Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner that night, which helped keep us warm. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Molly woke me up early on Wednesday morning. She had four accidents by the time she got me out of bed, plus a couple bloody spots. Luke enjoyed sleeping in as his Spring Break continued. If I had my way, I wouldn’t have two weeks now…I’d wait and take an extra week in the summer when the weather allows for so many other possibilities… Ann & I returned to work in Columbus that morning. We had a fast morning then Abby came down to have lunch with us. She brought Gary with her and we went on a double date to Camilla’s for a late meal. We had a fast afternoon and then I walked a 5K on an overcast day. We ran errands in town and spoke to Jerry, regarding the oil pressure light that comes on in Black Betty when we idle after it’s been running a while. Unfortunately, he said it was just the engine wearing out and to just run it. We ended up spending an hour or so at Mom & Sandy’s house, catching up with them that evening. There are two major college basketball tourneys coming to Indy this year. That day, they decided to not allow crowds to see the games live, but let the players just play the game in an empty arena. In this way, they hope to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. We came home with some of Mom O’s homemade vegetable soup for dinner. Meanwhile, Luke got up and went to baseball practice then went fishing with Oakley and Brayden in Westport. They ended up at Pizzalicious for dinner. He ran around with friends that night while Ann & I took it easy and watched some DVR’d shows on the big screen with the dogs. I had gone on to bed early when Luke called, late that night, and said he had blown out his front tire. He sent a picture and sure enough – he managed to carve out a big chunk of his sidewall when he ran over a spike in someone’s yard. Thankfully he was with friends who helped him change his tire, since this was the first time doing it without me. …And as luck would have it, the spare was also flat! ☹ Again, thankfully, he was near a friend’s house and they had an air compressor. He was able to get it pumped up and made his way back home safely.

After Ann had a talk with the dogs last night, we woke up to an accident-free home on Thursday. I felt turnabout was fair play, so I woke up Luke before I left and told him that I would call Jerry to see if he could squeeze him in today and if not, we’d drop it off tonight so we could get a new tire put on the Hot Rod Lincoln. I had a fast but hectic day as some folks were making things stressful due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I walked three miles after work on a warm afternoon in the 60s just as a storm started to roll into town. I ran Luke out to J&A Auto to drop off his car. When he got out to drop off the key and get in the Pacifica, he looked at his car with the donut tire and duct tape-repaired bumper and said to me, “Now that is a pimped-out ride!” We got home just as the storm was moving into town. The dogs were soaked when I brought them inside. Delilah loves to just go out in the rain and lie on the grass. The older dogs think she’s crazy. They go out, do their business then hang out in the dry areas, waiting to come in. I was fixing dinner when I heard the news come through that many already knew – everything was starting to shut down due to the Coronavirus. First it was the Big Ten conference tourney, then it was other conference tourneys (BIG12, SEC, ACC – 19 in all), followed by the entire NCAA tourney (no Big Dance!). A little later, it was all NCAA winter sports…and then even all the spring NCAA sport seasons! Several colleges have cancelled spring semesters or made then “e-learning” from home. Next, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS all postponed their seasons UFN. Then the PGA cancelled several tour events and the XFL cancelled its entire season. Formula One cancelled its first race. NASCAR will run the next two races with no fans, but I wonder if they’ll cancel the whole thing eventually like the NCAA did to the games in Indy. It sounds like UFC will do the same, holding competition without any fans in attendance. I was shocked at first then mad to know that Purdue’s season was over. Now I’m just kind of sad, as sports is still a major part of my life and there is none. It was Ann that pointed out that I was going through the stages of grief and loss. Abby called me after work and told me that they had cancelled Family Day at FC next weekend. Columbus schools may close for a few weeks after their Spring Break ends – going with e-learning. Matt said that his school has also made that decision. I wonder if it will affect Abby’s school. How does Greensburg high school react? Will it impact Luke’s classroom or sports this spring? There’s a lot of unknowns right now. One thing we do know – people are freaking out everywhere. There is a severe shortage of toilet paper around here right now! Toilet paper! WTH?? Luke went out with his friends for a while after the storm blew through town that evening while Ann & I struggled to stay awake while watching TV…trying to get our minds off the COVID-19 disease… Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.03.20 hwc20.03.21 hwc20.03.22 hwc20.03.23 hwc20.03.24 hwc20.03.25 hwc20.03.26 hwc20.03.27

Ann & I got up and worked in town on Friday the Thirteenth. I got started first, working at home at our desk in the den. After I dropped Ann off downtown, I came back and got all my reports done that day. When I picked up Annie around noon, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at BWR. Unfortunately, we had to pay for our meal this week! LOL! We came home and Ann took a nap while I went back to work at the desk. Luke finally got up that afternoon, but only made it as far as his desk to play PS4. He ended up going shopping in Columbus with Brayden. Apparently, people are going nuts in the stores over there, too. We feel like maybe we should be hoarding goods as well! The Coronavirus continued to disrupt things that day. NASCAR and IndyCar both cancelled events for the next month or two. Disneyland, Walt Disney World and basically any place where people go are announcing their closings. Abby’s college has decided to close for the rest of the month and they’ll re-evaluate in April. She is doing distance-learning (working from home) until further notice. The IHSAA has postponed the state tourney (now at Regionals) and who knows when it will resume – or if. No word yet on Luke’s baseball season. The only thing still out there is MMA and horseracing. But even some of the UFC shows have had to relocate due to certain states having bans on gatherings of more than like 250 people. That has also caused most entertainers that are currently touring to cancel their shows or entire tours. Even TV shows are starting to tape shows without a studio audience. Ann & I’s offices have also gotten into the act. We both now have protocols in place, as does nearly every business at this point, I think. Our school at work will be out of session until at least April now. Luke picked up his car that evening, after he got back from Columbus. Part of his underbody had come lose so I crawled under and re-secured it so he could go out and enjoy running around town with his friends. While he was out, we had him run to the store for us. He said Walmart had no toilet paper at all and only had a couple rolls of paper towels. He checked five other stores and eventually found us some backup TP at Dollar General. He said he was stopped at a sobriety check point. He, of course, passed; but he said it was a little freaky just the same.

We enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning. We lounged around all day, napping and watching our DVR’d shows on a blasé, overcast day. It would end up raining all day and night. Later, we got cleaned-up and drove over to Columbus for Judy’s daughter (Macy)’s wedding. It was very well-attended and the ceremony was very pretty. Afterward, we drove downtown and met up with Ann’s docs and coworkers at Luciana’s Cantina to “pre-game” (as Abby calls it) before the (dry) reception at the Commons. We came up to our table just in time to visit for a few minutes before being called-up to eat. They had a taco bar, which was delicious. Although we didn’t practice very good Social Distancing at this event, the food was served to us (in lieu of us helping ourselves). Abby said that they Franklin College had employed this measure as well to help keep things sanitary. What used to be a mostly self-service café has now become much more stringent. In fact, Bu said they can’t even get their own bulk cereal out of the dispenser any longer nor toast their own bread. After having a good-bye party last night with her friends, Abby drove home that afternoon in the rain. We were concerned when we heard about slide-offs between here and there…but she did fine and we never saw any issues on the road as we drove to and from Columbus. She didn’t get home until after we had already left, but Lukey helped her unload Tonya – and I guess she had a bunch of it. As a thank you, she took him out to ElRep for a late lunch. When we got home, Abby & Megan were leaving to go have dinner at The Beach. They were hoping to come home and play some euchre with us, but Ann fell asleep and wound up going to bed. Megan went back to Terry & Christy’s to house-sit while Abby & I snoozed off and on, trying to watch some of our favorite TV shows like the Simpsons and Family Guy. Luke came back with Kam – only to go right back out to get “Fourth Meal” at Taco Bell. They watched a movie on Netflix out in the family room and Kam spent the night. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

mwp20.03.01 mwp20.03.02 sp20.03.05 smp20.03.61 smp20.03.62 smp20.03.63 smp20.03.64 smp20.03.65 smp20.03.66 smp20.03.67 smp20.03.68 smp20.03.69 smp20.03.70 smp20.03.71 smp20.03.72 smp20.03.73 smp20.03.74 smp20.03.76 smp20.03.77 smp20.03.78 smp20.03.79 smp20.03.80 smp20.03.81 smp20.03.82 smp20.03.83 smp20.03.84 smp20.03.85 smp20.03.86 smp20.03.87 smp20.03.88 smp20.03.89 smp20.03.90 smp20.03.92 smp20.03.93 smp20.03.94 smp20.03.95

Molly had me up early on Sunday morning. She had an accident in the living room and by the time I got that cleaned-up, I was wide awake. I went ahead and got a jump start on our weekly household chores. Ann sent Bu & I to the store to get supplies for a big batch of biscuits and gravy that morning that really hit the spot! Afterward, Luke & Kam went out running around town with friends and stayed out all day. He didn’t come home until late that night, when we were ready to go to bed. Ann & I took it easy that afternoon, watching a Westworld marathon – well I did…she just pretty much napped. Later, Abby and Megan ran to the store for Ann. They said that several things at Walmart (like chicken, ground beef, buns and tater tots) were either sold out or running very low. Walmart has now changed its hours and are now closing overnight so that they have time to stock and clean the store. The girls helped Ann make cheeseburgers, roasted cheesy broccoli, potato crowns and Mexican street corn. It was amazing! Afterward, Ann & I played the girls in a quick game of euchre. It went all the way to 9-9 before we finally pulled it out (we had to keep it close to keep them interested!). Afterward, Abs ran Meg back to Terry & Christy’s house and then we all wound down the evening by watching a movie on the big screen that we thought was quite apt – Contagion. Afterward, the girls went to bed while I wrapped up the evening watching The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, Talking Dead (the live recap show that follows TWD) has halted production due to concerns of the Coronavirus. It was a relaxing way to wind down a weird week. Whatever next week brings tomorrow, I’m sure it won’t be boring! Be safe out there…

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature a few miscellaneous photo albums from our bedroom closet. We lead off this week with

Waybac.1975.akjpz1 Waybac.1975.akjpz2 Waybac.1986.aafoms13 Waybac.1986.aafoms14 Waybac.1986.aafoms15 Waybac.1986.aafoms16 Waybac.1986.aafoms17 Waybac.1995.09.taw82 Waybac.1995.09.taw83 Waybac1995.09.taw84 Waybac.1995.09.taw85 Waybac.1995.09.taw86 Waybac.1995.09.taw87 Waybac.1995.09.tawr173 Waybac.1995.09.tawr174 Waybac.1995.09.tawr175 Waybac.1995.09.tawr176 Waybac.1995.09.tawr177 Waybac.1995.09.tawr178 Waybac.1995.09.tawr179 Waybac.1995.09.tawr180

We wrap up with our video segment, which features one new family movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry into the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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