But it Cleans Me Out, then I can Go On

We’ve had another week of social distancing, here at the Scheu abode, isolating ourselves as much as possible while still maintaining a touch of normalcy. Ann & I went to work each day as things are starting to level out a bit, regarding adjusting our businesses to the current state of events. Meanwhile, the kids all stayed in and did e-learning from home. Matt taught via the internet all week, facilitating classes for his Zionsville special ed class. His part time job of working at the bar in downtown Indy with Taylor is still on-hold until the dining room / bar ban is lifted by the governor. Abby took her FC courses with her classmates over the internet. Wings & Rings will be re-opening a few days and she is already in talks with her boss to see if they need any help. Luke took his high school classes on-line as well this week, as it also remains closed for the year. He took it upon himself to chase down his first part time job and will be starting next week. Ann & I remain safe and healthy despite having to work every day. I lost a couple pounds but was on and off with my diet and exercise regimen due to my schedule. I had three medical appointments that went about as well as they could and all results point to what we already knew – I’m still fat and hairy… We made the best of our social isolation. Despite getting on each other’s nerves at times, we made it through; and we have more good memories from this week, including a couple family nights and even some spring cleaning took place. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

We had a cold start to the week as Ann & I headed back to Columbus for work on Monday morning. It had rained overnight but stopped by the time we began our commute. We both had long days – typical for a Monday. Even though we worked from home last Friday, we inevitably had little fires that needed to be put out. Thankfully, I was caught up by the time I went out to walk that evening. I got out a little late and only got in a 4K in a bitter, biting wind on a chilly afternoon. Meanwhile, Abby returned to e-learning while Luke enjoyed the day off. I think he pretty much played PS4 or slept all day…although he was excited that he got his first job interview! He’s got an interview at Arby’s, later this week. When we got home, both kiddos were asleep with the dogs. Abs got up and worked on her puzzle while we did a find-your-own dinner and watched American Idol. Although it was overcast and gloomy all day, it was actually sunny and pretty that evening at home. We did turn the heat back on as our temps fell all the way down into the 30s – brrr. I think the high this morning was like 49 or something. We watched the series finale of Grace & Frankie and then stated watching the new Netflix series called Tiger King. Here are the pictures we just received from Abrell’s Photo Works. He has so many pictures of all kinds of different things (especially all the sports but so much more) from the last several years on his website that you can order prints of. We’ve really enjoyed all the photography he has done with our kids through the years. When I picked up this last batch of photos last week, he told me that he was retiring and this would be his final year…and that since the school year is officially cancelled…he is now officially retired. After knowing him and interacting with him since Matt was like four years old at the YMCA, we will miss seeing him out on the fields for Luke’s final two years of high school. Man, I miss baseball…

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I had trouble getting out of bed again on Tuesday. For the last couple days, I’ve pressed snooze way too many times. Ann & I both had fast days, thankfully. I taught an orientation class and then went to the hospital for a nuclear stress test. I had to walk on a treadmill for a while and then they took some imaging pictures of my insides before releasing me back to work. After a fast afternoon, I walked a 5K on a downright cold afternoon. I will say that it got a little warmer when the sun came out. Ann had a fast day at work, as the new normal is beginning to become more of a routine now. With Jami not able to do her hair, Ann was thrilled when Judy stayed late to take care of her. Meanwhile, Luke & Abby had school via e-learning at home. Luke said he had an easy day while Abs had a little heavier load. Luke drove the two of them over to Columbus to have his ear looked at. After he dropped Bu off at home so she could attend a class on Zoom, he ran to the store for Ann. That evening, the kids got dinner started and Ann finished it up as we enjoyed Taco Tuesday. That evening, we watched some boob tube and had a short family meeting. It got a little heated so I had to lighten the mood by flashing the family my chest. The poor nurses had to shave several spots on my chest today to get the electrodes to stay on my body. It was quite funny looking with missing patches of hair…and quickly diffused the situation.

It was crazy cold on Wednesday morning. There was frost on the lawn as we headed back in to work, as we had a freeze warning overnight. Ann & I both enjoyed fast days at work. I returned to the hospital for my second day of my nuclear stress test. Everyone has to be screened and wear a mask. It was so weird with the parking lot so empty and no one in the hallways…it was actually kind of creepy, to be honest. It was much easier this time, as I didn’t have to get on that darn treadmill and walk with a mask on! I walked two miles after work in an angry, bone-chilling wind. It was absolutely brutal. I picked up Ann and we stopped by to see Mom & Sandy and drop off supplies for them. Ann was perturbed when she got the brush-off as she called ahead because Mom was already talking with Matt. Matt jokingly called himself the new “Keith” of the Greensburg clan. The sad part is, I think he may be right! …and here I thought I held that title – but not anymore! Meanwhile, Abby & Luke had another day of e-learning. They ended up going to the store for a few things for us and grabbed a coffee at Dunkin. They took Delilah for a walk later that evening as we were just getting home. That night, Ann made Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we binge-watched the Tiger King. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Ann & I were up before the dawn on Thursday morning, awakened by the sound of Delilah barking and an overpowering odor of dog shit, wafting through the house. Sure enough, she had crapped in her pin. So, Ann got her outside and we got her pin all cleaned-up. Afterward, I was wide awake, so I played on my phone until the alarm went off. It was another morning of frost on the windshields and temps in the twenties. As if the house didn’t smell bad enough, we were greeted outdoors with the smell of Bausback’s in our noses. We both had long days at work. The only thing that made it better was when Justin & I ran out to do some errands for work and picked up lunch for us and Ann at Arni’s. It is so weird to see Arni’s parking lot empty. I can’t wait until all this BS is done so we can get back to normal and actually sit down and relax at a restaurant. I got my test results back from the hospital and as I had told Ann, everything came back normal. I met with my family doctor over the phone (they don’t have telehealth yet), but he was nice as always and was overall happy with my labs and recent test results. Obviously, I need to drop a hundred pounds and I need to do a better job of not eating as many carbs… Meanwhile, Luke had an easy day. He had already done his schoolwork so he played PS4 all day. Abby had a full day of classes and then joined me on the porch after we got home for a little reflection time on the patio. It was my turn to cook dinner, so we got Koch’s. 😊 Afterward we binge-watched more Tiger King. One of Abby’s classmates’ father passed away from complications related to Coronavirus. He was active in the school and was a teacher (along with his wife) at the high school. One of her friends from high school contacted her and asked her if she was the class president, which of course, she is/was. So they started a Facebook page for their class to open a dialogue to see if there was any interest in getting together to show support for the family and possibly raise a little money for a donation to a charity in their name or a gift certificate for the family to get takeout from Pizza King or El Reparo or even plant a tree with a plaque in his honor at the high school. I thought it was pretty cool and we were very proud of her… Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.04.19 hwc20.04.20 hwc20.04.21 hwc20.04.22 hwc20.04.23 hwc20.04.24 hwc20.04.25 hwc20.04.26 hwc20.04.27

We enjoyed sleeping in on Friday morning. Ann and I had the day off, as did Luke. Abby attended e-learning classes at the kitchen table for FC. We took it easy, watching TV while it rained outside. It remained cold and overcast all day. It was too wet for us to do anything outside – including any porch time…so much for a day off! Luke received a call back from Arby’s, regarding an interview that day. He was so excited and did great apparently, as they offered him the job on the spot – and he accepted! Congrats, little buddy! While he was away at the interview, Abby & I ran errands around town. We ran into Luke out at Walmart and we did our weekly shopping. We even got in a little Hot Wheels hunting! It was Jamie’s birthday and although it should’ve been a happy time, it was bittersweet because their old dog, Sadie, passed away that morning. We picked up a couple things for Jamie and the kids made a sign to wish him a happy b-day. Abs rode home with Luke while I finished up errands. When I got home, they had the sign done and we piled into Black Betty and headed over to Mom & Sandy’s house. Mom had made a big batch of cupcakes for Jamie. We all drove over together and honked until he, Dee and Grace came out to their porch. We got out, sang the Birthday Song and gave him a present and cake, talked briefly and then said good-byes. We drove to Millhousen afterward to get dinner at Stone’s. We got 2 fried chickens, butterscotch pies and refilled our growler with Quaff On! Six-Foot Strawberry Blonde. We waited for about 20 minutes in their parking lot (with a few other folks), brought it home and enjoyed sitting down at the table and eating as a family. We then stayed out there and played the game of Life (we bought a replacement version since someone played with all the money and lost it when he was a little boy!). It was fun but Ann blew us away, winning easily. We watched the season six premier of Bosch on Prime Video that evening and then watched some classic MXC shows until we fell asleep watching it on the big screen.

We enjoyed sleeping in again on a bright Saturday morning. It was still really wet, but the rain finally moved on. Abby & I got up and went to the store to get the stuff that we forgot yesterday while Ann got up and made us a delicious batch of biscuits and gravy – yum! That was even enough to get Luke up before noon!! Luke & Ann worked on employment paperwork for Arby’s, Abby worked on her next puzzle and I checked in Hot Wheels. Later, Luke & I went out and worked in the yard – mowing and trimming. Afterward, we did our annual clean-out of the shed. Abby came out and helped us after a while. We were out there for hours. It looks much better now. We cleaned-out some old stuff and got rid of it. We set it out by the curb to see if someone will take it. If not, I’ll have to hold on to it for a couple weeks until big trash day. We cleaned up the backyard and got ourselves cleaned-up before heading out back for some patio time. We built a fire in firepit and roasted some hotdogs with our new telescoping skewers. Afterward, we made s’mores and had a few cold beverages around the fire until well after dark. We came back inside and settled in to watch a classic movie on the home theater – Urban Cowboy. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.04.113 smp20.04.114 smp20.04.115 smp20.04.116 smp20.04.117 smp20.04.118 smp20.04.120 smp20.04.119 sis20.04.136 smp20.04.121 smp20.04.122 smp20.04.123 smp20.04.124 smp20.04.125 smp20.04.126 smp20.04.127 smp20.04.128 smp20.04.129 smp20.04.130 smp20.04.131 smp20.04.132 smp20.04.133 smp20.04.134 smp20.04.135 smp20.04.136 smp20.04.137 smp20.04.138 smp20.04.139 smp20.04.140 smp20.04.141 smp20.04.142 smp20.04.143 smp20.04.144 smp20.04.145 smp20.04.146 smp20.04.147 smp20.04.148 smp20.04.149 smp20.04.150 smp20.04.151 smp20.04.152 smp20.04.153 smp20.04.154 smp20.04.155 smp20.04.156 smp20.04.157 smp20.04.158 smp20.04.159 smp20.04.160 smp20.04.161 smp20.04.162 smp20.04.163 smp20.04.164

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. We slowly got up and did our weekly household chores. Luke was up early with the dogs that morning then went back to bed once we got up. We had a lazy morning as I enjoyed a sci-fi morning with some classic Star Trek and the latest episodes of Ancient Aliens and The Unexplained. Later, Abby approached Ann & I about an early birthday present. She had a lead on a gently used Nintendo Switch that she’s been wanting for a few months (actually, since Matt got one for Christmas). She woke up Luke and they drove up to Gary’s house and followed him to their friend’s house in the next town over. When they got back that evening, Luke went out to Arby’s to finish up paperwork and wrap up the prerequisites so that he can begin training and start working next week. Ann had a visitor come to the door and while she was talking with the door open, Delilah wormed her way out the door. She is so skinny, strong and sneaky that she easily maneuvered around Ann’s defense and ran around the neighbor’s yard and into the street. Thankfully, she came back but she’s so fast that we never would’ve caught her, if she really wanted to run. Abs & I ran to the store while Ann cooked some sort of delicious chicken and rice dish – that we all loved – for dinner. That evening, Abby downloaded Mario Kart for her Switch while Luke tried to get some new game on his PS4, but he never did get it for whatever reason. Later, Abby started a new puzzle while we watched another classic movie on the home theater that night – The Lost Boys. I created a new playlist for our spring and summertime porch time around the firepit while Ann & I binge-watched more Bosch episodes on Prime. It was a great way to wind down the week and a relaxing way to wrap-up our long weekend.

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature random photo albums we found in our bedroom closet. We’re at the end of this batch already, unfortunately. And that will likely put an end to our collection of hard copies of photos. At some point I’ll probably go back through and find more. We didn’t do each and every photo in our collection, but more like 80% of them. In the meantime, I think we’ll be moving on to our first few years of only digital photos. Several of those have never been published on the blog, so it’ll be fun to get those out again. In the meantime, we have several more from our wedding and reception in September 1995 followed by the Greensburg Elementary yearbook from 2009, featuring Luke (but Abby was also in the school at this time as well).

Waybac.1995.09.taw109 Waybac.1995.09.taw110 Waybac.1995.09.taw111 Waybac.1995.09.taw112 Waybac.1995.09.taw113 Waybac.1995.09.taw114 Waybac.1995.09.taw115 Waybac.1995.09.taw116 Waybac.1995.09.tawr110 Waybac.1995.09.tawr111 Waybac.1995.09.tawr112 Waybac.1995.09.tawr113 Waybac.2009.lgyb05 Waybac.2009.lgyb06 Waybac.2009.lgyb07 Waybac.2009.lgyb08 Waybac.2009.lgyb09 Waybac.2009.lgyb10

We wrap up with our video segment next, which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that puts the kibosh on another Scheu Family Blog entry. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and be safe out there. We
miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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