We Turned on The Radio and had a Party on The Patio

It’s been one of the longest weeks that I can remember since we last touched base. Work has been off the chain for me. It’s probably been the worst week – from last Thursday to this Thursday – that I can honestly remember. So much has happened, it makes my head spin just thinking about it now. Ann and I are both taking extra days off each week to help our companies in this economic wreck that has been left in the wake of COVID-19. Although I fell short of my walking goal – logging under twelve miles of exercise this week – I still managed to average over 10K steps a day. Matt continued to facilitate e-learning from his apartment for his middle school students and spent time with Ms. Taylor, who won two big awards from U-Indy this week! Abby did e-learning from home for her college courses as she continues to speed closer and closer to finals week. She is hoping that Wings & Rings will open up their dining rooms soon so she can return to work. Luke had a rough week of high school, doing e-learning from home. He, too, is coming close to wrapping up his sophomore year. He enjoyed working at Arby’s and is looking forward to beginning some form of workouts for football season, starting next week. We continued to maintain our social distancing, spending time cooped-up at home when not working or running errands that are necessary to keep our household afloat. We ended up out back much of the week, spending some quality patio time with each other. Honestly, if it weren’t for that time this week, I think I’d lose my mind. We’ve really enjoyed that patio more this spring than we have the last ten years, I think – at least since the tornado. The weather has been pretty good. We still got our share of rain this week, but that’s what makes all the lovely flora bloom. Colors are exploding everywhere! Although it is lovely to look upon, it is playing havoc with our allergies. No pain, no gain; I guess? The Governator (as Annie calls him) is wanting to slowly begin opening the state – leaving it up to individual counties to do what’s best for their areas. NASCAR announced this week that they’re coming back soon, including a portion of the schedule without spectators. I’m hopeful baseball will return in this way soon as well. Maybe then we might eventually even see concerts and other things be allowed to return later this summer, if the number of new cases remains low. What a mixed-up world we are living in right now… Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

Ann & I were up early and back to work on a chilly morning in the 30s on Monday. We both had long days at work. I walked a 5K after a long day of EOC rounds at work on a lovely afternoon near 70. It was the first day I walked without a jacket. Abby did e-learning from home for all her college courses. Luke slept in until the afternoon then worked at Arby’s that night. The girls dropped off Ms. Julia’s goody bag then came back and enjoyed a few hours out on the back patio, where we enjoyed a beautiful evening. We ended up ordering pizzas from Papa Johns. We drank up the growler of the chocolate beer from ZwanzigZ and lit a small fire in the firepit. The beer was pretty good and got better the more we drank of it. When we finished off that beer, we had a couple others before calling it a night when the pizza arrived, the beer ran dry and the fire died-out. We laughed and enjoyed spending time together that evening. We came in and watched The Simpsons before falling asleep on the couches. Here are pictures of Abby & I walking the dogs through the park trails last weekend.

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Tuesday was sunny and gorgeous. Ann & I had fast, busy days again. I continued my monthly EOC rounds as well as facilitated our monthly generator test and fire drill. After work, I walked a 5K on a lovely afternoon. I picked up Annie a little early and we came home to pick up Abby, who had been working on another birthday sign. Abby did her schoolwork all morning then spent the afternoon working on that b-day sign for one of Ann’s best friends, Amy, who joined Ann & I at the half-century plateau. Luke slept in, worked on schoolwork and then went into work at Arby’s until late again. We met up with Mom & Sandy at Amy’s house, dropped off her gift on the porch, rang her doorbell to beckon her to come to the front porch and sang the Birthday Song to her. Mom O gave her some sweet treats and we visited briefly with her and Bailey before returning home. We had a drink on the back porch to unwind a bit then ordered ElRep for Taco Tuesday. When we went to pick up the food, they were dead and we were the only ones in the parking lot. After dinner, Abs went to her room and fell asleep. They had some issues with the fire alarm going off that evening and so I was in contact with the nurses as well as my team a few times that night. I had shut off the ringer to my phone inadvertently and missed several calls. Thankfully, Michelle called Ann and then I called into work, where the fire department showed up. Thankfully, it was not a fire but rather a malfunction in the system. We spoke with one of Luke’s teachers that evening, regarding his work and so we had to do some serious parenting with him when he got home from work. While I was waiting for Luke to get home, I spoke with work twice more as the fire alarm kept going off. I was able to help the nurses get the malfunctioning equipment isolated and disabled so they could reset the system and the kids could sleep through the night without the horns waking them up. Luke didn’t get home until well after midnight and when I asked him why he was so late, he said he had been pulled over on the bypass! Apparently, he had swerved out of his lane while going over the railroad tracks to avoid the rough spots and I think the officer assumed he was a drunk driver. Thankfully, he wasn’t and he was let go with a warning to not be swerving out of his lane – despite being out past curfew. It’s not a bad thing to get your butt kicked every once in a while…it helps to keep you humble. I think I can honestly say that we all felt like we had our butts kicked that day… Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.05.01 hwc20.05.02 hwc20.05.03 hwc20.05.04 hwc20.05.05 hwc20.05.06 hwc20.05.07 hwc20.05.08 hwc20.05.09 hwc20.05.10 hwc20.05.11 hwc20.05.12

We drove in to work on a rainy Wednesday. It had rained overnight but stopped by the time we got to work. It was day three of EOC rounds for me, which kept me busy and brought me to over 12K steps for the third day in a row. Justin & I returned to ZwanzigZ pizza for lunch and to refill our growlers again. This time, we got their Honey Wheat Ale, which has a higher ABV but a lower IBU. I hope to enjoy a few pints this weekend. Abby and Luke both had early e-learning classes. Luke went into work for a few hours but had returned home by the time we got back to town. Ann made a yummy pork loin for dinner. Afterward, the kids rode bikes to Mom & Sandy’s house but got stranded there when the next batch of rain rolled through the area. So, I slid on some shoes and drove the truck over to pick them up. We ended up going to Dairy Point for ice cream, where we saw a beautiful double rainbow. That evening, Luke and I attended his football meeting. The coaches rolled out a new 4-4 defense that sounds interesting. Later, I had a call from work again. Seems we had a flood in one of our bedrooms. Thankfully, Vic was able to get in there and get it buttoned-up for the night. We’ll have to figure it out in the morning. Luke & I worked on some geometry homework before the kids went to bed and Ann fell asleep in her chair, leaving me to enjoy a quiet evening with the dogs, editing pictures and video for this week’s blog entry. Here are random photos from our recent adventures.

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I was awakened early on Thursday morning with work again. This time, we had a fire alarm going off because the sprinkler system was leaking. Vic beat me into work and was again instrumental in getting things mitigated. When I got in, we got the sprinkler pipe patched, a service call scheduled and the system back online. With the panel reset, we next turned our attention to cleaning up the rest of the water damage in that area and about that time, a contractor arrived to fix the duct detector above the kitchen that had set off the fire alarm three times on Tuesday night. Once we got that finished, we focused our attention on the bedroom where the leak was coming from. We searched for a couple hours but couldn’t locate it and had to call in Dan (our local plumber) to help us. He confirmed the worst-case scenario – a water main broke under the slab. So, I spent the next several hours along with Kevin and Justin, communicating with our corporate folks as to a direction to proceed. We coordinated with the insurance company, a restoration/mitigation company as well as a general contractor to get this project going. I will have a ton of paperwork to wade through next week, but we’ll get it figured out. I was able to wrap things up at work, but in doing so I did not have a chance to get out and walk. Still, I logged 9K steps without officially exercising that day. Luke worked the early shift and was already home by the time we got back to the house. Abs did her e-learning in her room and on the patio. She ended up falling asleep in her room early that night. That evening, Ann made popcorn for dinner and we took it easy. She fell asleep early in her recliner, so I checked-in some new Hot Wheels and watched a couple shows – including the series finale of Dispatches from Elsewhere. And we were so happy to hear that Ms. Taylor was eligible for over a hundred awards and she ended up winning at least two of the biggest awards of the year – Outstanding Senior and Student Leader of the Year! Way to go, Tay-Tay!! 😊 We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

I slept in on Friday morning while Abby & Ann got up to go get coffee and donuts at Dunkin. Abs dropped off Annie uptown at her Greensburg office while I enjoyed the day off. Abby worked on homework while Luke had the day off from both school and work. Luke grabbed a few yard tools, threw them in Betty White and then went over to Mom & Sandy’s house where he did some yardwork for her – including trimming the shrubs. His buddy Kam came over and helped as well. Meanwhile, I wrote out bills and then Abs and I ran errands for a couple hours. When we got home and put everything away, Luke and Bu helped me load up the truck and head back over to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow and trim. When we got back home and cleaned up, Abby and I made bacon cheeseburgers on the grill. They were pretty good, but a bit too spicy for Ann’s liking. That evening, we enjoyed the firepit on the patio but Ann wasn’t up for it so the kids joined me. Once it got dark, we made s’mores over the fire and hung out for a while. It was a perfect night for patio time…

smp20.05.01 smp20.05.02 smp20.05.03 smp20.05.04 smp20.05.05 smp20.05.06 smp20.05.07 smp20.05.08 smp20.05.09 smp20.05.10 smp20.05.11 smp20.05.12 smp20.05.13 smp20.05.14 smp20.05.15 smp20.05.16 smp20.05.17 smp20.05.18 smp20.05.19 smp20.05.20 smp20.05.21 smp20.05.22 smp20.05.23 smp20.05.24 smp20.05.25 smp20.05.26 smp20.05.27 smp20.05.28 smp20.05.29 smp20.05.30 smp20.05.31 smp20.05.32 smp20.05.33 smp20.05.34 smp20.05.35 smp20.05.36 smp20.05.37 smp20.05.38 smp20.05.39 smp20.05.40 smp20.05.41 smp20.05.42 smp20.05.43 smp20.05.44 smp20.05.45 smp20.05.47 smp20.05.48 smp20.05.49 smp20.05.50 smp20.05.51 smp20.05.52 smp20.05.53 smp20.05.54 smp20.05.55 smp20.05.56 smp20.05.57 smp20.05.58 smp20.05.59 smp20.05.60 smp20.05.61

We slept in on a lovely Saturday morning. The girls got up and went to St. Paul again for more goodies from Wildflour bakery. The girls made some crazy whipped coffee drink that they really liked. Abby had a little accident while whipping hers and ended up dropping her phone into the batch she was working on – what a mess! After Bu worked on homework, she and Annie both took naps. I worked on the blog a little then went out and mowed the lawn. Luke played some PS4 then went to work at Arby’s for the day. I mowed the yard and then Bu & I went to the store. We stopped for a pineapple whip cone at the Super Twist trailer by Harvest. I was thrilled to see there were probably three dozen people out getting ice cream on a gorgeous day in the 80s. Abby & I got in a little porch time in the sun while Ann watched an SVU marathon and napped. Abs and I tried to get Annie up but she wasn’t interested. We ended up flopping on the couches and began watching a Netflix series called Ozark till we fell asleep. Luke ended up going over to Dray’s house for a fire that night, where they still practiced social distancing. It was the first time he’s been out since this all started. The governor had a big speech on Friday and said that he is loosening things on Monday, so we figured what’s a few hours difference gonna make…

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. We slowly got around to doing our weekly household chores. I wrote out html code for the blog that morning and wrapped up the narrative before prepping it for publishing. Our webhost is changing up the way they do things, making some security changes to a few stings of code that may impact our site. I spent about an hour making sure our website is ready for this transition in about a month. As far as I can tell, I think we’re good to go, but I need to do some more testing to ensure a smooth transition. It stormed pretty good overnight and remained overcast all day, raining on and off. Luke went to BK for a late lunch and ended up going to Walmart with his friend for like an hour. Meanwhile, Abby played Mario Kart online with Matt again on their Switches. When Luke got back, he talked Abby into going on a bike ride to see Gma & Gigi. All went well until Arby’s called him into work and they had to ride home in the rain. As you know, when it rains – it pours…and this time was no different…as Luke had his chain fall off his bike not once, but twice. They ended up walking their bikes home in the rain for the final half mile on Park Rd. What a good big sister Abby was for sticking with her baby brother in the cold rain. 😊 While the kids were gone, Ann & I watched the season finale of Blue Bloods and then binge-watched more Ozark episodes until bedtime. You know summer is just around the corner when all your favorite shows start wrapping up. The problem is the summer shows we enjoy will likely not be on since they had to halt all the production in Hollywood… In fact, I’ve heard that most studios are not releasing movies this summer until we can go back to movie theaters. I also heard that they opened-up the Oscars for direct-to-video releases this year as well. When the kids got back, Luke cleaned-up and headed in to work and the girls made dinner. We had Mexican street corn and Mexican chicken rice. It really hit the spot. Afterward, Abby played more Switch with Matt while Ann & I resumed finishing season one of Ozark on Netflix. We had a bottle of rhubarb wine that evening and relaxed on the couches. It was a relaxing way to wrap up the long week before we start it all over again in the morning…

Next up is our Waybac section which wraps up our wedding, reception and honeymoon collection of photos as well as the other miscellaneous photo albums in our bedroom closet. This final batch includes some great ones from our wedding (including one of Mom B, beaming as she walked down the aisle as well as a rare one of both Mom O and Mom B together), reception (including a good one of Dad Scheu cutting a rug) and our honeymoon on the eastern seaboard – all in September 1995 as well as a classic Owens family picture from 1997. We sure had fun sharing this group of pix. As I stated earlier, this essentially puts an end to all the physical photos in our collection. There are others that we’ll have to go back and revisit at some point in the future. There is roughly 10% of the total photos yet to be scanned…but the ones featured on these six hundred-plus blog entries have been the best of the collection for sure. Starting next week, I’ll be turning my attention to our transition into digital photos. I believe that will start somewhere in the vicinity of 1997, if memory serves…

Waybac.1995.09.taw117 Waybac.1995.09.taw118 Waybac.1995.09.taw119 Waybac.1995.09.taw120 Waybac.1995.09.taw121 Waybac.1995.09.tawr123 Waybac.1995.09.tawr124 Waybac.1995.09.tawr125 Waybac.1995.09.tawr126a Waybac.1995.09.tah86 Waybac.1995.09.tah87 Waybac.1995.09.tah88 Waybac.1995.09.tah89 Waybac.1997.gggm10 Waybac.1997.gggm11 Waybac.1997.gggm12 Waybac.1997.gggm13 Waybac.1997.gggm14

And finally, we wrap up this week’s entry with our video segment which includes on new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and be safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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