Come-on, Come-on and Dance all Night…Despite the Heat it’ll be Alright

We’ve enjoyed a hot summer week since we last touched base. The temperatures soared into the upper nineties with high humidity and a UV index near the top of the scale kept us indoors most of the week. Matt worked two jobs this week, working in Zionsville at the summer camp during the day and then worked in Carmel at the restraunt at night. As such, we didn’t have much contact with him this week. Abby worked full time at the wings restaurant and still managed to spend several days with Gary. When Luke wasn’t at football practice this week, he was at work – manning the drive-thru and trying to soak up as many hours as he can before school starts. Ann worked at both offices this week. Her finger is feeling better, so physical therapy is obviously working. For the first time, I lost this week’s weight loss competition with Justin. I continued the same pattern that I’ve been stuck in again this week – plenty of exercise but no discipline with my diet. For the first time this year, I met my exercise goal two weeks in a row, logging over 20 miles – my highest amount in over a year. I enjoyed playing a few rounds of frisbee golf but like Luke, suffered from a breakout of poison ivy from the park (digging discs out of the brush). It was so hot this weekend that I broke up my outside work into two days in order to get out of the heat before noon. I’m sure the electric company is loving this heat wave but our checkbook isn’t! We enjoyed seeing Mom & Sandy a couple times this week and made quite the dramatic exit the last time she was at our house. We were a little concerned when we talked to Dad B and he told us he has to have back surgery. On one hand we’re pleased that he finally has a chance at relief but we’re obviously scared because it’s his back, ya know? The dogs did pretty good this week. Molly continued to have occasional accidents and takes her meds daily but is otherwise hanging in there with her bladder cancer. Delilah didn’t get out or chew up anything this week but did dig a hole to China in our backyard! And Lola…well she was still the same old deaf, grumpy dog we’ve come to expect. The state remained at level 4 this week, re: our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting next week, we will be expected to wear masks whenever we enter many public spaces. As of this writing, we are still on schedule to begin school for all three kids in a couple weeks with football games starting in less than one month. I guess the next few weeks will be very telling, so for now we have high hopes but with bated breath. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work for Ann & I a little later than anticipated as I forgot to turn my darn alarm back on. Ann woke me in panic and we quickly got ready and headed into to Columbus. It was a typical Monday for me with lots of stuff going on since I was last there on Thursday afternoon. Ann had physical therapy on her finger, which helped her day go quicker. She is already getting relief, which is great. I walked about four miles on a lovely afternoon. Abby worked first shift at Wings then came home to nap and hang out with the dogs. Luke enjoyed sleeping in then went to football practice that afternoon. He got called into work on top of it, so he ran home and showered before heading right back out of the house to Arby’s. Abby & I played 9 holes of frisbee golf out at the park. I beat her 30 – 35. We ran past CVS & Walmart before coming home to grab something to eat. It was Gracie’s 20th birthday and possibly the last one she will spend in the states for a few years if everything works out right with Austin and the military. Ann & I watched the next episode of I’ll Be Gone in the Dark on HBO followed by us binge-watching the rest of season 3 of The Ranch. Here are pictures from Grace’s birthday party last weekend.

lp20.07.03 gbdp20.01 gbdp20.02 gbdp20.03 gbdp20.04 gbdp20.05 gbdp20.06 gbdp20.07 gbdp20.08 gbdp20.09 gbdp20.10 gbdp20.11 gbdp20.12 gbdp20.13 gbdp20.14 gbdp20.15

Tuesday started out noticeably cooler but it still warmed up nicely. Ann & I had good days at work. I walked about three miles after work. Abby enjoyed sleeping in then went into work second shift at Wings. She’s pretty much over working and was able to find a replacement so she could leave early and join Ann & I for Taco Tuesday. Luke slept in until well after noon and got up to go to football practice with Oakley. Luke & Abby got home at the same time and we all hopped in Black Betty and went to dinner at ElRep. We came home and enjoyed some patio time. We continued the Mexican theme with some patio time in the key of tequila. We started with a Margaritas – a jalapeno one for me and a sweet orange one for the lady. After getting a few bug bites, we came in and binge-watched more of The Ranch and enjoyed a couple Mexican Mules – I may like them better than the original Moscow ones.

After enjoying a few cooler days with some relief from the humidity, Hump Day was much warmer. Ann & I both had good days at work again that went really fast. Because I lost to Justin by one pound at this week’s weigh-in for our weight-loss competition, I had to take he & Vic out to lunch this week. They chose the newly re-opened Sirloin Stockade, which really tasted great. Although it is a buffet, they had to serve us cafeteria style, so we waited our turn and one of the employees led us around to pick-out our food for us. It was weird, but it worked. I got out of work a little late and only managed about two and a half miles of walking before picking up Ann and leaving town. I dropped Ann off at home that night and went out to the park to play 18 holes of frisbee golf. I threw a 30 on the front nine and a 27 on the back for a new PB of 57. I had a couple 2’s, including a long putt on 3 and hit the pin on my tee shot on 4, nearly getting a hole-in-one! It was still really hot but I my 18 holes netted me about another two miles of exercise that evening – something I could get used to doing on a nightly basis… Abby had the day off from work and drove up to Newcastle to spend the night with Gary. Luke had the day off from football so he enjoyed sleeping in until the afternoon again. He eventually got up and went to work at Arby’s that night. I grated the parmesan cheese and Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner. We watched a few more episodes of The Ranch. Once Annie fell asleep in her chair, I put on the NASCAR all-star race. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.07.21 hwc20.07.22 hwc20.07.23 hwc20.07.24 hwc20.07.25 hwc20.07.26 hwc20.07.27 hwc20.07.28 hwc20.07.29

Thursday was another fast day at work for Ann & I. It looked like it was going to storm all day. It was so overcast that there was no trace of the sun at all. Justin & I swung by Ann’s work to surprise her and take her out to eat, but she was with a patient. We waited like 10 minutes and when she didn’t come out, we had to move on, ending up at China Buff for a quick lunch. After successfully completing all my monthly and quarterly reports, I walked about three miles outside on a noticeably cooler day. With the cloudy skies and decent breeze, I was quite comfortable during my work out. When we got home that evening, I dropped off Ann and went out to the park to play some frisbee golf. None of the kids were available. Abby came home from Newcastle and went straight to work at Wings to work 2nd shift and close the restaurant. Luke had football practice that day. He was tired from all the running, but he’s looking less winded that he did just a week ago. He got cleaned-up and after playing a few hours of PS4, wound up out at Oakley’s house where he spent the night. That gave me a chance to play a few rounds of disc golf. After my first round of 9, I was just getting loose so I played a 2nd round. I threw a new PB of 55 for the 18 holes with a 28 and 27. I was already soaked with sweat, so went ahead and played a third and final round. I threw a 29 for a total of 84. After another two and a half miles and nearly six miles of walking, I was ready for a shower and cool-down in the A/C. Ann made salmon patties for dinner and we binge-watched a few more episodes of The Ranch. I ended up falling asleep fairly early, before Abs even got home from work… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis20.07.172 sis20.07.173 sis20.07.174 sis20.07.175 sis20.07.176 sis20.07.177 sis20.07.178 sis20.07.179 sis20.07.180 sis20.07.181 sis20.07.182 sis20.07.183 sis20.07.184 sis20.07.185 sis20.07.186 sis20.07.187 sis20.07.188 sis20.07.189 sis20.07.190 sis20.07.191 sis20.07.192 sis20.07.193 sis20.07.194 sis20.07.195 sis20.07.196 sis20.07.197 sis20.07.198 sis20.07.199 sis20.07.200 sis20.07.201 sis20.07.202 sis20.07.203 sis20.07.204 sis20.07.205 sis20.07.206 sis20.07.207 sis20.07.208 sis20.07.209 sis20.07.210 sis20.07.211 sis20.07.212 sis20.07.213 sis20.07.214 sis20.07.215 sis20.07.216 sis20.07.217 sis20.07.218 sis20.07.219 sis20.07.220 sis20.07.221 sis20.07.222 sis20.07.223 sis20.07.224 sis20.07.225 sis20.07.226 sis20.07.227 sis20.07.228 sis20.07.229 sis20.07.230 sis20.07.231 sis20.07.232 sis20.07.233 sis20.07.234 sis20.07.235 sis20.07.236 sis20.07.237 sis20.07.238 sis20.07.239 sis20.07.240 sis20.07.241 sis20.07.242 sis20.07.243 sis20.07.244 sis20.07.245 sis20.07.246 sis20.07.247 sis20.07.248 sis20.07.249 sis20.07.250 sis20.07.251 sis20.07.252 sis20.07.253 sis20.07.254 sis20.07.255 sis20.07.256 sis20.07.257 sis20.07.258

Ann & Abby were up early on Friday morning. They ran to Dunkin for their weekly coffees before Bu dropped her momma off at the downtown office. I enjoyed sleeping in and slowly got around to doing some things around the house and eventually got Betty White loaded up with yard tools and drove over to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow/trim their yard. After I finished, she had me come inside for a quick snack and a few glasses of iced tea before I headed on my way. I came back and mowed/trimmed the front yard. I got home at the same time that Luke did. I finished the front just in time to hop in the shower and go pickup Ann from work. We decided to go see Abs at Wings & Rings for lunch. We had fun talking with her, Mary & Kristin while we were there. We’ll miss doing this in a few weeks when she returns to school… We came home and napped with the dogs in the air conditioning while watching the new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix. Luke went into work at Arby’s that afternoon. When Abs came home, she at and got cleaned-up while Ann & I continued watching the new Unsolved Mysteries series on Netflix. Later, we went to Walmart to get our weekly supplies. They aren’t requiring masks yet, but they will next week and they have closed the non-food double-doors again, like they did back in March. We noticed that many patrons were already donning masks. Abs & I had masks in our pockets but decided not to wear them. We did pick up a 5-pack of Hanes masks (we joked that they are probably made from unsold underwear!). We ran our goods home and then went out to the park to play a round of frisbee golf. I ordered a new batch of 200g discs that finally came in this week. I bought a new black one for myself, a pink one for Bu and a white one for Luke (easier to find when it goes in the bushes!). We both threw pretty well. I had a 27 and Abby had a 35 – both good scores for our skills. I still think I may want to pickup a set of golf discs and see if I can take my game to the next level, but I’ll have to do some homework and see which ones are good ones. We came home after just nine holes and she drove up to Gary’s house to stay the night again. Luke ended up going in at the wrong time and wound up working like nine hours, which is good for him. Ann & I finished up watching all the Unsolved Mysteries series and then called it a night.

I had trouble sleeping again that night. My c-pap is having trouble because I need to order new supplies for it and have no one to blame but myself for putting it off. So, I got up and went out on the back porch with the dogs. It was super humid before it was even 6 AM. We sat outside for a while before I came in and did some cleaning-up around the house. Once Ann got up, we enjoyed a foggy drive to St. Paul to get more pastries at Wildflour Bakery. They were awesome, of course. We ran through Dunkin’ Donuts for Luke since he can’t have any of the deliciousness due to his allergies. We stopped by Mom & Sandy’s to give them their breakfast goodies before heading home. After scarfing down my ham & cheese pastries, I went out and mowed/trimmed the backyard then checked fluids in the vehicles. It wasn’t even 11 yet and I was absolutely drenched in sweat from head to toe. IT was nasty out there. I gladly came inside to shower and cool down. We settled in and watched the SVU marathon and took naps. Luke went into work that night to work 2nd shift and close. We got takeout for dinner from Carriage on the Square, getting their nachos again. Later, Sandy came over to drop off zucchini bread that Mom had made earlier in the day. After doing some work at the station, the ladies came over that night to play a few games of euchre. Ann & I wound up winning 2 games to 1 that evening. While we were playing, Abby & Gary came home and hung out with us. Mom made a dramatic exit, falling out the door on her way to the car. Thankfully, she wasn’t seriously injured – except for her pride. She sure is sore but I’m sure she’ll be bruised in the morning. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.07.112 smp20.07.113 smp20.07.114 smp20.07.115 smp20.07.116 smp20.07.117 smp20.07.118 smp20.07.119 smp20.07.120 smp20.07.121 smp20.07.122 smp20.07.123 smp20.07.124 smp20.07.125 smp20.07.126 smp20.07.127 smp20.07.128 smp20.07.129 smp20.07.130 smp20.07.131 smp20.07.132 smp20.07.133 smp20.07.134 smp20.07.135 smp20.07.136 smp20.07.137 smp20.07.138 smp20.07.139 smp20.07.140 smp20.07.141 smp20.07.142 smp20.07.143 smp20.07.144 smp20.07.145 smp20.07.146 smp20.07.147 smp20.07.148 smp20.07.149 smp20.07.150 smp20.07.151 smp20.07.152 smp20.07.153 smp20.07.154 smp20.07.155 smp20.07.156 smp20.07.157 smp20.07.158 smp20.07.159 smp20.07.160 smp20.07.161 smp20.07.162 smp20.07.163 smp20.07.164 smp02.07.165 smp20.07.166 smp20.07.167 smp20.07.168 smp20.07.169 smp20.07.170 smp20.07.171 smp20.07.172 smp20.07.173 smp20.07.174 smp20.07.175

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning before slowly getting around to our weekly household chores. Abby left early to work a double shift at Wings & Rings. When she left, Gary left as well to head back up north. It wasn’t long afterward that Luke went into work as well. That left Ann & I alone with the dogs. She napped while I watched some DVR’d shows – starting with three sci-fi shows and then watched the NASCAR and IndyCar races from this weekend. We did take a break to get out in the heat that afternoon as we went to go see Shawn & Aly for Kaidyn’s graduation party at their home. They had an awesome wood-fired pizza vendor again, as they did for Kyran’s party a few years ago – yum! Although it was hot, we still enjoyed seeing our friends and enjoying the pizza and beer. As a storm began to roll in, we left to come home and naps with the dogs in the A/C while watching the NASCAR races as it stormed – yes, it was a perfect afternoon for us! It was National Ice Cream Day, so we celebrated by going to Dairy Queen. We both got the Blizzard of the Month – Nestle Drumstick…yum!! Abby got off early and came home, only to hang out in her room that evening. Luke stayed a couple hours late at work before coming home and playing on his PS4 that night. Meanwhile, Ann & I binge-watched more of The Ranch until bedtime. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and put the kibosh on another week.

Next up is our Waybac section which features a ton of photos this week. Again, we have a mix of three batches: Uncle Goon pix from my cousins, a batch of pix from Aunt Sally and big batch of digital stills from Dee-Dee. We lead off with a picture of Dad with Chuck & Sue in the 1940s; then we move on to the 1950s where we see a nice picture of Granny’s young family at the Highland home, Uncle Chuck getting ready to play baseball, and then a couple more of Chuck (solo) and with the fam at Highland again; next, we move on to the 60s: Sue’s wedding, Chuck’s freshman bball team and Mom & Dad’s wedding in ’68; next we move on the 1980s: a couple of Chuck & Cindy and one with the clan at Vicki’s wedding; then on to the 90s: Dad & Barb, a bunch of Uncle Goon pix, Ann & I at our wedding in ’95, Dad’s 50th bday in ’98; 2000s: several more Uncle Chuck pix; then on to 2003 – June: Grace out at her first home, a bunch from the 4th of July, Gigi’s birthday and the kids at Gma & Gigi’s house; Gigi in the new spa in August; 3-month-old Luke in September; in November: Danny’s 50th birthday and more Thanxmas pix; and the Owen’s Christmas Eve party at our home in December.

Waybac.1940s.ucp50 Waybac.1950s.ucp39 Waybac.1950s.ucp40 Waybac.1950s.ucp43 Waybac.1950s.ucp44 Waybac.1960s.ucp45 Waybac.1960s.ucp49 Waybac.1968.ucp35 Waybac.1980s.ucp37 Waybac.1980s.ucp41 Waybac.1980s.ucp46 Waybac.1990s.dab Waybac.1990s.ucp36 Waybac.1990s.ucp38 Waybac.1990s.ucp47 Waybac.1990s.ucp51 Waybac.1990s.ucp52 Waybac.1995.09.tawpas05 Waybac.1998.09.dfbd08 Waybac.1998.09.dfbd09 Waybac.2000s.ucp42 Waybac.2000s.ucp48 Waybac.2000s.ucp54 Waybac.2000s.ucp55 Waybac.2000s.ucp56 Waybac.2003.06.lbd15 Waybac.2003.06.lbd16 Waybac.2003.07.foj71 Waybac.2003.07.foj72 Waybac.2003.07.foj73 Waybac.2003.07.foj74 Waybac.2003.07.foj75 Waybac.2003.07.foj76 Waybac.2003.07.foj77 Waybac.2003.07.foj78 Waybac.2003.07.gbd16 Waybac.2003.07.gbd17 Waybac.2003.07.sic10 Waybac.2003.07.sic11 Waybac.2003.08.gis03 Waybac.2003.09.ltmo02 Waybac.2003.11.dbdp07 Waybac.2003.11.dbdp08 Waybac.2003.11.txm37 Waybac.2003.11.txm38 Waybac.2003.11.txm39 Waybac.2003.11.txm40 Waybac.2003.12.oce21 Waybac.2003.12.oce22 Waybac.2010s.ucp53 lp20.07.03

And we wind up this week’s entry with our video segment which includes one new home movie as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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