(Frisbee) Golf at Noon for Free…Brooklyn owes the Charmer Under Me

We’ve had a good week since we last touched base. Although the world took a step backwards with the pandemic and civil unrest, we tried to stay focused on our little place in the world and not get too caught up in things we can’t control. Matt got another job. When we helped him & Taylor move into their new place in Carmel, we drove a couple minutes downtown to go to a pizza place that Ann had wanted to visit. However, there was no parking so as we went around the corner, we saw this little place called the Burger Haus and wound up going there. We really liked it and they were looking for help. Matt spoke to the kitchen manager that day and got an interview. It apparently went very well because he got the job! He started this week and wound up working every evening from like Wednesday to Sunday. We’re pleased for him because it is MUCH closer than driving all the way down here to work at Aspen. We’re just a little bummed that we won’t spend as much time with him. So, on top of the this and the Aspen jobs, he also worked at the Z-West summer camp this week during the day while still getting his teacher pay. Way to go, buddy! Abby continued working at Wings & Rings but put in her notice that she’ll be returning to the FC campus. She will work for a couple more weeks then start getting ready for the big move back. She has to go early because she will be help with incoming Freshmen at a Rho Gamma or Greek Life recruitment guide. We’re not surprised that she’s getting involved in things like this, she’s been doing it since she was in junior high and high school as well. We were also thrilled to receive a letter in the mail from the college, letting us know that she had made the Dean’s List!! Way to go, Bu! Your Grandma Bryan would’ve been so proud of you… Luke FINALLY returned to football this week!!! I’m not sure who was more excited about it, Luke or me?! Although it was only working out for three days this week, we could already see a change in the young man. He needs sports to get out his teenage angst. He got his vaccines as we prepare to return to school in a couple weeks. He worked at Arby’s this week but I’m not sure how much longer that will be as school and sports continue to ramp up. I really enjoyed playing frisbee golf with the kids this week. I played 54 holes this week out at the park, despite the hot temps, strong winds and even a t-storm. In an odd twist of fate, I managed to lose the same golf disc twice this week! Ann & I had good weeks at work, which was a nice respite from that last few months. I met my walking goal, logging over fifteen miles of walking – not including all my frisbee golf activities. It showed as I lost five more pounds Mon – Thu…now how much did I gain back Fri – Sun?? Justin and I tied again on Monday’s weigh-in as we both netted -3 lbs. from the week before. Dad & Lynn are back in New Jersey, trading the heat of the Sunshine state for the Garden state. Hopefully, he can get some relief for his ailing back. We were bummed with the Penumbral lunar eclipse, dubbed a “Wolf Moon.” We remembered to look up for it during our fireworks display, but even though we saw it, we still didn’t “see” it. There was nothing cool or unusual to see, unfortunately. The coolest part of it was that the moon, Earth and sun all aligned perfectly and will be the last time it’ll occur during our lifetime, supposedly. I even looked online to see some photos of it, but there’s simply nothing to see…talk about your dud on the 4th of July… Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

We had a hot start to the week with temps in the mid-nineties with humidity that pushed the heat index well into the triple digits. Ann & I both had good days, despite it being the first day back from a long, relaxing weekend. Ann had physical therapy on her finger and it was really sore that evening. She has a new brace she has to wear on it at home. I walked a 5K in the heat and really got a good sweat on… When we got back home, I used a Sawzall to cut up some of the limbs out front yard that we cut up this past weekend to use as firewood for our patio time this fall. Meanwhile, Abby worked a double shift at Wings. Luke enjoyed sleeping several hours and had the day off from work. That evening, he had his first football practice. He was sore and tired when he returned that evening. After getting cleaned-up, he went out and spent the night with Oakley. Here are pictures from the Fourth of July last weekend.

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Tuesday brought another lovely start to another glorious summer day. We again had a little bit of rain – not as much as yesterday, but a little drizzle. It had no effect on the humidity as we again rose to triple digits with the heat index. Ann & I had busy but fast days at work. I walked a little under three miles on an afternoon where I wished I was at the mall…I wonder if it’s open now? Luke came home from Oakley’s house and went right back to bed until later that afternoon. He got up and went to his second day of football practice. He & Oak stopped by ElRep for dinner before coming home for the night. He said he was tired and really sore from all the physical activity that night. He played on his PS4 for much of the night then hung out with us for a while before turning in. Abs had the day off after trading shifts with a coworker. She texted Ann & I on our way home, wanting to go out for Taco Tuesday. As you might imagine, we ended up at ElRep that night. We dropped Ann off at home afterward and ran to Walmart (I swear we should buy stock in that damn store) and then went on to the park to play a round of frisbee golf. The conditions were pretty tough as there was no wind, coupled with the heavy, humid air. That caused the discs to not go very far and my disc slipped from hand several times. I finished with 31 and Bu had a 37. We came home sweaty – about as sweaty as I was after walking earlier that evening. We got cleaned up and were looking forward to some porch time but Abs fell asleep so Ann & I just chilled that night, staying cool in the A/C. Here are pictures of some recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.07.11 hwc20.07.12 hwc20.07.13 hwc20.07.14 hwc20.07.15 hwc20.07.16 hwc20.07.17 hwc20.07.18 hwc20.07.19 hwc20.07.20

Humpday was another hot, humid & hazy day. Although it looked like it might storm, it never did. I had a fast morning then went to lunch with Justin, Vic, Dennis & Lenny at Five Guys. It was good to catch up with Denny. We brought lunch to Ann on our way back to work and enjoyed a fast afternoon. I walked for about a half hour. Although it was still as hot as ever, it was more manageable because of a nice breeze. I picked up Ann and left for home early so she would have time to get ready and go to girls’ night out. They would up at the Beah Tiki Bar for the night. Luke slept in, enjoying the day off from football and nursing his sore body. He worked 2nd shift at Arby’s that night. Abby enjoyed the day off. After sleeping in, she drove up to Newcastle to spend the night at Gary’s house. That left me with an evening alone. I dropped off Ann and went to the park where I walked for another half hour then played 18 holes of frisbee golf. As I was headed to the first hole, a guy was leaving and stopped me and handed me a golf disc (I use just a regular 200g heavyweight frisbee). He said he found it on the course and that I should try playing with it. I thanked him and decided to play 9 holes with both and see what sort of difference it would make. On the very first throw on the very first hole, I threw the new disc and wouldn’t you know it – I threw it right into the pond. I looked for it for about ten minutes but it was gone. You may not know it, but frisbees don’t exactly float. I’ve lost more than one disc to the water through the years. I played on with my normal Big Kahuna disc, throwing a 33 on the first 9 and then a 29 on the second 9 for a total of 62 for 18. As I teed off the 2nd nine (10th hole, unofficially), I threw my other disc into the same area of the damn water. You can’t make this shit up! This time, however, I was able to find the disc. But to retrieve it, I had to climb down on to the bank about seven feet down and pull it out of the mud. It was pretty nasty once I climbed out of that mire and thickets, I was really sweaty and dirty and little bloody – LOL. …But I must say, I played much better after that! All told, I wound up with over four miles of walking and over 15K steps – not bad for a Wednesday. I came home and showered and enjoyed a little peace and quiet with the pooches. When Ann came home, we binge-watched more of The Ranch until bedtime… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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It was back to work on Thursday morning. Luke got up and drove the Hot Rod Lincoln to Greensburg Auto Sound to have his new sound system installed. He was so excited when he called me that afternoon to tell me all about them! Abby returned from Newcastle later that day before she went into work at BWR. Matt said he is working Wednesday thru Sunday at his new part-time job at Burger Haus. It is only a couple minutes away from his apartment vs. nearly an hour to work here at Aspen. Ann began the day with her next physical therapy session on her finger. We both had long days, but it was all good because it was our Friday. I walked about three miles on another hot afternoon. We swung by Rural King to get dog food and ended up with some goodies (some of the sweets and savories you can only find in a place like that!). The dogs were happy with our decision to go with the lamb and had no trouble gobbling it all up. We watched the Beatles-inspired rom-com called Yesterday on the big screen and Annie made Fireworks popcorn for dinner. After football practice that night, Luke met me at Jerry’s garage to drop off Black Betty for an oil change tomorrow. His new speakers are really loud and makes the whole car shake! He reminded me of when I was 17 and had a top-tier Pioneer deck with an amp and 5-speaker surround system in my Ford Granada (it was loving dubbed the “Fat Lip” because of a bent front fender that may have been caused due to a mishap in the Alpine Valley parking lot in East Troy, WI). Luke dropped me off at home then ran Oakley home where he stayed and did some farming stuff with cows or something. Ann waited up for Luke to get home while I went on to bed. Oak came home with Luke and wound up staying the night after playing PS4 until the early morning hours of Friday…

Ann and the kids enjoyed sleeping in while I got up with the dogs. I sat out on the back porch and watched the sunrise. It was a beautiful morning. We sat outside for close to an hour before I came inside and wrote out bills – one of my least favorite adult chores. Ya know- if we didn’t pay our bills, we’d actually have some $$! LOL!! Ann got the boys up and while Oak went home, Annie accompanied Luke to his annual well-visit doctor appointment. He had to get some vaccinations and did really well with it. Meanwhile, I got out and mowed. Molly came out to help me get the front. It was so hot; I took her inside and let Delilah come out and help me with the backyard while Molls cooled down inside. Lola wasn’t interested in coming out at all. Once I finished, I took a quick break, put the dogs away and loaded up Betty White with yard tools then went to Mom & Sandy’s house to mow. I wound up using Sandy’s electric mower because it is so easy to use. Afterward, I visited with Maryann before coming home. I put everything away and got cleaned up before we went out to eat at BWR, where Abby was working first shift. She and Mary were busy but she didn’t make very good tips. If you don’t have enough $$ to tip, why do you go to a restaurant where you have servers that depend on that income? We came home and took naps while waiting for Abby to get off work. Once she did, Luke, Abs & I went out to the park and played 18 holes of frisbee golf. Luke’s first throw on the first tee went into the pond. While we were fishing it out, we found the orange disc I lost earlier this week! Luke did really well with it and I’ll need to consider getting a set for my birthday maybe… I threw a 32 on the front 9 and a 29 on the back for a total of 61, shaving 1 shot off my score a couple days ago. Luke did very well, despite using a lighter disc (he would wind up losing the golf disc back into the pond a few holes later, unfortunately) with a respectable 70 and Abs had a 76, throwing a pair of 38s. The conditions were really rough. I threw mine into the thicket once and had a couple close calls. Abs lost her a couple times but we were able to pull it back out, thankfully. Luke had a fisherman pull one out of the pond for us, which was really cool. On the back nine, he showed us this HUGE catfish he landed – I didn’t even know we had fish that big in there! We went to Dairy Point for some ice cream afterwards before coming home to get cleaned-up again. It was really hot and humid again, but the wind kept it a little cooler that day. Gary come over a little while later and stayed the night with us. It was Jäger night so we enjoyed playing Around the World in the liquor cabinet with the Jägermeister. We did four rounds, enjoying drinks like Tropical Stag, Red-headed Slut, Liquid Cocaine and Jager-Negroni. I enjoyed all of them and look forward to doing it again. We enjoyed spending time out on the back patio for several hours. Mary eventually joined us and wound up staying the night with Abs. We wrapped up the evening with a You-Call-It round and watched a few episodes of Rick & Morty before falling asleep. I think I woke up some time around 3 and made my way to bed… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.07.37 smp20.07.38 smp20.07.39 smp20.07.40 smp20.07.41 smp20.07.42 smp20.07.43 smp20.07.44 smp20.07.45 smp20.07.46 smp20.07.47 smp20.07.48 smp20.07.49 smp20.07.50 smp20.07.51 smp20.07.52 smp20.07.53 smp20.07.54 smp20.07.55 smp20.07.56 smp20.07.57 smp20.07.58 smp20.07.59 smp20.07.60 smp20.07.61 smp20.07.62 smp20.07.63 smp20.07.64 smp20.07.65 smp20.07.66 smp20.07.67 smp20.07.68 smp20.07.69 smp20.07.70 smp20.07.71 smp20.07.72 smp20.07.73 smp20.07.74 smp20.07.75 smp20.07.76 smp20.07.77 smp20.07.78 smp20.07.79 smp20.07.80 smp20.07.81 smp20.07.82 smp20.07.83 smp20.07.84 smp20.07.85 smp20.07.86 smp20.07.87 smp20.07.88 smp20.07.89 smp20.07.90 smp20.07.91 smp20.07.92 smp20.07.93 smp20.07.94 smp20.07.95 smp20.07.96 smp20.07.97 smp20.07.98 smp20.07.99 smp20.07.100 smp20.07.101 smp20.07.102 smp20.07.103 smp20.07.104 smp20.07.105 smp20.07.106 smp20.07.107 smp20.07.108 smp20.07.109 smp20.07.110 smp20.07.111

I enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous day. The girls all got up and went to St. Paul to get another big batch of deliciousness from Wild Flour bakery. I got up and cleaned-up our bar mess from last night and picked up the house. I went out to the patio and hung out with the dogs for a while. I could get used to spending my mornings out there with the pooches. It is very relaxing… The girls joined me when they got home and the boys got up as well and came out. It was pretty cool hanging out there for a bit. When we finished, Luke helped me trim the bushes out front for about an hour or so. Molly came out and helped us, which was pretty cool. She was so good…until Delilah got out and ran around like a banshee. She ran across the street and thankfully had the shock collar on, so we could get her attention and she eventually came back on her own. I checked fluids in the vehicles and enjoyed being outside on a pretty, summer morning. Abby, Gary & Mary went to Julia’s grad party and Luke went to Dray’s house to get his tire aired up. He’ll have to run it to Five Points on Monday morning to get it fixed as he obviously has a slow leak in it. About every 48 hours or so it runs flat. The boys wound up eating uptown at Carriage on the Square (a pulled pork place), where Shack recently started working. We paid for the boys’ lunch as a thanks for helping me this morning and then picking up food for us when they got done and brining us lunch. It was my first experience with their food. Ann & I got their pork nachos. They were outstanding. I’d never had anything quite like it and can’t wait to go there again. Later, Megan came over and we all went out and played frisbee golf at the park. We didn’t have enough discs, so we shared what we had and made do. We had fun doing it and didn’t lose any of them… but we did have to crawl in the bushes a few times. I shot a 26, Gary had 36, Bu a 37 and Meg a 40. The kids went to El Reparo and Luke joined me out on the course to play another 9. During the 3rd hole, it started raining – really hard. We took shelter under the bridge until it cleared and then resumed our game. I won again, 29 – 35 but we had a blast. We tried to go to the Sweet Shoppe afterward but it was closed so we wound up at Dairy Point again for post-game treats. We came home and got cleaned-up. Luke went out with Dray again while Ann & I binge-watched the first half of season 3. Later, we played some Uno and Around the World with the liquor cabinet. We simply did random pulls from our new bar book. For the first round, we had El Presedentes. They were OK but not my favorite. Next up we did a round of Liquid Cocaine shots (to be honest, they weren’t a random draw but rather a fun round that we enjoyed so much last night that we wanted another. We liked it so much that we had another round of them – woo-hoo! Round 4 saw us making Gimlets. We’d have them before but not with the Bombay Sapphire…yum! By the time we finished them, I had won the Uno game and Luke was good enough to drive us through the Taco Bell drive-thru for a late dinner. We had an interesting time waiting for our food that made us laugh. Gary stayed the night again that evening. We came back and watched a few episodes of Rick & Morty and fell asleep on the couches.

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. Abs got up and went to work at Wings & Rings for a long, double shift day. Ann got up and cleaned-up accidents by the dogs, though we’re pretty sure Lola was just PO’ed because she didn’t sleep with Abby last night… I slowly got up and got to our weekly household chores, cleaning up the kitchen from last night and doing some laundry. I wrote-out my HTML code and watched some DVR’d shows while Ann napped in her chair that morning. Garrett eventually got up and drove back home to Newcastle. After staying up late, Luke slept in until the afternoon then got up and went to work 2nd shift at Arby’s. That afternoon, Ann & I went over to Mom & Sandy’s for Grace’s 20th birthday party. We met up with the b-day girl and her friend Charity along with Dee & Jamie and of course Gma & Gigi. We enjoyed a cake buffet with four different birthday cakes! We had a chocolate one, vanilla, German chocolate and a lemon one – yum! We sang a horrendous rendition of the Birthday Song that really confused poor Charity – she didn’t know what to think! LOL! We came back and finished up our chores. Ann baked a couple pies for tomorrow, when they will celebrate Judy’s birthday. I put on the NASCAR (4) and IndyCar (2) races from the DVR and we napped with the dogs, staying cool in the A/C. That evening, Ann made homemade tostadas for dinner that really hit the spot. When Abs got home from work a little sooner than we expected, we enjoyed a little patio time to wind down the weekend. We made a shot called the Surfer on Acid then made Moscow Mules with our Hard Truth vodka and Stoli ginger beer. We got caught up on our days and laughed, watching Delilah run around the yard and catch lightning bugs. We came in once the bug bites got too bad. Still, it was a relaxing way to wrap up yet another week here at the Scheu abode before we get back at it again tomorrow…

Next up is our Waybac section, which features more Uncle Goon pix from his funeral as well as another small batch from pix Aunt Sally gave Dad recently and finally, we have the next batch of pix from Dee from 2003. We lead off with Uncle Chuck pictures – as a toddler in the 40s, then on to the 50s: with the fam at the Twin Lakes in Monticello; outside the Highland home with the fam and on the junior high basketball team at Sunnyside; then on to the 80s: with Cindy and then with John, Sally & Chris; on to the 90s: with Cindy and the grandkids; outside Sally’s house; and another with Cindy; then Ann & I on our wedding day in ’95; Dad’s 50th in ’98; Goon with kids and at Granny’s 90th birthday celebration in the ‘00s; and finally on to 2003: June for Luke’s birth in Columbus and the girls at Gma & Gigi’s house; July – fun on the 4th and Sandy’s birthday; Trick or Treating in October at Mom & Sandy’s house on Main St.; Thanxmas at our home in Ryle in November and Christmas Eve in December – what a great batch of pictures this week.

Waybac.1940s.ucp31 Waybac.1950s.ucp25 Waybac.1950s.ucp28 Waybac.1950s.ucp34 Waybac.1980s.ucp23 Waybac.1980s.ucp30 Waybac.1980s.ucp32 Waybac.1990s.ucp24 Waybac.1990s.ucp27 Waybac.1990s.ucp29 Waybac.1995.09.tawpas04 Waybac.1998.09.dfbd05 Waybac.1998.09.dfbd06 Waybac.1998.09.dfbd07 Waybac.2000s.ucp26 Waybac.2000s.ucp33 Waybac.2003.06.lbd13 Waybac.2003.06.lbd14 Waybac.2003.07.foj65 Waybac.2003.07.foj66 Waybac.2003.07.foj67 Waybac.2003.07.foj68 Waybac.2003.07.foj69 Waybac.2003.07.foj70 Waybac.2003.07.foj71 Waybac.2003.07.gbd15 Waybac.2003.07.sic09 Waybac.2003.10.tot08 Waybac.2003.11.txm35 Waybac.2003.11.txm36 Waybac.2003.11.txm37 Waybac.2003.12.oce19 Waybac.2003.12.oce20 lp20.07.02

And we wrap up this week’s entry with our video segment which features one new home movie from this week as well as several from around the internet.

…And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then have a good one and be safe out there. We miss ya, Momma…
Later, Scheu

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