There’s Nowhere You can Be that Isn’t Where You’re Meant to Be…

We’ve had a good week since we last touched base. Matt continues to teach in Zionsville during the days and work at the restaurant in Carmel in the evenings. He and Taylor are doing well otherwise. Abby had a quiet week in Franklin. She had a week of trainings for her position as a Rho Gamma. She went the whole week without seeing Gary! Her roommate finally moved in at the end of the week and she came home to see us for a little while this weekend. Luke had a full week of school and football. He had his first home football game, which was really cool! Ann stopped taking her anti-inflammatories this week and seems to be doing ok…and the rest of the family has survived it as well – LOL! We both had fast, busy weeks at work. I achieved nineteen miles of exercise this week as I averaged just under 14K steps each day. I only threw seven rounds (63 holes) of frisbee golf this week as my elbow was sore. I’ve heard of tennis elbow and pitcher’s elbow, but is there such a thing as frisbee elbow?? The week was a tale of two halves – the front half was hot and humid. After the remnants of the big storms down south rolled through, it was actually quite pleasant this weekend. More farmers were in their fields. Those that weren’t getting harvested are so tall now that you can’t see much of the landscape. The locusts have returned but seem to be noisier during the day than they are in the evening. I talked with Dad B, who is healing slowly but is ok with taking one day at a time. His pain, for the most part, is now gone – which is awesome. We also spoke to Rob & Sharon, who may be coming to visit during the upcoming holiday weekend! Maybe then I can finally play a decent game of cornhole and dance in the backyard to some James Brown – LOL! Hello again and welcome to the latest installation of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school on Monday morning. We were all dragging ass from the long weekend, but thankfully Black Betty did better on our way into work. They really have 450N jacked-up right now with seven construction sites, making our ride to and from work interesting – to say the least. Ann & I had long days at work. I treated Justin (who beat me by two pounds this week in our weight loss competition) and Vic (the mirror on Tonya is still holding strong!) to lunch at China Buffet. After work, Justin & I tried to find the frisbee golf course that Ann’s coworker described but it turned out to be something completely different. So, we drove to Noblett Park and walked the trails for a couple miles, winding around to Millrace Park. There was a really weird guy in the park that ended up getting into my space as he was telling a story. After I dropped Ann off at home, I went to the park and played 18 holes of disc golf. It was so hot and humid that when I finished, I had to fight Luke over who got to shower first. It was pretty breezy, which impacted my throws and my scores reflected it with a 29 and a 28. Luke had a long day at school. He said he felt pretty good. He said they watched a lot of film at football practice. After he showered, he ate and went to his room to play some PS4 and turned in early that night. Abby said she had an easy day. She made some progress on decorating the room and attended her Rho Gamma trainings via Zoom. I called her that night to say hi and see how her day went. I spent the night editing videos and transferring over all the pictures from last week, which totaled over 1200 – with nearly 1K of them being from Luke’s football game. We watched the season 3 finale of Yellowstone, which had quite the cliffhanger. I also watched the finale of NOS4A2 and the next episode of Lovecraft Country. Here are pictures from Abby’s move-in day last weekend.

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We accidentally slept in a little on Tuesday when I turned off my alarm while trying push snooze. I took Annie to the dentist, where she had a good checkup and then dropped her off uptown at her office and drove over to Columbus solo. I had a busy day. We changed linen vendors, which consumed most of our morning. We had plumbers in the house installing a new water softener system as well that day. On top of that, I started my EOC rounds too. With the exercise I got in that afternoon, I wound up with my 9th straight day of logging over 10K steps with over 15K that day. After work, I had intended to walk outside but the temp was 92 with 89% relative humidity to send the “real feel” well above the 100° threshold. So, I had a choice – walk in the sun, heat & humidity without a mask (I’d worn one all day long) or go to the mall and walk in a controlled environment but with the damn mask…I chose to go to the mall. By the time I logged my three miles, I was a sweaty mess – but most of it was on my face and head. I stopped by CVS to pick up Ann & Luke’s prescriptions, got some gas & snacks/drinks (I hadn’t eaten much that day and was feeling really tired) and went out to the park for a round of frisbee golf. It was still really hot but there was still that same strange, warm breeze that was out there yesterday. The difference was that I kind of knew how to throw with it by then and it showed with a 1-under 26. I could’ve had a 23 but missed a few longer putts. But I was pleased with my tee throws, which I think is thanks to playing in Batesville over the weekend. After logging my 4th mile of exercise, I decided to call it quits after 9. Luke had a fast day at school and went to a doctor’s appointment in Columbus that afternoon. He has an infected fingernail that is just not getting any better. He has meds now, so hopefully it will heal quickly. I know it was really smarting during / after his football game and he says it hurts constantly at practices as well. He got back in time to attend practice but it got shortened due to the lightning alarm going off. I never heard or saw anything even resembling a t-storm, which was weird. While I got cleaned-up and Luke took out the trash and Ann made dinner. She had chicken, potatoes and corn on the cob, which were really good. Here are pictures from Luke’s season-opening football game in Shelbyville last week.

lfsg20.01 lfsg20.02 lfsg20.03 lfsg20.04 lfsg20.05 lfsg20.06 lfsg20.07 lfsg20.08 lfsg20.09 lfsg20.10 lfsg20.11 lfsg20.12 lfsg20.13 lfsg20.14 lfsg20.15 lfsg20.16 lfsg20.17 lfsg20.18 lfsg20.19 lfsg20.20 lfsg20.21 lfsg20.22 lfsg20.23 lfsg20.24 lfsg20.25 lfsg20.26 lfsg20.27 lfsg20.28 lfsg20.29 lfsg20.30 lfsg20.31 lfsg20.32 lfsg20.33 lfsg20.34 lfsg20.35 lfsg20.36 lfsg20.37 lfsg20.38 lfsg20.39 lfsg20.40 lfsg20.41 lfsg20.42 lfsg20.43 lfsg20.44 lfsg20.45 lfsg20.46 lfsg20.47 lfsg20.48 lfsg20.49 lfsg20.50 lfsg20.51 lfsg20.52 lfsg20.53 lfsg20.54 lfsg20.55 lfsg20.56 lfsg20.57 lfsg20.58 lfsg20.59 lfsg20.60 lfsg20.61 lfsg20.62 lfsg20.63 lfsg20.64 lfsg20.65 lfsg20.66 lfsg20.67 lfsg20.68 lfsg20.69 lfsg20.70 lfsg20.71 lfsg20.72 lfsg20.73 lfsg20.74 lfsg20.75 lfsg20.76 lfsg20.77 lfsg20.78 lfsg20.79 lfsg20.80 lfsg20.81 lfsg20.82 lfsg20.83 lfsg20.84 lfsg20.85 lfsg20.86 lfsg20.87 lfsg20.88 lfsg20.89 lfsg20.90 lfsg20.91 lfsg20.92 lfsg20.93 lfsg20.94 lfsg20.95 lfsg20.96 lfsg20.97 lfsg20.98 lfsg20.99 lfsg20.100 lfsg20.101 lfsg20.102 lfsg20.103 lfsg20.104 lfsg20.105 lfsg20.106 lfsg20.107 lfsg20.108 lfsg20.109 lfsg20.110 lfsg20.111 lfsg20.112 lfsg20.113 lfsg20.114 lfsg20.115 lfsg20.116

We could feel how hot the day would be the moment we stepped outside on our way to work on a foggy Wednesday morning. Between the sun, humidity and temps, the heat index was again in triple digits. I had another long day of EOC rounds, so I was on my feet pretty much all day. Justin & I snuck away for a few to grab lunch at Five Guys. After work, he again joined me at exercising and despite the conditions, we walked around the airport property for nearly three miles. I dropped Ann off at the house and went out to the park to play a quick round of golf. Again, the conditions impacted my game. The air was so thick that my frisbee flew more like a damn rock. Still, I managed to squeak out a par 27. When I got home, I loaded up Abby’s old furniture in Black Betty to take to Judy tomorrow. I got done just as Luke got home (typical). He said school and practice went fast. He cleaned-up and went right back out with his buddies. That evening, Ann made Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we began binge-watching a new show on Netflix called Outlander.

We returned to work again on Thursday morning. It was a crazy, busy day. Just as Justin & I made plans for our day, the state walked in for a surprise inspection. Thankfully, it didn’t last all day and we scored an awesome 96%! I did a few things around the office and then Justin & I went to Best Buy to replace my headphones and get a new screen for my phone. Both were covered under my Geek Squad coverage but neither we stocked so they’re sending them to me. I walked a little shy of 3 miles then drove over to Ann’s work. I unloaded Abby’s furniture into Judy’s truck and then we ran a couple errands before leaving town. When we got home, we saw that the neighbors had put up a new privacy fence out back. The only thing is that apparently their yard doesn’t quite match up with ours and so they put a fence 9/10 of the way across the back. I don’t blame them for not putting it up all the way across – it’s not his land. But it would’ve been cool if they would’ve said something to us and we could’ve had the option of putting up a small section to match from the same contractor. It’s actually a little shitty, TBH. …But whatever; we’ll deal with it. That evening, I ran out to the park to play some frisbee golf. I wanted to play 18 but it was so blessed humid that by the time I finished the first 9, I was a dripping, drenched mess. Plus, my elbow was throbbing. So, I headed home and showered so I could get to editing more football pictures. Luke had a good day at school then went to football practice on a sweltering afternoon. Afterward, he went to the JV game for a while to support the younger Pirates. He came home to get cleaned up then went out with his buddies for a while again that evening. He came home in a snit when we didn’t agree with him selling his car and trying to by someone’s used truck. So, he went on back to his room, which was probably for the best. That night, Ann & I binge-watched several more episodes of Outlander. We really like that show – thanks to Justin for insisting we give it a third try… Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.08.46 hwc20.08.47 hwc20.08.48 hwc20.08.49 hwc20.08.50 hwc20.08.51 hwc20.08.52 hwc20.08.53 hwc20.08.54 hwc20.08.55 hwc20.08.56

We were up early on Friday, even though I had the day off. Thanks to Abby going back to school, it fell to me to take Ann to Dunkin for her coffee and drop her off at the downtown office, here in the ‘Burg. Once I returned home, I sat on the back porch with the dogs and enjoyed some quiet time. Luke went into school a little late, as is the norm now on Fridays. Afterward, Gma brought him Jimmy Johns to tide him over until after his football game that evening. That morning, I mowed the front lawn and decided to load up the lawn tools and head over to Gma & Gigi’s house to mow as well. I went inside afterward for some iced tea and good conversation with Mom. She looked better and held herself a little better as well, now that she is on a medicine for her thyroid. It was good to see her not so darned tired all the time. I came home to get cleaned-up just before it started pouring. It was supposedly the remnants from Laura, which ravaged Louisiana & Texas earlier this week. I picked up Annie and we went over to BWR for lunch, where we talked with Kristen, who had decided to stay for now. We came home and partially napped while watching a few more episodes of Outlander that afternoon. I wanted to go play a round of disc golf, but my elbow was really sore, so I decided to rest it instead. Ann’s alarm told us it was finally time to get ready for that night’s football game. It was the Pirate’s home opener (and just in case of COVID, Senior Night). There was a good crowd on-hand, despite the safety precautions where they had tape separating the stands into halves – allowing 250 per side. They had separate restrooms for the visitors and you had to wear a mask when out of your seat. They also did not allow the little ones to run around and play football, out past the locker rooms like normal. Mom & Sandy came to the game but did not come inside – instead, they sat in their car, over by the maintenance garage. Luke started at middle linebacker but did not play any offense – which I was just fine with…I prefer that he save himself for the defense. He did play some special teams, including kickoff and punt return. The offense turned the ball over both times on their first two possessions, inside their own 25-yard line and scored both times to put the Pirates down 0-13 before even half of the first quarter had passed. After that, we settled down and played with them. The defense played very well, only giving up 7 points late in the 4th quarter after yet another turnover in our own territory. Our offense didn’t have an answer for their D. Luke played very well, as he continues to learn and improve. He recorded fifteen tackles – 6 solo and 9 assisted. In the end, the defensive effort wasn’t enough and the Tigers were victorious, 3-20 – evening Greensburg’s record at 1-1. Next up, the Pirates host Connersville next week. We waited after the game to talk to Luke. He was sweaty and exhausted as well as cut, bruised and bloody…that’s my boy… We were sure proud of the way he played that night. He led his defense admirably, directing his players and making the defensive calls. On our way to the car, Ann ran into an old sorority sister in the parking lot after the game. Later, we relaxed and watched a few episodes of Outlander while Luke got cleaned-up and stayed the night at Cam’s house. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis20.08.375 sis20.08.376 sis20.08.377 sis20.08.378 sis20.08.379 sis20.08.380 sis20.08.381 sis20.08.382 sis20.08.383 sis20.08.384 sis20.08.385 sis20.08.386 sis20.08.387 sis20.08.388 sis20.08.389 sis20.08.390 sis20.08.391 sis20.08.392 sis20.08.393 sis20.08.394 sis20.08.395 sis20.08.396 sis20.08.397 sis20.08.398 sis20.08.399 sis20.08.400 sis20.08.401 sis20.08.402 sis20.08.403 sis20.08.404 sis20.08.405 sis20.08.406 sis20.08.407 sis20.08.408 sis20.08.409 sis20.08.410 sis20.08.411 sis20.084.12 sis20.08.413 sis20.08.414 sis20.08.415 sis20.08.416 sis20.08.417 sis20.08.418 sis20.08.419 sis20.08.420 sis20.08.421 sis20.08.422 sis20.08.423 sis20.08.424 sis20.08.425 sis20.08.426 sis20.08.427 sis20.08.428 sis20.08.429 sis20.08.430 sis20.08.431 sis20.08.432 sis20.08.433 sis20.08.434 sis20.08.435 sis20.08.436 sis20.08.437 sis20.08.438 sis20.08.439

We slept in a little on Saturday morning, but not nearly enough as the dogs had other plans for us. I sat outside with the dogs for quite a while, waking up until Ann reminded me that I had to run her out to Burney to meet up with her friends for a day of scrapbooking. On my way back through town, I called Luke to see if he wanted to join me for some frisbee golf in Batesville. He agreed and so we hopped in the Hot Rod Lincoln and headed over to play in Liberty Park. I finally had a chance to throw my new disc but I truly struggled on the first few holes as my elbow was still really sore. I finally found my groove and rallied to finish with a 1-over 28 after the first. Luke didn’t fair as well, throwing a 35. He decided to just walk with me on the second round after nearly decapitating a group of softball players, warming up beside the baseball field. I faired much better on the 2nd go round with a 2-under 25. We grabbed a quick lunch and headed back to town so he could nap and I could mow the backyard. As I finished, Abby came home to stay the night with us. We ran errands around town, getting Tonya an oil change and getting supplies at the Mart of Wal. I checked fluids in the vehicles and had a couple of blueberry margaritas. Later, Abby & I ran Black Betty through the car wash (where Brayton and Drew were working) on our way out of town to pickup Annie and all her supplies. We went out to dinner at El Reparo afterward, where I enjoyed a margarita and fish tacos. When we came home afterward, Abby napped for hours while Ann & I watched several episodes of Outlander. Meanwhile, Luke wound up going out with friends and stayed the night at Oakley’s house. Later, we had a nightcap of a French Toast shot and a Hennessey Ginger cocktail. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.08.174 smp20.08.175 smp20.08.176 smp20.08.177 smp20.08.178 smp20.08.179 smp20.08.180 smp20.08.181 smp20.08.182 smp20.08.183 smp20.08.184 smp20.08.185 smp20.08.186 smp20.08.187 smp20.08.188 smp20.08.189 smp20.08.190 smp20.08.191 smp20.08.192 smp20.08.193 smp20.08.194 smp20.08.195 smp20.08.196 smp20.08.197 smp20.08.198 smp20.08.199 smp20.08.200 smp20.08.201 smp20.08.202 smp20.08.203 smp20.08.204 smp20.08.205 smp20.08.206 smp20.08.207 smp20.08.208 smp20.08.209 smp20.08.210 smp20.08.211 smp20.08.212 smp20.08.213 smp20.08.214 smp20.08.215 smp20.08.216 smp20.08.217 smp20.08.218 smp20.08.219 smp20.08.220 smp20.08.221 smp20.08.222 smp20.08.223 smp20.08.224 smp20.08.225 smp20.08.226 smp20.08.227 smp20.08.228 smp20.08.229 smp20.08.230 smp20.08.231 smp20.08.232 smp20.08.233 smp20.08.234 smp20.08.235 smp20.08.236 smp20.08.237 smp20.08.238 smp20.08.239

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. I sat outside on the back porch with the dogs on a lovely morning. It was sunny and much cooler – in the upper 50s! We slowly got around to doing our weekly household chores. My elbow was still sore, so I’m hoping that a little ibuprofen and a day off will help heal it. We tried to open up the house, but it quickly warmed up and we had to flip the air back on. As Ann read, I watched the NASCR races from this weekend. Abby slept in really late (did she sleep at all this past week?) before she got ready and went with Ann to Kuyhlia’s baby shower that afternoon. I worked on Abby’s laptop for a couple hours, running updates and trying to figure out why her microphone is not working. It appears that it’s a common issue with her HP device, so I recommended she invest on a decent webcam with a mic. We sent her back to campus to help Garrett move into his room. After Abs left, Luke soon went out as well, leaving us alone with the dogs for a quite night. We binge-watched several episodes of Outlander that evening and enjoyed cheesy popcorn for dinner as well. It was a relaxing way to put a cap on the weekend and wrap up a busy week.

Next up is our Waybac section, which continues to feature two collections: a big batch of pictures from Uncle Goon’s funeral from various family and years…and an even bigger batch of pix from Dee’s camera in 2003. We lead off with a wide assortment of Uncle Chuck pix through the decades: 1940s – 1 with the young fam on 9th St.; 1950s – a couple school pix and a couple more of the young fam, this time on Highland Ave; 1960s – school/sports pix as well as Mom & Dad’s wedding party; 1980s – with Sally & Granny, John and others as well as Cindy; 1990s – with Cathy, Jac and Billy as well as a good one with Cathy & Kimmy; 1990s – with his golfing buddies; then on to 2003 Dee pix: June – Gma & Gigi watching the kids while Ann & I are in Columbus welcoming little Lukey; July – 4th of July activities and hanging out with Gma & Gigi; Sept – Dad feeding Lukey; Oct – trick-or-treating at Gma & Gigi’s house; Nov – Thanxmas with the Owens fam; Dec – Christmas Eve with the Owens fam; and Uncle Goon in the 2010s with nephews.

Waybac.1940s.ucp59 Waybac.1950s.ucp61 Waybac.1950s.ucp64 Waybac.1950s.ucp68 Waybac.1950s.ucp69 Waybac.1960s.ucp60 Waybac.1960s.ucp63 Waybac.1960s.ucp67 Waybac.1960s.ucp73 Waybac.1968.ucp36 Waybac.1980s.ucp62 Waybac.1980s.ucp65 Waybac.1980s.ucp66 Waybac.1980s.ucp70 Waybac.1990s.ucp57 Waybac.1990s.ucp58 Waybac.1990s.ucp72 Waybac.2003.06.lbd29 Waybac.2003.06.lbd30 Waybac.2003.07.foj120 Waybac.2003.07.foj121 Waybac.2003.07.foj122 Waybac.2003.07.foj123 Waybac.2003.07.foj124 Waybac.2003.07.foj125 Waybac.2003.07.sic19 Waybac.2003.07.sic20 Waybac.2003.09.ltmo03 Waybac.2003.10.tot14 Waybac.2003.11.txm56 Waybac.2003.11.txm57 Waybac.2003.11.txm58 Waybac.2003.11.txm59 Waybac.2003.12.oce38 Waybac.2003.12.oce39 Waybac.2010s.ucp71 lp20.08.05

And we wrap up this week with our video section. We have two new home movies to share this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s installment of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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