Twenty-One, A Long One…You can See the Numbers Run

We enjoyed more fall-like weather this week – which is perfect for a fat, hairy guy like myself. We were able to open up the house and give the A/C the week off finally. I do have to admit that I don’t sleep quite as well without that white noise though… Matt had another busy week of working in the Zionsville school system during the day and back home in Carmel in the evenings. We enjoyed seeing him a couple times and even had a Ms. Taylor sighting! Matt’s school is doing very well with the COVID and is looking to open back-up, fully. Although his classroom had been in-person all year, the school at large has been partially virtual. Luke had a good week of school, though there was another confirmed case of COVID at the high school. This time, it was a teacher. Luke was able to play football this week, culminating in a game on Friday night, even though we weren’t sure we would even have one. Abby had a full week of classes at Franklin but the big news of the week was that she turned 21. We enjoyed celebrating her milestone a few times week, calling it her birth-week instead of just one birthday – LOL. She spent the week, as with most, with Gary by her side, which we saw a lot of this week as well. Ann’s office continues to operate under modified safety guidelines due to the Corona but is otherwise flourishing. My office, on the other hand, is struggling to find a way to remain viable in this pandemic environment. Not only are we getting fewer patient referrals than normal, but we’re struggling to find employees willing to work. I enjoyed spending a little time with friends and came up short again on my exercise goal with only twelve miles of walking. Mainly, what was missing was that fact that I didn’t mow this week and only played 18 holes of frisbee golf to rest my ailing elbow a little. I hope to increase both of those numbers next week. It continues to feel a little more normal with each week now, as we continue going out more and more each week at this point. We know that the second wave is coming, so we’re enjoying what we can, while we can for now… Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

We enjoyed a cooler start to the week on Monday morning as we headed back to work and school. At weigh-ins, I demolished Justin by 6 pounds! So, he bought lunch for Vic & I at Chi-Buff, later morning. We swung by Rural King on the way back to get something for his truck and found a great clearance deal on work shorts – $3 apiece! When I got back to work, I jumped in Barney, picked up Ann and went to see Jami for haircuts. After a fast afternoon at work, I walked about 3 miles around the airport property. It warmed up nicely into the upper 70s – just enough for a light sweat. That morning, before we left for work, we received a package and when we got home, we opened and installed it. After a good day of school and football practice, we surprised Luke with a new mattress. It was something he had been asking for and we jokingly told him he’d have to wait till Christmas. He was very surprised and happy. He took off a couple trim pieces from his car so that it matches the other fender where the piece came loose. I urged him to leave it alone, but he gets obsessed sometimes and won’t listen to reason. There was an eerie sunset, with the fallout from the wildfires causing a weird haze around the sun. We watched some MNF and Outlander that evening while enjoying our LaRosa’s leftovers. Here are pictures from Luke’s football game in Lawrenceburg last week.

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We enjoyed an even cooler morning on Tuesday, even turning on a little heat during the commute to work. The sunrise had that same weird haze around it that the sunset had last night. Ann and I had long days at work then I walked about three miles outside on a gorgeous afternoon. We received word that we had a second student at the high school (fourth in the school system in the last few days) to test positive for COVID. To top it off, we also learned that South Dearborn had cancelled the football game with us they were supposed to host this Friday night. Coach is trying to find us another opponent but I’m not sure if that’s even a possibility on such short notice. That evening, we heard (though not yet confirmed) that our next foe, Franklin County, may have also pulled-out as well. I dropped Annie off at home and went out to the park and got in 18 holes of frisbee golf for the first time in almost a week. I parred the course, which I was ok with. Luke had a good day of school and football practice. When he got out of the shower, he drove with me over to Jerry’s garage to drop off Black Betty. She’s really sick…could this be in the end of the road for her? Ann & I finished up season 3 of Outlander and scrambled to find the final two seasons since its not on Netflix. Luke installed some new LED lights under his dash, to pimp out his ride even more…

It was downright chilly on Wednesday morning. Even Luke came back in the house after leaving for school and got a sweatshirt. Me? I was comfy in my shorts and short-sleeved shirt. We may have used the heater in the van to keep the windows from fogging up because it was a little foggy as well. We had a long day of work in Columbus before I got out for about a half hour to walk and then we left early to drive up to Franklin. We ran to the store to get a couple last minute things for her on our way out of town. It was Abby’s 21st birthday that day. She had a great day before we even met up with her and Gary on campus. We went to The Mint to start our evening. There, we shared each other’s drinks – and they had a great selection. Round 1 saw a Bourbon Smash, a Black Martini, a Mary Jane martini and a Tom Collins. Round 2 had Kentucky Lemonade, a French Martini, a Pettimore Mule and an Orange Dreamsicle. We had some loaded tots and homemade chips and dip to give us a base. They were holding a bourbon tasting with a local brewery in the other room, but the girls weren’t feeling it. Instead, they were ready to go to dinner. So, we headed down the road to the Blue Cactus. They took very good care of us again that evening. We had chips and salsa and cheese and guacamole and our first round of drinks consisted of margaritas – I had the Agave (delicious), Garrett had the Corona-rita, Ann had a Blood Orange and Abs had a Raspberry Mint. A couple of Abby’s friends were there for dinner and they ended up coming over to hang out for a while as well. After they served us our meal (tacos!), it was time for round 2 of margs: I had a Mezcal, Ann had another Blood Orange, and Abs had a Blackberry Mint. We may have mentioned it was Abby’s 21st, so the wait staff came over and gave her fried ice cream, sang the birthday song and gave her a shot of tequila through a giant syringe! It was good fun, but it was time for the parents to bow out and let her friends have her for the night. We said good-byes and dropped the kids off at the New Dorms and made our way home. I can’t wait to hear the stories from that night! When we got home, Luke had just gotten home himself. Although we felt bad for the dogs being cooped up all day, they had done well with Molly only having one accident. We let the dogs run outside for a while and tried to stay up to watch some TV, but we both fell asleep. I got up and went to bed while Ann slept in her chair until sometime later…I know I didn’t hear her come to bed; I slept like a rock that night… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis20.09.220 sis20.09.221 sis20.09.222 sis20.09.223 sis20.09.224 sis20.09.225 sis20.09.226 sis20.09.227 sis20.09.228 sis20.09.229 sis20.09.230 sis20.09.231 sis20.09.232 sis20.09.233 sis20.09.234 sis20.09.235 sis20.09.236 sis20.09.237 sis20.09.238 sis20.09.239 sis20.09.240 sis20.09.241 sis20.09.242 sis20.09.243 sis20.09.244 sis20.09.245 sis20.09.246 sis20.09.247 sis20.09.248 sis20.09.249 sis20.09.250 sis20.09.251 sis20.09.252 sis20.09.253 sis20.09.254 sis20.09.255 sis20.09.256 sis20.09.257 sis20.09.258 sis20.09.259 sis20.09.260

The dogs had us up early on Thursday morning. The last time they were barking, we had a couple break-ins in the neighborhood, so that freaked us out enough for us to get up and start our day. Thankfully, we didn’t see anything, so maybe it was that darn cat that comes around here all the time. There were dense fog advisories out for us during our morning commute to work. I had a long morning but a fast afternoon. I got out of work late but still managed to walk about three miles. When we got home, Ann made jalapeno dip with a little added kick of Hungarian Hot peppers for Card Night. We managed to find season 4 of Outlander and got in one episode before I headed out to Bewley’s B&B Bar where I met up with Shawn, Bryan and Rick. No one else was able to make it that evening. We did have a special guest – Ms. Hannah sat at the big boy’s table and held her own. Hell, she did better than poor Bryan that night! We watched the NFL game and were happy to see that no one kneeled during the Anthem. We had a good time catching up with each other and played all the different types of games we could think of. We ended up calling it an early night as everyone was pretty worn-out from the fast week. Meanwhile, Luke had a fast day of school and a good football practice. He feels pretty confident about their chances with this week’s game. We found out earlier that we Coach had found opponents for the next two games (South Dearborn and Franklin County both cancelled on us this week). We are going to play Phalen Leadership Academy on a neutral field up in Westfield this week and next week, we’ll host Bluffton.

We enjoyed sleeping in a few minutes on Friday morning. Ann & I went through Dunkin before I dropped her off at the downtown office and I came on home. I paid bills and worked on a special project for most of the morning. I spoke with Abby for a while and did a video call with her so she could see her dogs. I took a quick break to check in some Hot Wheels and then picked up Annie for lunch. BWR had a BOGO deal for National Hamburger Day, so how could we resist? That afternoon, Ann napped while I continued checking in Hot Wheels. Once she got up, we started getting ready for the evening’s entertainment. We ran a few errands around town then stopped at Mom & Sandy’s and swapped cars for the trek up to Westfield for a non-conference game vs. PLA at the Grand Parks Sport Complex. We had been there before – Luke played in a couple basketball tourneys when he played AAU ball and Abby tried out for the Colt’s cheerleader team up there as well. It is a gorgeous, sprawling complex with dozens of baseball/softball fields, indoor facilities and a couple dozen soccer/football fields. We sat with the other parents, up on a big hill overlooking the field. Ann did great walking up and down it, despite our obvious concerns with her knees. It was MUCH cooler that evening and the breeze up there on the “mountain??? didn’t do us any favors. It was the first time this year that I wore jeans for anything. I also broke out the old Purdue sweatshirt for the game. We could’ve used a blanket like our other parents were smart enough to bring along. The cold aside, it was a pretty evening. The game started off fast, with us winning the coin toss and deferring. On the first play from scrimmage, we forced a fumble and the rout was on! By the half, we were up 28-6. By the end of the 3rd quarter, they initiated the mercy rule and we had a running clock. During the 4th quarter, things really began to get chippy and spiral out of control. Towards the end, we were driving the ball down the field and they started getting a run of personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct calls back-to-back. At the end, they had a double foul that put us near the goal line. On the ensuing play, it looked like we scored, but I’m not sure what the call was because one of their boys got hurt when Luke plowed him over and their coaches came running onto the field, screaming and cursing (which was a theme all night long). The referees called a couple fouls on them and then when they got in their faces, they just called the game – ending it with three minutes remaining – and said go home; we’re done. Luke started at middle linebacker and recorded 3 solo tackles, 5 assisted tackles and a QB hurry. Offensively, he played left guard and recorded one pancake and did a good job of blocking (and carrying running backs on two plays!). He also played special teams on punt return. Luke said their team was talking smack the entire game and that their coaching staff was cussing at the refs most of the evening, saying things were unfair. This was a new program, apparently. Supposedly, this is their 3rd year and their first playing varsity teams. They had a few good players, which resulted in a couple of TDs, but it was never really close and the Pirates won 41-14 to bring their record to 3-2 on the year now. We met up with Matt in Carmel, after he got off work. Since everything closes early up there (Ann said the sidewalks roll up at 10 pm – LOL), we ended up at Applebee’s for dinner and a drink and enjoyed catching up with him. He had a rough day that saw him work 14 hours. School was an especially rough one with several of his kids acting out and being aggressive. When we got back home, Luke said he was really sore from playing on that turf. We watched Outlander and then Ann went to bed and began editing video from the game that evening. I got it uploaded to YouTube and then shared it on Facebook for the families that couldn’t make it to the game. Here are pictures of recent additions to our Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.09.18 hwc20.09.19 hwc20.09.20 hwc20.09.21 hwc20.09.22 hwc20.09.23 hwc20.09.24 hwc20.09.25 hwc20.09.26

The dogs had us up way too early on Saturday morning. Ann & I ran to St. Paul to visit Wildflour Bakery for our dose of weekly pastries. When we returned to town, we went to Mom & Sandy’s house. We swapped cars back and delivered some goodies that Ann got for them. We ran a couple errands and then came home to enjoy our goodies. Gigi went to Lett’s for their fish fry and brought me a fish sandwich. Luke & I put together his new bed base and removed his old box springs that he had broken. When we finished, Bryan picked me up and we went to Lowe’s Pellets (Alan & Kristy) for their annual Customer Appreciate Day. They had a couple dozen gift baskets (raffles) as well as a nice lunch, featuring smoked pork chops that were yummy! Shawn won one of the raffled packages and so Bryan and I delivered his goods to him. We stayed for a couple beers and enjoyed spending a little time with him. I came home and took apart Luke’s old box springs and recycled all the pieces. Meanwhile, Ann napped with the dogs and Luke went out with his buddies for a while. He ran me to Jerry’s shop to pickup Black Betty and bring her home. Abby drove down from college with Gary to spend some time at home. When the kids got home, we went to ElRep for dinner and a drink Abs & I ran to Walmart to get supplies then came home and she cleaned up her room and did laundry while Ann & I binge-watched several episodes of Outlander while I edited pictures for the blog. We stayed up pretty late, but we’re completely hooked on that darn show… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.09.134 smp20.09.135 smp20.09.136 smp20.09.137 smp20.09.138 smp20.09.139 smp20.09.140 smp20.09.141 smp20.09.142 smp20.09.143 smp20.09.144 smp20.09.145 smp20.09.146 smp20.09.147 smp20.09.148 smp20.09.149 smp20.09.150 smp20.09.151 smp20.09.152 smp20.09.153 smp20.09.154 smp20.09.155 smp20.09.156 smp20.09.157 smp20.09.158 smp20.09.159 smp20.09.160 smp20.09.161 smp20.09.162 smp20.09.163 smp20.09.164 smp20.09.165 smp20.09.166 smp20.09.167 smp20.09.168 smp20.09.169 smp20.09.170 smp20.09.171 smp20.09.172 smp20.09.173 smp20.09.174 smp20.09.175 smp20.09.176 smp20.09.177 smp20.09.178 smp20.09.179 smp20.09.180 smp20.09.181 smp20.09.182 smp20.09.283

We enjoyed sleeping in a few hours on Sunday morning. I got up when I heard Lola prancing in the hallway. The dogs and I had some early morning porch time for about a half hour. It was another chilly morning, starting in the upper 40s. Still, it was warmer than yesterday when it was down around the upper 30s at the start of the day – brrr! Once Ann got up, we got to our weekly household chores and did a little deeper cleaning as well. Gail and Gary eventually got up, later that morning. Abs came outside with me for a while as we checked fluids in the vehicles with Ms. Molly. She pretty much spent most of yesterday and that day outside in the lovely, cooler Fall weather – even though summer doesn’t officially end for another couple days yet. Abby & Luke ran out to Walmart to get supplies for Ann to make lunch. With the cooler weather, we’ve been talking about how good a big pot of chili sounded and that day so we were excited when she decided to make it for Abby’s birthday meal. Mary made Bu’s cake again this year. It was a round cake with sunflowers – very pretty. Mom & Sandy came over with Pickles. Dee & Jamie came over to celebrate with Abs as well. Gigi made a couple batches of sausage balls that were outstanding. And then when Matt & Taylor got home, Bu opened a few presents, including a great one from Matt – SpongeBob Heelys! She hasn’t had a pair of those shoes since she was a pre-teen. ???? She loved them and had to put them on and wheel around the rest of the day with them on. We sang a rousing death-march version of the Birthday Song to her and enjoyed cake and ice cream. While the girls chatted in the kitchen, the guys watched RedZone football on the big screen, including an amazing comeback by my Cowboys. They had four turnovers in the first half and looked horrible. Somehow, they managed to come all the way back in the 2nd half and in an incredible turn of luck, recovered the craziest onside kick we’ve ever seen, it spun sideways – crazy! They moved the ball about 20 yards and nailed a long field goal as time expired. We said good-bye to everyone, cleaned-up the house and flopped on the furniture. As Ms. Ann napped and I watched sports (MMA, NASCAR and NFL), Luke cleaned his room. I finally had some time to work on the blog, uploading everything and writing out the html code for this week’s entry. That night, Ann made Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we binge-watched a few more episodes of Outlander before finally calling it a week.

Next up is our Waybac section, which continues to feature collections from both Uncle Chuck’s funeral as well as Dee-Dee’s first digital camera from the early 2000’s. We lead off with a slew of Uncle Goon pix: 1950s – a great pic with Chuck, Dad and Gpa Pug’s league-winning baseball team as well as state champ Bronchos and with Granny at Mom & Dad’s wedding in ’68; then a trio of pix from the 1980s w/o Uncle Goon: Aunt June & Kimmy and a couple of newspaper clippings from ’86 of our LP football team, featuring my buddy Nick that passed away last week; then back to Chuck pix in the 90s – a classic pic at Chuck & Cindy’s house (I think); 2000s: a great shot with all the guys and Granny and then with nephews; next we move on to Dee’s pix in 2003: June – the girls hanging out at Gma & Gigi’s house during Luke’s birth; July – 4th of July fun at our house; Gigi’s bday on Main St; and more pix at Mom & Sandy’s house; November – Danny’s 50th bday and then Thanxmas at our house; and finally several from the 2010s with Cathy, Cindy and a great group pic at John & June’s during the Scheu Family Xmas.

Waybac.1950s.ucp115 Waybac.1960s.ucp107 Waybac.1968.ucp109 Waybac.1980s.ucp114 Waybac.1986.nbo1 Waybac.1986.nbo2 Waybac.1990s.ucp113 Waybac.2000s.ucp112 Waybac.2002s.ucp108 Waybac.2003.06.lbd35 Waybac.2003.06.lbd36 Waybac.2003.06.lbd37 Waybac.2003.07.foj136 Waybac.2003.07.foj137 Waybac.2003.07.foj138 Waybac.2003.07.gbd29 Waybac.2003.07.sic23 Waybac.2003.07.sic24 Waybac.2003.11.dbdp16 Waybac.2003.11.dbdp17 Waybac.2003.11.dbdp18 Waybac.2003.11.txm65 Waybac.2003.11.txm66 Waybac.2003.11.txm67 Waybac.2003.11.txm68 Waybac.2010s.ucp105 Waybac.2010s.ucp106 Waybac.2010s.ucp110 Waybac.2010s.ucp111 Waybac.2010s.ucp116 lp20.09.03

Next up is our video segment which includes two new home movies from this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Momma.
Later, Scheu

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