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It’s been a good week since we last touched base. It was a fast one, thanks to the Labor Day weekend. We saw the anniversary of 9/11 this week, which always brings all those raw emotions flooding back again. Matt had another busy week, working in Zionsville during the day and in Carmel at night. He had a little drama early in the week when Ms. Taylor had a head injury, but she turned out to be okay. Abby had a busy week at school, getting into the swing of things with her classes, Greek life and trying to find ways to be with her friends while still maintaining the mandatory social distancing rules. Luke had a quick week of school and football practices, culminating with a big game under Friday night lights. Ann had a long week at work, recovering from her time in Florida. I, too, had a long week, recovering from Rob & Sharon last weekend – LOL. Due to the shortened week and how busy I was, I only managed ten miles (roughly half the distance I’d been averaging this summer) of exercise and only got in two rounds of frisbee golf (which my elbow appreciated). Once we got Molly her meds, she did much better. We didn’t realize how much it was really helping her. We got a few things done around the house this week but still have more to do. It was good to finally spend time with friends this week…and NFL football finally returned this week! Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

We enjoyed sleeping in on Labor Day to start our week. That morning we said good-bye to Rob & Sharon. They made it safely back up to Michigan, where Robby is working. Later that morning, we also said our adieus to Gail & Gary, who went back to Franklin College to resume classes the next day. Luke slept in then he & Brayden went to Mom & Sandy’s house to trim the hedges between them and the Moore’s. Later, he went to football practice then pretty much stayed in his room to play Fortnight and went to bed early. Meanwhile, Ann & I did our weekly household chores, which Abs helped knockout some yesterday so there wasn’t quite as much today. Gigi dropped by to talk for a while. She said Mom fell up the stairs and got bruised up pretty good…but was otherwise none the worse for wear (she’s a tough old bird). Ann read and napped while I watched NASCAR races all day and worked on the blog in between naps myself. We were pretty worn-out from our weekend excursions. We were supposed to go hang out with our friends at the Sunken Boat Bar…but we just weren’t physically up for it – unfortunately. My high school coach contacted me that day and informed me that an old friend and teammate of mine, Nick Bubalo, had passed away. We were the defensive ends on the DAC Champion squad of ’86. Instead of going out with our friends, we stayed in and ate leftover burgers, got Dairy Queen blizzards and binge-watched several more episodes of Outlander. We wrapped up season 2 and are into season 3 now. We watched that until sometime after midnight when we finally called it a day. Here are pictures from Luke’s football game vs. Connersville last week. Photo creds go to Abs…

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I was up before the dawn on Tuesday. However, that isn’t saying much anymore. It used to be light out when I was getting ready for work each morning, but now it’s still dark as we begin our morning commutes. My bowels awakened me this morning – even before Molly could have any accidents. Despite only having a couple hours’ sleep, I was wide awake so I decided to catch up on my blog activities, which were still two days behind. I transferred pictures and edited videos before hopping in the shower and getting Luke up for school. Despite test-driving Black Betty yesterday around town and it being fine, she felt like she was going to blow up when we took it to work that morning. It shook and made a God-awful noise. We didn’t even get it up to speed on the bypass before we made a U-Turn and limped it back home on the shoulder with the flashers on. We parked her and jumped in Barney to head into Columbus for the first time since last Thursday. Abs had forgot to take her student ID back to school with her yesterday, so she had us bring it to work and she drove down really quick to pick it up that morning. While she was in town, we went to Camilla’s for lunch where I had their fish tacos – yum! Thanks to Sandy for picking up Molly’s meds that day, since I neglected to get them before they closed on Saturday. That poor thing really struggled over the weekend with her bladder cancer and her accidents. We didn’t realize how well her meds were working! After a fast afternoon, I walked a little under three miles on a hot afternoon. We ran errands when we got back to town, stopping at Mom’s house to visit briefly, picking up meds at CVS and running to the grocery store so Ann could get supplies for her pitch-in lunch tomorrow at work. Ann made Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we binge-watched several more episodes of Outlander while I edited videos until I fell asleep. Here are pictures from Ann’s vacation in Florida…I mean staff retreat – LOL!

afv20.01 afv20.02 afv20.03 afv20.04 afv20.05 afv20.06 afv20.07 afv20.08 afv20.09 afv20.10 afv20.11 afv20.12 afv20.13 afv20.14 afv20.15 afv20.16 afv20.17 afv20.18 afv20.19 afv20.20 afv20.21 afv20.22 afv20.23 afv20.24 afv20.25 afv20.26 afv20.27 afv20.28 afv20.29 afv20.30 afv20.31 afv20.32 afv20.33 afv20.34 afv20.35 afv20.36 afv20.37 afv20.38 afv20.39 afv20.40 afv20.41 afv20.42 afv20.43 afv20.44 afv20.45 afv20.46 afv20.47 afv20.48 afv20.49 afv20.50 afv20.51 afv20.52 afv20.53 afv20.54 afv20.55 afv20.56

We headed off to work in Barney since Black Betty was still resting in the driveway, needing attention. I called and made an appointment with Dr. Jerry, but he is off for a week and she can’t be seen until late next week unfortunately. It was another hot day but it was a fast one for both Ann and I as we kept very busy. My afternoon was spent with the ISDH in our kitchen, where I am pleased to say we received zero findings! I am very proud of how hard the girls are working in that department, despite being down two fulltime employees (roles we are still trying to fill, if you know of anyone interested…). The inspector was very thorough and did a great job of explaining things to us as she went about her business. I got out of work late because of it and only managed about two and a half miles of walking in the heat and humidity. I dropped Annie off and went out to the park to play frisbee golf. I was a little rusty at the onset but my arm loosened up nicely and I managed to salvage a par 27. I came home to cool down and relax in the A/C with Ann as we binge-watched several more episodes of Outlander that evening. Luke had a fast day at school and then went to football practice. Afterward, he went to ElRep for dinner with some teammates. I did stats for his Connersville game finally. He had a monster of a game, recording 22 tackles – 13 solo and 9 assisted tackles. He had 2 tackles for loss, a sack and forced a fumble! He also broke his helmet during one tackle and got better and better with his blocking as well. When Luke got home, he got cleaned up and retired to his room for the night…

We had a dark, cooler start to our commute into work on Thursday. I had a fast morning that culminated with Justin & I going to Chi Buff for an early lunch. The afternoon went even faster. In fact, I got out of work so late that I only managed to walk one mile in the hot sunshine. When Ann and I got back to town, we ran a few errands, including buying tickets for tomorrow’s football game and shopping at Needler’s for food to take with me to card night. Lawrenceburg is limiting the number of spectators and will not sell tickets at the gate. It was opening night for the NFL and although we didn’t get together at the Sunken Boat Bar, we did meet up at the Bewley’s B&B. I went out to the park for a quick game of frisbee golf before the game while Ann cooked Armadillo Eggs for the boys and I that evening. It was a breezy evening that made it a little tricky. I only made one mistake with my throws but unfortunately it occurred on the island and wound up in the pond. Thankfully, I was able to find it and retrieve it with my grabber-nabber. It took me like 20 minutes so I only had time for 9 holes (which was another mile of exercise). I came home and relaxed with Ann and the dogs for a few minutes before heading out to hang with the guys. Shawn and Rick were already pre-gaming when I got there. We watched the kickoff and first quarter before Bryan got there and a little while later, Alan was also able to make it over for a while. It was Alan and Bob’s birthday. Alan cut out early while Bob wasn’t able to make it at all. Pat also has a birthday but he had to study for a test so he wasn’t able to make it that evening. We had great food, plentiful spirits and enjoyed catching up with everyone. We were disappointed that we couldn’t just enjoy a football game without all the politics. Once the game got going, it was fine…except it wasn’t much of a game… I came home and began editing pictures but quickly fell asleep and didn’t get to bed until almost 3! Here are a few pictures of the latest additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.09.10 hwc20.09.11 hwc20.09.12 hwc20.09.13 hwc20.09.14 hwc20.09.15 hwc20.09.16 hwc20.09.17

We enjoyed sleeping in a little on Friday morning. It was Patriot Day and we couldn’t help but think back to that awful day, 19 years ago. There were a few specials on the History Channel that we watched. I know I welled-up a few times watching those images again. Luke got up and went to school, where we found out there was a positive COVID case. Frankly, we’re surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Later we found out it was two cases but they were at the elementary and junior high. I drove Annie through the Dunkin drive thru and then dropped her off downtown at her office. I came home and went to work in the family room, doing reports and providing remote tech support. When I finished, I loaded up Betty White and mowed over at Gma & Gigi’s house before coming home and mowing our lawn as well. I wanted to go play frisbee golf, but I was out of time. I got cleaned-up and started getting things ready for our trip to Lawrenceburg that evening. We picked up a post-game sandwich and drinks for Luke to have on the ride home then swung past Mom & Sandy’s house where we swapped Barney for the Escape (that’s a fair trade, right?) so we could ride in style down to Luke’s next football game. We got down there and sat with the Wests. Luke had a great game. He started at middle linebacker on defense. He recorded 7 tackles – 4 solo and 3 assisted, including a tackle for loss. He also had a pair of QB hurries as well as a big interception which he turned into a “Pick Six!!” Way to go, buddy! Offensively, he started at left guard. He did a good job of blocking, as he continues to improve with each game and frankly learn more each series. This was only his 2nd game playing O-line and wearing the old # 63, making his big brother proud. He was overmatched against their bigger guys but still managed to hold his own, recording at least 3 pancakes that I saw. Lawrenceburg has a very good program and they put together another great squad this year…and their line was outstanding. After three plays from scrimmage and with only two and a half minutes off the clock, they were up 14-0. Late in the 2nd quarter, Luke picked off a pass and ran it back for his first “Pick Six” of his career. It turned the momentum and on the ensuing kickoff, we recovered an onside kick! We drove down inside their 20 when we turned the ball over. That was as close as we got and we went to the locker room, down 7-35. The 2nd half was more of the same with the Tigers dominating both sides of the line. Thankfully, they invoked the mercy rule of a running clock once they were up by 35 in the 2nd half. Sam put up a garbage score at the end of the game when the JVs were playing. The final score was a demoralizing 14-56…and honestly, it could’ve been worse. The Pirates’ record now stands at 2-2. We tried to hang out and talk with Luke after the game, but he wasn’t in the mood after that ass-whooping. So, we drove on home and grabbed a snack before falling asleep watching another SVU marathon. When Luke got back to town, he went out to eat with some teammates then came home and was pretty down about the game. We talked for a few minutes, but he just wanted to shower and go to bed – sore and tired… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis20.09.106 sis20.09.107 sis20.09.108 sis20.09.109 sis20.09.110 sis20.09.111 sis20.09.112 sis20.09.113 sis20.09.114 sis20.09.115 sis20.09.116 sis20.09.117 sis20.09.118 sis20.09.119 sis20.09.120 sis20.09.121 sis20.09.122 sis20.09.123 sis20.09.124 sis20.09.125 sis20.09.126 sis20.09.127 sis20.09.128 sis20.09.129 sis20.09.130 sis20.09.131 sis20.09.132 sis20.09.133 sis20.09.134 sis20.09.135 sis20.09.136 sis20.09.137 sis20.09.138 sis20.09.139 sis20.09.140 sis20.09.141 sis20.09.142 sis20.09.143 sis20.09.144 sis20.09.145 sis20.09.146 sis20.09.147 sis20.09.148 sis20.09.149 sis20.09.150 sis20.09.151 sis20.09.152 sis20.09.153 sis20.09.154 sis20.09.155 sis20.09.156 sis20.09.157 sis20.09.158 sis20.09.159 sis20.09.160 sis20.09.161 sis20.09.162 sis20.09.163 sis20.09.164 sis20.09.165 sis20.09.166 sis20.09.167 sis20.09.168 sis20.09.169 sis20.09.170 sis20.09.171 sis20.09.172 sis20.09.174 sis20.09.173 sis20.09.175 sis20.09.176 sis20.09.177 sis20.09.178 sis20.09.179 sis20.09.180 sis20.09.181 sis20.09.182 sis20.09.183 sis20.09.184 sis20.09.185 sis20.09.186 sis20.09.187 sis20.09.188 sis20.09.189 sis20.09.190 sis20.09.191 sis20.09.192 sis20.09.193 sis20.09.194 sis20.09.195 sis20.09.196 sis20.09.197 sis20.09.198 sis20.09.199 sis20.09.200 sis20.09.201 sis20.09.202 sis20.09.203 sis20.09.204 sis20.09.205 sis20.09.206 sis20.09.207 sis20.09.208 sis20.09.209 sis20.09.210 sis20.09.211 sis20.09.212 sis20.09.213 sis20.09.214 sis20.09.215 sis20.09.216 sis20.09.217 sis20.09.218 sis20.09.219

We slept in a bit on Saturday morning. I wound up getting up with the dogs earlier than expected so we had some porch time together. When Ann got up, we got dressed and drove to St. Paul to get goodies from Wildflour Bakery. It was our first time back since Abs returned to college. We stopped at Mom & Sandy’s to return the Escape. Gigi let us borrow it last night to take down to the Ohio River to see Luke play. We picked up some pastries for the girls as well and delivered those and stayed a while to chat. Sandy sent me audio clips of both the game last night as well as Coach’s Corner from this morning where Moore talked a bit about Luke. We stopped by the station and I ran in a snack to her from Dunkin before we came home and ate our goodies while watching another SVU marathon. Eventually we got around to hanging Ann’s new curtains in the living room that day. I spent the rest of the day editing videos and doing stats and then finally began the monumental task of editing the 1800 pictures that Abby took last week at Luke’s ballgame. Luke went to the school in the late morning to watch game film and then later, he went back to watch the boys’ soccer game (and support his buddy Grayson). That afternoon, he drove a few teammates up to Connersville to scout South Dearborn, who we play next week. Max Preps released a video recap of the game and named Luke the Player of the Game!! 😊 Way to go, Lukey! After cleaning up the living room, Ann & I decided to drive to Batesville for a date night dinner at LaRosa’s that was really good! We came home and I continued editing all the pix that Abs took at Luke’s football game last week. It took me until the wee hours of Sunday morning to complete them all. We continued binge-watching a few more episodes of Outlander that night. We just can’t get enough of that darn show. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp20.09.53 smp20.09.54 smp20.09.55 smp20.09.56 smp20.09.57 smp20.09.58 smp20.09.59 smp20.09.60 smp20.09.61 smp20.09.62 smp20.09.63 smp20.09.64 smp20.09.65 smp20.09.66 smp20.09.67 smp20.09.68 smp20.09.69 smp20.09.70 smp20.09.71 smp20.09.72 smp20.09.73 smp20.09.74 smp20.09.75 smp20.09.76 smp20.09.77 smp20.09.78 smp20.09.79 smp20.09.80 smp20.09.81 smp20.09.82 smp20.09.83 smp20.09.84 smp20.09.85 smp20.09.86 smp20.09.87 smp20.09.88 smp20.09.89 smp20.09.90 smp20.09.91 smp20.09.92 smp20.09.93 smp20.09.94 smp20.09.95 smp20.09.96 smp20.09.97 smp20.09.98 smp20.09.99 smp20.09.100 smp20.09.101 smp20.09.102 smp20.09.103 smp20.09.104 smp20.09.105 smp20.09.106 smp20.09.107 smp20.09.108 smp20.09.109 smp20.09.110 smp20.09.111 smp20.09.112 smp20.09.113 smp20.09.114 smp20.09.115 smp20.09.116 smp20.09.117 smp20.09.118 smp20.09.119 smp20.09.120 smp20.09.121 smp20.09.122 smp20.09.123 smp20.09.124 smp20.09.125 smp20.09.126 smp20.09.127 smp20.09.128 smp20.09.129 smp20.09.130 smp20.09.131 smp20.09.132 smp20.09.133

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. The dogs and I enjoyed more patio time and then we came in and got to our weekly household chores. Luke slept in a while longer until Brayden came over. Ann made popcorn for lunch, which the boys loved. Luke retreated to his room to play Fortnight after Brayden went to work. Meanwhile Ann read and I watched the NASCAR races before football returned – FINALLY. I forgot how cool it is to watch on this big screen. Although there weren’t any fans in the stands that day, it was good to get some sports back on to make it feel a little more normal. I wrote out this week’s html code as well as the body of the blog in between doing a few things around the house – including watching “seven hours of commercial-free football” on NFL RedZone. 😊 Luke took the Hot Rod Lincoln and then Barney to get washed. When he got back, I checked fluids in the vehicles and then he ran out to the store for Ann. That evening, I grilled flank steaks on the grill for Ann so she could make us dinner. We had steak strips, roasted potato bites and cheesy broccoli that really hit the spot. Luke & I watched the end of the Bucs / Saints game which featured the first matchup of Brees and Brady since they were in the Big Ten with Drew playing for Purdue and Tom playing for Michigan. Although New Orleans spanked Tampa, unfortunately Brady did not get hurt…maybe next week – LOL. After the Colts blew a chance to go 1-0 on the season, I was looking forward to watching the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. The new stadium in LA for the Rams looks amazing! The game was close and despite numerous injuries, Dallas hung in there. As of this writing, it was a one-score game in the 4th quarter. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and put the kibosh on another week, here at the Scheu abode.

Next up is our Waybac section, which continues to feature two collections – first, the large selection from Uncle Goon’s funeral and the second one, a ton of pictures from Dee’s camera in 2003. We lead off with a plethora of Uncle Chuck pix: 1940s – with Sue & Dad on 9th St; 1950s – with Gpa Pug, Sue and brothers on Highland, with the fam at St. Mary’s for Sue & Hank’s wedding and with Sue and Gpa Pug on 9th St.; 1960s – with Aunt Judy and a couple at Mom & Dad’s wedding; 1980s – with Cindy & Granny at his wedding; 1990s – Aunt Sue’s bday party and with Granny and bros at Sally’s; 2000s – in NOLA with Cindy for the Super Bowl; and then on to 2003 for Owens fam pix: June – Mom & Sandy watching the girls on Main St. during Luke’s birth; July – 4th of July fun at Gma & Gigi’s before the parade and then fireworks out at our house that night; Oct – Trick or Treating at Memaw’s house; Nov – Thanxmas at our house; and Dec – spreading reindeer dust on Xmas Eve at our house.

Waybac.1940s.ucp99 Waybac.1950s.ucp93 Waybac.1950s.ucp95 Waybac.1950s.ucp97 Waybac.1960s.ucp98 Waybac.1968.ucp96 Waybac.1968.ucp100 Waybac.1980s.ucp101 Waybac.1980s.ucp102 Waybac.1990s.ucp94 Waybac.1990s.ucp104 Waybac.2000s.ucp103 Waybac.2003.06.lbd33 Waybac.2003.06.lbd34 Waybac.2003.07.foj132 Waybac.2003.07.foj133 Waybac.2003.07.foj134 Waybac.2003.07.foj135 Waybac.2003.10.tot15 Waybac.2003.10.tot16 Waybac.2003.11.txm63 Waybac.2003.11.txm64 Waybac.2003.12.oce43 Waybac.2003.12.oce44 lp20.09.02

Next up is our video segment which features two new home movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry into the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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