No Rest for The Weary, Ya just Move on…and I’m Tired

Ya know, I’m not sure what it was – likely a combination of things – that really had me off my game this week. But I was so tired every day this week, often napping at odd times. I hadn’t worked second shift since the nineties, I think. I did more walking this week. I started working out again this week. Work was really busy this week and I worked in the building on a Friday for the first time in nearly a year. To top it off, the sunshine was few and far between and I think they all played a factor. Matt had a full day of work and wrestling. He led his team to an opening night victory to start the season off on the right foot. We wish him well this year in his sophomore year of coaching and hope to get up to see him if the Health Dept allows it. We had hoped to get up there this week but the COVID rules put the kibosh on that wish. He and Taylor got a new cat they call Romo. Abby had the week off from school again this week, spending a lot of time with the dogs. She had a couple procedures done on her toes this week and helped-out around the house. Luke had a full week of school and wrestling, including the conference tournament. He also put in a several hours at work. Ann and I both worked in Columbus every day this week for the first time since before COVID hit. Despite the less than stellar weather, I did manage to walk a little under nine miles and also worked out with Bryan for an hour, which really sent my body into shock. As I sit and write this on Sunday night, I’m still struggling to stay awake just sitting on the couch, watching football. There’s lots of talk about the political scene within our country this week with the inauguration, the impeachment and all the other scandals…but I’ve just tried to ignore it all, as it’s exhausting. As football winds down and hockey and basketball continue, I’m looking forward to NASCAR starting back up, here in a just a few short weeks. I was disappointed that none of my teams are left in the NFL playoffs…but at least Purdue beat IU this week!! Hello again and welcome to the newest installation of the Scheu Family Blog.

After just a few hours of sleep, I pushed snooze on my alarm like six times before I slowly got up dragged my butt to the shower. We had a fast day at work. Shortly after lunch, Ann & I went to Jami’s for haircuts. After a short afternoon, I went to the mall to get in some walking. Most folks were compliant with the COVID regulations but of course there’s a couple butt-munches in every group that think the rules don’t apply to them. There were only nine stores open and a funny smell coming from the middle portion where there are just vacant spaces. I got in about two miles before it was time to get Annie and come home. Meanwhile, Luke returned to school and wrestling practice. We found out that they had moved the conference tourney to this coming weekend in East Central, so Ann had to re-schedule the dog’s grooming appointment. Abby had a couple medical procedures performed on both of her big toes. She was still numb when we got home. I ran her to the drugstore to pick up her Rx, some first aid supplies to keep her toes healthy and we found a new sour ale to try called Slangria, which is a fruited ale (Abs really likes the sour ales, so this was something we had to try) by the local Rhinegeist brewery in Cincy. We ran to Walmart to get supplies for the big game that night. Abby made jalapeno popper dip and Ann made homemade garlic cheesy breadsticks. I was really tired and nodded in and out during the first half of the college football championship game. By halftime I had caught my second wind and managed to stay awake the rest of the game. Alabama was just in a league of their own as Ohio State just couldn’t keep up with the Crimson Tide juggernaut. It was Coach Saban’s seventh title already – wow… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

lp21.01.03 sis21.01.81 sis21.01.82 sis21.01.83 sis21.01.84 sis21.01.85 sis21.01.86 sis21.01.87 sis21.01.88 sis21.01.89 sis21.01.90 sis21.01.91 sis21.01.92 sis21.01.93 sis21.01.94 sis21.01.95 sis21.01.96 sis21.01.97 sis21.01.98 sis21.01.99 sis21.01.100 sis21.01.101 sis21.01.102 sis21.01.103 sis21.01.104 sis21.01.105 sis21.01.106 sis21.01.107 sis21.01.108 sis21.01.109 sis21.01.110 sis21.01.111 sis21.01.112 sis21.01.113 sis21.01.114 sis21.01.115 sis21.01.116 sis21.01.117 sis21.01.118 sis21.01.119 sis21.01.120

I had trouble getting up again on Tuesday morning. I think I pressed snooze only five times that morning – LOL. It was a blah, overcast day. I don’t think we ever saw the sun. Ann and I had fast days at work, as we continued to try and help get our companies back to some semblance of normalcy in the face of this ongoing pandemic. I think everyone is just over it at this point! I did better on my diet but got out a little late and only managed to get in about a mile and a half of walking before it was time to leave. I picked up Annie and we swung by the house to change clothes and headed on to Batesville. The Pirates wrestling team was facing their rival Bulldogs in the final dual meet of the year. Although the meet was scheduled for 6:30, we were concerned that it might start ahead of schedule. So, we decided to try and be there early and I’m glad we did as they started it at 6! We walked in just as the first match was starting. Luke wound up having a forfeit. His record now stands at 13-5. The team also won, as B’ville had a few kids out with the COVID. The team’s record is now 10-4. As this was the big rivalry game, there was a challenge put towards the team…if they win, they got to shave Coach Nieman’s head! So, Luke rode the bus back to school where the kids proceeded to buzz Coach! I hope there’s pictures to share next week! Meanwhile Abby spent her day recuperating from her foot procedures yesterday. After the meet, we picked her up and met Luke at ElRep for Taco Tuesday. Abs and I also made it Tequila Tuesday as well – LOL – with a couple of their house margaritas. They went great with our fish tacos. Yum! When we got home, we put on a TV show and I pretty much fell asleep. 😊

I was still tired when I drug my butt out of bed again on Wednesday morning. That Sunday night really threw me for a loop. I think I actually nodded off for a second or two at work yesterday afternoon. I felt better at work that day, though. I met with contractors and with Justin and Vic, we walked them around the facility grounds as part of a corporate mandate for a new project they are doing for all of us. Afterward, the boys and I went out to lunch at China Buffet. The afternoon flew by as I did numerous tasks but none of the ones I had planned on completing! I got out of work a little late again but still managed to walk a little over two miles. It wasn’t nearly as cold as yesterday and the sun was out as well, which made it nice. Ann and I stopped by BP after work and picked up 5 lottery tickets for each of the big lotto games – one jackpot was $550 billion and the other one was $750 billion! We would be ok with either one. 😊 Luke came home from wrestling a little early with a tummy ache. He pretty much stayed in his room all night. Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner. I finally managed to stay awake long enough to work on the blog, doing some writing and editing both pictures and videos. There is only a small crop to work with this week – the smallest in a while, to be sure. Here are pictures of some recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.01.22 hwc21.01.23 hwc21.01.24 hwc21.01.25 hwc21.01.26 hwc21.01.27 hwc21.01.28 hwc21.01.29 hwc21.01.30 hwc21.01.31

Thursday was another long day. Ann & I had fast days at work, thankfully. Abby had a good day at home, nursing her toes back to health and trying to keep from killing the dogs, who were especially annoying that day. Luke had a full day of school and wrestling. He came home for dinner and visited with the girls for a while before going to Brayden’s house and wound up staying the night. I walked about three miles after work before picking up Ann and heading back to the ‘Burg. We stopped at Needlers to pick up some quick snacks for later. We ran home where I dropped off Ann, changed shirts and picked up a pair of gym shorts. I went over to the Sunken Boat Gym where Bryan and I worked out in his new gym. I was so sore afterward that I could barely walk! And although I know he took it easy on me, I still gave him a hard time for killing me – LOL. I hope to get over there a couple times a week and build up from there. Afterward, we went over to Shawn’s house where we met up with the guys for a night of poker, good food, plenty of booze and the Purdue / IU game on the TV. It was a great night – the food was amazing, I brought home a little cash and the Boilers beat the Hoosiers! Talk about the trifecta… Meanwhile, Ann made chicken burrito bowls that were a big hit. The aroma of the chicken in the crock pot made it hard to leave but Ann assured me she made plenty for leftovers. I could still smell the chicken when I got home, but I was too full to eat any that night. Abby was still up so we watched the final episode of the second season of The Mandalorian. It was so epic to see Luke Skywalker! I really enjoyed this season – they had big stars and included so many different characters that kept it interesting for everyone.

I could barely get out of bed on Friday morning. I managed to power through it and Ann & I headed back into work. Everyone was surprised to see me since I had been either working from home or off on Fridays for nearly a year. The morning flew by and before I knew it Ann was texting me that she was done and ready to leave. Abby picked up Molly’s meds that morning. Luke had school and wrestling practice. When he got home, he said he needed to actually gain weight (about 7 pounds) for tomorrow’s weigh-in or he wouldn’t be able to wrestle at Sectionals. I had never heard of that and am not really sure what to think about this rule. I heard from Dad & Lynn that day. They were excited to be getting their first round of the COVID vaccine and we were relieved they were as well. Now if we can get Mom & Sandy and Dad & Barb vaccinated, we’ll feel a lot more at ease. We came home and picked up Abby and took her to lunch at Chili’s. Afterward, I had planned to work but wound up falling asleep along with Ann. After we napped, we caught up on our DVR’d shows while I worked on the blog pictures and video. It is a light week of media to be sure with only about hundred pictures. I decided this was a good week for me to feature the few videos from the Waybac section that came with the 2004 pictures. It took me longer to find a lead picture than it did to edit the few pictures for this week’s entry. Bryan was hoping I would come out to the gym again that evening, but hell… I can barely get up and down from the couch and toilet. I got to thinking and came to the realization that I hadn’t worked out like that since the late 1980s! The kids went over to Mom & Sandy’s house for a while to visit and wound up coming home in the Ford for us to take in the morning. I received a few new stamps through the mail that evening that are pretty cool. Ann made Fireworks popcorn for dinner that night and we took it easy, watching a movie that evening on the big screen. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.01.193 smp21.01.194 smp21.01.195 smp21.01.196 smp21.01.197 smp21.01.198 smp21.01.199 smp21.01.200 smp21.01.201 smp21.01.202 smp21.01.203 smp21.01.204 smp21.01.205 smp21.01.206 smp21.01.207 smp21.01.208 smp21.01.209 smp21.01.210 smp21.01.211 smp21.01.212 smp21.01.213 smp21.01.214 smp21.01.215 smp21.01.216

We were up early again on Saturday morning. Luke was the first one out the door. He has been doing great getting up on his own the last couple months. He’s getting so responsible. Who is this young man?? It was a winter wonderland when we got up and let the dogs out. Delilah loves the snow! She ran and rolled and ate the white powder. When she came in, it was in balls, matted in her paw hair. I couldn’t get it out, but it didn’t last long as she ate them off. She was in seventh heaven! We loaded up the car and headed out on our adventure to Aurora, stopping at Dunkin before we left town. It was good but we would’ve preferred to go to Wildflour (we’re already planning to go next week!). The roads were clear so we got down there in good time. We spoke with Luke for a bit. He was excited that he had gained a sufficient amount of weight that he can now participate in Sectionals. However, it came at a cost. He was sick to his stomach all day and it showed. Still, to his credit, he went out and battled. Abby came with us to support her baby brother and Matt also made the trek to South Dearborn to watch Lukey Duke. He was seeded 4th for the tournament, which was pretty cool. His first match was vs. the #5 guy from Connersville. He lost by pin in the first period, right before the whistle. That sent him to the loser’s bracket. Next up, he faced #8 Rushville, where he received a forfeit. Next up he faced #4 Batesville where he lost 3-10. He had a chance for 5th place at the end when he faced the #7 South Dearborn but he lost by pin at the end of the 1st period. His finger was still swollen and is likely broken. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do for it. We will have to do something before baseball season though… He was obviously disappointed that he didn’t get the results he was hoping for but we encouraged him to keep his head up and just keep battling. While he headed back on the bus with the team, Ann found us a place to go for a late lunch. Her friend had suggested a place in Lawrenceburg called the Oasis. It was a little off the beaten path, but well worth the drive. It was a little mom and pop shop / greasy spoon – just the type of place we love to visit. They had a great menu, but we all opted for a different burger. I had the spicy one and it was delicious. I was thrilled to find out they had lots of different draft beers, including Quaff On and Rhinegeist. Their music selection was outstanding, which added to the ambiance of the place. We talked with the owners for a while before we left and look forward to returning to the area for our next sports excursion just so we can come back and try some of the other items on their menu. 😊 We said goodbye to Matthew and headed back to town. We stopped at Walmart to get our weekly supplies and then ran the car through the gas station and went to Mom & Sandy’s house. We didn’t stay to visit because we were ready to get home…plus we had freezer stuff in the car. The dogs had been cooped up for about twelve hours and it smelled like it. Whew! Lola had taken a couple of big dumps and poor Molly had peed through her diaper and her jammies were soaked in urine. Delilah was good, thankfully. We flipped on the football games when we got home and watched the Packers win and then the Bills. Luke went to work when he got back to school. He got to Hibbett’s one minute before his shift started and worked until close. He was really tired when he got home. He visited with us for a while and grabbed something to eat before turning in for the night. I fell asleep on the couch a few times during the game but managed to stay up to see the end. By then I was wired and didn’t want to go to bed so I flipped on the weekly SVU marathon on ION and watched it until the wee hours of the morning.

Lola had me up early on Sunday morning, scratching at the door and then magically opening the door and coming in. No one is fessing up to it, so we’re still not sure how she got in but it worked…as I got up and let the dogs out. They had mixed feelings about the snow. Molly didn’t want to leave the porch. Lola did some prowling and barking but she didn’t care for the cold and wanted to come right back in. Delilah, on the other hand, ran and jumped and rolled in the snow. It snowed on and off all day and DJ wanted in and out all day as well. She has started to whine now when she wants out, which is very annoying. We need a doggy-door badly. I wasn’t as sore or stiff that morning, which was a nice change of pace that I gladly welcomed. When Lola came in, she managed to wake up the rest of the family by growling, barking and screaming back in Abby’s room. Once Ann got up, we got to the laundry and dishes. Abby woke up on the wrong side of the bed, so we were OK when she went back to her room in a huff. She pretty much stayed in there, playing games online with Matthew. She only came out a couple times, including when Sandy came over to visit for a while after working at the station. Luke got up and went in to work at Hibbett’s that morning and stayed until close in the early evening. Ann finished up taking down the Christmas decorations in the family room. Later, while Ann napped, I checked fluids in the vehicles and put away all the Xmas decorations in the garage. Luke made it home safely despite the travel advisory that evening. I watched football all day on the big screen. I taped the games I missed last week when I was working and watched those Wild Card games this morning until the last two Divisional games came on. The first game was a good one but the Chiefs held on to beat the Browns, despite Mahomes getting knocked out of the game with a concussion. The evening game was billed not as the Bucs vs. the Saints but rather Brady vs. Brees – just like it was back in college with Michigan vs. Purdue. Drew did not look like his normal self. His delivery was different and the Bucs defense had four takeaways – including three interceptions. Just like the last time they faced each other in college, Brady got the best of him and the Saints went down. I hope it wasn’t Brees’ last game as he has been contemplating retirement. Ann made dinner that night that shocked everyone – even herself – as we tried to use up some stuff to clean-out the fridge from all the leftovers from this week. I worked on my music collection, Hot Wheels collection and the blog -things that I help me relax and enjoy the day. Luke went over to Brayden’s house for a while and when he got home, he and Abby played video games in his room for a couple hours until he left after the Saints game to go stay the night at Ethan’s house. Abby went outside and ran around with Delilah, which she loved! And, thankfully, when she came back in the dog hopped up on Ann’s lap and went to sleep (and stopped her whining). We wound down the evening, chilling on the couch with the dogs while watching a new cartoon show called The Great North. It was just OK, but we’ll give it a chance since it’s made by the same folks as Bob’s Burgers. We watched the new Family Guy and then I turned in early to try and catch up on a little more of my sleep so I don’t feel as lethargic next week…

Next up is our Waybac section, featuring two collections – one has old ones from Maryann’s family and one has Deanna’s digital camera from 2004. We lead off a picture of a girl named Helen and her sister in Newpoint, IN, circa 1930s; then a pic of, “Mable Graham & your dad – 2 scarecrows ha ha…”; then a pic of Mom O (and a family member) at Lake McCoy in July of ’44; then Mom O’s grandma and step-grandpa – Mae & Homer Shields in the spring of 1953; Uncle Red & family at his wedding in the 1960s; Melinda’s house and car in Feb 1964; Edna and an oil well in July 1964; Mae, Edna & Lindy in Madison in Oct 1964; then a pic of the tornado in southern Kokomo in 1965; Red & Lindy’s house on New Years Eve of 1973; and finally a woman (Edna?) with a very large carrot in 1984. Next we move onto the 2004 pix: April – Easter Day; May – Dixon Dance Revue; June – Luke’s birthday; July – 4th of July fun, the Fair Parade and Grace’s birthday; August- saying hello to Mom & Sandy’s new pooches (Charlie and Minnie); September – Abby’s birthday; October- Halloween with Gma & Gigi; November – Mom O’s birthday and Thanksgiving Day; and December- Christmas Parade, Eve & Day.

Waybac.1930s.hasini Waybac.1940s.mgayd2schh Waybac.1944.07.cama.lm02 Waybac.1944.07.cama.lm03 Waybac.1953.mahs01 Waybac.1960s.ralw03 Waybac.1964.02.mhac01 Waybac.1964.07.eow03 Waybac.1964.10.melimi01 Waybac.1965.tisk02 Waybac.1973.12.30.ralh01 Waybac.1984.lhc01 Waybac.2004.04.ed16 Waybac.2004.05.ddr24 Waybac.2004.06.lbd29 Waybac.2004.06.lbd30 Waybac.2004.07.foj111 Waybac.2004.07.foj112 Waybac.2004.07.foj113 Waybac.2004.07.foj114 Waybac.2004.07.foj115 Waybac.2004.07.foj116 Waybac.2004.07.foj117 Waybac.2004.07.fp54 Waybac.2004.07.fp55 Waybac.2004.07.fp56 Waybac.2004.07.gbd44 Waybac.2004.07.gbd45 Waybac.2004.07.gbd46 Waybac.2004.07.gbd47 Waybac.2004.08.mmc47 Waybac.2004.08.mmc48 Waybac.2004.08.mmc49 Waybac.2004.09.abd29 Waybac.2004.09.abd30 Waybac.2004.10.tot07 Waybac.2004.11.mabd17 Waybac.2004.11.td23 Waybac.2004.12.cd22 Waybac.2004.12.ce29 Waybac.2004.12.cp15 lp21.01.03

Next up is our video segment which features one short home movie this week but I also included some old clips from 2004 that I really enjoyed…as well as several videos from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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