Looks like Endless Snow, Snow…oh Snow, Snow…Makes me Happy just to Say Snow…

We picked up right where we left off last week with the snow and ice as we received another foot or so of that white stuff. Ann and I were talking about the snow and how we haven’t seen this much snow since the kids were little. For the first time in several years there was a crowd on the snow hill in the park this week. I can remember us spending hours on that hill through the years. The backyard looked like we had little ones playing outside again…except this time all the footprints were from the three dogs instead of the three children. We only had two full days at work due to all the precipitation so I worked from home for half the week. My diet was much improved this week but I only worked out two days this week due to the road conditions. It did a number on the roads, forcing the Emergency Management branch of Decatur County to issue a red travel status warning. When I did make it over to work out with Bryan, he whooped my butt pretty well. The precipitation also impacted my exercise routine as I only managed about three miles in the mall. Ann had a good work week and enjoyed spending a couple days this weekend with her friends. Matt spent his week teaching and coaching in Zionsville while contemplating his future after another rough week. Abby had a good week of classes in Franklin, focusing on her studies. She stayed on campus this weekend for the first time in 2021, enjoying time with her friends and Gary. Luke had a lot of e-learning this week, which he loved because it’s easier for him. Admittedly, he did have a little trouble with his math which he needs to work out with his teacher next week. He focused his down time on working out, hitting new PBs in both bench and squat this week. He worked both days this weekend. I’m still working on him playing baseball this spring, but he’s being really stubborn about it (he gets that honestly…not sure if that is from his momma?? – lol). He and I enjoyed spending some quality time together with everyone out of the house this weekend. It was kind of nice…we hadn’t done stuff like that for a couple years… We enjoyed the slowdown this week that the snow brought but were disappointed we didn’t get the Snow-pocalypse we were promised by the meteorologists. We were prepared to be snowed in for a week or two! Now, the forecast shows that we are in store a big warming trend. What a difference to go from zero for three days to the fifties next week! Our dogs are going to be muddy messes when all that snow melts in our backyard… Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

After being up way too late Sunday night to watch the end of the Daytona 500, I pushed snooze six times before finally dragging my butt outta bed on Monday morning. Luke had the day off from school for President’s Day. He enjoyed sleeping-in then hung around and waited for it to start snowing. Ann & I drove into work not knowing how long we would be stay in town. Ann got the call about mid-morning that CRH was closing all the satellite offices. We ended up heading out of town around 1:30 and started making our trek back home. We came the front way on 46 and it still took us well over an hour to get home. The roads were tricky but not as bad as some drivers were making it out to be. We worked from home the rest of the afternoon and didn’t stop until sometime after 6:30. Later, the decision was made to close all the offices tomorrow, so she and I made plans to work from home. It continued snowing the rest of the day an into the night. We took it easy and tried to keep warm with the dogs while watching it come down. We watched a few shows, including Men in Kilts on Starz while I edited pictures and videos for this week’s blog entry. I fell asleep early and then again once Ann went to bed. It was still snowing when we went to bed. They say we could end up with 10 to 12 inches…so we’ll see! Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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It was still snowing when we got up on Tuesday morning. I haven’t seen a total yet, but I’d say maybe 8 or 9 inches? All of us stayed put that day. Ann and I worked from home. I took the desk in the family room while she had the kitchen table. Luke had e-learning as well. He set up in his room, on his gaming table and we all did our own thing that morning. It was actually kind of cool staying at the house! We all kept safe, tried to stay warm and enjoyed staying home for the day. Luke shoveled and salted the driveway for us. In return, we bought him dinner at El Reparo after he worked out at the YMCA. He was thrilled when he set a new max bench press and had to text me about it! Meanwhile, Ann & I had a leftovers dinner and watched a few DVR’d shows. We received the notification that Luke will have e-learning again tomorrow, so he wound up spending the night with Ethan. We took it easy, snuggled up with dogs (when they weren’t farting) and tried to keep warm on a frigid evening that dropped all the way down to two degrees – brrr!!

We endured the coldest day of the year on Wednesday. The Barneymobile was not happy that we decided to wake it up when the temps were right at zero that morning. But it did fine and got us safely to work again. Luke had another day of e-learning and worked out at the YMCA. He called me and sent me videos of him hitting a new squat max at 405! Way to go, little buddy! Ann and I had fast days at work. It was good to be back at it, but this is definitely one jacked-up week – for sure. I got out of work a little late but managed to still walk a mile and a half at the mall before picking up Annie and heading home. When we got home, we got the dogs’ messes cleaned-up, I changed clothes and then headed right back out to meet up with Bryan at the Sunken Boat Gym to work-out. I was surprised to see Alan out there, which was cool. We had a good workout that evening and was gassed when I got back home. We grabbed some find-your-own dinner and got caught up on some of our favorite DVR’d shows like Oak Island, Big Sky, SEAL Team and SWAT. I fell asleep early on the couch, rallied and then was up way too late again that night… Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.02.21 hwc21.02.22 hwc21.02.23 hwc21.02.24 hwc21.02.25 hwc21.02.26 hwc21.02.27 hwc21.02.28 hwc21.02.29 hwc21.02.30

It snowed overnight and was still snowing as we made our way into work on Thursday morning. I’d say we got another two inches or so as it kept snowing until about mid-afternoon. It was a fast day at work. We went to lunch at the pizza buffet, but I was a good boy – eating a big salad and didn’t eat the crust on the pizza. I felt really good about my choices and didn’t feel nearly as miserable afterward as I sometimes do… We had our monthly meetings that afternoon and got out a lot later than I thought – I only had about 15 minutes or so to walk at the mall. Still, I got in over a mile so it’s better than nothing. I noticed that it was considerably warmer and that the snow and ice were already starting to melt. When we got home, I had enough time to help Ann get the dogs’ messes cleaned up again, change my clothes, shovel and salt the walks and head on to the Sunken Boat Gym. Alan joined Bryan and I to sweat it out that evening. Our workout that night was designed by Trapper himself – Mr. Shawn. …And it whipped our asses hard. Thanks Shawn, I think? The first thing I did that night was grab a handful of Advil. Meanwhile, Luke had e-learning again that day. He and Ethan went shopping in Columbus then went up to Greenwood. Ann had a fast day at work again. She worked on procuring pictures off one of our external hard drives and printed them off via the internet for scrapbooking this weekend. That evening, nothing really sounded good for dinner so Ann suggested Arby’s and since Luke was back in town at that point, he ran out there and brought it home for us. I finished up renaming this week’s pictures while finally watching the Purdue / Michigan State ball game from earlier this week. The officiating was frustrating to say the least. Williams played a helluva game and carried the team to victory. Luke was only home for a few minutes after delivering our food and went out to the YMCA to workout again with Oakley, Ethan & Brayden.

Friday was another cold day with some light fog burning off about mid-morning. Luke enjoyed another two-hour delay for school that morning. Ann & I got up and ran thru Dunkin before I dropped her off at the downtown office. I returned an hour later to salt her walks to make it safer for her patients. I worked from home that day, finishing up several annual requirements as well as developing a new performance improvement project for my boss. I picked up Annie in the afternoon and we went to a late lunch at ElRep. Afterward, we did some shopping at the Wal of Mart before heading home. While I returned to work in the family room, Ann cooked in the kitchen, making food for her and her friends that evening. When Luke returned from school, we loaded up Ann’s supplies and drove her out to Burney to scrapbook with Shawna and their friends at the church. After getting her set up, Luke & I went on to Taylorsville to pick up his repaired necklace at the Zale’s in the outlet mall. They had screwed it up and so instead of him having to pay $40 to have it repaired, they gave him a new one at no charge. How cool is that?! From there, we went next door to the Exit 76 flea market where Luke found some furniture and I did a little Hot Wheels hunting. Unfortunately, we could not get the back hatch of the van opened. We tried to fit the pair of shelving units thru the side doors, but they were either too tall one way or too wide the other. So, they held them for us overnight and we called Bryan who let us borrow his van the next day. We swung past Taco Bell and came on home to eat dinner. I found a couple Led Zeppelin documentaries on Prime while Luke retreated to his room. Annie came home and we talked for a while and watched some TV shows. Just before we went to bed, Luke went out with Oak and Ethan to workout at the YMCA sometime around midnight or so… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.02.143 smp21.02.144 smp21.02.145 smp21.02.146 smp21.02.147 smp21.02.148 smp21.02.149 smp21.02.150 smp21.02.151 smp21.02.152 smp21.02.153 smp21.02.154 smp21.02.155 smp21.02.156 smp21.02.157 smp21.02.158 smp21.02.159 smp21.02.160 smp21.02.161 smp21.02.162 smp21.02.163 smp21.02.164 smp21.02.165 smp21.02.166 smp21.02.167 smp21.02.168 smp21.02.169 smp21.02.170 smp21.02.171 smp21.02.172 smp21.02.173 smp21.02.174 smp21.02.175 smp21.02.176 smp21.02.177 smp21.02.178 smp21.02.179 smp21.02.180 smp21.02.181 smp21.02.182 smp21.02.183 smp21.02.184 smp21.02.185 smp21.02.186 smp21.02.187 smp21.02.188 smp21.02.189 smp21.02.190 smp21.02.191 smp21.02.192 smp21.02.193 smp21.02.194 smp21.02.195 smp21.02.196 smp21.02.197 smp21.02.198 smp21.02.199 smp21.02.200 smp21.02.201

We were awakened early on Saturday morning with the sound of someone pounding on our bedroom window. It was Luke. When I got up and let him in, he was pretty upset. Apparently, he had left his keys here when he left last night. When we locked the door that night, he had no way of getting in. His buddies dropped him off and took off. He tried ringing the doorbell dozens of times but not only did it not wake us up, it didn’t even arouse the dogs that normally bark at the sound of the bell during the daytime. He knocked on the door and tried everything he could think of. He wasn’t dressed appropriately and after about 25 minutes of trying to get in, finally woke us up. By that time, he was cold and probably close to hypothermia as he was in a shirt, shorts and still sweaty from the workout…poor kid! We were wide awake at that point and didn’t get back to sleep for about an hour or so. A few hours later, Lola was up and barking, so we just got up and started our day. A little while later, Luke & I ran Ann to Wildflour Bakery in St. Paul to get a large batch of pastries and then head back out to Burney for day two of scrapbook weekend. We came back to town and picked up the Mesco van and fueled it up. We drove it back over to Taylorsville to pickup Luke’s furniture that we had to leave behind yesterday. It was a beautiful, sunny day but was still bitterly cold. Thankfully, everything easily fit in the back and Luke made me come the front way, going 31 to 46 on the way home (as opposed to returning the way we came (through the country) because he didn’t want to risk damaging his recent purchases. LMAO! We got them moved into his room pretty easily and returned Bryan’s van. Afterward, we ran to the store to get Luke a new mixing cup (Delilah ate the one he accidentally left in the backyard last night) as well as a big tub of pre-workout mix. I also bought him a couple new house keys – LOL. We dropped off pastries at Mom & Sandy’s house then came home to eat a late lunch. It wasn’t long before Luke had to head into work at Hibbett’s and I took a good nap with the dogs. Before I knew it, Ann was calling to be picked up. We got all her stuff moved back into the house and put away and watched a few DVR’d shows. Luke came home to eat dinner, change and went to go hang out at Oakley’s house where he wound up spending the night out there. Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn and we fell asleep watching the weekly SVU marathon. Yep, that’s our lives now. ????

After being up waaay too late last night watching SVU and making sure Luke didn’t come home, I enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. Ann got up with Lola, who was scratching at our door because I forgot to put up the gait when I came to bed. I slowly got up and got to the weekly household chores. It began warming with the bright sun shining, which began unearthing our back porch from all the snow. I napped while watching the Xfinity Daytona race and wrote out this week’s blog. Luke came home briefly, did a few chores and then showered and went in to work at Hibbett’s. Ann and were couch potatoes that afternoon as I continued watching sports. The Boilers played Nebraska and I had it taped on the DVR. Now that they are no longer ranked, they are finally winning again. I don’t think they won a single game while ranked. Ivey had a big game and had a couple of very exciting plays. Hunter was the unheralded glue that held the team together throughout but it was the return of Sasha that was the story of the game. It was nip and tuck until the final four minutes when Stefanovic hit his first 3 since he returned from COVID protocol. After he hit his next three 3-pointers in a row, the Boilers had grown their lead to double digits and coasted to the end of the game from there. I then watched the Cup series race on the Daytona road course, which was pretty exciting – I love road course racing. And this one had a little of everything. Later, Luke came home from work and Ann made paninis and stuffed peppers for dinner. We looked for something new to watch that night. We looked for the new season of Ozark and Jack Ryan because we had been told that they were out. However, we were disappointed to find that neither has been released yet. I thought the Walking Dead returned that night but it was just a couple of specials talking about it returning. Instead, we watched the next episode of Men in Kilts on Starz and then began watching Black Sails but decided to turn it off an save it for later. Next, we turned on Netflix to watch a show Bryan recommended, called The Cabin. It’s stupid, but I couldn’t stop watching the damn thing! Luke wound up going out to lift at the Y with his buddies again that night. Of course, we asked him several times if he had a damn key to get back in… ???? We watched a couple programs on the DVR as I finished up the blog and Ann read. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and put a cap on another week…

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature same two collections as the previous few months – one from Ann’s side of the family (Red & Lindy) from various decades and one from Dee’s first digital camera in 2004. We lead off with Lindy and family in August 1933; then we move on to the 60s: Ed’s dog Topper in ’66; Red & Lindy in the Napoleon cemetery in ’66; Mrs. Bireley’s 87th birthday supper at Red & Lindy’s in August 1967; their old sink in the Summer of Love; a Richard Nixon rally in ’71; and the whole gang (Weldon B, Cecile M, Ed M, Lindy M & Lellean B in May 1973. Then we move on to ’04 pix: April – Easter; May – Dixon Dance Revue; June – Luke’s birthday; July – 4th of July fun, the Fair Parade and last night at the county fair, Grace’s birthday, Indy Blues Fest and Sandy’s birthday; August – Minnie & Charlie; September – Abby’s birthday; November – Mom O’s birthday and Thanksgiving Day; and December – Christmas get-togethers.

Waybac.1933.08.mt01 Waybac.1933.08.mt02 Waybac.1966.edt Waybac.1966.ralinc Waybac.1967.08.mb87bds Waybac.1967.08.ralos Waybac.1971.rns Waybac.1973.05.wbcmemlmlm Waybac.2004.04.ed21 Waybac.2004.05.ddr28 Waybac.2004.05.ddr29 Waybac.2004.06.lbd39 Waybac.2004.07.foj144 Waybac.2004.07.foj145 Waybac.2004.07.foj146 Waybac.2004.07.foj147 Waybac.2004.07.foj148 Waybac.2004.07.foj149 Waybac.2004.07.foj150 Waybac.2004.07.foj151 Waybac.2004.07.foj152 Waybac.2004.07.fp68 Waybac.2004.07.fp69 Waybac.2004.07.fp70 Waybac.2004.07.fp71 Waybac.2004.07.gbd60 Waybac.2004.07.gbd61 Waybac.2004.07.ibf19 Waybac.2004.07.sbd18 Waybac.2004.08.mmc61 Waybac.2004.08.mmc62 Waybac.2004.08.mmc63 Waybac.2004.08.mmc64 Waybac.2004.09.abd37 Waybac.2004.09.abd38 Waybac.2004.11.mabd19 Waybac.2004.11.td28 Waybac.2004.12.ce34 Waybac.2004.12.ce35 Waybac.2004.12.cp19 Waybac.2004.12.cp20 lp21.02.03

And finally, we have our video segment which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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