Feel the Touch of a Precious Child…and Know a Mother’s Love

We’ve enjoyed another week of seeing all the kids again. It was rainy again this week – not sure how much we received, it had to be a few inches…all told. The temps really dipped this week – to the point where we talked about turning on the heat before we had people over today. We definitely had to close up the house because Ms. Ann was frozen solid…so I just got the fan out and sat it in front of me and we got along just fine – LOL. Matt got to spend most of his Sunday with his momma, which was great. We really miss talking and hanging out with him because he’s up in Carmel now. He is so excited to start the next phase of his life in under two weeks. We got to see Abby both days this weekend, which was really nice. She is ready to be done with school and only needs to wait another week and a half! Luke spent time with his friends and us as well this week, as he is ready to be done with school for the year as well. Ann had a good week, spending time with both friends as well as family – including hosting Mother’s Day. I did good on my diet through the week…buuuut not as well this weekend. I also fell short of my exercise goal this week, logging about twelve and a half miles of walking, thanks to the rain. Gas is over $3 a gallon now – boy that didn’t take long! I got to play 18 holes of frisbee golf this week with Luke, which I have to admit was pretty cool. Just a week ago, our trees were still bare but now they are back and in full force. With all the precip and sunshine, the grass needs mowed about every 3 or 4 days. The farmers are back in the fields and everything is green again. We couldn’t help but notice how it is staying light outside later and later. Tonight, it was dusk at nearly 9 pm already! We enjoyed seeing Maryann & Sandy and talking to Barbie and Lynn today…but obviously my thoughts kept going back to how badly I missed Mom today. It would’ve been great to have her here today, to see her grandkids and I would’ve given anything just to hear that laugh of hers that filled the whole house… Hello and welcome to the next installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

Monday started our week off rainy. It was overcast and rained on and off all day. Ann and I had long days – typical Monday, for sure. The boys and I went out to lunch at Chicago’s Pizza then ran across the street to the big Cork to look for a couple bottles that Abby & I were looking for. Unfortunately, they didn’t have what I was looking for…and Justin was pressuring me to leave because his pizza moved through him quickly! I think the Batesville store has more of a selection and is a lot better organized. The afternoon went a little faster and when I got out of work, it had stopped raining – mostly. I got out a little later than I wanted but was able to get out and walk about two and a half miles before I picked up Annie. I dropped off my blower with Vic to see if he can work his magic and then Ann & I ran a couple errands on our way home. That evening, Ann made dinner (Dijon cream chicken, roasted potatoes and cheesy broccoli) for us while I culled and backed-up pictures and videos for this week’s blog entry. Luke had a good day at school then went to football practice that afternoon. He ran around with Brayden for a while. They came back to the house and visited with us for a few seconds then the boys got tired and Brayden went home while Luke went on to bed. Matt had a rough day, being sent home from work when he could barely stand – much less walk. At first, he went to the clinic and they thought it might be a kidney stone. Thankfully, he was able to get in to see the doctor and they thought it might be muscle-related after bartending over the weekend. So, they sent him home with some new meds, orders to rest to see how it goes and call them back in a day or two if things don’t get any better…poor kid… I struggled to stay awake during American Idol but did see the end where all our favorites made it through to the next round. I finally woke back up and we watched the 9-1-1 shows and hung out with the dogs then called it a night. Here are pictures from Luke’s junior prom last weekend.

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It had rained overnight and was really wet when we headed into work on our daily commute to Columbus on Tuesday. It was May the Fourth (Be with You) Day. 😊 It rained on and off during that time and from what I could tell, it pretty much did that the whole day. It was another long one for Ann & I. When I came out of work, it was misting and at first, I thought I would be forced to walk in the mall. But as I warmed up the car and changed shoes, I decided I could tough it out and walked an hour in the mist/light rain. It actually did a nice job of keeping me cool. It eventually stopped about halfway through my 5K jaunt. Meanwhile, Luke went from school to football workouts in the weight room, came home to shower and change and went right into work for the night. Ann & I talked and decided he would be pretty tired when he got home, so I did him a proper and took out the trash for him. 😊 Matt was feeling better and continued to get better as the day progressed, thankfully. He said it was a night and day difference than how he felt just a day ago.

Wednesday was Cinco de Mayo. It was sunny for the first time that week and even during our morning commute, it was very pretty with blue skies and cooler temps. The humidity was lower and turned out to be just a gorgeous day. It was another long one for both Ann & I. Parts of Columbus lost power about mid-day. In fact, Ann’s office lost power twice, which was not only inconvenient but also aggravating. The boys and I went out for lunch at Camilla’s in honor of Cinco de Mayo. They were packed. Normally, you order and your food comes out like 5 to 10 minutes later. That day, we sat for over 30 minutes and overall, we were there for over an hour. We stopped by Rural King afterward and Justin & I both picked up new Stihl blowers. They were on sale for $20 off and then if you bought the Stihl oil, the warranty would extend from one year to two, so this was a pretty sweet deal overall. After the 2nd power outage, Ann was over it and completely frustrated. So instead of me walking around the airport property after work, I got Annie and dropped her off at the house before heading out to the park to play a couple rounds of frisbee golf. Luke surprised me by showing up out there just after I teed off the first hole…and promptly threw it into the rough. When I say rough, I mean rough – like bushes and water hazard. The wind was really strong that night and my second time teeing off was even worse than the first. Luke threw his into the bush a dozen times or so. Thankfully, we kept it out of the water and only came out of it with some scratches on our arms and legs. There were three other groups of players on the course that day with us. They also had several issues with their discs – and even lost a few that day. Luke & I joked that we’d need to come back this weekend and find them! Although Luke struggled with his tee shots, he more than made up for it with some outstanding putting. In fact, he hit about eight 10-plus-foot shots! He even nailed a 25’ putt on 6 and got a birdie on 4! Luke threw from the front tees and had a 31 & 30 to finish with a respectable 7-over. I threw from the back tees and had a 28 & 26 to finish at par 54 for our 18 holes. The better thing was that we also logged two miles of exercise and had a good father / son conversation. I love spending time with him. He’s turned out to be a pretty cool guy. As soon as we finished, he went home and jumped in his buddy’s car and went to Franklin to pickup a new airsoft gun. I picked up Ann and ran her out to El Reparo to meet up with her friends for Cinco de Mayo. It was packed to the gills! I came on home and read up on my new blower, hung with the dogs and watched what I believe will be the season 8 finale of Oak Island and the season 2 premier of Skinwalker Ranch while editing this week’s blog pictures. There was a ton (upwards of 600!) of pix to sift through – most of them really good. Annie was kind enough to bring me back dinner when she got home that night. It was the second time that day that I had Mexican-style tacos – yum! We watched a couple shows that night and fell asleep with the dogs. Ann talked to both of the older kids that evening. Matt returned to work and said he thought the worst was behind him and Abs said she would be home this weekend to attend a WTRE thing with Ann, Gma and Gigi. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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We had a cold start to our Thursday. Black Betty needed to warm up for about 10 minutes that morning just to defrost. I had another long day. It started the moment I pulled into the parking lot, where I met up with the tech from JCI who did our annual fire extinguisher testing. I walked him around the facility with him for about a half hour then dropped him off at the kitchen, where he did our semi-annual suppression system testing as well. About that time, we had two other techs from JCI show up to perform our annual fire alarm system testing. By the time we finished, Vic and I missed lunch so he ran to get a couple burgers for us real quick. I finally had a chance to set down and catch up on my paperwork in the afternoon and prepped a few reports for me to be able to work at home the next day. It rained on and off that day. By the time I got out to walk, it was raining too hard to go outdoors. So, I went to the mall and walked almost three miles. I tried to get Abs a new Rick & Morty t-shirt, but they didn’t have her size. The guy said he’d order me one for her, so I plan to go walk at the mall late next week as well to see if it came in or not. Meanwhile, Luke had a long day of school then went on to football practice. He was supposed to work, but that got cancelled so he came home. He went out to the Y to workout for over an hour. He was pretty happy that he and Sarah were getting along really well and thought that they may start dating soon. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that when you hang out with someone as much as he does and you go places together, you are dating…but whatever… I finally finished up editing all the pictures from the Prom. I may have to put some of them back until next week because there’s so many! Matt was not feeling real well again and wound up staying home that day. Ann and I had a find-your-own dinner while watching a few DVR’d shows and promptly fell asleep and slept for a while with the dogs. Here are pictures from recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.05.13 hwc21.05.14 hwc21.05.15 hwc21.05.16 hwc21.05.17 hwc21.05.18 hwc21.05.19 hwc21.05.20 hwc21.05.21 hwc21.05.22 hwc21.05.23 hwc21.05.24

Man, it got cold overnight! When we woke up, the temps were only in the 30s – brrr! Luke wanted to get up and go to a meeting at school but couldn’t get his butt out of bed early enough. He said it was too cold in his room to get out of his warm bed – LOL. Ann & I did our normal routine of running through Dunkin drive-thru on the way to dropping her off at the downtown office. She was thrilled that they had a full schedule that day! I hope this is a sign of things to come for them. I came on home and worked from the family room until after noon, when Ann finally texted to say that she was finished. When I drove downtown to pick her up, she pointed out that the Farmer’s Market was finally returning to downtown that afternoon! We went to Chili’s for a quick lunch. They were a bit understaffed and so it took a little longer than it should’ve taken. I had a really good cocktail out there called a Jackberry Margarita that paired nicely with my shrimp tacos. 😊 We came back home and I returned to work while Ann napped. After school, Luke came home and we went to Mom’s to mow and use our new blower for the first time. He went in to paint a couple doors for her, but her paint wasn’t quite right, so she’s taking it back to get something different. We got back and unloaded the truck just before it started raining again. It rained on and off the rest of the evening. Luke came home from school to change and went out to the YMCA to lift weights and workout. He came back to shower and then cleaned his room. He planned to take Ms. Sarah out to ElRep for dinner, but she wasn’t hungry so he brought her back to hang out here at the house. Poor Matt had another rough day. He tried to go back to work and had to leave because his back was killing him again. So, he came home and planned to just rest over the weekend. Ann made dinner that night that was outstanding. She really outdid herself this time when she made Korean Bulgogi. OMG – Abby, you missed out on that, honey. You would’ve love it… After dinner, we chilled-out and watched some shows on the big screen while another storm rolled through outside. When Luke took Sarah home, he jokingly said that he would go out to Oakley’s house afterwards but wasn’t sure if he would come home or spend the night. He said he was telling us now because we would be asleep in a few minutes after he left…he said it jokingly, but of course that’s exactly what happened – LOL…Luke wound up coming home late that night when Oak remembered that he had to be up at 630 in the morning…and Luke wanted nothing to do with that! 😊 We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.05.75 smp21.05.76 smp21.05.77 smp21.05.78 smp21.05.79 smp21.05.80 smp21.05.81 smp21.05.82 smp21.05.83 smp21.05.85 smp21.05.86 smp21.05.87 smp21.05.88 smp21.05.89 smp21.05.90 smp21.05.91 smp21.05.92 smp21.05.93 smp21.05.94 smp21.05.95 smp21.05.96 smp21.05.97 smp21.05.98 smp21.05.99 smp21.05.100 smp21.05.101 smp21.05.102 smp21.05.103 smp21.05.104 smp21.05.105 smp21.05.106 smp21.05.107 smp21.05.108 smp21.05.109 smp21.05.110 smp21.05.111 smp21.05.112 smp21.05.113 smp21.05.114 smp21.05.115 smp21.05.116 smp21.05.117 smp21.05.118 smp21.05.119 smp21.05.120 smp21.05.121 smp21.05.122 smp21.05.123 smp21.05.124 smp21.05.125 smp21.05.126 smp21.05.127 smp21.05.128 smp21.05.129 smp21.05.130 smp21.05.131 smp21.05.132 smp21.05.134 smp21.05.135 smp21.05.136 smp21.05.137 smp21.05.139 smp21.05.138

Lola was up barking, early on a sunny Saturday morning. Gone were all the storms and clouds form yesterday as they gave way to lovely blue skies. Luke got up and went to work with Coach Harris that morning as I waited for the grass to dry and the temps to come up. We had a risk of frost last night, so it took a while to heat up that morning. I wrote out this week’s html code and watched a couple DVR’d programs before heading out to work in the yard. Abby came home briefly that morning. We chatted for a few then she took Ann out to the fairgrounds where they met up with Mom O and Sandy for a WTRE-sponsored Mother’s Day event at the fairgrounds. It started off a little chilly outside but I was sweaty by the time I was finished. I was happy to eat our Korean leftovers while the girls ate at their event. I rested for a while, watching part of the weekly SVU marathon on Ion TV. Luke came home long enough to change clothes, clean up a little and went in to work at Hibbett’s. Afterward, Abby went back up to the FC campus for the night and Ann & I went to Walmart to get our weekly supplies as well as all the stuff for our Mother’s Day get-together tomorrow. When we got home, Ann started cooking and I put on a Spring League football game and took a quick nap. That evening, I ran to Needlers to get ham (we forgot it earlier) and picked up Koch’s takeout for dinner. That evening, Ann & I watched a few HBO movies on the big screen (Beverly Hills Cop – what a classic – Greenland – a new one – and Safe Room – we love Denzel) and took it easy while she read / napped and I checked in my newest Hot Wheels. Meanwhile, Luke got off work and wound up staying the night out at the Messers, running around with Drew.

Delilah wanted up early on Mother’s Day. I rolled out of bed and did a few things before Annie got up and started prepping all the food for the day’s event. She decided she wanted to have Mom & Sandy and her siblings over for Mother’s Day. She usually does a spaghetti lunch, so this was something new…and quite a treat! Luke was the first one to wish her Happy Birthday – LOL! He was half asleep and said, “You know what I mean…” After Luke arrived home; Dee, Jamie & Grace surprised everyone by being that next ones there! Mom & Sandy, Abby & Matt all walked in at the same time on a windy, stormy, rainy day. In fact, it continued to rain on and off most of the afternoon. Ann really went all-out by making a ham & cheese quiche, a bacon & cheese quiche, two ham & cheese tarts, hash browns, biscuits & gravy, fruit, mimosas – and to top it off, Jamie made two huge coffee cakes! It was quite the spread… We laughed and talked and had a good time celebrating the mothers of our family. Luke had to leave early and head into work at Hibbett’s. The girls visited in the kitchen while the guys hung out in the living room, watching the 2 NASCAR races from earlier in the weekend from The Track too Tough to Tame – Darlington. When the others left, I got to the weekly household chores and put on a movie from Prime Video called Without Remorse that was really good. Matt, Abby & Annie napped with the dogs after we gave Ann a couple Mother’s Day presents – a new Wood Wick candle and a nice Camelbak water bottle. After the movie, everyone eventually woke up and I put on the Cup race from Darlington. It was Throwback Weekend and there were some really cool ones. My favorite was a car that had the same paint scheme as Kyle Petty’s #44 Hot Wheels car in like ‘97/’98! We finished up the weekend chores, ordered Papa John’s pizzas for dinner and we said goodbye to Abby, who had to head back to work on her studies. She’s excited to have only 8 days left of school. Matt has 13 and he’s just ready for it to be done. After the whole 2020 COVID thing, this year was tough on everyone as we tried to get back to normal. I texted with Ms. Lynn, who had just gotten back from the Salt Rock Grill (one of our favorites!). She said she had lobster, all the sides and even dessert… I told her that I thought she had just won Mother’s Day – LOL! 😊 Luke got back from work just as the pizzas arrived. We ate with the boys and then said our goodbyes with them afterward as Luke went to workout at the Y with Brayden and Oakley while Matt drove back up to Carmel. That night, we picked up the house and relaxed by watching and voting for American Idol while the dogs passed out (they had big days with all their kids home). It was the Mother’s Day edition of Idol and they cut the competition down from 7 to 5. Ann and I both had two favorites in the mix going into the night (I like Casey & Arthur while Ann likes Chase & Hunter). We both had one get through, but we were sad to see Hunter and Arthur leave. Luke came home after working out and cruising around town for a while and went on to bed. When Ann hit the hay too, I put on Fear the Walking Dead, finished the blog and wound down the weekend and put a cap on another good week…

Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature Dee’s digital pix from 2004. We lead off in June – Luke’s birthday; July – 4th of July fun, Fair Parade, Grace’s birthday and Sandy’s birthday; August – Minnie Mabel & Charlie Campsendelle; December – Christmas Parade.

Waybac.2004.06.lbd56 Waybac.2004.07.foj234 Waybac.2004.07.foj235 Waybac.2004.07.foj236 Waybac.2004.07.foj237 Waybac.2004.07.fp104 Waybac.2004.07.fp105 Waybac.2004.07.gbd91 Waybac.2004.07.gbd92 Waybac.2004.07.gbd93 Waybac.2004.07.gbd94 Waybac.2004.07.gbd95 Waybac.2004.07.sbd25 Waybac.2004.08.mmc104 Waybac.2004.08.mmc105 Waybac.2004.08.mmc106 Waybac.2004.12.cp30 lp21.05.02

And we wrap up this week with our video segment, which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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