There were Nineteen Souls came in on Foot, While One Man Rode a Horse

Well, we missed another Week 19 this year. Although we long for those changes in latitudes, it just wasn’t in the cards for us this year. The kids continued to inch ever closer to finishing up their school years. Matt missed another couple days due to his back aches. He was able to return mid-week and is toughing it out until the end of the school year – which is coming up very, very soon for him. With it comes the promise and excitement of a new career and the hope for a better life. Abby worked her butt off as she winds down her junior year of college. She finished up regular classes this week and is ready for Finals Week, starting Monday. It is bittersweet as she loves being with her friends but is ready for summer vacation. She is still searching for a summer internship, if you know of anyone offering one this year! We’re excited to have her home next week but not excited about that move! Luke kept busy with school, work, football, weightlifting and spending time with friends this week. We didn’t see a whole lot of him but tried to make the most of the time we did get with him. It was the Week 19 that wasn’t – we could’ve enjoyed the beach and the sun, celebrated with mom for Mother’s Day, her 43rd wedding anniversary and her 72nd birthday…as well as enjoyed Rob & Sharon’s 8th wedding anniversary. Instead, we had a nice Mother’s Day here with Ann’s family, Dad and Lynn made their way back down south from Jersey and Rob and had to settle for a text from me on their special day. Ahh, what could’ve been… The farmers are really working hard as they prepare their land for this year’s crops. We saw them everywhere this week – including sharing the roads. After seven years, Bebe has moved out our lives as Gma sold her this week to a guy from out of town. She was a good car for Matt and Deanna but now someone else can enjoy her besides the scrapyard guy. The month of May is in full swing with summer right around the corner – the Kentucky Derby and the Indy Grand Prix are in the rearview mirror and the Indy 500 is in two weeks. We were excited to hear we would be spending a big chunk of our Memorial Day at Mom & Sandy’s house as they will host the live race and a big lunch to celebrate the return of Keith & Rosie. It is their first time back to Indiana since COVID hit, so it will be good to see them. Hello again and welcome to the latest installation of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was another cool start to the week on Monday morning…but at least it was dry. It was Hospital Week and as such, we had special things going on each day that week. First up was Justin, Vic & I presented made-to-order omelets for the staff that morning. Ann was gracious enough to get up early so I could be in to work before 3rd shift left. However, we were a little late and when I walked in the kitchen, Vic exclaimed, “Look, the Blister showed up!” I said what is that supposed to mean and he quipped, “it shows up after the work is done!” The guys had a good laugh at my expense, which was fine. I thought it was pretty damn funny myself! We made about 40 meals that morning – plus the huge ones we all made for ourselves. Shortly after lunch, I joined the boys out back as we grilled burgers, brats and dogs for the staff. We cooked a case of 60 burgers and 50+ wieners. Justin was the grill master that afternoon. We ate like kings, as you might imagine. I got out of work late from an IT project that popped up late in the day and only managed to walk a little under two miles outside on a lovely afternoon. When we got back to town, I went out and played a couple rounds of frisbee golf, scoring a 1-under for 18 holes. It was a find-your-own night so I enjoyed some keto bread and sausage gravy from yesterday. I think I pretty much passed out after finishing my meal. Meanwhile, Luke was late to school as mommy and daddy weren’t there to ride his butt till he got up. He worked out after school then went to the YMCA later to workout again. He retreated to his room early so he could play some Fortnight. Abby asked if we could bring her more suitcases so she could start packing her stuff as she will be home by next weekend already! Matt took another day off to deal with his aching back. He went to the doctor and they took an x-ray to confirm there wasn’t anything else going on. When the results came back, the doc said it was likely a muscle thing. So, he has to rest and do some stretches for now…. I couldn’t stay awake and wound up going to bed early that night… Here are the half of that huge batch of pictures from Luke’s Prom a couple weekends ago.

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I was up at the first alarm on Tuesday morning – never even pushed snooze…that never happens! We decided to take Barney instead of Black Betty to get her some miles Justin & I had new hire orientation that morning which wound up running late. In fact, I didn’t get done with my piece until it was time to leave. I picked up Ann early that afternoon and we headed up to downtown Indy where she had her annual thyroid doctor appointment. Everything went really well, I happy to report. She doesn’t have to come back until next year, which is always nice. They tried to draw her blood, but she was being ornery as always and those darned veins played hide and seek from not one but three phlebotomists – LOL! We eventually got out of there, but not before we were the last ones to leave it seemed. We drove to Franklin and picked up Hillari. We drove around until the girls made a decision about where they wanted to eat. Finally, they decided on Big Woods. We hadn’t been there in a while, so it was good to get back out there. They were busy and probably a little short-staffed, if I had to guess. We had the Bavarian pretzels and beer cheese to start, along with a round of drinks – Ann had a Lost in the Woods, Abs had a Gindiana Juice and a Peanut Buttercup while I had a Hoosier Driver (their cocktail of the month) as well as a couple of my faves – Six-Foot Strawberry Blonde ale – yum! Abs and I went with the tacos (she had chicken and I had the mahi-mahi on corn tortillas) while Ann opted for the steak salad and Hillari went with a calzone. Ann also had the bright idea of an order of parm fries to share as well. We enjoyed catching up with the girls and hearing the stories of their recent adventures. We ran past the liquor store just off campus to get some Angry Orchards, a couple bottles (Chartreuse and a bottle she had on clearance that I had to try – one with Tabasco in it!) and a couple juice boxes (for adults, of course). We dropped off the girls at the New Dorms and gave Abby the set of suitcases (the real reason we stopped by that evening) so that she can pack over the next week before we come back to pick her up for the summer. Luke had a good day at school then went to football practice. Later, he worked out a second time at the YMCA again. We talked with him briefly that night, but he was tired and went on to bed. Matt had the day off to rest his aching back again. He is going to try and go back to work again tomorrow as he is getting too far behind on things for this late in the year. Ann and I watched a couple shows on the DVR before turning in ourselves that night. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis21.05.198 sis21.05.199 sis21.05.200 sis21.05.201 sis21.05.202 sis21.05.203 sis21.05.204 sis21.05.205 sis21.05.206 sis21.05.207 sis21.05.208 sis21.05.209 sis21.05.210 sis21.05.211 sis21.05.212 sis21.05.213 sis21.05.214 sis21.05.215 sis21.05.216 sis21.05.217 sis21.05.218 sis21.05.219 sis21.05.220 sis21.05.221 sis21.05.222 sis21.05.223 sis21.05.224 sis21.05.225 sis21.05.226 sis21.05.227 sis21.05.228 sis21.05.229 sis21.05.230 sis21.05.231 sis21.05.232 sis21.05.233 sis21.05.234 sis21.05.235 sis21.05.236 sis21.05.237 sis21.05.238 sis21.05.239 sis21.05.240 sis21.05.241 sis21.05.242 sis21.05.243 sis21.05.244 sis21.05.245 sis21.05.246 sis21.05.247 sis21.05.248 sis21.05.249 sis21.05.250 sis21.05.251 sis21.05.252 sis21.05.253 sis21.05.254 sis21.05.255 sis21.05.256 sis21.05.257 sis21.05.258 sis21.05.259 sis21.05.260 sis21.05.261 sis21.05.262 sis21.05.263 sis21.05.264 sis21.05.265 sis21.05.266 sis21.05.267 sis21.05.268 sis21.05.269

We were back in Black…Betty on a cool Wednesday morning for our commute back to work in Columbus. It was chilly that morning as we had a frost advisory but I don’t think it actually got below freezing. Victor treated Justin & I to breakfast at the Hanger. It had been a minute since we ate out there. Unfortunately, they’ve had to make some changes to their hours because they can’t get enough help. I had a fast day, completing a bunch of tasks that had been hanging out there and even knocked out a couple reports. Meanwhile, Ann had a long day and was ready to go when I picked her up. I managed to walk a little over a 5K after I finished up at work. We went to Lowe’s to pickup a few items, including our first post-Molly back porch rug. I dropped Annie off at home, filled up Black Betty and went out to the park to play some frisbee golf. I had the course pretty much to myself – except for all the damn geese. I’d say there were probably two dozen new babies out there! There were about 8 or 9 fishermen out at the pond. It was so cool to see the baseball diamonds hopping that night. We missed that last year due to that damn COVID. I threw pretty well that evening, despite a decent breeze from the north – finishing with a one-under-par 53 for 18 holes. We had a clean out the fridge night for dinner as we relaxed with the dogs and watched a handful of our favorite DVR’d shows. I finished up the day with just over 18K steps and over five miles of exercise for the day. I made sure to add a few ibuprofens to my med regimen that evening before bed. Luke had a good day at school and lifted with the football team afterward. Later, he again worked out that evening at the YMCA. When he came home, he was pretty tired. He talked with us briefly, gave us a copy of his baptism certificate, showered and went on to bed. Matt returned to work and toughed it out. He said he is going to work the rest of the week and continue with his stretches. I edited pictures and videos that evening. I started with over 600 pictures this week again and had it whittled down to about 400 that evening. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.05.140 smp21.05.141 smp21.05.142 smp21.05.143 smp21.05.144 smp21.05.145 smp21.05.146 smp21.05.147 smp21.05.148 smp21.05.149 smp21.05.150 smp21.05.151 smp21.05.152 smp21.05.153 smp21.05.154 smp21.05.155 smp21.05.156 smp21.05.157 smp21.05.158 smp21.05.159 smp21.05.160 smp21.05.161 smp21.05.162 smp21.05.163 smp21.05.164 smp21.05.165 smp21.05.166 smp21.05.167 smp21.05.168 smp21.05.169 smp21.05.170 smp21.05.171 smp21.05.172 smp21.05.173 smp21.05.174 smp21.05.175 smp21.05.176 smp21.05.177 smp21.05.178 smp21.05.179 smp21.05.180 smp21.05.181 smp21.05.182 smp21.05.183 smp21.05.184 smp21.05.185 smp21.05.186 smp21.05.187 smp21.05.188 smp21.05.189 smp21.05.190 smp21.05.191 smp21.05.192 smp21.05.193 smp21.05.194 smp21.05.195 smp21.05.196 smp21.05.197 smp21.05.198 smp21.05.199 smp21.05.200 smp21.05.201 smp21.05.202 smp21.05.204 smp21.05.205 smp21.05.206 smp21.05.207 smp21.05.208 smp21.05.209 smp21.05.210 smp21.05.211 smp21.05.212 smp21.05.213 smp21.05.214 smp21.05.215 smp21.05.216 smp21.05.217 smp21.05.218 smp21.05.219 smp21.05.220 smp21.05.221 smp21.05.222 smp21.05.223 smp21.05.224 smp21.05.225 smp21.05.226 smp21.05.227 smp21.05.228 smp21.05.232 smp21.05.229 smp21.05.230 smp21.05.231 smp21.05.233 smp21.05.235 smp21.05.237 smp21.05.236 smp21.05.238 smp21.05.239 smp21.05.240 smp21.05.241 smp21.05.256 smp21.05.243 smp21.05.244 smp21.05.245 smp21.05.246 smp21.05.247 smp21.05.248 smp21.05.249 smp21.05.250 smp21.05.251 smp21.05.252 smp21.05.253 smp21.05.254 smp21.05.255 smp21.05.242 smp21.05.234 smp21.05.257 smp21.05.258 smp21.05.259 smp21.05.260 smp21.05.261 smp21.05.263 smp21.05.264 smp21.05.265 smp21.05.266

Thursday was a long day for Ann & I. While Ann put out fires all day with staff, patients and things out of her control. I had a busy day of wrapping up numerous tasks and doing my monthly reports. The boys and I went out to eat lunch at Snappy Tomato, which helped break-up the day. I got out on time that evening and went for a long walk on pretty afternoon in the upper 60s. I walked a 5K before picking up Annie and heading home. Ann worked on procuring pictures from one of our external hard drives for her scrapbooking weekend while I finished up editing pictures for this week’s blog entry. I got takeout form A&W Root Beer stand, which was packed that night! Delilah went with me and loved it. She was so good that I will very likely take her out more often. Meanwhile, Luke had a long day of school then went to football practice. Later, he lifted at the YMCA again that evening. By the time he got home, he was exhausted and not feeling 100%. He spoke very little before showering and going on to bed. I worked on Dr. Davis’ laptop that evening but despite researching for over an hour and trying a dozen or so troubleshooting steps, I couldn’t figure it out. It was a new-fangled device called a Surface. The operating system was not like a typical Microsoft product, which is what kept me from making any sort of progress at all. In the end, the best I could do was give him a link and told him to contact their support folks. It almost seemed like an Apple product the way I kept running into roadblocks trying to access the OS… Ann & I stayed up and watched several DVR’d shows that night before succumbing to the inevitable and fell asleep with the dogs before waking up sometime after midnight and stumbling on to bed…

It was noticeably warmer on Friday morning. Luke was going to get up early and go workout with a new group of Christian athletes, but he was still not feeling his best. So, I turned off his light and let him sleep another couple hours. Ann slept in as well before I took her uptown for work…after going through Dunkin, of course. I returned to the house and worked from home all morning. When I got Ann from work, we went to Walmart for our weekly supplies. Black Betty had a couple issues while driving home, but nothing too bad. Ann cooked dinner for the pitch-in at the Burney church for scrapbooking weekend while I went over to the station and got the Crossfire jump-started and driven over to Mom & Sandy’s house. When Gigi brought me back, we loaded up Black Betty and headed over to Burney…but she did not like it one bit. It wanted some more of that Lucas Oil fuel treatment, so once I finished getting cleaned-up I went back out to the Wal of Mart and picked up a burger at BK and came home to enjoy a peaceful evening with the dogs. Luke was supposed to work at Hibbett’s after work, but they called him off that night, so he spent some time with Sarah and then went out to eat with his friends. They tried to get into 450 North but it was packed so they went on into Columbus to find something to eat. When she was ready to come home, Delilah and I went out to Burney to pick her up in the Barney-mobile and she had to come in to say hi to all the ladies. Again, she was really good and seemed to enjoy her adventure. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.05.25 hwc21.05.26 hwc21.05.27 hwc21.05.28 hwc21.05.29 hwc21.05.30 hwc21.05.31 hwc21.05.32 hwc21.05.33 hwc21.05.34 hwc21.05.35 hwc21.05.36 hwc21.05.37 hwc21.05.38 hwc21.05.39 hwc21.05.40 hwc21.05.41

Lola was scratching at our door, early on Saturday morning. I got up with her and did some chores around the house until Annie got up. We got cleaned-up and went to get pastries from Wild Flour bakery in St. Paul. The farmers and their equipment were everywhere that day – both in the fields and in the road. I dropped her off in Burney, where she enjoyed day two of Scrapbook Weekend with her girlfriends. I came home and ate my goodies on the back porch with the music up loud and the dogs hanging out with me on a lovely, sunny morning. I slowly got motivated and checked fluids in the vehicles, including putting in a heavy dose of fuel injector cleaner in B-Squared. I drove her around the neighborhood and let her run for about an hour, but I think it’s gonna take driving her to Columbus and back to get that clogged injector cleared. Afterward, I loaded up Betty White and cruised over to mow and trim at Mom & Sandy’s house. I visited with Gma afterward then drove out to see Luke, who was working at Hibbett’s that day. They were dead and said I was only the third person they’d seen all day. The manager jokingly said Luke had bought merch that day than all their customers combined! 😊 I’m not surprised… She let Luke out early and we went to lunch at Taco Bell. We came home and napped while watching the Indy Grand Prix, which was cool (I only slept through a portion of it). Luke was supposed to go mow at Coach Harris’ property but slept too late and then met up with his buddies and went to Greenwood to go shopping at Dick’s Sports. That evening, he had more girl drama, which has become the norm recently. He doesn’t do well with that type of stuff, so I’m guessing he’s likely single again. ☹ He ran around with his buddies that evening and wound up spending the night at Oakley’s house. Meanwhile, I picked up Annie after the race and brought her home so she could nap for a few hours while I wrote out html code for this week’s blog. When she got up, she made us a yummy dinner of creamy cheese tortellini with prosciutto and cheesy broccoli. That evening we watched some DVR’d shows, including the crossover 2-part episode of Law & Order with Benson & Stabler as well as a Spring League football game.

It was Delilah who was up before the dawn on a drizzly Sunday morning. I had to pee anyhow, so I just got up with the dogs and began working on the body of this week’s blog entry. I did a few things around the house and made my traditional Sunday morning breakfast – eggs, bacon & toast. Luke came home about mid-morning and promptly loaded up the truck and headed over to mow for Coach Harris. He got home long enough to clean up and went right back out to work at Hibbett’s. They were pretty dead again that day so he again was sent home early. When he got home, he did his laundry and took a long nap. Meanwhile, Ann & I watched a couple DVR’d shows and then put on a new movie on HBO Max called Those Who Wish Me Dead with Angelina Jolie that was pretty good. Afterward, I put on the Dover NASCAR race and napped on and off for a couple hours. It was a 1-2-3-4 finish for Team Hendrick, which is very impressive! As the race ended, Luke, Brayden & Oakley went out to the Y to go lifting while Ann made us cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner. Later, we watched American Idol. Earlier in the week, we were surprised to learn that one of the contestants had withdrawn due to a video that popped up online that was racist in nature. They never even addressed it during the show. Ann and I voted for our faves (mine was Casey, hers Chayce) and watched in anticipation as one singer was voted off before next week’s season finale. I was thrilled when Casey sang Motley Crue’s Live Wire (a 40-year-old song by a 16-year-old!). Unfortunately, it was Casey that got sent home – so I was bummed. No rock & roll in the finals this year… Luke came home just in time to see the results get announced. He was pooped, as you might imagine. I put on Fear the Walking Dead to wind down the weekend. It was the perfect way to bring another fast week to a close before we get up and start over again in the morning…

Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature pictures from 2004 as part of the expansive collection of Dee’s digital camera. We lead off this time with a couple pictures of Abby’s first Dixon Dance Revue in May; then we fast-forward to July for Independence Day fun (4th parade in the morning, pool & cookout in the afternoon and fireworks at night!), Fair Parade and the final day of the County Fair, and Grace’s 3rd birthday party; we meet Charlie and Minnie Mabel in August; in September, we see Abby’s 5th birthday party; next we have Maryann’s 66th birthday party in November; and in December we have Christmas Eve and the Christmas Parade. This is one of the final few batches of the 2004 pictures. I have enough to get through the end of the month and then we’ll be moving on to Dee’s 2005 pix in June.

Waybac.2004.05.ddr43 Waybac.2004.05.ddr44 Waybac.2004.07.foj238 Waybac.2004.07.foj239 Waybac.2004.07.foj240 Waybac.2004.07.foj241 Waybac.2004.07.foj242 Waybac.2004.07.foj243 Waybac.2004.07.fp106 Waybac.2004.07.fp107 Waybac.2004.07.gbd96 Waybac.2004.07.gbd97 Waybac.2004.08.mmc107 Waybac.2004.08.mmc108 Waybac.2004.08.mmc109 Waybac.2004.09.abd55 Waybac.2004.09.abd56 Waybac.2004.11.mabd25 Waybac.2004.11.td40 Waybac.2004.12.ce50 Waybac.2004.12.cp31 lp21.05.03

We wrap up with our video segment, which features one new family movie this week as well as several others from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, be safe out there and have a good one. We miss ya, Mom – especially this week. It would’ve been a good Week 19 with ya… 😊
Later, Scheu

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