So You better Watch Out… ‘Cause I’m Back in the Game

It was another busy week at work for both Ann and I. We were hoping to see Matthew this week, but he was busy with work and didn’t feel 100%. I think he’s gearing up to take his licensing test again soon. Abby continues to burn the candle at both ends, carrying a very full load of classes and then working every day up in Greenwood for her internship requirement. She continued to do stuff with her sorority and even had Luke come up to see how the other half lived. We were hoping to see our little Bu, but she was busy with all the stuff going on right now. Luke had a big week. He continued with school and football and then FINALLY returned to the field on Friday night. He was a beast and it was great to watch him play the sport he loves. Ann enjoyed spending time with her friends, which was a nice balance from the hectic week at work. I also had a busy week but enjoyed spending time with my buddies. I did pretty good with my exercise this week, logging nearly nineteen miles of exercise, including forty-five holes of frisbee golf. We enjoyed a few birthdays this week as well as a couple anniversaries – including our own twenty-sixth! 😊 It was the start of Autumn this week as we said good-bye to the hot, summer temps and enjoyed some cooler days for a change. It was nice to open up the house again for the first time in a while. I have to admit it was exciting to watch Luke play sports again. We are truly going to be lost when all this ends… Hello there; welcome to the newest edition of the Scheu Family Blog…

It was back to work and school on a rainy Monday morning. It pretty much rained on and off all day. It was pretty warm and didn’t really cool off much as the day progressed. Work was a mess with kids and staff sick and staffing at an all-time low – a true crisis. I’m not sure how long we can hold on. If you know anyone who wants work, we have available hours in spades – with bonuses. Ann’s office was just as busy with all her providers in-house and had a couple staff out at her office as well. The day flew by – especially with Justin out of the building and staying home with Gracelyn, who woke up sick. He wound up coming in to work for a while on 2nd shift, as did other directors – what a mess. It was Dee & Jamie’s 10th wedding anniversary that day. I got out of work a little late that afternoon but still managed to walk three miles in a light rain. It kept it cool, but it was obviously very humid as well. It finally stopped raining long enough for me to get in a round of frisbee golf when we got back to town. However, with the grass soaking wet, I had a hell of a time controlling my disc and wound up shooting a par (27) somehow. My throwing was not very good. My short game was pretty good my but my drives continually put me in a hole. Ann had dinner ready when I got back. Luke joined us as we enjoyed cheesy rice and chicken with corn – yum! Meanwhile, Luke had school and then football practice. He went to football practice in the rain and mud, which he enjoyed! Afterward, he went out with his buddies to lift weights at the Y later that night and hung out with them. We watched a couple DVR’d shows until I fell asleep, including the end of the Bristol Cup night race, which did not disappoint, as well as The Walking Dead, and the season 5 premier of 9-1-1. I was out before Luke even got back from working out, but I did manage to find some old Waybac photos from 2005 – 2009. I still need to go through roughly half of them, but I have plenty to start with this week, for sure… Here are pictures from the Fall Festival parade last weekend.

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Lola had me up early yesterday but it was Delilah who was barking early on Tuesday. It was another overcast day and rained a few times on and off again. I spent 80% of my day working on a cell phone project. The rest of my day was spent with a vendor working on another phone project. It was another fast day without Justin. Vic & I ran a couple errands and stopped for a quick lunch at a little greasy spoon called Ye Olde Fish House. Any idea what they sell there? LOL. It was great – I forgot how good their fish was…it tastes like the same type of breading that my Uncle Kenny & Aunt Marilou used to use when they hosted our annual family reunions on the Brown side of the family. I was late getting out of work again that afternoon. Although it was mostly overcast, it wasn’t five minutes into my workout when the sun popped out and made it hot and humid again, making me a sweaty mess by the time I finished. I got in about 2 ½ miles of walking before Ann & I headed home. It was sprinkling when we got back to town but I went ahead and went out to play frisbee golf. I took with me a Purdue dish towel, which is now my good luck charm and I might just take it with me every time to play as I threw a 25 but missed a couple shots that could’ve been a 23 (which would be my all-time best score). I actually threw really good that night despite the light mist. We had a find-your-own dinner night as we watched the pilot for NCIS: Hawaii, the season 4 premiere of FBI and then the two following cross-over events that formed a 3-hour special with the premiere of season 3 of FBI – Most Wanted and the pilot of FBI – International. Luke had another long day of school and football. He and a friend came home briefly before going out to the Y to lift for a couple hours. I worked on procuring pictures and videos that evening for this week’s blog and finally got started with editing as well.

The rain continued on Wednesday. I believe it actually rained the entire day and most of the night as well. It was noticeably colder – not just cooler. The temps never got out of the 60s and actually started in the 40s. I took a sweatshirt to work, but I never wore it! 😊 We actually ran the heater/defroster in old Barney both on the way to and from work. Luke was a shade late to his dentist appointment before school because he may have accidentally forgotten about it. It was a little slower day for me, though I was steadily busy, it was a slower pace at least. Justin got his plan to go through, regarding our current staffing emergency. The most exciting part of his plan is the salary increases for our staff and all new staff coming in. It’s a great time to join our facility! So, if you or someone you know needs a job – have them call us at 1-800-562-5213. And tell them Tom sent you – LOL! 😊 I helped on the floor a couple times, as did both Vic and Justin as well. Meanwhile, Ann had a better day as well at work as well. Vic, Justin & I went to Riviera Maya for lunch. I worked on extending our patient Wi-Fi network most of the day with a couple new Orbi satellites. It was Aunt Sharon’s birthday that day, so I texted her well wishes on her special day. I will not say here which number it was though… 😊 It was obviously not appropriate to walk outdoors that afternoon, so went to the mall where I logged about two and a half miles. It was pretty busy – unfortunately, for the stores, the vast majority of the people were mall walkers like me. It was still pouring when we got home, so there was no frisbee golfing that evening. Instead, I ordered senior pictures and yearbook picture for Luke while Ann made dinner. Luke came home early that evening, as football practice was cut a little short due to the weather. He is working to earn back his position as both the starting Mike as well as the defensive captain. Ann made Luke & I cheeseburger quesadilla with plant-based burger. It was left over from Abby’s birthday party and it wasn’t too bad, if I’m being honest. I would eat it again, if I had to. Luke worked out at the Y then came back home afterward, calling it an early evening. He was pretty tired this week, as he gets back into the full swing of things again. Who knows, maybe this rest will give him fresher legs during the Sectional tourney. Ann & I took it easy that evening, chilling with the dogs while watching some tube, including the season 5 premiere of The Resident, the season finale of Fantasy Island as well as the season 19 premiere of NCIS. Once Annie fell asleep in her chair, I watched a couple episodes of South Park while I edited pictures and got them all renamed for this week’s blog entry before calling it a night. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis21.09.226 sis21.09.227 sis21.09.228 sis21.09.229 sis21.09.230 sis21.09.231 sis21.09.232 sis21.09.233 sis21.09.234 sis21.09.235 sis21.09.236 sis21.09.237 sis21.09.238 sis21.09.239 sis21.09.240 sis21.09.241 sis21.09.242 sis21.09.243 sis21.09.244 sis21.09.245 sis21.09.246 sis21.09.247 sis21.09.248 sis21.09.249 sis21.09.250 sis21.09.251 sis21.09.252 sis21.09.253 sis21.09.254 sis21.09.255 sis21.09.256 sis21.09.257 sis21.09.258 sis21.09.259 sis21.09.260 sis21.09.261 sis21.09.262 sis21.09.263 sis21.09.264 sis21.09.265 sis21.09.266 sis21.09.267 sis21.09.268 sis21.09.269 sis21.09.270 sis21.09.271 sis21.09.272 sis21.09.273 sis21.09.274 sis21.09.275 sis21.09.276 sis21.09.277 sis21.09.278 sis21.09.279 sis21.09.280 sis21.09.281 sis21.09.282 sis21.09.283 sis21.09.284 sis21.09.285 sis21.09.286 sis21.09.287

Thursday was another cool one with temps starting off in the 50s that morning. We turned off the air overnight and opened up a couple windows. I’m glad I closed the one in the living room when I went to bed last night, though, because it was only in the lower 50s when we left for work. It had finally stopped raining so the dogs didn’t come in looking like rag-a-muffins. But everything was still soaked and the air was damp and cold. It was Ann & I’s 26th wedding anniversary as well as Keith’s 55th birthday and Dad Scheu’s 74th birthday. I had a fast day at work, filled with a couple more projects and did some cleaning as well – which really got Vic and I sweating. So, we took a break and went to lunch at Snappy Tomato. After work, I walked nearly four miles on a lovely day. Ann stayed late at work and went out with her girlfriends Angie & Lynn to an Indian restaurant in Columbus. I came home and played a round of golf, doing pretty good and scoring a 25 again. I came home and cleaned up after the dogs had been couped up all day. I sliced up a huge jalapeno cheddar summer sausage and took it along with my bottle of Hoboken Eddie spicy mustard. Luke came home from school and football practice and hung out with the dogs while I went over to the Sunken Boat Bar to play poker with the boys. I had a horrible night, losing almost $10. ☹ We still had a great time, even though half of us couldn’t make it due to kids in sports. Bryan & Rick’s new neighbor joined us and I think most of my money went to him! We lots of great food – including Bryan’s amazing pizza, lots of booze, a shitty football game on TV (my top fantasy football player got hurt in the 1st frickin’ quarter!) and lots of losing at cards. Still, we had a lot of laughs and enjoyed ourselves. I called Dad & Barb and had to leave a message. Barb called and we talked for about a half hour as I drove home that evening. She sounded really good and was excited to be putting out her Halloween decorations. She said Dad was out of town for his bday with his buddies. So, I called his cell and left another message. He called me back that evening and we chatted for a few minutes. He was golfing in Kentucky where they had received nearly six inches of rain the last couple days. That meant that the course was marshy and muddy. I was sad to hear that their dog, Tater, had passed away in the last month or so. She was 18 – pretty damn good for a big dog… I surprised Ann with a Tile locator and a new house key so she shouldn’t lose this one! LMAO! 😊 I also set out her new scrapbooking cart so that when she woke up from her nap in her chair, she would see it…unfortunately she was so sleepy that she thought it was luggage!?? WTH, Ann? We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.09.199 smp21.09.200 smp21.09.201 smp21.09.202 smp21.09.203 smp21.09.204 smp21.09.205 smp21.09.206 smp21.09.207 smp21.09.208 smp21.09.209 smp21.09.210 smp21.09.211 smp21.09.212 smp21.09.213 smp21.09.214 smp21.09.215 smp21.09.216 smp21.09.217 smp21.09.218 smp21.09.219 smp21.09.220 smp21.09.221 smp21.09.222 smp21.09.223 smp21.09.224 smp21.09.225 smp21.09.226 smp21.09.227 smp21.09.228 smp21.09.229 smp21.09.230 smp21.09.231 smp21.09.232 smp21.09.233 smp21.09.234 smp21.09.235 smp21.09.236 smp21.09.237 smp21.09.238 smp21.09.239 smp21.09.240 smp21.09.241 smp21.09.242 smp21.09.243 smp21.09.244 smp21.09.245 smp21.09.246 smp21.09.247 smp21.09.248 smp21.09.249 smp21.09.250 smp21.09.251 smp21.09.252 smp21.09.253 smp21.09.254 smp21.09.255 smp21.09.256 smp21.09.257 smp21.09.258 smp21.09.259 smp21.09.260 smp21.09.261 smp21.09.262 smp21.09.263 smp21.09.264 smp21.09.265 smp21.09.266 smp21.09.267 smp21.09.268 smp21.09.269 smp21.09.270 smp21.09.271 smp21.09.272 smp21.09.273 smp21.09.274 smp21.09.275 smp21.09.276 smp21.09.277 smp21.09.278 smp21.09.279 smp21.09.280 smp21.09.281 smp21.09.282 smp21.09.283 smp21.09.284 smp21.09.285 smp21.09.286 smp21.09.287 smp21.09.288 smp21.09.289 smp21.09.290 smp21.09.291 smp21.09.292 smp21.09.293 smp21.09.294 smp21.09.295 smp21.09.296 smp21.09.297 smp21.09.298 smp21.09.299 smp21.09.300 smp21.09.301 smp21.09.302 smp21.09.303 smp21.09.304 smp21.09.305 smp21.09.306 smp21.09.307 smp21.09.308 smp21.09.309 smp21.09.310 smp21.09.311 smp21.09.312 smp21.09.313 smp21.09.314 smp21.09.315 smp21.09.316 smp21.09.317 smp21.09.318 smp21.09.319 smp21.09.320 smp21.09.321 smp21.09.322 smp21.09.323 smp21.09.324 smp21.09.325 smp21.09.326 smp21.09.327 smp21.09.328 smp21.09.329 smp21.09.330 smp21.09.331 smp21.09.332 smp21.09.333 smp21.09.334 smp21.09.335 smp21.09.336

Lola had me up early again (that’s 3 nights in a row, dumb dog…) on Friday morning so she enjoyed some porch time for a couple hours for her trouble. Ann & I ran through Dunkin and then I dropped her off at the downtown office before coming back to work from home. I had been saving some stuff throughout the week that I knew I could do from here, which not only freed me up to focus on projects while at work this week but also kept me busy all day that day. I picked up Ann and she made Fireworks popcorn for lunch then took a nap. I finished up working that afternoon and then played a quick round of frisbee golf at the park. I struggled on a blustery day, throwing a 28 (yikes). The wind was really tough… I came back and we got ready, loaded up the car and went over to Mom & Sandy’s to swap cars for the night. It has warmed up nicely that day, but Ann packed for colder weather that night. I brought a sweatshirt and blanket, but was fine in my shorts and shirt. We took the Ford to Brookville for Luke’s first football game in a month. He was really fired up and ready to play. He was a team captain for the coinflip and he and Oakley carried the flags in before warm-ups. He started at middle linebacker and got several plays at running back as well. He also played on special teams and he was a muddy mess by the end of the game. It was a close game the whole way. The defense played outstanding and did good enough to win the game. In fact, I stopped Coach Jackson and commented on how well we played on the defensive side of the ball – one of the best efforts I’ve seen this team have in several years. The Pirates got an INT with under 2 minutes to play and took possession on their own 10. Unfortunately, they only moved the ball 7 yards and had to punt with about 30 seconds left in the game. Sam shanked the punt as the ball was wet from the turf and it only went like 10 yards. The Wildcats took 2 plays to score. The Pirates had a Hail Mary as time expired but the ball fell to the ground in the endzone and the ’Burg had lost a heartbreaker, 18-20. Luke was in tears after the game and obviously upset. Luke’s stats: on defense he played MLB and recorded 19 tackles (9 solo & 10 assisted, including 1 tackle for loss and a QB hurry. Offensively, he 4 rushes for 33 yards (20, 5. 5, 3) and a de-cleater at the end of one of his runs! He also had a penalty for roughing the kicker when he laid our their punter. The officiating was questionable that evening. I think they threw 40 penalty flags – a ton of them were holdings and DPIs that helped bring them back into the game several times (like on 3rd of 4th down). The visiting crowd was quite vocal with their displeasure – but that crew was atrocious on both side of the ball…but there were a handful that were really questionable (can you say home field advantage?). It was their homecoming and their cheer block was really into it – and really loud, which was exciting for them. The atmosphere was charged that night. I’ll say this, it was an exciting, entertaining game…it just didn’t end the way we thought it would. I truly thought we’d pull it out. We had a long, quiet ride back home. We were hoping to stop for dinner, but we just went home instead. Later, Luke called and said that Brayden wasn’t feeling well so he was taking him home but that he needed me to take him back out to the school to get Brayden’s car and take it to his house. I fell asleep waiting for him but we got it all take care of and hope Brayden is feeling better. I tried to stay up when we got back but kept falling asleep so I just went on to bed. Luke was really sore and still amped-up. He looked like he had been in a war and wasn’t in the mood to talk about it. So he got a long, hot shower and went on to bed…

Saturday was another early day. Lola was just standing on the couch, barking at the damn wall when I walked out to see what all the hubbub was about. It was raining pretty steady but would eventually stop a couple hours later. It was cool – in the 50s – that morning as I loaded up the dogs and headed down to Westport to drop them off at the groomers. I picked up breakfast for Luke & I and gassed up the car on my way back through town and swapped cars over at Mom & Sandy’s house. I came back and ate with Luke really quick before mowing the lawn as I waited for Macy to call. Luke went in to work at Hibbett’s after I got done outside and was looking forward to driving to FC to visit Abby that evening. I waited for a couple hours, not knowing when I had to go get the dogs, so I wrote out this week’s html code, put on last night’s new Ancient Aliens and waited…well, let’s be honest I fell asleep writing html code and watching Ancient Aliens – LOL – and took a nap until Ann woke me up to say that Ms. Macy was ready. I picked up the dogs in Black Betty and although Lola looked great and was prancing around proudly, Delilah was sad that she was naked and probably cold. She had such sad eyes and her body language was that of embarrassment (poor thing). Meanwhile, Ann went to Jackson County to a country fair / boutique / antique – type of show with Amy. She said it was a big mud pit and wasn’t really what they were looking for, so they went to lunch and went shopping in Columbus. I dropped the girls off at home and went downtown to the little shop called A Little Bit of This / A Little Bit of That, run by Coach Robbins. I talked to him for about an hour as I sifted through a tub of old, loose Hot Wheels. I wound up with a bucket of over a hundred cars for $15. Afterward, I mowed at Mom & Sandy’s house and visited with them for a bit. When I left their house, I stopped by the park and played a round of frisbee golf. I salvaged a par (27) after missing three putts and a double bogie on 5. Mom O gave me a cool golf disc that I can’t wait to try out. I was going to use it that night, but I was afraid I might lose it in the pond. When I got home, Amy was just leaving the house. I got cleaned-up and we sat down and caught up on each other’s day. I thanked her for my bad-ass Hot Wheels collector set called Pony Rides and has three muscle cars and a big rig along with a couple of black cherry Ice drinks (they are harder to find than you think!). We tried to order Koch’s for dinner but they closed early so we just had a find-your-own night. We watched the two-hour, season 23 debut of SVU and other DVR’d shows and enjoyed a quiet night with the dogs. Here are pictures of some recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.09.37 hwc21.09.38 hwc21.09.39 hwc21.09.40 hwc21.09.41 hwc21.09.42 hwc21.09.43 hwc21.09.44 hwc21.09.45 hwc21.09.46 hwc21.09.47 hwc21.09.48

Having the house opened up overnight might have been a mistake as it was pretty chilly when I got up to let Lola out. Doesn’t she know we sleep in on Sunday mornings? I decided to stay up and so I did a few things around the house and then picked a couple dozen Hot Wheels to check-in. I watched the NASCAR races while Ann slept-in. Once she got up, we did our weekly household chores. Luke drove back from the FC campus after a fun night with his sister. We watched the Purdue game and were stoked that they won – despite losing their top three offensive weapons. It was the defense – led by that big #5 – that did the job for the Boilers as they nipped Illinois in the Big Ten opener at Ross Aide. Luke and I watched the game film from Friday night’s heartbreaking loss. Although Max Preps had him with 11 tackles, we counted 19. His performance was fun to watch live but even more impressive when you could walk it back and watch stuff in slo-mo. He took the truck with the yard tools out to mow a couple yards again. He got cleaned up and joined Ann & I for an afternoon of football on RedZone. Ann read and napped in between watching while I worked on the blog, logged a few Hot Wheels and caught a cap nap myself. We followed our fantasy football teams that day. Ann beat Dee while I am leading Luke going into tomorrow’s MNF game. The Colts lost again, going 0-3 on the year. Ann made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and then she made chicken nuggets, cheesy potatoes and cheesy broccoli for dinner. She also prepped a dinner to give to Judy tomorrow for her daughter who just had a baby. She also picked up a few things for the baby yesterday when she was out with Amy. Luke missed dinner when he went out to workout with Brayden at the YMCA. Ann & I took it easy that day, chilling with the dogs and enjoying a quiet day off… That night, I watched the cup race from Vegas as I finished up the blog.

Next up is our Waybac section. This week features a small batch of pictures I found from Deanna’s digital camera in 2005: In May we have Memaw, Abs and Grace at the Dixon Dance Revue and then Ann, Dee, Mom, Sandy & Grace at Chad’s graduation party as well as some other random pix of Mom, Sandy, Ann, Abby, Gracie and the Campsendelles; as well as a couple pictures from Sandy’s birthday party in September. I have a handful more and then we move on to 2006 next week…

Waybac.2005.05.addr07 Waybac.2005.05.addr08 Waybac.2005.05.cgc01 Waybac.2005.05.cgc02 Waybac.2005.05.cgc03 Waybac.2005.05.cgc04 Waybac.2005.05.cgc05 Waybac.2005.05.cgc06 Waybac.2005.05.cgc07 Waybac.2005.05.cgc08 Waybac.2005.05.cgc09 Waybac.2005.05.cgc10 Waybac.2005.05.gag01 Waybac.2005.05.gag02 Waybac.2005.05.gah01 Waybac.2005.05.gp01 Waybac.2005.05.mac13 Waybac.2005.05.mac14 Waybac.2005.05.mac15 Waybac.2005.05.mac16 Waybac.2005.06.ics01 Waybac.2005.06.ics02 Waybac.2005.06.ics03 Waybac.2005.06.obd31 Waybac.2005.07.cadnh10 Waybac.2005.07.tss01 Waybac.2005.09.sbd52 Waybac.2005.09.sbd53 lp21.09.04

Next up is our video segment, which includes one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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