And the Band, they Played the Homecoming Theme…

The signs of fall were starting to show this week: our favorite TV shows have begun to return as we enjoyed the season premieres of several of them. Some farmers have begun taking their crops down – especially the corn fields in the outskirts of Bartholomew County. And one of the maples in our front yard has already begun to change colors. We had to close-up the house this week, though, because the temperatures spiked again and with it, our old friend – humidity – returned with it. Matt had a long week of work in Carmel, focusing on studying for his upcoming licensing test. We were hoping to see him this weekend, but we couldn’t work it out. Abby had another full week of classes at college in Franklin as well as working in Greenwood for her internship. She was offered a job with them, which is pretty cool! We were hoping to see her this weekend as well but she, too, was busy doing other stuff. Luke had another fast week of senior classes as more and more senior stuff is coming up. We made plans to get the senior players and parents together for some sort of dinner in a couple weeks, before Senior Night. It was his final homecoming game and dance this week. The year is going so fast…the football season – even faster! Ann had a long work week but enjoyed spending time with her friends as well, including some scrap time. I lost a pound as I exceeded my exercise goal, logging 19 miles of walking – including 54 rounds of frisbee golf. I also enjoyed spending a little time with my buddies this week. It was a good week but also a long, exhausting week as well. I am hopeful that I will get a little more sleep in the coming week and that the heat and humidity go away soon! Hello and welcome to the newest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school on Monday morning for us on a lovely morning. It was a great start to the week, weather-wise. It was a long, busy day for both Ann and I. I finished up a couple projects in the morning, went to lunch with Vic, Justin, Justin & Julie at Snappy Tomato and then began my monthly EOC rounds that afternoon. I got out just a tick late from work and came up short of three miles walking on a warm afternoon. I brought Ann home and went to the park to play a round of frisbee golf on what Ann referred to as, “a rather blustery day.” It made it very difficult, to say the least. I was able to salvage a 2-over 29 after starting out with back-to-back bogies on the first two holes. When I got home, Abby was Facetiming with Ann. It was the first time I’d heard her voice in a couple weeks. She sounded good and was excited to go to her weekly sorority meeting. I remember ours was always on Monday nights as well. As much as I hated dressing up, I did always like the formality and rituals and stuff. Luke came home for a minute after school and football practice. After a brief stay, he was out again – headed to the Y to go work out. Ann & I had a find-your-own night for dinner then she read while I culled pix and vids for this week’s blog entry while watching John Oliver, TWD and my Cowboys on MNF. Luke & I were neck and neck as I had Dak & Cee Dee while he had Zeke on his team. A point separated us for the first part of the game. Here are pictures from Luke’s football game in Brookville last week.

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Tuesday was a long one. I was up at 3 am and finally rolled out of bed a half hour later and drove into work to get started on my annual stuff. Once a year, I work a long day and knock out a bunch of requirements for Joint Commission and our corporate office. I first killed power to the building to run the generator at full power for our annual 12 hour test. Next, I took the gym to perform our annual 90-minute burndown of all the battery-operated emergency lighting in that building. Then I ran a 3rd shift fire drill and later performed our annual fire door inspection while doing my monthly EOC rounds. I had to get readings off the generator every 30 minutes, so it was no wonder that my feet and ankles were sore by the time I finished with everything. I wound up with over 22K steps that day! After work, I went for my daily walk, logging over three miles of exercise before heading home. I went to the park for a game of twilight frisbee golf to help unwind after the long day. I did pretty good, shooting a 2-under par (25). Meanwhile, Ann worked from home that day (I wonder why she didn’t want to get up and go in with me??). Luke had a good day at school and football practice. Like always, lifting at Advanced PE just wasn’t enough and he went out to the YMCA that evening to work out for another couple hours – what a gym rat! Ann had made dinner and it was waiting on me when I got back to the house. I plopped on the couch and edited pictures while we watched a couple shows like the series finale of Nine Total Strangers on Hulu as well as the 9-1-1 and FBI. We tried to watch the next FBI: Most Wanted but we both fell asleep and woke up some time after midnight and drug our weary butts off to bed…

Wednesday morning came waaay too early for us, but we pushed through and it was all good. Luke went to school then on to football practice before going over to help Grandma and Gigi. Ann had a fast day at work then spent the entire trip home on the phone with Oakley’s mom, planning a special Senior Night dinner with the boys and parents. I had a good day, catching up on my paperwork in the office, resting my aching feet and ankles. Justin treated Vic & I to Chicago’s pizza for lunch, which was cool. I got out of work a little late and only managed to walk a little under two and a half miles. I dropped off Annie and home and went out to play some frisbee golf. I started off great, getting a birdie on the first hole – only the 2nd time I’ve accomplished that feat. I hit the goal on my 2nd shot again on 2 and 3 but bounced off both times. I missed a couple putts on the back half and wound up with a 26. We took it easy that evening, watching a few more DVR’d shows like FBI International, The Resident (which killed-off a major character at the end of the show) and started to watch another show when Abs Face-Timed Ann. She was so excited…she’s taking a really hard accounting class and was stressed out over a big test and she wound up passing it! Her friends were also excited for her and were taking her to the bar to celebrate later! 😊 I wound up just going on to bed since I was falling asleep during the phone call. She won’t be able to make it home for Luke’s football game and neither will Matt so that’s a bummer…but hopefully Gma, Gigi and Jamie can make it… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis21.10.01 sis21.10.02 sis21.10.03 sis21.10.04 sis21.10.05 sis21.10.06 sis21.10.07 sis21.10.08 sis21.10.09 sis21.10.10 sis21.10.11 sis21.10.12 sis21.10.13 sis21.10.14 sis21.10.15 sis21.10.16 sis21.10.17 sis21.10.18 sis21.10.19 sis21.10.20 sis21.10.21 sis21.10.22 sis21.10.23 sis21.10.24 sis21.10.25 sis21.10.26 sis21.10.27 sis21.10.28 sis21.10.29 sis21.10.30 sis21.10.31 sis21.10.32 sis21.10.33 sis21.10.34 sis21.10.35 sis21.10.36 sis21.10.37 sis21.10.38 sis21.10.39 sis21.10.40 sis21.10.41 sis21.10.42 sis21.10.43 sis21.10.44 sis21.10.45 sis21.10.46 sis21.10.47 sis21.10.48 sis21.10.49 sis21.10.50 sis21.10.51 sis21.10.52 sis21.10.53 sis21.10.54 sis21.10.55 sis21.10.56 sis21.10.57 sis21.10.58 sis21.10.59 sis21.10.60 sis21.10.61 sis21.10.62 sis21.10.63 sis21.10.64 sis21.10.65 sis21.10.66 sis21.10.67 sis21.10.68 sis21.10.69 sis21.10.70 sis21.10.71

It was a gorgeous start to the day on Thursday with temps in the upper 50s. A lovely sunrise greeted us on our commute into work. My day zoomed by as I wrapped up the month and prepped for me to work at home and do all my ordering for the facility. The two Justins, Vic and I went out to lunch with a corporate trainer (who has been at the facility all week training staff) at Riviera Maya. I was bummed that I forgot to get my frequent-flier card punched. I walked three miles around the airport property on a warm day in the upper 80s. We went to the store to get supplies for Poker Night. Ann made us Spicy Italian sliders to go over to Shawn’s house for football, cards, food and drinks! While Ann was slaving away in the kitchen, I ran to the park for a relaxing round of frisbee golf. I have to say it was one of my best games of the year. The only downside was that I bogeyed 8 and round up with a 25 (2-under par). If I had hit a coupe of putts (namely on 3 and 9), I would’ve had a PB on that course. I’m getting closer to that coveted 23 score… I got cleaned-up and headed over to the Bain-Abode to meet up with the gang. Shane smoked a pair of racks of country ribs that were amazing while Rick brought his scrumptious stuffed mushrooms – yum! Bryan and the new guy came over as well. Later, Bob and Alan also made appearances as well. It was good to get everyone together, even for just a little while. It was great to catch up with everyone and we had some insanely large pots that night. I wound up winning about $15 bucks while Bryan – who had just quit on the previous round – hit the largest pot of the year ($38)! The football game was pretty good as well with a winning walk-off field goal for the Bengals.

We had another great start to our day on Friday. The temps were again in the upper 50s and I even opened up the house for a couple of hours. I dropped Ann off at her downtown office after we went through Dunkin for our weekly treat. I ran a couple errands then returned to the house to work from home that day. I was able to schedule a few or our annual requirements as well as complete our monthly ordering. Luke had a good day at school then came home briefly to pick up a few things and talk with us before heading back to the school to prep for that night’s game. I wrapped up at about 5 and went to the park to unwind with a game of frisbee golf. It was another good round with a 25 that could’ve been better with a couple of made putts. I came home, changed and loaded up Black Betty. It was Homecoming, so we weren’t sure how full the stands would be that night. As such, we went over to Shriver Field about an hour early and watched the boys’ warm-up. It’s hard to believe that this is just about over. I’ve been watching Luke play football for about a decade; I really don’t want it to end… This senior season has just been such a letdown. This was supposed to be a special season – the year the boys have been building towards since they began the journey with Bryan and I all those years ago. But, from the suspension to the COVID cancellations to the heartbreaking close defeats – this year did not live up to the hype / hope. Abby wasn’t able to make it home for the game, unfortunately. She had a busy day of school and work. She called in a panic about locking her keys in Tonya. I told her that she should call the police and she said what about security. I said perfect; and if they couldn’t / wouldn’t help to LMK and I would drive up and unlock it with my spare key. Thankfully, campus security got the lock popped and she was able to go to work. She had friends up for the night to go to dinner and drinks. We said we understood but Luke was disappointed. Matt also had plans that evening and he wasn’t able to make it to the game. Instead, he and a group of friends went to a Slipknot concert. That night, the young Pirates faced their rival from the next town over – Batesville. We came out with a power running game and quickly moved down the field and scored. This offense had Luke as the lead back, running through the hole and picking up blocks on linebackers. We would get 3 to 8 yards every play and scored in like five or six plays. They did the same thing on the second drive and threw in a long pass that was wide-open. The defense would have good plays and then give up a big play. Luke had some blood on his jersey and had to come out to have it cleaned for one play…and they ran right at his replacement and scored a damn TD. It would turn out to be the difference in the game. The defense was outstanding after the break, as they shutout the Bulldogs the entire second half. The offense got away from its power scheme and tried some other stuff in the 2nd quarter that simply didn’t work. In the 3rd quarter, they returned to the winning formula and mostly stuck with it, scoring another pair of TDs. On their final drive, they continued with the power rush game and move the ball down the field again but coughed up the ball on the five-yard line. At first, Oakley was called down (which, upon further review was proven to be true) but after a five-minute discussion they overturned the call and rewarded the ball to the Bulldogs and even called it a touchback, moving the ball out to the 20. That decision essentially ended the game. Earlier, a similar play had occurred where we downed a punt at the one. Again, after a lengthy discussion, that play was overturned as well. If both plays are allowed to stay as called, I am convinced that the outcome would have been different. As it turned out, the Bulldogs ran out the clock and dropped the Pirates to 1-3. Luke’s stats: as 1 of the quad-captains, he started at MLB as the defensive captain – recording 8 tackles (4 solos, 4 assists) and a QB hurry. Offensively, he started at running back, doing some amazing lead-blocking – including a pair of pancakes. He ran the ball 4 times for 14 yards. He also played special teams, starting on the PRT and PAT teams. Luke’s buddy Shiv won Homecoming king while a girl who lives behind us won Queen. Luke went to the dance for a short time after the game before going out with his friends for a while. We sat with our usual crew, including Gma, Gigi & Jami in addition to our parent friends. We went out to BWR afterward for dinner and a drink. Everyone backed out except for Mary & Jason. We processed the game with them and talked about how disappointed the outcome of the game and year have been up to this point. By the time we left, I was ready for bed. I actually had hopes of staying up once we got home but I could barely keep my eyes open so I just went on up to bed. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.10.01 smp21.10.02 smp21.10.06 smp21.10.07 smp21.10.08 smp21.10.09 smp21.10.10 smp21.10.11 smp21.10.12 smp21.10.13 smp21.10.14 smp21.10.15 smp21.10.16 smp21.10.17 smp21.10.18 smp21.10.19 smp21.10.20 smp21.10.03 smp21.10.04 smp21.10.05 smp21.10.21 smp21.10.22 smp21.10.23 smp21.10.24 smp21.10.25 smp21.10.26 smp21.10.27 smp21.10.28 smp21.10.29 smp21.10.30 smp21.10.31 smp21.10.32 smp21.10.33 smp21.10.34 smp21.10.35 smp21.10.36 smp21.10.37 smp21.10.38 smp21.10.39 smp21.10.40 smp21.10.41 smp21.10.42 smp21.10.43 smp21.10.44 smp21.10.45 smp21.10.46 smp21.10.47 smp21.10.48 smp21.10.49 smp21.10.50 smp21.10.51 smp21.10.52

We were up early again on Saturday morning. Ann’s friend Rhonda picked her up before the sunrise, so I got up and helped load all her scrapbook stuff into the back of her truck. The girls all went down to the southern party of the state, by the Ohio River for a long day of scrapping. I put the dogs outside and sat down to work on the blog until I could get outside in the yard. It wasn’t 10 minutes before I nodded off. I woke myself up snoring a few times before finally getting up and heading outside to mow the yard. I knocked out the backyard then headed over to Mom & Sandy’s house while Luke slept in. After mowing over there, I went in to see the gals. We sat in the kitchen and chatted while eating some cool cotton candy grapes – how did they do that?! I came back home and finished mowing the lawn (out front) and talked to Luke for a bit. He was headed out to pick up Brayden and go lift at the YMCA. Afterward, he was supposed to go to a fall photo shoot with Farren at the farm where they did the 4th of July shoot. But, because of the threat of bad weather, it got cancelled. SO, when he finished out at the Y, he went on to work at Hibbett’s. I finished up mowing and ran out to the park for a quick round of frisbee golf before it started raining. It sprinkled a few times on me, but nothing too bad. I really thought I had a chance at my goal of 23. I was sitting at 3-under after a birdie on 7. Then I had a horribly tee shot with a terrible lie, behind a big tree. The reverse English I tried to put on the disc did not work like I thought it would and I wound up with a bogie. To add insult to my game, I missed an easy putt on 9 and ended with yet another 25. I grabbed some BK drive-thru and got the correct parts for our commode in the back. The guy said it would be a pretty easy job…he lied. An hour into the job, I finally finished step 2! Three hours after starting, I was dirty, sweaty, and a little bloody…but with a working commode with no ripples in the water and no leaks on the floor! I was so ready for a shower… After getting cleaned-up, I warmed up some leftovers, put on the Purdue football game and began editing the hundreds of pictures that Ann took at Franklin County last week. I watched the Talladega truck race that night and welcomed home Luke and then Oakley, followed by Ann. Oak helped me get Ann’s stuff unloaded and moved inside while Luke found his Xbox 360, the peripherals for it and a few games to sell to one of his buddies. Dad B called that night to talk about some VHS tapes he found. I guess he has some little league tapes of either Matt or Luke, which should be fun to watch! 😊 He and Lynn are back in FLA to support MaryJane, who was having a procedure done. He was looking forward to having dinner with Rob & Sharon the next day before heading back up to Jersey in the middle of the week. Luke & Oak went out to a friend’s house. Ann & I watched the season 12 premiere of Blue Bloods and then slept on and off to the Xfinity Darlington race. As the race was ending, Luke & his buddy Jonathon came over to get power cords for their phones before going through Taco Bell and going back out to their friend’s house to stay the night.
Here are some pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.10.01 hwc21.10.02 hwc21.10.03 hwc21.10.04 hwc21.10.05 hwc21.10.06 hwc21.10.07 hwc21.10.08 hwc21.10.09 hwc21.10.10 hwc21.10.11 hwc21.10.12

After forcing myself to go to bed at 3 am last night, the damn dogs decided they had to go out at 630…grrr… True to form – once I was up, I couldn’t go back to sleep…so I stayed up and watched the SNL premiere (season 47!), along with some other DVR’d shows and continued working on pictures, this week’s video and writing out my html code for today’s blog entry. Once Ann got up, I did laundry and worked on the toilet which was leaking a little from the bowl. If I can’t stop these little leaks, I’m going to have to drain the tank and put in some Flex Seal over the bolts. We watched the season 4 premiere of Magnum PI before flipping over to RedZone for the rest of the day. The Cowboys and Colts both won but we were also watching the Fantasy Football stats. Ann was up against Matt while I took on Abby. Abby is undefeated while Matt is still searching for his first victory. Luke returned from Oakley’s house on a rainy morning and I ran Ann out to the BP to get a piece of her wagon that she left in Rhonda’s truck last night. Luke and Brayden went shopping at the outlet mall outside of Columbus for a few hours that afternoon. Later, the clouds finally blew out and the sun came out. We took advantage of the nice weather to do some grilling for dinner. While Ann made corn and smashed potatoes, I grilled strip steaks on the patio. Ann joined me for a beer and finished up the steaks for us. I woke Luke up from his nap so he could join us for dinner. Afterward, while Ann read, Luke went to the Y to lift and I did stats from the Batesville game. That night, we had some homemade ice cream while we watched the game of the week as Brady returned to Foxborough for the first time since he went to Tampa Bay. I had picked up 3 different flavors from Carriage on the Square. Known locally as an amazing smokehouse downtown, they recently got into the ice cream game. Mom and Sandy have had a couple different flavors and highly recommended we get some. So yesterday, after I finished at Mom & Sandy’s house, I stopped by and picked up Circus Cookie, Red Hot White Chocolate and Tree City Honey vanilla – yum! It was a relacing way to wind down the weekend and bring to an end another week.

Next up is our Waybac section which wraps up the small batch of 2005 pictures and begins a nice batch of 2006 pix – all from Dee’s digital camera. We lead off in 2005, of course, with some May photos – Chad’s graduation as well as Mom & Sandy with their dogs; June – more gals and dogs; and in July – Mom & Sandy in some hotel lobby… Next, we move on to our 2006 pix: In March, we see Abs and Grace in Chicago for the weekend; in May, the girls are with Gma after the Dixon Dance Revue at the high school as well as a party at our house on Memorial Day; July has the County Fair as well as the Fair Parade, Grace’s birthday, the Indy Car Show and what I assume must be me having sinus surgery(?); Moving on to September we have Abby’s birthday and Keith’s birthday; Halloween Day in October; Thanxmas Day in November; and then finally in December we see fun on Christmas Eve at Mom & Sandy’s house and then Abs & Gracie enjoying a spa day…

Waybac.2005.05.cgc11 Waybac.2005.05.cgc12 Waybac.2005.05.mac17 Waybac.2005.06.obd32 Waybac.2005.07.cadnh11 Waybac.2006.03.ct01 Waybac.2006.03.ct02 Waybac.2006.03.ct03 Waybac.2006.05.ddr01 Waybac.2006.05.md01 Waybac.2006.05.md02 Waybac.2006.07.dcf01 Waybac.2006.07.fp01 Waybac.2006.07.fp02 Waybac.2006.07.gbd01 Waybac.2006.07.gbd02 Waybac.2006.07.ics01 Waybac.2006.07.ics02 Waybac.2006.07.ics03 Waybac.2006.07.ts01 Waybac.2006.09.abd01 Waybac.2006.09.kbd01 Waybac.2006.10.hd01 Waybac.2006.11.td01 Waybac.2006.11.td02 Waybac.2006.12.ce01 Waybac.2006.12.ce02 Waybac.2006.12.ce03 Waybac.2006.12.sd01 Waybac.2006.12.sd02 Waybac.2006.12.sd03 Waybac.2006.12.sd04 lp21.10.01

And finally, we wrap up this week with our video segment which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

Well, that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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