Children Growing Up…Old Friends Growing Older…

Whew; what a whirlwind week we’ve had, here at the Scheu abode. We enjoyed seeing all the kids this week, which always makes our hearts happy as parents. The weather started off like summer (upper 80s) and ended like it was actually the middle of October (lower 40s). Matt continued to work from home, focusing mainly on studying to pass his big exam coming up. I think he’s ready for it this time and will do just fine. He had a good time, getting rowdy on both Friday and Saturday at his siblings’ events. He was a hoot! Abby had the busiest week yet…and that’s saying something for this active young lady. Not only did she have a full week of classes and exams, she also worked at her internship in Greenwood, spent several hours with the sorority stuff for Homecoming and then also made the Homecoming court and was in the running for Homecoming Queen (spoiler – she got it!!). And then there’s Luke. He enjoyed the week off for Fall Break, so he spent it working, sleeping and staying out late with his friends. It was his Senior Week for football and we enjoyed spending time with him to celebrate the seniors with a big dinner the night before and then of course walking with him as they celebrated all the young men graduating this year. We had family and friends join us for his big night. And he had one of the best games of his career so far. Ann and I had fast weeks at work. My new boss is pretty cool and I even saw him this weekend at homecoming. Come to find out, his step-son and Abby are really good friends! They were both out on the field as part of the Homecoming court. We did get some rain this week; and between it and our busy schedule, I fell short of my exercise goal with 11 ½ miles of walking and only two rounds of frisbee golf, sadly. I’ll have to work on that this week… It was a big week for Ann and I as we saw some old friends and enjoyed our kids’ rites of passage this week – bittersweet moments to be sure. These gold years are sadly ending. What’s the next phase look like? We’re not sure…and that’s a little scary and exciting all at the same time. For now, we’re just enjoying the moments… Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work on Monday morning. It was weird how warm it was and stayed unseasonably warm. Luke enjoyed the day off from school, as his Fall Break is this week. I didn’t realize he had to work and so I let him sleep in. Well, apparently Ann assumed he had set an alarm because they talked about it last night. Well, worked called Oakley. He called his mom. Leslie called Ann. Ann called Deanna. Dee was gracious enough to come over from the station and get Luke’s ass out of the sack. She rang the doorbell and I answered it on the Ring app. We all tried to call him and the house but to no avail. He sleeps like I do…. well, the way I used to sleep – LOL. Dee had to go to his window and pound on it before he finally woke up. He worked at Hibbett’s the rest of the day then trimmed the bushes that evening. He ran an errand for Ann and then went to the Y to work out. Ann had a good day, making chili for a pitch-in to celebrate George’s birthday. I had a fast day that kept me busy from the moment I walked in the door. Vic & I went to lunch at Snappy Tomato while Justin enjoyed the first day of his vacation with the fam in Tennessee. I got out of work late and only managed to walk two miles that evening. It was overcast and very windy as a storm was obviously brewing. We could see it off in the distance as we drove home that night but it was still good when we got back to town. So, I went out to the park and played a quick game of frisbee golf. It was really windy and I could see the storm clouds blowing into town, so I decided to throw from the front tees. It was the first time in over year that I used those tees. With the wind, it was still tough but I did manage to throw a 23. I forgot how much easier those tees are than the back ones. Mom & Sandy came over to let their car run for 30 minutes as it had trouble starting again today. She got the charger hooked up and got it started (on her own – she was so proud – LOL!). We had a find your own dinner night and got caught up on our DVR’d programs again that evening. A big storm with lots of lightning blew through town with lots of thunderclaps that rumbled and shook the whole house! Later, we put on the Colts game on MNF. They had the game won when they lost both cornerbacks, a safety and a linebacker to injuries in the 4th quarter and had no answer for the Ravens offense, giving up 24 straight points to lose in OT. Rico had a chance to win it but struggled with an injury himself, missing an extra point and 2 FGs. Taylor scored a ton of points for me but Coach took him out on the final drive of the game and I came up 5 measly points to Ms. Ann, who now has house bragging rights… Luke, Brayden and Oakley stopped by to watch the game for a while on the big screen with me but then went out and wound up staying the night out at Oak’s house. Here are pictures from Luke’s football game at Milan last weekend.

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Tuesday was oddly cool yet humid as we headed back to Columbus that morning. Luke decided to work at Hibbett’s that day then went to football practice and mowed one of his yards after he got off that night. He missed a college trip to Franklin with Oakley and Brayden, which I thought was odd. He loves FC so not sure why he missed an opportunity to go talk to the football coach and see the workout facilities and classrooms with his close friends…but whatever; just hope he doesn’t have regrets… Ann and I both had fast, busy days. She dealt with an unruly patient but at least she didn’t get cussed-out this time (like last week). She helped out up front, which made her afternoon fly by quickly. I continued getting our new boss, Jim, setup at his workspace that morning while still doing a couple projects and catching up on paperwork that afternoon. I FINALLY had an orientation class that morning. It had been about two months since we had new recruits, so hopefully this is a good sign of things to come and we can get our staffing numbers back up so we can increase our census. Much like yesterday, I was so busy I didn’t watch the time and got out late which caused me to miss my three-mile exercise goal again, falling a couple tenths short. After dropping Annie off at home, I went out to play a game of frisbee golf on a day with a decent breeze out of the west. I was able to use it to my advantage – mostly… I did have an issue on 2 where my tee shot when a little too far and careened off a tree down by the pin and went down the ravine and into the pond. I hightailed it back to Black Betty to get my handy-dandy grabber-nabber, which helped make up for the steps I lost in my earlier workout – LOL. I was easily able to procure the disc from the water and go on my way. Despite carrying my tool for the next three holes, I threw well and wound up with a 25 – not too bad, all things considered. When I came home, Ann had made a big pot of her yummy potato soup that really hit the spot on a chilly evening. We spoke to Abby that day, who had not only been nominated for the Homecoming court but also made it through to the finals and will be on the field at halftime of this weekend’s game! How exciting!! We had to rub it in that she was missing Soup Night – something we had for about a year or two when she was younger. She would have a friend over on a Tuesday evening for dinner and Ann would make different soups. She got really good at it and the batch that night was so good I had three bowls! Hell, even Luke liked it… Speaking of Luke; he came home for a few moments to get cleaned-up and went out with his buddies, staying the night at Ethan’s house. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis21.10.149 sis21.10.150 sis21.10.151 sis21.10.152 sis21.10.153 sis21.10.154 sis21.10.155 sis21.10.156 sis21.10.157 sis21.10.158 sis2.110.159 sis21.10.160 sis21.10.161 sis21.10.162 sis21.10.163 sis21.10.164 sis21.10.165 sis21.10.166 sis21.10.167 sis21.10.168 sis21.10.169 sis21.10.170 sis21.10.171 sis21.10.172 sis21.10.173 sis21.10.174 sis21.10.175 sis21.10.176 sis21.10.177 sis21.10.178 sis21.10.179 sis21.10.180 sis21.10.181 sis21.10.182 sis21.10.183 sis21.10.184 sis21.10.185 sis21.10.186 sis21.10.187 sis21.10.188 sis21.10.189 sis21.10.190 sis21.10.191 sis21.10.192 sis21.10.193 sis21.10.194 sis21.10.195 sis21.10.196 sis21.10.197 sis21.10.198 sis21.10.199 sis21.10.200 sis21.10.201 sis21.10.202 sis21.10.203 sis21.10.204 sis21.10.205 sis21.10.206 sis21.10.207 sis21.10.208 sis21.10.209 sis21.10.210 sis21.10.211 sis21.10.212 sis21.10.213 sis21.10.214 sis21.10.215 sis21.10.216 sis21.10.217 sis21.10.218 sis21.10.219 sis21.10.220 sis21.10.221 sis21.10.222 sis21.10.223 sis21.10.224 sis21.10.225 sis21.10.226 sis21.10.227 sis21.10.228

Delilah was chomping at the bit to get out of her pen on Wednesday morning. I don’t blame her; when the kids are at school and we’re at work, it can be a long day. Luke came home from Oak’s that morning then did a mowing job before going over to help Gma with some stuff. Later, he went to a good football practice. He said it was one of the best defensive practices they’ve had in a very long time. He said he got into a disagreement with Coach Harris. We encouraged him to apologize for disrespect. He was pretty upset, but I’m sure he’ll come around. He took that frustration and went to the YMCA to work it out of himself. Ann had a really good day, which she needed after the past few weeks she and her team have gone through. I had another very busy day. On one hand, it’s great because the day absolutely flew past me. But it was bad as I don’t feel like I got much done. I know I wanted to start in on more of my monthly reports because I also have quarterly reports due this month. But there was no time for those. In fact. Like the previous two days, I got out of work a few minutes late and only got in about 45 minutes of walking. I had a great pace, but still only managed about two and a half miles. It was raining when I got home so I couldn’t go frisbee golfing. Instead, I finished editing pictures and videos since I won’t have much time the rest of the week. Ann went over to Mary & Jason’s house to help decorate for tomorrow night’s party for the senior players. We had a late, find-your-own dinner night and watched some DVR’d shows for a few hours, relaxing with the dogs. When Luke came back to eat and shower again, we did stats on the big screen. As we thought, the stats on the Max Preps / Hudl app were incorrect. I’m not sure who’s doing the stats, but it always seems that they screw Luke’s up. Here are the corrected (and verified by going back and watching a couple times): On offense, he ran the ball twice for a total of 11 yards (10, 1). He had a pancake and a pair of de-cleaters from his fullback position. But it was on defense where his numbers sparkled: 15 total tackles (9 solo, 6 assisted), including 3 tackles for loss; he didn’t have any sacks but did have 3 QB hurries and defended / broke-up two passes to go with a huge forced-fumble that sealed the victory for us. HE did have one penalty – a 5-yard face mask. What an outstanding game both linebackers had that night. We will truly miss Luke & Oak next year… Afterward, he went back over to Ethan’s house to spend the night.

There was a threat of rain all day on Thursday. It was a short workday for Ann and I. I still got a lot done but shortly after lunch, I picked up Ann and we headed back to town. Meanwhile, Luke enjoyed another day off from school for Fall Break. He mowed at Harris’ house (after apologizing for his outburst at practice yesterday), helped Gma put her Xmas lights on her tree (yep; that’s what I said) and went to football practice. Ann & I went to Walmart to get supplies for the Senior Night dinner later that evening as well as stuff for Saturday’s Homecoming game. As it turned out, I was a little late getting out of work, which put us behind. Besides the knuckleheads that were shopping at that time of day and the very nice but very old and slow cashier, we were there for over an hour and by the time we got home and put everything away, she had less than an hour before we were due to be back over at the Coors’ house. Well, after using the convection setting on the oven and then transferring to the microwave, we finally made it over to join the kids with two large pans of cheesy potatoes. Along with Mary & Jason, Leslie and Eve were also there to help facilitate the dinner. They boys had quite the spread – brisket, mac & cheese, potatoes, sloppy joe, tons of chips, veggies and of course a bunch of desserts. Most of the senior parents helped to pitch-in, which was very cool. The boys ate, played some football, basketball, cornhole and some cool frisbee game with barrels – which Luke & I played and won our first game but lost the second. Afterward, we loaded up our stuff and came back to the house. Ann put grommets in all the senior sheets while I took the leftover pan of cheesy potatoes out to the Osbornes, where we held card night. They moved into the old Myers’ house between the Messers and the Bewleys. I hadn’t been in there before, but the basement was nice, which had an outside entrance. I won last week’s NFL Pick-‘Em cards and then on top of that, I won about $15 at poker, so it was a great night! It was even better for Scott’s son who played with us that evening. He won the largest pot we’ve ever had in three years – $50! I came home just as Luke was getting there; in fact, he passed in front of me as I pulled out onto Millhousen Rd. He & Ann went to bed while I watched a Rick & Morty episode before joining them myself. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp21.10.138 smp21.10.139 smp21.10.140 smp21.10.141 smp21.10.142 smp21.10.143 smp21.10.144 smp21.10.145 smp21.10.146 smp21.10.147 smp21.10.148 smp21.10.149 smp21.10.150 smp21.10.151 smp21.10.152 smp21.10.153 smp21.10.154 smp21.10.155 smp21.10.156 smp21.10.157 smp21.10.158 smp21.10.159 smp21.10.160 smp21.10.161 smp21.10.162 smp21.10.163 smp21.10.164 smp21.10.165 smp21.10.166 smp21.10.167 smp21.10.168 smp21.10.169 smp21.10.170 smp21.10.171 smp21.10.172 smp21.10.173 smp21.10.174 smp21.10.175 smp21.10.176 smp21.10.177 smp21.10.178 smp21.10.179 smp21.10.180 smp21.10.181 smp21.10.182 smp21.10.183 smp21.10.184 smp21.10.185 smp21.10.186 smp21.10.187 smp21.10.188 smp21.10.189 smp21.10.190 smp21.10.191 smp21.10.192 smp21.10.193 smp21.10.194 smp21.10.195 smp21.10.196 smp21.10.197 smp21.10.198 smp21.10.199 smp21.10.200 smp21.10.201 smp21.10.202 smp21.10.203 smp21.10.204 smp21.10.205 smp21.10.206 smp21.10.207 smp21.10.208 smp21.10.209 smp21.10.210 smp21.10.211 smp21.10.212 smp21.10.213 smp21.10.214 smp21.10.215 smp21.10.216 smp21.10.217 smp21.10.218 smp21.10.219 smp21.10.220 smp21.10.221 smp21.10.222 smp21.10.223

We enjoyed sleeping-in on Friday morning. We both took the day off from work so that we weren’t rushed with all the stuff that was going on. I got up with the dogs and did some stuff with the blog while watching a few DVR’d shows. When Ann got up, she started prepping food for Homecoming and I mowed the lawn. Around noon, we went out to Shriver Field and hung up all the senior sheets. We had a couple helpers, which was nice because the wind was horrible and made it very difficult to having them. Again, there was the threat of rain all day. After we finished, we grabbed lunch at A&W and came home. After lunch, we napped for a couple hours. Meanwhile, Luke enjoyed his final day of Fall Break by sleeping in before going out for breakfast with Brayden. He showered, napped and then headed over to the school to get ready for his final regular season high school football game. We got cleaned-up, loaded up Black Betty, picked up Amy and headed to Senior Night early that evening. The Pirates faced Rushville in the season finale – something they’ve done for several years now. The Pirates came out hot and never looked back. Defense again looked great. They only gave up one score – a 1-yd plunge into the endzone following a long kickoff return. Outside of that, they might have gotten three 1st downs…until the JV players came in during the 3rd quarter. The offense was clicking on all cylinders. Overall, it was a good warm-up for our first-round Sectional game next week as Greensburg won 62-7! We still have a few things to clean-up before facing Charlestown again. You may remember that we went down there last year as well. After a two-hour drive and a two-hour rain delay, we shut them out to advance to the next round. They have a very special player on the O-line that will be playing at the next level, as he has offers from all the big schools. Luke had a big game. He had a chance to score on all three teams that night. He did score on the offense – running it in on a nifty run from about the 20 or so. On special teams, he was in on a punt block with a couple teammates and although he didn’t get hands on the ball initially, he was in the right place at the right time and scooped it up and headed towards paydirt…only to caught from behind on like the 5-yard line! So close!! Defensively, he was a stud that night. I will have to make a highlight film from the last two games because he is on a roll right now. On top of tackles in the double-figures, he caused a fumble, recovered one and very nearly had an interception which likely would’ve been a pick-six because there was nothing but green grass in front of him. Instead, it hit his pinky funny and it bounced off his hands, jamming his left pinky. How special would that have been – to have three scores – one on each team?! Luke, the captain of the defense, was again a flag carrier and captain at the coin toss. He started at middle linebacker again, leading the team in tackles. He also played offense at halfback and fullback, making some bone-crushing blocks as well as running the ball well. He also played on special teams on the punt return and PAT/FG teams. Luke’s stats for the game: Offense – he had 2 runs of 6 & 18 (scored a TD!) for a total of 24 yards and 6 points as well as a sweet de-cleater of a block on the goal line that sprung Oakley for one of his three touchdowns. On special teams, he recovered a blocked punt and ran it 15 yards. And on defense: 16 tackles (9 solo / 7 assisted) with 2 ½ tackles for loss. He also forced a fumble and knocked down / defended one pass. We were thrilled that Memaw, Sandy & Jamie were able to make it to the Senior Night festivities but were surprised that Paul and Conner showed-up as well! Later, Bryan & Angie made a guest appearance as well! 😊 Before the game, they recognized all the seniors – including the thirteen players and then their manager who has been with them since junior-high days, I believe. She is also graduating this year. It was a special moment to walk the track one last time – this time with our little Lukey. We thanked Coach Moore and missed our cue because we were chatting – LOL. I didn’t even hear what they said about Luke. When we asked him, he said he didn’t remember what he wrote on the sheet, so hopefully Jamie got good video so that we can hear it! Afterward, we caught up with him to congratulate him and take some pictures with everyone on his big night. We are hopeful that it won’t be the last time he plays on Shriver Field. If I understand it correctly, if we can win our opening game in Charlestown, we will host the second round – which will likely mean another matchup with that mean old Lawrenceburg squad. Many of us went out to Wings & Rings for dinner. Mom & Sandy and Bryan & Angie had already left once they took the seniors out and it started raining. After calling for rain during the game all week, the weather held off to make a lovely evening for football, thankfully. It only sprinkled on us a couple times, but nothing of any substance. After a couple cocktails (Paul & I had a couple Buffalo Marys) and some great food (I couldn’t even eat all of rings, but killed the drunken, grilled wings!), we said our good-byes, dropped off Amy and then headed home. I was worn-out and just went on to bed while Ann stayed up until the wee hours of the morning before finally calling it a night.

We were up early with the dogs on Saturday morning. We had to be up early anyhow, so it was all good. Ann finished up cooking food for today’s tailgate party. She spent several hours yesterday prepping so that she just had to pop them in the oven today. I got the seat out of Barney and loaded it up with all our gear for the day. Luke joined Ann & I as we headed up to Franklin for Homecoming. Mom called Ann as we were fueling up and icing down our coolers. She insisted that we come swap cars for the day, so we lost a little time but nothing too much. We met Danny & Stacey right on time as Abby came out to greet us when we parked by the Phi Delt house. We set up over in Cline Woods between the Phi Delt and Sig tents, which was perfect for us. Another couple joined us (Jay & Sherry Harris) and we set up a nice spread on our folding table with three big sandwiches, buffalo chicken dip, a ton of veggies and dip, lots of chips and snacks as well as some desserts. There was, of course, plenty of adult beverages as well. I stuck with mixed drinks all day with that Blue Chair Bay (Kenny Chesney’s brand) coconut run and black cherry Ice. Yum! A few minutes before halftime, we headed over to the game and stood on the sidelines. Matt talked with President Prather for a while. Abby was announced as the representative for Pi Beta Phi for the Homecoming Court. We really couldn’t hear what the announcer was saying as her brothers were whooping and hollering behind us. They announced the first winner, which a girl…so we just assumed the other would be a boy…but not in this day and age. Instead, the second winner was… Abby Scheu!! She was so excited – jumping and running up to the president, who crowned her! 😊 Matt, who at this point (along with his little brother) began having a conversation with the security guards, ran out onto the field and got some really good pictures. Security wasn’t real thrilled with that decision and had words for him when he came back to the sideline. We were afraid he was going to be escorted out at one point but he was fine. We walked back spent the rest of the game with “her majesty” back at our tailgate circle. We saw several of our old classmates and friends and enjoyed meeting all of Abby’s friends. Franklin wound up whooping Bluffton 45-6. After the game, we slowly began packing up and headed off to dinner. We met up with Stacey & Danny at Big Woods. Joining us was Matt & Luke (Taylor wasn’t able to make it that day), along with Abby, Will & Hillari. We sat in the back room, where a live band was playing. They were pretty good! I had the mahi-mahi tacos and a Six-Foot Strawberry Blonde for my dinner. The Guards got a pizza that they said was not very good. We went back to Abby’s dorm and said our good-byes, heading back just as the sun was setting. We swapped cars and talked briefly with Gma & Gigi before heading on home. After we unloaded everything and put it all away, Luke returned to the FC campus to spend the night with Abby that evening, taking with him his buddy Oakley. I’m sure they’ll have a great time… We put on a DVR’d show and I don’t think I made it ten minutes before I was napping. I gave it up and went on to bed, worn-out from the exciting day we enjoyed. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc21.10.25 hwc21.10.26 hwc21.10.27 hwc21.10.28 hwc21.10.29 hwc21.10.30 hwc21.10.31 hwc21.10.32 hwc21.10.33 hwc21.10.34 hwc21.10.35

Delilah was up and ready to go out before the sunrise on Sunday morning. I had to pee anyhow, so I got up with her and wound up working on the blog that morning. I had to catch up from Thursday night. I wrote-out all the html code as I watched the Xfinity race and the Purdue football game. They faced the #2 Iowa Hawkeyes. It is the first time in history that the Big Ten has five of the top ten teams! It was pretty chilly that morning with temps dipping all the way down into the upper 30s. There was even a little light frost just north of us. Luke & Oak came home about mid-morning. Oakley went on to work while Luke & I did stats from the Rushville game. Afterward, I finished up my weekly household chores while Luke brought Sandy’s car over to detail it before mowing a couple lawns that afternoon. Ann made some munchies for a chilly afternoon of football. After losing to Ann by 5 points last week, I squared off with Grace in the week 6 NFL fantasy football league. The Colts easily got their 2nd win of the year in the early round of games, thanks to the return of TY. The Cowboys should’ve blown out the Pats when they played in the late round of games but turned it over three times in the RedZone in the first half and trailed by 4 at the break. They managed to tie it up late in the game to force OT and then won in dramatic style to go to 5-1 on the year! By the time SNF came on that evening, I was blowing Grace (aka Taco Tuesday) out of the water with nearly 200 points! Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner as we settled in for a quiet evening with the dogs. The game was boring so we wound up putting on the new Law & Orders from earlier in the week while I finished up this week’s blog entry. Luke came home and hung out with us for a while (after napping over at Gma’s house) before cleaning up, grabbing some dinner and heading on to bed. We watched a couple DVR’d shows and took it easy. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and great way to end another memorable week…

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to include pictures off of Deanna’s digital camera in 2006. We lead off this week in March where we see Abs & Grace on a day trip to Chicago; then we fast-forward to May for a Memorial Day get-together; next we go to July to find the Indy Car Show, the Decatur County Fair and Grace’s birthday; in September we have Abby’s birthday and then Keith’s birthday; November has pix from Thanxmas; and in December we see Christmas Eve at Gma & Gigi’s house as well as a spa day for Bu & Grace.

Waybac.2006.03.ct07 Waybac.2006.03.ct08 Waybac.2006.03.ct09 Waybac.2006.05.md05 Waybac.2006.05.md06 Waybac.2006.05.md07 Waybac.2006.07.cs05 Waybac.2006.07.dcf04 Waybac.2006.07.dcf05 Waybac.2006.07.dcf06 Waybac.2006.07.gbd05 Waybac.2006.07.gbd06 Waybac.2006.09.abd03 Waybac.2006.09.abd04 Waybac.2006.09.kbd03 Waybac.2006.11.td05 Waybac.2006.11.td06 Waybac.2006.12.ce07 Waybac.2006.12.ce08 Waybac.2006.12.ce09 Waybac.2006.12.ce10 Waybac.2006.12.sd08 Waybac.2006.12.sd09 Waybac.2006.12.sd10 Waybac.2006.12.sd11 lp21.10.03

And, as always, we wrap up this week’s entry with our video segment. We have one new home video as well as several from around the internet.

Well, that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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