You Stormed out of my House, Quarter after Two…Oh but Seven Minutes Later, Baby (…it was Two Twenty-Two, Twenty-Two)

It’s been a pretty good week, overall, here at the Scheu abode. Like most weeks, we had some ups and downs. Covid restrictions continue to lessen as the number of cases are dropping. We were reminded of how precious life is with the sudden passing of a child within our friend group. After a long weekend excursion, Matt was back at work from his home in Carmel. And although his kids were on Spring Break, he still held wrestling practices as they continue to prep for the season-ending conference tourney next weekend. Abby had a good week of school in Franklin. She was somehow able to stay healthy, despite being around Ann, Justin & I a few days ago – and we were all sick this week and last. Luke had a challenging week as he was sick for part of it, but ended the week on a high note, going to track practices and working out at the YMCA. Ann enjoyed spending time with her friends and doing a little scrapbooking. I fell well short of my exercise goal once again this week, logging a measly 3.2 miles this week. And I could tell it by how quickly I became winded and how tight my belt became later in the week. I have to do a better job next week… The world is a mess right now – the price of gas went up to $3.69 this week; Russia invaded Ukraine, inflation has made it difficult to stay on our weekly budget…so it was nice to slow things down, withdraw from everything and enjoy a quiet weekend… I’ve been thinking more and more about the future of this blog saga. I think it has just about run its course. I don’t know how far I’ll continue once the kids graduate this spring… Welcome to the latest rendition of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work for Ann & I on Monday morning. It looked like the flooding had finally subsided down by the park and the rivers / creeks on our way to work. They were much lower than when we saw them last on Thursday. Luke did not get to sleep in, even though he had the day off from school for President’s Day. I dropped Annie off at work and then ran through the new Dunkin around the corner from our offices to surprise her with a President’s Day latte. My morning went really fast as I caught up on my paperwork, did some purchasing and then worked on submitting a capital expenditure request for new copy machines. We’ve been trying to replace them since the start of 2019! I was able to start my EOC rounds that afternoon, focusing on all the outside stuff, since it was so nice outdoors. I felt like crap all day. Whatever Ann had last week, she shared it with me. Between the coughing, the nose-blowing and the headaches, I assumed it was probably Covid but Ann took a test and it was negative, so I’m assuming I am as well… It’s supposed to be wet and cold the rest of the week, so I knocked it out. I finished up and then walked a 5K around the airport property. Although it felt good to get out there, I was sure sore that night. Hell, by the time I picked up Ann and drove back to town, it was hard to get out of the van after sitting for an hour. Ann had an equally busy day, working on a project and dealing with typical Monday stuff. I always enjoy debriefing with her each night on our evening commutes home. It was so windy and cloudy that night that we actually had to turn the headlights on. Meanwhile, Luke got up and went to work with Coach Harris that day. He was hoping to do more stuff on his car, but I’m not sure if he found time to do it. He worked out at the YMCA then came home to do some laundry and play on his PS4 that night. Abby had a big test at school that she studied all weekend for; I can’t wait to hear how she did. Matt & Taylor got back from their trip late last night and had to get up for work that day but thankfully, he works at home, so he didn’t have to go far – LOL. He had wrestling practice that night in Zionsville. When Ann spoke to her mom that night, she was worried because she hadn’t spoke to him yet that night. Ann made homemade pizza and threw together a salad and made her homemade Shallo’s dressing. It really hit the spot that night. We settled in and relaxed the rest of the evening, watching the return of John Oliver on HBO then turned over to Paramount + and got caught up on the 1883. We did not like how the latest episode left things! I won’t give away any spoilers, but we were not happy! Here are pictures of Matt’s Battle for the Nest wrestling meet from a couple weeks ago.

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Lola was restless overnight and had us up a couple times in the middle of the night, early on Twos Day (it was 2.22.22!). I let her out around 130 and then Ann got up with her an hour later and slept in her chair until Lola finally settled down. There was a bit storm that rumbled through the area for several hours that made Lola bark with each thunderclap. It shook the house several times and the lightning was so bright that it lit up the bedroom – even with room-darkening shades. It was still raining when we drove into work and continued to rain the entire day. I think we got about an inch and a half more precip by the time it finally stopped raining that night. I had another busy day of working on Covid stuff with my vendors. With the new government regulations, not only do our staff have to have the vaccination or an exemption – but now our vendors do as well. So, I spent the morning emailing all of them as well as working on a new contract for our HVAC vendor. I did my monthly generator test in the rain, later that morning then worked on Lenny’s new computer and prepared it for a big update that I set to run later that evening. In the afternoon, I attended a couple meetings and then did some more EOC rounds, focusing on the front office areas. I facilitated a 2nd shift fire drill that afternoon and was thrilled at the response I got from the ancillary staff who showed up to help run it. It scored very well but we did have a couple teachable moments, which was cool. By the time I got out that evening, I was late but still hoping to walk a little. My watch said it was cloudy and 60 degrees, but when I got outside, it was still freaking raining. By that time, it was too late to walk at the mall so I called Ann and we wound up leaving Columbus a little early and headed on home. Meanwhile, Luke had school and track practice. I assume they were inside due to the weather. He came home to do a couple chores then went to the Y to lift. It was the 3rd time for him lifting that day. He lifted at Advanced PE in the morning then at track practice in the afternoon and then at the YMCA at night. I am envious of his life right now! Enjoy it, buddy!! With all the rain, the creek was back out of its bed at the park and the golf course was flooded again. We grabbed a find-your-own dinner and watched some DVR’d shows, taking it easy. Ann went to bed early that night, still not feeling 100%. I waited up for Luke, who went out to eat at Chilis then ran to CVS to get my prescription for me. I don’t think I’ve ever blown my nose and coughed more than I did that day. It was so much that I had a splitting headache like I did when I had Covid. Speaking of Covid, I had to send my vendors an attestation, regarding the vaccine. I’ve had several issues and even lost one of my guys that’s been with us for two decades. He decided to retire instead! I hate Covid… I went to bed around midnight and wasn’t even in the sack for five minutes and Lola started barking. The dogs had just been out, so I’m not sure what the hell was going on with her. I went out and shut her up once but she was right back at it. I’m ready to give her away at this point. Her behavior is getting worse with each passing month. How is it that Molly’s gone and this thing is still around? Only the good die young, eh? Poor Annie got up and slept in her chair to appease the cranky dog. I wanted to use duct tape, but she said no and went out to the living room. Here are pictures or Matt coaching from a professional photographer doing pictures for the team this year.

mwp22.01 mwp22.02 mwp22.03 mwp22.04 mwp22.05 mwp22.06 mwp22.07 mwp22.08 mwp22.09 mwp22.10 mwp22.11 mwp22.12 mwp22.13 mwp22.14 mwp22.15 mwp22.16 mwp22.17 mwp22.18 mwp22.19 mwp22.20 mwp22.21 mwp22.22 mwp22.23 mwp22.24 mwp22.25 mwp22.26 mwp22.27 mwp22.28 mwp22.29 mwp22.30 mwp22.31 mwp22.32 mwp22.33 mwp22.34 mwp22.35 mwp22.36 mwp22.37 mwp22.38 mwp22.39 mwp22.40 mwp22.41

I woke up early on Wednesday morning to the sound of Luke calling to Ann, saying something about needing a drink of water or something. I was so confused… So, I got up to see what was going on. Come to find out, Luke & Ann had been up since like 4 am. Luke was puking his guts out and poor Annie hadn’t slept but a few hours. Luke wound up staying home and sleeping all day. Ann, though, was a trooper and headed into work with me. Neither of us felt particularly well – especially Ann, who was tired as hell. We both had a quick morning then went to see Jami for our monthly haircuts. We grabbed lunch from Arby’s and ate at back in our offices. I installed a couple of new monitors, worked on some paperwork and did the EOC rounds, starting in on the units. I completely lost track of time while running updates on a couple laptops and got out of work late, missing my opportunity to walk that night. It was even windier during our evening commute than it was that morning. When we got back home, Luke was still in bed. He had gotten up a couple times but puked and went back to bed. He did get up once that night. He looked like death and said his whole body was sore (probably from all the heaving in the bathroom earlier). He took a couple sips of water and went back to bed. Ann didn’t even eat dinner. She was so wiped-out that she fell asleep in her chair sometime after 7. So, I watched a couple episodes of the new Star Trek series on Paramount+ and then turned-on Hulu+ to binge-watch the new series called Pam & Tommy, which was quite entertaining. I think I got through five episodes before calling it a night…but I think I could’ve watched the whole thing that night! I heard from our daughter that night. She had nearly aced her big exam on Monday with a 98%! She was still not satisfied though…because her study partner (Will) got a 101%. I love how they challenge each other. As much as the last BF was good for her at the time, this one has really inspired growth and it shows. She is maturing into a cool adult… Here are pictures of Abby & Ann at Darby’s baby shower a couple weeks ago.

dbs22.01 dbs22.02 dbs22.03 dbs22.04 dbs22.05 dbs22.06 dbs22.07 dbs22.08 dbs22.10 dbs22.11 dbs22.12 dbs22.13 dbs22.14 dbs21.15 dbs22.16 dbs22.17

We were awakened early on Thursday morning with a phone call. It’s usually not a good call at that time of the morning, but thankfully it was just school – informing us that the kids were on a two-hour delay due to the weather. Luke was still not feeling well, still fighting off a stomach bug and so he stayed home again that day. It was a yucky day. It had precipitated overnight and although we didn’t get any snow, we did get freezing rain – which made things a little interesting that morning. We had to alter our normal route that morning due to a crash on 450 N and St Rd 9. I told my boss Jim about it as well, as he was coming the same way from Batesville. Ann’s day was non-stop meetings all day. I did some IT and purchasing stuff in the morning then went to Jim’s meeting. Afterward, Justin, Vic & I went to Snappy for lunch. I don’t think we’ve been there since last year! They were happy to see us and put in two specialty pizzas for us to devour! I spent the afternoon finishing up my monthly EOC rounds and then pulled together stuff to work on from home tomorrow. It was raining pretty hard, which I surprised at because it felt too cold to be raining. Again, I was running late that evening and didn’t have enough time to go walking at the mall, so I texted Ann to see if she was ready to go home and she said simply, “Of course!” We drove home in the rain then ran a couple errands in town. When we got home, Luke was still in his bedrooms with the dogs wanting to go out and run in the rain. We talked with him for quite a while. He’s such a funny kid… We watched a couple shows and kept warm with blankets and the dogs and had a find-your-own dinner night. I was craving soup, but then Ann said something about popcorn and so I caved into the offer of spicy Fireworks popcorn. 😊 We watched a couple of the FBI shows on CBS then the Law & Order shows – including the return of the original one for it season 21! When Annie fell asleep in her chair, I binge-watched the rest of the current episodes of Pam & Tommy on Hulu+. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis22.02.236 sis22.02.237 sis22.02.238 sis22.02.239 sis22.02.240 sis22.02.241 sis22.02.242 sis22.02.243 sis22.02.244 sis22.02.245 sis22.02.246 sis22.02.247 sis22.02.248 sis22.02.249 sis22.02.250 sis22.02.251 sis22.02.252 sis22.02.253 sis22.02.254 sis22.02.255 sis22.02.256 sis22.02.257 sis22.02.258 sis22.02.259 sis22.02.260 sis22.02.261 sis22.02.262 sis22.02.263 sis22.02.264 sis22.02.265 sis22.02.266 sis22.02.267 sis22.02.268 sis22.02.269 sis22.02.270 sis22.02.271 sis22.02.272 sis22.02.273 sis22.02.274 sis22.02.275

We enjoyed sleeping in a few minutes on Saturday morning. Ann had the day off from work, so I got up and started working out at the desk in the family room. I took her to her eye doctor appointment then ran a couple errands before picking her back up and coming back home. Ann napped while binge-watching Chicago Fire and I continued working out in the family room. We were devastated to hear about the young lady that died that morning as a result of a traffic accident. We don’t have all the information back yet, but we knew the girl – as did our kids. I feel horrible for her parents, who are our friends also. I can’t image how they’re feeling right now… I refocused after Ann & I talked for a while and got a bunch of paperwork done, got a contract submitted and approved, re-submitted the capital request for new copiers, wrote out 50 work orders and even had time to do about half of my Facility Dude BMP entries. I ran Annie out to the high school for an After-Prom meeting then took her and her scrapbooking supplies out to the Burney church where she met up with her friends. Meanwhile, Luke felt good enough to return to school. He said he did pretty much whatever he wanted. He only felt bad a couple times when he pushed himself a little too hard. That night, he went to the boys’ basketball game, which allowed me to have a quiet night on the couch with the dogs. I finished watching the final episodes of Lost in Space on Netflix then put on Apple TV+ and started a new series called Invasion followed by The Problem with John Stewart, whose first episode was talking about US veteran healthcare. Shawna brought Ann home for me that night. We watched a couple DVR’d show until she fell asleep in her chair. I wound up binge-watching. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp22.02.213 smp22.02.214 smp22.02.215 smp22.02.216 smp22.02.217 smp22.02.218 smp22.02.219 smp22.02.220 smp22.02.221 smp22.02.222 smp22.02.223 smp22.02.224 smp22.02.225 smp22.02.226 smp22.02.227 smp22.02.228 smp22.02.229 smp22.02.230 smp22.02.231 smp22.02.232 smp22.02.233 smp22.02.234 smp22.02.235 smp22.02.236 smp22.02.237 smp22.02.238 smp22.02.239 smp22.02.240 smp22.02.241 smp22.02.242 smp22.02.243 smp22.02.244 smp22.02.245 smp22.02.246 smp22.02.247 smp22.02.248 smp22.02.249 smp22.02.250 smp22.02.251 smp22.02.252 smp22.02.253 smp22.02.254 smp22.02.255 smp22.02.256

I was in bed for only about an hour or two when Lola was up to her antics again – standing at the front door, barking. Ann got up and went out to spend the night in her recliner so Lola would shut up. I got up when she was getting ready to go back to Burney. Shawna, picked her up on her way through and they enjoyed another day of food, laughs and scrapbooking in Burney. Luke slept in then made breakfast and went to work out at the YMCA. He wound up going to Columbus that afternoon with his friends. He came home afterward, just long enough to get cleaned-up then went out to spend the night at Drew’s house. I was tired all day and stayed flopped on the couch. I was a true couch-potato that day. It was nice to do nothing for most of the day. I watched 3 games with the new (and much younger) USWNT win the SheBelieves Cup. There were only a few veterans on this version of the team and featured some good up-and-comers. I only wish Abby could’ve watched them with me! I binge-watched most of this season’s Family Guy episodes then picked Ann and her gear up early and brought them all home. Nothing sounded good for dinner, so I suggested takeout from Jordan’s – a relatively new place, here in town. They do chicken, fish and gyros. Their website is not the greatest – it has the wrong amounts, incorrect items and confusing. As it turned out, we didn’t get any of our sides, Ann’s chicken came with the sauce on it and my fish was one piece short. And when we called to get a credit put back on the card from the items we didn’t receive, they wound up giving us a store credit. We’ve been there two times previously and we had issues each time. Granted; they’ve always made it right, but we don’t have a real great track record out there… We got caught up on our DVR’d shows that night. We decided to put Lola in her new pin that night. We got it earlier this week, after the troubles we’ve had with her recently. We started using it when we left the house and she did pretty well. That night she yelped for about a minute or so then settled down and slept through the night. Maybe she’ll be alright now… Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.02.43 hwc22.02.44 hwc22.02.45 hwc22.02.46 hwc22.02.47 hwc22.02.48 hwc22.02.49 hwc22.02.50 hwc22.02.51 hwc22.02.52 hwc22.02.53 hwc22.02.54 hwc22.02.55 hwc22.02.56 hwc22.02.57

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. I actually got the dogs up that morning! I can’t remember the last time that occurred. Lola did very well and didn’t make any messes in her pin overnight. Ann & I slept better than we have in a very long while that morning. We slowly got around to do our weekly household chores on a lazy morning. We watched some TV, including the Purdue / Michigan State game. The #4 Boilers were a little flat and the officiating was horrible. Still, they had their chances and simply did not perform. IMHO, the biggest reason they lost was that Mason Gillis was in foul trouble the entire game, fouled-out down the stretch and was mostly a non-factor in the game. Abby texted me and said that the FC men’s basketball team won the conference tournament last night! They entered as the #6 seed and the icing on the cake? They beat Hanover in the final to win the championship game! 😊 We put on the NASCAR races in California and napped a few times that afternoon. Ann had her cousin Julie (and her husband) over to meet the dogs and become a little more familiar with the house. She will begin cleaning the house next week – something we’ve talked about for Ann for several years. I worked on the blog, writing out all the html code and finishing everything up. It was dark by the time the Fontana race ended. Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we turned on Paramount+ to watch the final episode of season one of 1883. I won’t lie; there were tears shed… It was a helluva way to end the story arc. I hear that in the fall they will do a time leap, four decades into the future – to 1923. After we finished watching that, we flipped on the DVR and watched the season 20 debut of American Idol over a bowl of Halo Top (low carb) ice cream. It was a relaxing way wind down the weekend and great way to wrap up another week.

Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature old Scheu family pix from Aunt Sue. We lead off with a couple pictures from 1943 that feature Granny with her oldest – Aunt Sue – as an infant, along with her mom (Granny Deerr) and what I assume is her mother as well (?) and then who I assume are other Deerr family members; then we see Aunt Mary Koerner from the early 1950s taken at Demaree Studio in Crawfordsville; then a great picture of Dad and Mary in approximately 1959 and John, Mary & Sally in 1960; then we see a someone’s First Communion in what I assume is the late 50s or early 60s; Uncle Chuck in a high school picture, circa 1963; Mary from the mid-sixties; Dad in 1966 as a bus boy at the Country Club; Uncle John’s school picture, circa ’67; Jackie school pictures from ’71, ’73 & ’74; Chris & Jason with Santa in December 1977; Lindsay’s birth picture from June 1985; a bunch of pictures from Thanksgiving in 1992 at Aunt Sally’s house; and finally Uncle John & Granny at Aunt Sue’s house in January 1994 for Granny’s 78th birthday party.

Waybac.1943.sggg01 Waybac.1943.sggg02 Waybac.1943.sggg03 Waybac.1951.amk01 Waybac.1959.tam01 Waybac.1960.jms01 Waybac.1960s.fcsm01 Waybac.1963.csp01 Waybac.1965.msp01 Waybac.1966.tbbacc01 Waybac.1967.jsp01 Waybac.1971.jsp01 Waybac.1973.jsp01 Waybac.1974.jsp01 Waybac.1977.12.cajws01 Waybac.1985.06.lbp01 Waybac.1992.11.tdas03 Waybac.1992.11.tdas04 Waybac.1992.11.tdas05 Waybac.1992.11.tdas06 Waybac.1992.11.tdas07 Waybac.1994.01.g78bdpas01 lp22.02.04

Next up is our video segment, which features one new home movie as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Momma.
Later, Scheu

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