What a Shot(put) You could be…if You could Shoot at Me with those Angry Eyes

It’s been another interesting week for the Scheu family. The weather has been all over the place again…which is nothing new for us here in central Indiana. It got warmer and warmer and eventually felt like spring this week with temps that got all the way up into the 70s! Matt had a full week of working in Carmel and coaching in Zionsville, culminating in his final wrestling competition of the year this weekend. We missed seeing him this week. Abby was sick most of the week. She & her roommate struggled to keep fever-free later in the week so they could attend class, missing a few here and there. We enjoyed weeing her and Will early in the week to get some legal stuff straightened out. Luke had another full week of school, track practice and weightlifting. He had his first track meet and did very well. Not that I’m totally surprised, as he can pickup any sport and be competitive…but he hasn’t thrown a shotput since junior high school and has an outside chance of making it to the state competition next week! Ann had a long week of work but enjoyed spending time with her friends and got to get away for the weekend with Amy. Despite another very busy week at work, I managed to do much better with my exercising – logging over eleven miles of walking. But the best part of my week was my return to the frisbee golf course, enjoying nearly 50 holes this week. Add to that some new additions to my music, Hot Wheels and liquor collections and it was indeed a good week. Sadly, our friends’ daughter Colleen’s funeral was this week and another friend, Bekah, passed away suddenly this week. The ugly question in my mind – who will be next? …because Mom always said that people pass in threes… I guess that’s why we should cherish, enjoy and make the most of every day with our loved ones- because you never know. Hello and welcome to the latest entry of the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school for us on Monday morning. Lola did very well in her pin overnight and only barked once before giving it up and going to sleep. It was still cool, but not quite as what it had been over the weekend. There was a lovely sunrise, and we enjoyed seeing the sun out all day. Ann & I both had a fast morning. I caught up my paperwork, went to a management meeting and then did some IT work before leaving work early and picking up Ann. We went up to Franklin to meet up with Abby and Will. He was still in class, so we went to Bu’s dorm to hang out for a little bit. We noticed that the grass on campus was much greener -unlike Columbus and Greensburg, where the grass is still gold and brown. I had been yawning all day and when I sat down on her couch, I wound up falling asleep for a few minutes. When Will came over, we talked for a minute then drove downtown to the courthouse, where we met up with his attorney to fight the false charges levied at him a few months back. The judge made it clear that he wasn’t going for any of the BS coming from the other side of the aisle and quickly threw the case out. We celebrated by going to an old haunt of Ann & I…and a popular haunt for Abs & Will – Mike’s (now called the Grill Bar). We sat at the big, round table in the back – where we always sat, back in the day. So many memories came to mind as we chatted and caught up with all the kids’ latest news. We enjoyed a greasy burger and a couple beers then had to say our goodbyes and head back home. Meanwhile, Luke had a fast day at school then went to track practice. We caught him driving in the neighborhood and stopped to chat for a moment before letting him head out to the YMCA to lift. Lola did good in her pin all day. I procured pictures for this week’s blog entry and began editing but quickly fell asleep. I wound up going on to bed before Luke even got back from the Y that night… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Tuesday was much warmer, right out of the gate. It was another fast day for me as Justin & I had new hire orientation classes that morning then I did my weekly generator test. The guys and I went for a late lunch at Great Wall. When we returned, I did the monthly inventory and began working on purchasing. After a couple of IT projects, I called it a day and went out walking. It was a gorgeous afternoon with lots of sun, though it was pretty windy as I walked around the airport property. I noticed that the Cummins moved out of the engine testing site by the south gate and they had re-modeled that area. They also completed the security fence upgrade they’ve been working on for months. I saw lots of those little 411 flags for utility lines in a few spots, so they’ve obviously got other projects coming this spring as well. I logged a 5K then picked up Annie and came home. I dropped her off then went out to the park to play my first round of 2022 frisbee golf. The wind had died down, thankfully. I threw from the front tees and scored a 22 – not bad for my first time on the course. I was so happy to get a birdie on the first hole that I had to send Bu a picture of the disc in the goal. The ground was still pretty soft and there was a ton of limbs down. I nearly had a hole-in-one on 7, missing the net by an eyelash. I ran out to CVS to pickup meds before coming home finally. Luke worked-out at the Y again that night after school and track practice. He said his throws are getting better, but that he is still working on his form. Matt had his final wresting meet of the year, defeating Carmel Clay, 69-33. They end the regular season with a stellar 17-1 record! The only loss this year would turn out to be to the team that would win it all. It was a find-your-own night for dinner as we watched a couple DVR’d shows as I finished up editing pictures. Next, we flipped on Hulu and caught up on season 5 of Outlander so that we are ready for the season 6 debut this weekend! Ann turned in early while I flipped on the Purdue game. The #8 Boilers were at #10 Wisconsin with the Big 10 title on the line. IT was a real nail-biter as the score went back and forth all night. In the end, it was another 3-point prayer that banked in to sink the Boilers. Honestly, they looked better but not as good as they had earlier in the year. The officiating was bad on both sides – and inconsistent, which is worse in my opinion. It is so hard to win on the road in the Big Ten. Coach needs to right this ship quickly or they may be one and done again this year in the March Madness tourney. Winning the conference tourney would do a lot for this team’s confidence, for sure.

Wednesday morning came awfully early after staying up past 1 am watching that damn Purdue game. I still can’t believe that team didn’t win the Big Ten conference. How the hell did that even happen? I was hoping for a slower day as we went into work. The morning was fine but Vic called me early in the afternoon and said we had a problem. It was a doozie, too. The north end of the building’s mag lock system had failed. Thankfully, we were able to secure a route for the kids to go to the cafeteria and just had to shut down the therapy hallway. To make matters worse, my normal contractor informed me that he could no longer work for us. I wish he had told me when it wasn’t a damn emergency! Our parent company has made it very difficult for mom & pop companies to work for us – which makes it hard to keep business local. Our plumber informed us last week that he was done working for us and now my low voltage electrician has done the same. So, I called another electrician in-town that we’ve used a couple times through the years and they were able to send someone out the next morning. It was another lovely day that topped out in the upper 60s again, just like yesterday. I walked a little under 3 miles. I wasted a little too much time checking out what I believe is the early stages of the city developing a frisbee golf course out around the airport property! That would be amazing!! I can walk a couple miles, play a round of frisbee golf and then play another round once I get home! 😊 When I dropped Annie off at home, I went out and played a quick round of frisbee golf at the park, scoring another 22 from the front tees. There were a few folks out at the park, but not quite as many as the previous night when there were a couple dozen folks out there. I got gas before coming home – my goodness, gas had gone up again. It was $3.79 a gallon. Ann made Pizza Hot for dinner – LOL. We tried the new spicy double pepperoni pizza, along with a batch of their amazing breadsticks and cheese – yum! We watched a couple more episodes of Outlander before calling it a night. Luke, meanwhile, went to school and track practice then rode the cheer block bus to Connersville with his friends to cheer on the Pirates as they faced the top seeded Connersville at their place in the opening round of Sectionals. They were an 11-point underdog but somehow managed to find a way to win! Abby wasn’t feeling well that day and went to the primary care to see what was going on. They tested her for both strep throat and mono but she was negative for both, so she has to take it easy and rest… We have lost of social media pictures to share this week.

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It was noticeably cooler as we began our commute to Columbus on Thursday morning. It was supposed to rain and snow that day, but I don’t think we ever got any of that stuff. It was another day dealing with the security issue on the north end of the building that day at work. Vic did an amazing job of keeping things as normalized as they could be and helped to secure the building enough for the residents to resume programming the whole day (good job, bud!). Besides dealing with that, I got in my weekly rounds as well as my overnight video surveillance rounds. I attended a couple meetings and spent a lot of time on the phone getting things set up. We finally found a vendor who could service our system. JCI already does a few things in our building…and now we will add one more. Good news is he figured out the issue; bad news is he couldn’t get parts until the next day. So, we made a plan and rolled with the punches. Justin took Tena and I out to lunch at Arni’s. We grabbed Ann’s lunch and dropped it off on our way back to the building before our quarterly Quality Council meeting. I still love their salad pizza – by far my favorite. And the service was excellent again, which was good to see. In dealing with everything, I didn’t have time to do our monthly ordering, much less find time to exercise. By the time I had things buttoned up enough to leave, it was time to get Annie. I dropped her off at home and headed back out the park. It was much different that the previous nights. It was only in the 30s and there was a strong breeze out of the west. I warmed up a little longer than normal, but I never could get my putts right. And it showed on the course. I had some good drives (and some less than stellar ones), but my putting was atrocious. I missed them on nearly all the holes. I thought I split my disc on 2 when I nailed a tree – hard. Thankfully, it fine but my score was not so lucky. Although I threw from the front tees again, I only managed a par 27. When I got home, I worked on getting the St. Farm beacons working in the Pacifica (we haven’t driven it in a minute) and added the truck. I still had to finish it up the next morning because of a network issue. By the time I finished and warmed up pizza from last night, Luke had come and gone. After a long day of school and then went to track practice. Afterward, he went to Colleen Bray’s viewing at the funeral home. We felt so bad; we wound up not going because we weren’t sure we could handle it. It is so sad. Luke was only home long enough to change and went to the Y to lift. We watched the last episode of Outlander season 5 and called it night.

We were slow to move on Friday morning. We slept with the window open overnight again, which has been the theme all week. We went through the Dunkin drive thru before I dropped off Ann, ran a couple errands and returned to work from home that morning. Vic ran point for me at the office as JCI repaired our mag lock system on the north end, returning everything to normal by the mid-afternoon. That is such a heavy weight off my mind but I am still angry with our old vendor that notified me that he wasn’t able to work for us only when I called him for an emergency call. I don’t know why he didn’t call me sooner and let me know so that I could’ve had all this set up in advance…grrrr… I picked Ann up after she finished and we went for lunch at ElRep. It’s hard to beat their fish tacos and margaritas! When we finished, Ann resumed the position in her chair, binge-watching Chicago Fire and napping. Meanwhile, I finished up all of the facility’s monthly purchasing and tied up a few loose ends before calling it quits about 5. I started to write-out some bills until Jimmy came over to drop off shirts for me to take into work on Monday. We chatted for a while then I went out to the park to play a round of frisbee golf. It was a little warmer – in the 40s – but the wind was now out of the east and a little milder than last night. I started off a little rough but by the end, I was doing fine. I finished with a 24, thanks mostly to birdying the final 3 holes. I very nearly had a hole-in-one on 7 again, nicking the front of the basket. I’m gonna get one this year, I can feel it! 😊 We were saddened to hear that one of our friends, Bekah Deiwert, passed away that day from cancer. I didn’t even know she was sick again… With her passing and Ann made us Alfredo pasta with prosciutto – yum! I added a piece of pumpernickel bread & butter on the side and it was perfection… That evening, we watched the Franklin College basketball game. I pulled it up on my phone and then mirrored my screen onto the big TV. It was pretty cool. They hung with them through most of the 1st half, but the last few minutes before the half, Illinois Wesleyan began to pull away. They had a sizeable lead at the half and poured on the gas on the 2nd half. The Grizzlies couldn’t stop the Titans down low. They got easy buckets and rebounds all night long, dominating the paint. FC’s 3-pointers kept them hanging around, but it simply wasn’t enough. So, they were one-and-done in the NCAA tourney. Still, HCAC conference tourney champs, and that should go in the rafters next year. As we watched that game, I also had the Greensburg basketball game pulled up on my laptop. We listened to WTRE’s broadcast with Gary & Doc. Gary was so fired up, he was screaming much of the game! The officiating left something to be desired, and the broadcasters told us each time they disagreed with a call…which was often, LOL. It was a low-scoring game. With only two minutes to play in the 1st quarter, it was only 2-0. I think it ended 4-3. The halftime score was equally ridiculous – 15-11. That sounds like an elementary girls’ game score! In the end, Franklin County had one guy that did all the scoring and the Pirates did not have an answer for him. Couple that with numerous turnovers and unforced errors and it was a disaster of a game. So, their Sectional run is done for this year and the seniors that we know so well are all done with their high school careers. This team really under-performed. They lacked rebounding – something Luke or even Sam would’ve given them, had they still been playing at this level. Ah, what might’ve been… Luke went to school and track practice then rode the party bus back to Connersville again to support the team. He and his buddies all had on face paint and matching t-shirts that spelled out P-I-R-A-T-E-S. There’s a couple pictures floating around that I’ll have to get and share next week on here. We watched the Law & Orders we taped the other night then fell asleep trying to watch something else and decided to just give it up and go on to bed. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.03.01 hwc22.03.02 hwc22.03.03 hwc22.03.04 hwc22.03.05 hwc22.03.06 hwc22.03.07 hwc22.03.08 hwc22.03.09 hwc22.03.10 hwc22.03.11 hwc22.03.12 hwc22.03.13 hwc22.03.14

We were up early and out the door on Saturday morning. First it was Luke, who had his first track meet that morning, that was up and going. Next was me, who followed him over to St. Leon to watch him compete. Finally, Ms. Ann got picked up by Amy and they headed down to Madison for a girls weekend. They went shopping, checked out a brewery/distillery and spent the night down there (walking distance from the brewery/distillery – LOL!). I got over to East Central just as Luke was making his first throw. I couldn’t believe how many people were down there. There were 60 boys throwing shotput that day. They were broken into six groups of ten each. Luke was in the first group of ten and finished 3rd with a throw of 43’, 9”. Pretty good for a kid that hasn’t done track since junior high school! He finished 3rd out of 60 boys that day! Way to go, little buddy! He has a shot of going to state next weekend at IU. They take the top 25 in the state so we’ll have to wait and find out how all the other qualifying meets went today. I’m sure we’ll find out one way or the other at Monday’s practice. After a half hour, he was finished for the day. We stuck around for a while and watched his buddies in the long jump (Ethan & Brayden) then took off. We stopped at Kroger to do some Hot Wheels hunting and of course we had to hit their liquor store. I finally found a bottle of Knob Creek rye, which has been surprisingly difficult to come by lately. There were a couple other bottles I considered buying but opted not to. We tried to eat in New Point at the Midtown Diner, but they were only taking cash – which we didn’t have; so, we came back to town and went to Frisch’s Big Boy for their yummy breakfast buffet. We went to the gun store, but they didn’t have anything there so I dropped him off at his car (at school) and he went over to Gma & Gigi’s house to do some errands around their house. I stopped at our friend Chris’ junk store downtown (Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That) then went out to the park and played a round of frisbee golf while enjoying the amazing weather. It was in the mid-seventies and sunny. However, there was a nasty wind out of the north that seemed to be swirling. It felt like I was throwing into the wind with every tee shot. My disc was all over the place. It was ugly. Not only were my tee shots crap, but my putting was still atrocious. By the time I crossed the bridge, I was already two over par and despite bogeying 6, I nearly had a hole-in-one on 7 and parred the rest of the course to finish with a 29. I came home and paid bills then put on the Purdue / IU game from Mackey. It was Senior Day for the likes of Williams, Stefanovic & Hunter. Sasha passed Robbie Hummel on the Purdue all-time 3-pointers list. It was so loud in the arena that night, as the crowd sent the seniors out in style. It was sad to understand it is the final time we’ll see the boys play at home this season. The #8 Boilers looked good in spurts and then looked horrible at times as well. The Hoosiers always play us well, of course, which makes this rivalry so damn good. It doesn’t matter which team is better, the game is always a toss-up. The Hoosiers always come ready to play. This game was no different. It was back and forth the whole way and came down to the final possession. I thought we would see another last-second shot to dash the Boilermaker’s hopes…but they boys held on and did just enough to win by just two points. Luke came home from Gma & Gigi’s house worn-out. He watched the end of the game with me then went to the Y to lift. I wrote out this week’s html code while I watched some DVR’d shows like the NASCAR truck race, Ancient Aliens, South Park, Robot Chicken, Oak Island & The Walking Dead. Meanwhile, Luke picked up dinner for us at BK after lifting at the YMCA then went out to spend the night at Oakley’s house. That allowed me to enjoy a quiet night with the dogs. I watched Coach K’s final game at the Cameron Indoor Stadium that evening as well…it’s hard to believe he is retiring after being there for 42 years. I figured he would be on the sidelines until he died. I heard from Abby, who said she was feeling better with her meds in her now – which I was glad to hear. We missed going to see Matt that day. “Coach Scheu” (as he is called by his kids and their parents – ha!) led his team into the year-end tourney that they hosted again this year at Z-West. It was pretty close, but in the end, they finished 4th. What a great year for Matt, his coaches and the kids. He is really building something special there at Zionsville West Middle School. Westfield wound up winning it all and was the only team to beat them in dual meets this year. Still, what a great year for Z-West again under the tutelage of Matthew and his staff!

I had a chance to sleep in on Sunday morning, so what did I do? Wake up at the crack of dawn and not be able to fall back to sleep. So, I got up and started my day. I did my weekly household chores, made breakfast and enjoyed a quiet morning with the dogs. It was nice outside, but it was really humid. It looked like it rained overnight, but I didn’t hear anything at all. I slept in the middle of the bed and don’t think I moved a muscle. I took it easy all day, cleaning up my DVR, working on the blog and taking naps. Luke made it safety to his destination in Columbus, OH. He and his buddies went to some body-building competition and convention, where they had a bunch of vendors that he was interested in visiting. Ann called and told me she and Amy were having fun. They even rented a golf cart to get them around town to visit the little shops and boutiques down in Madison. It was sunny outside and I thought about going out in it a couple times but decided to stay on the couch and take another nap. 😊 Ann came home before sundown and she and Amy made several trips to bring in all the stuff from the Girls Weekend in Madison. She got us a bottle of wine, a couple bottles of gin (one is citrus-infused!), 3 different bottles of Hoboken Eddies sauces, 3 different olive oils (for popcorn!), a couple candles and a myriad of other products. She’s ready for us to move down there! In fact, one of the brochures evens says right on it, “Come for a visit, stay for a lifetime.” Shortly afterward, Luke came home as well. We got to see all the stuff that he picked-up at the event, including a really nice lifting belt. He put it to good use a few minutes later when he immediately went right back out and lifted at the YMCA. I watched the Vegas Cup race that afternoon and into the evening. That night, Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn – despite being sore from walking nearly 8 miles this weekend (and that’s WITH having the golf cart!). We enjoyed the corn while watching the debut of the new season of Outlander (finally!). It has been forever since we saw a new episode. But I’m glad we watched the last half of the previous season so that we were able to remember where the storyline left off. It was a great way to wrap up a nice weekend and a relaxing way to wind down another good week, here at the Scheu abode before we start it all over again in the morning…

Next up is our Waybac section, which continues to feature old family photos from my Aunt Sue that spans six decades. We lead off in the 40s where we see Aunt Sue on the 9th St. home’s stairs, circa ’44. Next, we move forward to the 50s & 60s where we see Dad Scheu with Aunt Mary around ’59 or so, Granny with one of the little ones in the early 60s and Aunt Sally in what I assume is her senior picture in about ’69. In the 70s we see Vicki & Granny at McCormick Creek St. Park in June of 1970; Mary and Barney in the early 70s; Granny with friend in January 1975; Jackie’s school picture from the mid-seventies; and Kimmy’s 4th birthday party at the 9th St. house with Jackie, Charlie Giese, Granny & Aunt June in March 1977. In the 80s, there’s my football picture from up in LaPorte in the fall of 1984. We wrap up in the 90s this time out: Jason & Erica Senior Prom night at Jeff in May 1991; Barn, Steph & Haley, circa ’91; Granny, Sally & who I presume is Daniel (?) in July 1993; Granny & Cindy on Christmas Eve in December 1993; newborn pix of Monica in October 1995 and Jazmine, also in ’95 (I think); Granny with newborn Abby in Columbus in September 1999; Matt (3 ½) & Bu (8 weeks) from the now-defunct Sears photo studio in Columbus in November 1999; and Matt & Granny at John & June’s house for the Scheu Fam Xmas in December 1999. What a fun batch of pix!!

Waybac.1944.sos01 Waybac.1959.twm01 Waybac.1960s.gwk01 Waybac.1969.ssp01 Waybac.1970.06.gwvmc01 Waybac.1971.mab01 Waybac.1975.01.gwf01 Waybac.1975.jsp01 Waybac.1977.03.kfbd01 Waybac.1977.03.kfbd02 Waybac.1984.09.tlpf01 Waybac.1991.05.jesp01 Waybac.1991.bsl01 Waybac.1991.bsl02 Waybac.1993.07.gsc01 Waybac.1993.12.gac01 Waybac.1995.10.msb01 Waybac.1995.jabd01 Waybac.1999.09.abwg01 Waybac.1999.11.m3.5a8wk Waybac.1999.12.mgc01 lp22.03.01

Next up is our video segment which features one new home movie this week (it actually combines several oddball vids from several different years) as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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