(Spring) Break…of Day will make Your Spirits Fly

We’ve enjoyed a slower week, here at the Scheu abode. We saw the temps bottom back out and spent the last half of the week below the freezing mark. Matt had a big week, completing his first big sale for Cathy as well as wrapping up his wrestling season with his awards banquet in Zionsville. Abby had a full week of classes in Franklin while working part-time in Greenwood. She was informed this week that she’s been given a promotion and raise! We enjoyed spending time with her this weekend. Luke had the week off for Spring Break – the first of two, if you can believe that. Who wants two weeks off when it’s cold?? He continued to work out at the Y and he house-sat for He is currently still ranked in the top ten for the shotput and still has a real shot to make it to the Indoor State Finals in Bloomington, here in a couple weeks! Ann had a long week of work and enjoyed spending time with her friends. I had a busy week as well. Between the cold and life getting in the way, I only managed four miles of exercise this week. I have to admit, it was good to be back on campus, enjoying a ballgame with the guys – even if it wasn’t my guys. I got some new Hot Wheels this week as well as a really cool original ad from 1968 that I want to frame and hand up in the den (or maybe I’ll hang it at work if Ann doesn’t go for it – LOL). We had a major home improvement this week. If not for that, I might’ve been able to talk Ann into letting me buy a bottle of EH Taylor bourbon…it only had a $300 price tag on it. I’m still trying to talk Bryan into buying it for us… Hello again and welcome to the latest chapter of the Scheu Family Blog.

We were up early on Monday morning when a big thunderstorm rolled through town at about 4 am. I love it when it rains like that, so I had no trouble falling back to sleep during it. It was still raining on our way into work that morning. I think we got between 2 and 3 inches, causing flooding everywhere. Ann’s work lost power, but thankfully mine did not. We were able to make it into work but had to dodge a few spots where there was water flowing across the road…which were still there on our way home as well. Ann & I both had very fast days. I treated Vic to lunch at El Nopal, as a thank you for his hard work last week when helping me deal with the security issue on the north end of main building. I finally made time to close my 2021 books and set up my 2022 books. I lost track of time and got out of the office later than I expected. I thought I could get in a quick lap around the college campus, but when I went outside, I couldn’t believe how freakin’ cold it had become. Instead of trying to go walk at the mall for 15 minutes, I texted Ann and asked if she wanted to leave a little early, which we did. We stopped to get gas when got home and about shit to find it selling for $4.25 a gallon! We ran out to Walmart to pickup supplies for Ann to make the Deiwert’s dinner the next evening. We drove past the funeral home where their sign outside had featured Colleen’s face last week. That evening, it had Bekah’s face on it. That really brought it home, though its still surreal to me right now. Meanwhile, Luke had stayed at Oakley’s house overnight and enjoyed sleeping in during the first day of his final Spring Break of his high school career. He slept and played video games most of the day. He went to track practice then lifted at the Y. On his way home, he got pulled over for having his plate light out. So, he ran out to Walmart to get a light and replaced it in their parking lot. Ann & I found our own dinner and watched a few DVR’d shows before falling asleep in the living room. Whereas we had the heat off, the fan blowing on us and the house open yesterday and last night, that evening we closed it up, turned the heat back on and crawled back under blankets and had the dogs sit with us to keep us warm as the temps dipped all the way down below freezing again…brrr… Here are pictures from Luke’s Indoor Invite at East Central last weekend.

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I had the hottest shower on Tuesday morning! It was like it used to be again. See, ever since we had the plumbing repaired by Danny, the water hasn’t been nearly as warm as it used to be. Both Ann & I enjoyed warm showers for the first time since the repair as well. Hell, I actually had to turn the temperature down. I never do that! It was another busy day at work for Ann & I. I worked on putting stock away all morning and didn’t even eat breakfast until after 10. By the time I got caught up on paperwork, it was time to hop on the Red Line Club website and try to procure the next little Hot Wheels treasure – a cool, spectraflame green Mustang Boss Hoss. I started my monthly reports for February and then had to close up shop early that afternoon. I picked up Annie and we came home. She cooked a big dinner for the Deiwert boys in their time of mourning. She made two big dishes of baked spaghetti, garlic bread and salads. One set was for them and the other was for our dinner that night. While she labored in the kitchen, I went back to work in the family room and finished my logging my monthly rounds online through Facility Dude. Mary & Jason came over to pickup the food and delivered it to them. We visited with them for a while then we sat down to eat with Luke. He enjoyed another day off from school but I’m not sure if he had track or not. He did go workout at the Y. I noticed when I was doing dishes after dinner that there wasn’t any hot water. I chocked it up to Luke doing laundry and didn’t think too much about it. But once Luke returned and tried to shower, it was obvious that we were having hot water issues. Seems that luxury we enjoyed this morning was the water heater’s last hurrah. I tried a few troubleshooting things, but nothing I did had any impact. I did two loads of dishes, which came out OK and we wash our clothes in cold, so that’ll be fine as well. Luke took a cold shower that night – something I doubt he does again, judging by the amount bitching he did. I don’t blame him; I would’ve gone to a friend’s house, but he tried to tough it out, LOL. We may have to shower at Mom’s tomorrow, if Danny can’t get it fixed immediately. We watched some DVR’d shows and tried to keep warm on an evening that dipped back down around the freezing mark again. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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I did not shave or shower on Wednesday morning. I did wash my hair, which wasn’t too brutal. Ann asked about the hot water situation when I returned to the bedroom and I just chuckled and encouraged her to go shower. She wasn’t buying it and said she would be calling Danny first thing this morning to get us on his list. After cleaning up with the cold water, we headed out to commute back to Columbus. It had snowed overnight and was still coming down a little as the van warmed-up. Thankfully, nothing stuck to the ground but it covered the vehicles and grass. It was humid and thus felt warmer than the previous day. Between dealing with work and the water heater, Ann and I were busy all day. She took the lead, and I just did what I could to support her efforts. We wound up determining that the water heater needed replaced instead of repaired, unfortunately. Damn that hard water! Danny didn’t have any luck finding one but Ann found one at Lowe’s. I tried to buy it online, but it kept throwing me up to Franklin and thus wanted to ship it on a truck for a hundred bucks in a few days. I was able to get out of work on time and managed to walk three miles, despite stopping to check out the progress on the frisbee golf course out on the airport property. The progress was nil. It was still just stakes. I really hope that isn’t all it is going to be… We left work early to go to Bekah’s visitation at the funeral home. We saw several of our friends and our kids’ friends there that night. Matt wound up getting tied up with work and wasn’t able to make it down. Luke was off that day but he slept all day and only woke up when we got there. Julie came over again and cleaned the house, hitting different spots this time and really has the abode looking better than it has in a long time! When we got home, I helped Ann deal with the hospital billing department that had buggered up the payment process again. We had to go through all this a month or so ago and got it straightened out once. So, I got Ann all the paperwork to show the payments and then called Lowe’s. They were able to send someone to the aisle and verify they had one of the devices we needed in stock. So, Luke (who had just awoken) and I went back to Columbus to go get it before someone else had an emergency and needed it! They were so short-staffed that we had to get a ladder and go pick it ourselves out of the shelf. Luke climbed up into the shelf and we carried it down the stairs. We had pulled the middle seat out of the Barneymobile and so it slid in easily for us. For his trouble, I treated Luke to dinner of his choice. He wanted Chipotle, so we grabbed dinner down the street at another place that was short-staffed. It is the new pandemic – an employee shortage everywhere. We have obviously felt that pain ourselves, out at my work. We got it home and finally sat down to relax after eight. I made it through most of the first show before falling asleep – LOL. I tried to stay awake but eventually gave it up and just went on to bed. That allowed Annie to resume binge-watching her Chicago Fire until the early morning hours…

It was colder Thursday morning. We had to let the van warm up a little longer to defrost the windshields before heading back to Columbus. They had brined the roads, so I don’t know if that means they’re expecting some cold precipitation soon? It was another fast day for both Annie and myself. I worked on purchasing stuff in the morning then went to lunch with Justin & Jim. Jim had been off a couple days with family stuff, so it was good to see him but he clearly needed a distraction – something Justin & I were willing to provide for him. Justin chose Chicago’s Pizza buffet, which Jim loved. We had a good talk and de-stressed for a while. In the afternoon, I was able to begin my monthly reports and by the time I left, I only had two remaining! I tried to walk that afternoon, but I hadn’t even gotten 5 minutes into my walk when the pizza decided it was done with me and was ready to vacate my body. I quickly waddled back to work and was out of the mood by the time I got back outside. So, I picked up Annie and we headed on home. I dropped her off and went out to the park for a quick game of frisbee golf. I didn’t have much time, since Ann was going out that night; so I stretched a little, but didn’t practice putting at all. It was a perfect evening and there was another golfer on the course behind me. With no wind, I was able to place the disc wherever I wanted. It was by far my best game of the young year and tied my personal best. I’ve only scored a 20 once other time, back in November of 2021. And to be honest, it was really close to a 17. My tee shots on 4 and 7 just missed the baskets and I nearly hit a long putt on the island (5). If not for nailing a tree on my tee shot on 6, I would’ve had that 19… I’ve decided to keep throwing from the front tees through March. My elbow has been sore for two years. It started off good last year, but by mid-summer, it was screaming again. Hopefully, by doing “Spring Training” by throwing from the front tees for a month, I’ll have the tendons strong again by April and be ready to really torque on them again. Meanwhile, Luke enjoyed sleeping in again for Spring Break. We were thrilled that Danny made it over, late that morning to work on installing the new water heater. It was another “ho bath” for us that morning (Luke has been showering at the Y!) but it would be our last. Luke & Kayden helped Danny to get the water heater out and the new one in and Danny hooked it all up and was done in just a few hours. We were thrilled that evening when we tested out the hot water. It was back to where it was before we had that darned leak this past fall. I ran Ann out to her friend’s house off Millhousen Rd, where all the gals met up and they drove to Stone’s in Millhousen for some fried chicken dinner buffet – yum! Luke went to Greenwood with Kayden to go shopping and then went to work out at the & for several hours. He showered and chatted for a minute before heading over to Drew’s house to spend the night. I binge-watched a show on HBO called Euphoria. I’m not sure if I like it or if I’m creeped out by it yet… Ann came home and we tried to watch the FBI shows, but she fell asleep again (this was our 2nd attempt) and so I watched a couple more episodes of that Euphoria on HBO Max, staying up a little too late… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

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We hit snooze a few times on Friday morning, dragging ourselves out finally. I have to admit, that shower made yesterday’s expense totally worth it! 😊 Ann & I did our weekly routine of Dunkin drive thru, dropping her off at the downtown office, I ran a few errands around town then returned to the house to work from home. My morning went by fast and before I knew it, Ann was ready to be picked up. Luke came home from Drew’s house just as I was leaving and he decided to bum along – just in case we went out to lunch. As it turned out, we did grab lunch. We went to Wings & Rings for the first time in a couple months. We watched the IU game out there and I enjoyed a couple seasonal cocktails with my dinner. They had a few on the menu, but I had the Irish Red Head, made by our favorite bartender – Kristen. It was good to catch up with her for a little while. We dropped Luke off at home and took Ann to get her new glasses. Luke went out to Oakley’s house, where he will be spending a lot of time the next week or so, housesitting for Monte & Leslie. When I got back home, I was in not mood to work, so I emailed my boss and took the afternoon off, watching the Big Ten tournament games. IU won in a big upset over Illinois. Wisconsin also went down, as MSU beat them. Rutgers lost as well, which begged the question – could Purdue hold off Penn St that night? It snowed all afternoon, something that Ann & Delilah were happy about…Lola & I, not so much. I’d say we got a little over an inch. It was enough to completely cover the ground and cars, but not the streets or driveway. The Nittany Lions came ready to play and went up by 10 early. Gradually, Coach Painter and his staff made the right adjustments and were able to go on a run to close out the half with a lead – thanks mainly to Williams and Newman. In the second half of the game, the Boilers started pretty good and ran out to their own ten-point lead. It got close again down the stretch, but the Boilers held on to escape with a win and move onto the final four of the tourney, ranked as the lowest remaining seed. If IU and PU can win their next game, it’ll set up a rubber match between the Boilermakers and Hoosiers!

We enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning. We slowly got up and enjoyed a slow, quiet morning. It was sunny but very cold – down into the teens again. We eventually got cleaned up, loaded up old Barney and headed up to Franklin to see Abby on family day. We met with Abs at her room in the New Dorms, where the girls were still getting ready. We took her and her roommate, Carlie, downtown for lunch at Greek’s Pizza. Abs & I split a pizza and a pitcher of Quaff On Six-Foot Strawberry Blonde ale. It went down really smooth as we watched the IU game. Unfortunately, they lost on a last-second heave that banked-in. I hope they did enough in the Big Ten tourney to make the Big Dance. Afterward, we walked downtown to a few shops, including a new record store called Electric Key Records. It wasn’t as good as the other store, but the other store was no longer in business, unfortunately. We went back to the FC campus and hooked up with Will at the ΣΑΕ house. He set up a table for us in the Red Room to watch the Purdue game, drink some beers and play some euchre. It was the old folks vs. the young guns. After starting off 20-1 and winning the first two games, the younglings finally won one. We decided to switch to gin & tonics, using the new bottle we brought along with us to try. This is one of the small batch bottles Ann picked up last weekend in Madison with Amy. As it turned out, it did not match well with tonic and lime. It was distilled from grapes and we think that is what gave it an unusual wang. We thought about leaving it for the kids but decided to try pairing it with something different before giving up on it. Annie & I went on to win the next two games and take the series 4-1. We enjoyed cheering the Boilers on to a win. We were hoping to play IU in the finals but will now face Iowa instead. Afterward, we took Abs & Will out to dinner at Mi Abuelito, the Mexican restaurant just off-campus by Bojack’s. We enjoyed a huge dinner and margaritas (well, Will had a mug of beer that was as big as his head) and all left completely stuffed. We said our good-byes and headed back home. Meanwhile, Luke spent most of his day house-sitting out at the Bests house. He came home briefly to let the dogs out and shower before heading back out. When we got back to the house, we put everything away and chilled with the dogs and tried to finish watching the SWAT episode we started previously. I didn’t even make it five minutes and was snoring on the couch. I tried to fight it but gave it up and went on to bed. That allowed Ann to binge-watch more Chicago Fire. I didn’t even hear her come to bed that night… Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.03.15 hwc22.03.16 hwc22.03.17 hwc22.03.18 hwc22.03.19 hwc22.03.20 hwc22.03.21 hwc22.03.22 hwc22.03.23 hwc22.03.24 hwc22.03.25 hwc22.03.26 hwc22.03.27 hwc22.03.28 hwc22.03.29 hwc22.03.30

We “sprung ahead” on Sunday morning. Nowadays, most thing automatically change time for us – like computers, phones and TVs, etc. But our wall clocks and kitchen appliances still don’t have that technology. I enjoyed a quiet morning with the dogs, watching the sun come up while watching the Xfinity race from yesterday. When Ann got up later, I did our weekly household chores while Ann made us breakfast. We napped on and off while watching DVR’d shows until the Purdue game came on that afternoon. The game was pretty close in the first half, but the Boilers turned the ball over too much and missed too many free throws. They finally took the lead midway through the second half…but then the turnover bug hit again and then the free throws were issues down the stretch. Not only did they blow the Big Ten regular season conference championship down the stretch but that afternoon they blew the Big Ten tournament championship as Iowa won, going away. Now onto the Big Dance… While Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner, I watched the selection show and was pleased to see IU made it in but miffed that Purdue was bounced to a 3 seed. Had they been a 2 (instead of Kentucky), they could’ve played in Indy for the first two rounds. Instead, they will head to Milwaukee next weekend. We watched a few DVR’d shows that evening before flipping over to Starz to watch the latest episode of Outlander. It was a great way to wind down the weekend and relaxing way to wrap up another week, here at the old Scheu homestead…

Next up we have our Waybac segment which continues to feature a great selection of pix from Aunt Sue that spans six decades. We lead off this week this week in the 1940s & 50s with Aunt Sue, circa 1944 and then move on to a little league game which I believe has Dad & Chuck playing with Grandpa Pug coaching in the summer of ’56 as well as a school picture of dad from the late 50s. Next, we fast forward to the 1960s: Vicki & Billy in ‘62 and Vic in October ’64 & August ’65; Dad’s senior picture in ’65 and then Vicki’s First Communion pix with Aunt Mary, Granny, Aunt Mary Koerner and Uncle Chuck in April ’69; in the 1970s, there’s a picture of me out back of our Shortridge St. home in Lafayette in ’70; in the 1980s we see a great group of pictures from what I think may be Granny’s birthday in approximately January ‘89; and then in the 1990s we have the Scheu Family Xmas party at John & June’s house on Lingle Ave in December 1997 – which includes a rare pic of four generations of Scheus – Granny, Dad, myself & Matt! 😊 and then we wrap up with a sweet pictures of Granny in Columbus for Abby’s birth in September ’99.

Waybac.1944.sos02 Waybac.1956.09.tjpbb01 Waybac.1958.09.dsp01 Waybac.1962.vab01 Waybac.1964.10.fv01 Waybac.1965.08.vf01 Waybac.1965.09.dsp01 Waybac.1969.04.vffc01 Waybac.1969.04.vffc02 Waybac.1969.04.vffc03 Waybac.1969.04.vffc04 Waybac.1969.04.vffc05 Waybac.1969.04.vffc06 Waybac.1970.ltos01 Waybac.1970.ltos02 Waybac.1989.01.gbd01 Waybac.1989.01.gbd02 Waybac.1989.01.gbd03 Waybac.1989.01.gbd04 Waybac.1997.12.sfc01 Waybac.1997.12.sfc02 Waybac.1997.12.sfc03 Waybac.1997.12.sfc04 Waybac.1999.09.gabd01 lp22.03.02

Next up is our video segment which features one new home movie from this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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