Where do We Go from Here…now that All of the Children have Grown Up?

We had another fast week squeak past us again already. It was the first full week with a house full of official adults. With the kids and us no longer involved in sports and other extracurricular activities, it has us asking ourselves, where do we go from here…or maybe what’s next? Maybe Ann can study to be an FBI investigator or maybe even a true crime novelist / podcast host. Perhaps I can go pro in the disc golf league or maybe open a recording studio so I can run the soundboard. I think more likely we’ll turn our focus on our house, as there are several things that were put on the backburner while the kids were doing their thing for the last two decades. In fact, we took a small step in that direction this week. The city repaved the neighborhood this week, but did sort of a lousy job, if you ask me. We missed the bicentennial parade that the city threw this weekend. I guess we’ll just have to wait another two hundred years for the next one! Matt continued his job hunt while working for Z-West this week. He has a few lines in the water right now and is open for several different directions that his life may take him. Abby worked fulltime in Greenwood with her Sly Fox company. She enjoyed spending a little time with friends as well as getting in some quality family time as well. She was happy to get Tonya back in the driveway this week…now if we could just get that Hot Rod Lincoln back… Speaking of Luke, he continued to do odd jobs around town and drive our old pickup truck, since his car is still in the shop. We thought we might get it back, late in the week, but Jerry was ill this week and so he’ll have to wait a little longer. He spent a ton of time with his friends, as he should – being that this is the summer that he and his senior buddies will remember for the rest of their lives. After this summer, nothing will ever be the same as they all go in different directions and begin life’s next stage. Ann enjoyed the week off from work and spent time with friends this week. I worked a half week as we said goodbye to Dad & Lynn, who stayed in town another couple days. Despite the rainy week and the lack of time in Columbus, I still logged a little over eleven miles of exercise this week, including eight rounds of frisbee golf. The temps were up and down, the humidity did the same and we had rain nearly every day. But it was next week’s weather that we were talking about, as it is scheduled to be near triple digits. So, we enjoyed this week and gave Black Betty a rest – especially since the price of gas has absolutely exploded this spring – she’ll need that energy next week when we run that sweet air conditioning… Between the start of the week with my family and the end of the week with Ann’s fam, we enjoyed seeing more of our family this week as well, which helped to take our minds off the fact that all our children have grown up… Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

Luke, Ann & I all took Monday off so we enjoyed sleeping in that morning. The dogs enjoyed sleeping in as well! Poor Abby had to get up and drive up to Greenwood to work that morning, after only a few hours of sleep. Ah, to be young again… I got up and began the long process of putting everything away from this past weekend. I started in the kitchen. The boys had done a decent job of picking up after themselves – I was impressed. I got all the trash & recycles out and did a load of dishes before moving on to the backyard. That was also pretty well picked up by the boys, which helped. I still had a lot of steps as I put everything back away in its proper place (mostly in the garage) – including the eight coolers full of beverages. I got everything organized in the beer fridge, dried everything out and put back away. Next was the family room, which was a pit. The one thing that made it palatable was that I got to stand in front of the A/C vent! Not that it was super-hot outside, but it was humid and the skies were starting to cloud up in preparation of more rain. In fact, we were slated to get rain for the next 48 hours or so – off & on. Dad & Lynn came over and we chatted for a while and watched the NASCAR race that I taped yesterday. They went over to Mom & Sandy’s house for an hour or two and said they had a good talk. Ann & Luke ran a couple errands, opening a savings account for his graduation money (everyone was so nice to him!), returned stuff to Mesco (thanks Bryan!), and took the truck tire to Jerry’s garage to be replaced. We hung out for a while with Dad & Lynn before they returned to the hotel to take naps. We did the same, napping on and off for a couple hours as Ann read and I completed the blog for last week. I had no sooner posted that entry that Abby, Dad & Lynn had all returned the house to meet up for dinner. We decided to go to Batesville. At first, we talked about LaRosa’s but instead opted to take them to Lil’ Charlie’s. I was bummed when they were out of the seafood dip but the artichoke dip was nearly as good with those amazing pita chips of theirs…umm! Abs and I had one of their “rum bucket” drinks. Yep, you guessed it – a big cocktail served in a bucket you can take home. I thought about getting the fish but had to go with a Bulldog Burger (…when in Rome…), which comes with ham & eggs on it! We enjoyed chatting with them but then they went back to the hotel to rest up and get ready for the long ride back to New Jersey. We stopped at the Batesville liquor store where I picked up a bottle of Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair vanilla rum – something I can’t find in Greensburg. Abs found a new sour ale that tastes like a jelly donut (really Bu?) and a Norwegian gin that she and Will can enjoy. When we got back home, the kids retreated to their rooms while Ann & I binge-watched another couple episodes of the Flight Attendant on HBO Max. Here are pictures from Luke’s graduation day last weekend.

lp22.06.02 lgd22.01 lgd22.02 lgd22.03 lgd22.04 lgd22.05 lgd22.06 lgd22.07 lgd22.08 lgd22.09 lgd22.10 lgd22.11 lgd22.12 lgd22.13 lgd22.14 lgd22.15 lgd22.16 lgd22.17 lgd22.18 lgd22.19 lgd22.20 lgd22.21 lgd22.22 lgd22.23 lgd22.24 lgd22.25 lgd22.26 lgd22.27 lgd22.28 lgd22.29 lgd22.30 lgd22.31 lgd22.32 lgd22.33 lgd22.34 lgd22.35 lgd22.36 lgd22.37 lgd22.38 lgd22.39 lgd22.40 lgd22.41 lgd22.42 lgd22.43 lgd22.44 lgd22.45 lgd22.46 lgd22.47 lgd22.48 lgd22.49 lgd22.50 lgd22.51 lgd22.52 lgd22.53 lgd22.54 lgd22.55 lgd22.56 lgd22.57 lgd22.58 lgd22.59 lgd22.60 lgd22.61 lgd22.62 lgd22.63 lgd22.64 lgd22.65 lgd22.66 lgd22.67 lgd22.68 lgd22.69 lgd22.70 lgd22.71 lgd22.72 lgd22.73 lgd22.74 lgd22.75 lgd22.76 lgd22.77 lgd22.78 lgd22.79 lgd22.80 lgd22.81 lgd22.82 lgd22.83 lgd22.84 lgd22.85 lgd22.86 lgd22.87 lgd22.88 lgd22.89 lgd22.90 lgd22.91 lgd22.92 lgd22.93 lgd22.94 lgd22.95 lgd22.96 lgd22.97 lgd22.98 lgd22.99 lgd22.100 lgd22.101 lgd22.102 lgd22.103 lgd22.106 lgd22.107 lgd22.108 lgd22.109 lgd22.110 lgd22.111 lgd22.112 lgd22.113 lgd22.114 lgd22.115 lgd22.116 lgd22.117 lgd22.118 lgd22.119 lgd22.120 lgd22.121 lgd22.122 lgd22.123 lgd22.124 lgd22.125 lgd22.126 lgd22.127 lgd22.128 lgd22.129 lgd22.130 lgd22.131 lgd22.132 lgd22.133 lgd22.134 lgd22.135 lgd22.136 lgd22.137 lgd22.138 lgd22.139 lgd22.140 lgd22.141 lgd22.142 lgd22.143

We enjoyed sleeping in again on Tuesday morning…until Abby work us up on her way out, asking if she could drive on the street out there because the road workers were out working already. She scare the crap out of me when she woke me up. In fact, I gasped so loud that it work Ann as well – LOL. We rolled over and went back to sleep for an hour or so before getting up to shower and meet Dad & Lynn downtown at Stories. It recently reopened under new ownership, so we wanted to check it out. It was still really good, thankfully…but it’s hard to screw up breakfast. We had a nice talk and enjoyed a big breakfast before saying our goodbyes and seeing them off. They had a full 8-hour drive ahead of them, including stops to get to where they wanted in Pennsylvania. They like stopping at the same place so they can attend a farmer’s market and enjoy the best ice cream in the state! We came home and did a few weekly household chores around the house like laundry and dishes. We picked up the rest of the house and then rested for a couple hours, taking naps and watching DVR’d shows. Ann had to do a little work for a couple hours. Luke drove up to Greenwood with a buddy to get some workout supplements then ran past J&A Auto for me to pickup a new tire for Betty White. We put it back on in the driveway and threw the spare in the back to get inside before it started raining. Although it got really dark, I don’t think it ever rained. We took another afternoon nap later on as I worked on editing pictures and videos all day. There are some good graduation pictures that we’ll cherish for years to come. The only bad thing is the lighting / coloring of some of the pictures was way out of balance and so I did my best in post-production to make them halfway decent. Luke went to workout the Y for a couple hours then came home to shower before going right back out again with his friends. Ann made cheesy Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we watched the final episode of the Flight Attendant before switching over to Disney + to watch a couple episodes of the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series. It is pretty cool; I have to admit. I love these new series like Boba Fett, The Mandalorian and now this one. I hope they keep it up… I watched an episode of Picard on Paramount + before calling it an early night and relinquishing control of the remote so Ann could enjoy the weekly Chicago Fire marathon on Ion TV. Abby wound up staying the night up in Franklin, which I encourage her to do, since gas went up again. It’s now $5.25 a gallon – holy shit!!

I was up early and ready for work. I took a box of cupcakes into work and put them in the breakroom for the techs and nurses and all but a couple were gone by the time I left that day. I worked on paperwork that morning – what a pile I had to sift through! There I was, just minding my own business and listening to the radio when suddenly the morning guy on Y106 said something along the lines of, “Congratulations to Tom Scheumann and the folks at Columbus Behavioral Center.” I got kind of lightheaded and did a double take to make sure I had actually heard what my brain processed. I had entered their contest (called the Donut Drop) a month or so ago and had forgotten about it, to be honest. It was pretty cool to hear our name mentioned several times that day on the air. When Cody (the morning guy) came over with the donuts, we had to snap off a quick picture and thanked him. I shared the donuts with the management team as well as my girls in the kitchen. They were awesome! I was a good boy, getting a knife and only sampling a couple small bites off three of the goodies. After our morning meeting, the two Justins, Jim & I went to lunch at Chicago Pizza. I had a big salad and scraped toppings off most (not all) of my pizza. I finished up my paperwork, followed up on emails and phone messages that afternoon and got everything done by the time I left. It was raining when I left work, but I looked at the radar and the sky and saw a break was coming, so I went over to the frisbee golf course across the street and waited a couple minutes in the van. Even though it was still sprinkling, I went ahead and played through it. It rained a little harder at times, but I got through the first round. During the 2nd round, I could hear the thunder but it only rained hard on holes 7 and 8. By the time I teed off on 9, it had stopped. Despite the course being completely drenched (along with myself), I through decent – 27 & 26, finishing 18 holes at 1 under (53). I drove to home that afternoon, just behind the rain (the road was completely soaked but I never saw any rain). The cars coming at me had their lights on and were drenched – and you could see the dark clouds out ahead of me – but I stayed dry. I stopped at the park and played another 18 holes of golf, throwing even better – 23 & 25, finishing with a 6 under (48), but I was tired, sweaty, wet and sore. I passed Ann & Amy on the way home. They were headed out to a movie. She said it sucked. Abs was home when got back. I was parched and hot, so I didn’t even get out of the car. I called her and asked if she wanted to get a slushy at Sonic. She said she didn’t have shoes on, but I told her I didn’t either, so she came out and I drove barefoot – LOL! That evening, she cooked in the kitchen, making garlic chicken, veggies & dip and jalapeno dip…along with a few other things. It was all for her lunches at work. Good job, Bu! It’s a little more work, but will save you a ton of cash when you meal plan & prep. I watched a couple shows, including the next episode of the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney +. I warmed up some leftovers and when Ann got home, I fell asleep on the couch for a while. Luke worked for Coach Harris that day then lifted at the Y and did some shopping for his meals the rest of this week. When I woke up, I should’ve gone on to bed. Instead, I stayed up and then I was wired. So, I edited all the rest of this week’s pictures and wound up with a little of 400 to share this week… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis22.06.77 sis22.06.78 sis22.06.79 sis22.06.80 sis22.06.81 sis22.06.82 sis22.06.83 sis22.06.84 sis22.06.85 sis22.06.86 sis22.06.87 sis22.06.88 sis22.06.89 sis22.06.90 sis22.06.91 sis22.06.92 sis22.06.93 sis22.06.94 sis22.06.95 sis22.06.96 sis22.06.97 sis22.06.98 sis22.06.99 sis22.06.100 sis22.06.101 sis22.06.102 sis22.06.103 sis22.06.104 sis22.06.105 sis22.06.106 sis22.06.107 sis22.06.108 sis22.06.109 sis22.06.110 sis22.06.111 sis22.06.112 sis22.06.113 sis22.06.114 sis22.06.115 sis22.06.116 sis22.06.117 sis22.06.118 sis22.06.119 sis22.06.120 sis22.06.121 sis22.06.122 sis22.06.123 sis22.06.124 sis22.06.125 sis22.06.126 sis22.06.127 sis22.06.128 sis22.06.129 sis22.06.130 sis22.06.131 sis22.06.132 sis22.06.133 sis22.06.134 sis22.06.135 sis22.06.136 sis22.06.137 sis22.06.147 sis22.06.148 sis22.06.149 sis22.06.150 sis22.06.151 sis22.06.152 sis22.06.153 sis22.06.154 sis22.06.155 sis22.06.156 sis22.06.157 sis22.06.158 sis22.06.159 sis22.06.160 sis22.06.161 sis22.06.162 sis22.06.163 sis22.06.164 sis22.06.165 sis22.06.166 sis22.06.167 sis22.06.168 sis22.06.169 sis22.06.170 sis22.06.171 sis22.06.172 sis22.06.173

Abby & I returned to work on Thursday morning while Ann & Luke enjoyed sleeping in. Matt had summer camp at Z-West. It was a slower day, thankfully. I worked on some monthly stuff, including reports and scanned in a bunch of records from last month. I did my weekly rounds before Vic & I went out for lunch. We were hoping to eat in the cafeteria but the girls ran out of fish, so we went to McCallister’s. I had the New Yorker, which was really good. In fact, I’ll probably get that again the next time we wind up here. I did our weekly video surveillance rounds and filed a bunch of stuff in the afternoon, after installing a printer for our nursing supervisor. I got out of work late and only had time to play one round of frisbee golf, shooting a good game – par (27). My tee shots were much better that day. Today would’ve been Mom & Dad B’s 44th anniversary. I texted Dad & Rob and told them I was thinking about them and our little family. I couldn’t help but send them some pictures I ran across from 1978. I saved them to share next week – I think folks will get a kick out of them… I came home after one round, as Ann needed me to drive her out to her friend Dinah’s house. After I dropped her off, I stopped by the Dollar Genny to do some quick Hot Wheel hunting before heading out to the park to play a couple rounds of frisbee golf. As I did in Columbus, I used just my Leopard and Aviar and did pretty well. Like yesterday, I had a 23 & 25 again for another 48. I had a quiet night with Ann out with the girls at Stones in Millhousen for dinner. Luke went out to Oakley’s house and Abby went out to dinner with Kristin at the new(er) Mexican restaurant. The dogs and I had a quick dinner and binge-watched three episodes of Star Trek: Picard on Paramount +. I edited and uploaded a couple videos for this week’s blog and began renaming this week’s pictures until I fell asleep on the couch.

We were up and going early on Friday morning. Abs went in to work, up in Greenwood. I took Ann to a dentist appointment and ran a couple errands while she had a procedure done. When we came back home and put away the groceries, she enjoyed her day off while I worked from home in the family room. I got a bunch of paperwork, reports and purchasing done that morning. Around 1, we drove over to Columbus to pick up one of the new firepits we bought off Lowe’s. We have a nice Solo one coming, but it’s gonna be a few weeks, so we bought a little cheapie to tide us over until then and then we’ll have one for Luke to use down in the yard when he wants to have friends over and not have to mess with ours. While we were there, Ann found some big shrubs for the backyard. We bought enough to span across the south fence and will hopefully grow quickly to block our view of that darned house that was built directly behind us. After packing the van full of trees (have you ever seen a purple house? You know, a purple greenhouse!) and stopped next door at Chick-Filet-A for lunch. They were really busy for it being a little after the lunch hour. We got everything home safely and Ann called 811 to get the underground lines marked before we start digging back there around the gas line. I wheeled the shrubs around to the back so Ann could water them and then put together the new fire pit and brought a bunch of wood up for it. I mowed the yard as it rained on and off – nothing too intense, just enough to cool me off but make it super humid. I showered just before Abby got home from work. A little later, Mom & Sandy came over and brought their dogs for a play date with Delilah. Ms. Lola had to go in her pin because she doesn’t play well with others. Olive did great with DJ as they ran until they literally could only lie down and pant – lol. It was great; they were all out back barking and running with the neighbor dogs and they all wore each other out. We visited for about an hour or so then came in to see the girls off and had a find-your-own dinner. Luke went out to Oakley’s house to help them set up for his grad party tomorrow. He wound up staying the night out there. About dusk, the girls and I went out back to enjoy some porch time. We had a little music, lit the new firepit and had a couple adult beverages. The firepit is bigger than our last one and sits a little lower…a little too low, as it turned out…as I melted a 12” hole in Ann’s rug – sorry babe. ☹ Ann got tired and bowed out after an hour or so but Abs and I decided to have a couple cocktails, trying out a new bottle of Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay – this one is the spiced rum one. It’s not quite the same as Sailor, but it was still really good. Bu & I played a few games of Crazy Eights next to the fire with a cigar, enjoying the gorgeous evening with the dogs at our side. We eventually moved inside to grab a snack and watch some Rick & Morty until about 3 in the morning… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp22.06.82 smp22.06.83 smp22.06.84 smp22.06.85 smp22.06.86 smp22.06.87 smp22.06.88 smp22.06.89 smp22.06.90 smp22.06.91 smp22.06.92 smp22.06.93 smp22.06.94 smp22.06.95 smp22.06.96 smp22.06.97 smp22.06.98 smp22.06.99 smp22.06.100 smp22.06.101 smp22.06.102 smp22.06.103 smp22.06.104 smp22.06.105 smp22.06.106 smp22.06.107 smp22.06.108 smp22.06.109 smp22.06.110 smp22.06.111 smp22.06.112 smp22.06.113 smp22.06.114 smp22.06.115 smp22.06.116 smp22.06.117 smp22.06.118 smp22.06.119 smp22.06.120 smp22.06.121 smp22.06.122 smp22.06.123 smp22.06.124 smp22.06.125 smp22.06.126 smp22.06.127 smp22.06.128 smp22.06.129 smp22.06.130 smp22.06.131 smp22.06.132 smp22.06.133 smp22.06.134 smp22.06.135 smp22.06.136 smp22.06.137 smp22.06.138 smp22.06.139 smp22.06.140 smp22.06.141 smp22.06.142 smp22.06.143 smp22.06.144 smp22.06.145 smp22.06.146 smp22.06.147 smp22.06.148 smp22.06.149 smp22.06.150 smp22.06.151 smp22.06.152 smp22.06.153 smp22.06.154 smp22.06.155 smp22.06.156 smp22.06.157 smp22.06.158 smp22.06.159 smp22.06.160 smp22.06.161 smp22.06.162 smp22.06.163 smp22.06.164

I was hoping to go watch the bicentennial parade at Mom & Sandy’s house on Saturday morning. I slept in really late but still had time to pay the bills and make it over in plenty of time. I got busy and lost track of time and before I knew it, it was already 1030. ☹ Abby got up and made us a Bloody Mary along with breakfast in the air fryer. It was really good – toast, eggs, bacon and some Hoboken Eddie’s Homegrown sauce – yum! Luke got home around noon. By that time, the rain had stopped and the grass dried up. So, I got dressed, loaded up Betty White and went over to mow at Gma & Gigi’s house. The city has her front lawn torn up right now, as they replace the corner sidewalk with one that has a curb that goes down to the ground, so it’ll be nice when they get it done. Afterward, I went out to the park to play some frisbee golf. The park was packed with people everywhere. There was a baseball tourney, the pool was open, putt-putt was full, there were several picnics around the park and there was even a grad party near the hole 3 pin. It was pretty hot and super humid, which meant I was soaked with sweat. I really need to pick-up a wrist band to keep my throwing hand dry on days like this. I had planned to play 18, but with all the people, it wasn’t super safe for me to throw the back 9, so I stopped after the front 9 – but it was one of my better games, throwing a 21 (6 under par), which is just one off my personal record. I got showered and then Julie came over to get her fingerprint registered for the front door so she can get in next week. When they left, the girls and I went to Oakley & Ethan’s dual grad party at the Knights of St. Johns. Luke was there when we arrived, but he and Brayden left moments later to go to the next graduation party (I think they attended 3 or 4 that day) before ending up out at Oakley’s house where he spent the night. We enjoyed seeing several people and of course chatted for a while with both sets of hosting parents. For us, this is our final but for both of them, they have little ones still, so they both said we needed to stay in touch. We agreed and do plan to at least attend home football games this fall. I’m sure we’ll end up at BWR after at least one game for some post-game chicken & beer… 😊 We swung out by Wolf Theater so Ann could buy tickets, which is a good thing since they would eventually sell out again (2nd night in a row) for the Top Gun movie. We stopped by Mom & Sandy’s house to install a new water filter in their fancy new refrigerator before coming on home. Ann went out with Amy again to the movies, which left Abby & I home with the dogs. I thought we were going to enjoy some more porch time, but we both grabbed a little dinner and promptly fell asleep. When I woke up an hour or so later on the couch, I tried to stay awake but fell asleep twice more and decided to give it up and just went on to bed. Abs was crashed in her room, so I turned off the light and just left our doors open so the dogs could come in and out and sacked out the moment my head hit the pillow, I think… Here are some pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc22.06.19 hwc22.06.20 hwc22.06.21 hwc22.06.22 hwc22.06.23 hwc22.06.24 hwc22.06.25 hwc22.06.26 hwc22.06.27 hwc22.06.28 hwc22.06.29 hwc22.06.30 hwc22.06.31 hwc22.06.32 hwc22.06.33 hwc22.06.34

We all enjoyed sleeping in on a lazy Sunday morning. I couldn’t believe I slept over 11 hours overnight. I felt great when I got up. It would’ve been Mom’s 73rd birthday, were she still with us. Once you get older, you realize how young some people die… I knew she left us too soon, but when you consider that I’m only decade away from being her age when she passed is truly sad. Hell, I’ve already outlived my Grandpa Pug. It was already humid and warm when I let the dogs out, a precursor of what is to come over the next several days. I put on the truck race from yesterday and worked on the blog. I had sports on all day long, watching a couple USFL games and then the NASCAR race from Sanoma. Once Ms. Ann got up, I got to our weekly household chores and made myself a big breakfast. It will be the last breakfast for a few days, as I will begin a new diet on Monday morning. Bryan talked me into trying this intermittent fasting thing. So, I will eat Sunday night but then nothing on Monday, nothing on Tuesday and then resume eating on Wednesday. Yesterday, we saw him and Ann-Jay at the grad party and he tried to get me to only eat between 11 am and 7 pm the other 5 days. And I was like, we don’t eat dinner until well after 7 on most night. Hell, I don’t get done playing golf until 7 on a good night…so we’ll take one step at a time with this diet and see how it goes. I’m not even sure how it will affect my sugar levels, so I’ll have to keep an eye on that and bring my glucometer to work maybe. I spent the day working on the blog by uploading everything and writing out the html code for this week’s entry. We were surprised when our Solo firepit mysteriously showed up today. The website said it was backordered for two weeks, so now I’ll have something to do next week! Ann & Abby went to the store to get stuff to make for a pitch-in dinner at Mom & Sandy’s house to celebrate Keith & Rosie’s return to town that evening. They made corn dip and ranch dip. Mom, Dee and Sandy had lots of other side dishes for us and then ordered pizzas from Pizza King and Domino’s. Jamie & I played Sandy & Abby and blanked them 10-0! When Jamie & Luke went to go pickup pizzas, Ann sat in and we beat Sandy & Abby pretty handily. After dinner we played two more games with Jamie & I winning again. But then in the final game, the girls finally got the better of us. Keith, Rosie & Megan got in about an hour later than they had planned, but they made it safely. Keith looked great, having lost about 40 pounds since we last saw him! We came home and Abby did her food prep thing again, prepping a bunch of food for her meals next week. I watched the end of the NASCAR race and finished up the blog while Ann read and Luke rested. He joined Ann & I in the living room to watch a new show on the History channel called The Booze, Bets & Sex that Made America. Afterward, we called it a night. It was a relaxing way to wind down the weekend and good way to wrap up another quick week, here at the old Scheu abode.

Next is our Waybac segment, which features a new batch of pictures this week. I have a fresh group of pictures from Dee’s digital camera in 2007. We actually start off in Dec ’06 with three pictures of the matriarchs and their four dogs; then we move on to 2007…March: Matt at his drum performance at the high school, Sandy on the mayoral campaign trail; April: Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at Deer Creek; May: kids playing out back, Memorial Day weekend, Sandy covering the primary returns for WTRE at the courthouse; June: Gigi’s new figure, movie night; July: Tree City car show, Eiteljorg museum, 4th of July fun, Grace’s bday, Sandy’s bday; Aug: Ms. Muffin; Sept: Abby’s bday; Oct: Van Halen concert; Nov: Maryann’s bday; Dec: Christmas Eve at Mom & Sandy’s house. This is gonna be a fun group of pictures to share this summer…

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Next up is our video segment, which features two new family movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and stay safe out there. We miss ya, Birthday Girl. 😊
Later, Scheu

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