I got no Time for Livin’…Yes, I’m Workin’ all the Time

What comes to mind when you think of late summer evenings? For me, it’s cicadas. I know it’s late summer evening when I hear the deafening sound of these insects (aren’t they really just locusts?). They have been so loud this week. The weather has been unbearable at times and absolutely gorgeous at others, ranging from the lower 90’s to the upper 90’s. It’s like we’re in Florida or something…foreshadowing?? 🙂 It’s hard to believe that we didn’t make it in to the pool this week. At first I thought we had a leak, but with the outrageous humidity (nearly 100% all week), it’s little wonder we’ve had to add water to it three times in two weeks. All three kids are in full swing with their sports. Matt is now going to football practice each evening, Abby is attending soccer practice several times per week and Luke has also begun soccer practice aw well. Ann resumed her role from last week – that of a single parent, as I again put in nearly 70 hours at CBC. We have 4 capital projects occurring simultaneously. The biggest one is the flooring project. Solutions, Inc out of Chicago completed this phenomenal project in two weeks. As should be expected with a crew working at such a fevered rate, there are a few touch-ups we’ll need to make this next week. Overall, the project was a huge success. We still need to do some proactive things to ensure the flooring stays nice. We replaced almost 17,000 square feet of flooring. During this week, we also made some progress on our generator replacement project. We’re getting a new Cummins generator that will power the entire building – quite the upgrade from what we previously had, which was near a 1/20 the power & size! This week, they took out the tree where it will set, dug trenches and laid pipe to the transformer and poured our pad. We also upgraded our computer fleet with four new laptops. Of course, just receiving them was only the start. They needed several enhancements to get them up to our network standards. I was one of the lucky recipients. I’m not a big Dell fan, but the Latitude E6510 seems like a good little machine. We’ll see how it does compared to my IBM NetVista that I’ve used for the past 7 years. We also replaced an air conditioner in the dining room. But with the new laws on the Freon, we had to get a machine with the new coolant that also required us to replace the air handler as well. That was a mess up in that attic with the heat we’ve had; but the guys got it done. To say it’s been a crazy week at work would be an understatement…more like the most important week at work I’ve had in my career. My boss was out all week to top it off; so I had to wear my big boy pants.

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On Monday, Matt went over to Mom & Sandy’s abode to house- and dog-sit for them while they were gone this week. They first headed up to LaPorte to pick up Rosie & Megan who had spent some extra time with Rosie’s Mom & Dad. Next they headed out to New York to spend the week with Keith. They went to the local county fair and to a place that was similar to Conner Prairie in our area. Sandy was cool enough to bring me over some really cool pictures of their trip…thanks Gigi! Matt rode his bike to football from Mom & Gigi’s house all week. Abby had soccer practice that night. She is on an all-girls team this year, so this will be a little different this year. On Tuesday, Matt & Bu both had practices again. There was a heat advisory out that day, but I didn’t see the light of it, as I worked about 16 hours and got home shortly before midnight. On Wednesday it started off storming at 4 am, shaking the house. The drive in to work was tough, as the fog was thick as pea soup during the country-side commute. The heat advisory for this day was a joke, as it very nearly stretched up in to the triple digits in both temps and humidity. I went outside a few times to check on contractors and after 2 minutes of talking in the shade, I would have already sweated right through my shirt and had it pouring down my face before 5 minutes had passed. On Thursday, both Luke & Abby had soccer practices along with Matt back to football (they had called the previous day’s practice due to the heat yet had neglected to tell Matt & several of his teammates nor their parents. Nice communication, huh? On Thursday, Mom informed me that our good family friend of many, many years – Mary Lou Atha – had passed away at the age of 90. “Aunt” Lou played an integral role in my life and early child development as Mom would take me over to her house often with Grandmaw Brown during her single years. Lou taught me to play Yahtzee and I remember how I could sit for hours and watch the euchre games in her dining room and listening to all the stories. She was always so kind to Mom & I. I’ll never forget the love she always showed my family. Although we had exchanged Christmas cards annually, I hadn’t seen her in a couple decades. In fact, I don’t recall the last time I saw her, unless it was Grandpaw Brown’s funeral? We’ll miss you, Aunt Lou…and as I mentioned on last weeks comments, I did search for some old ones of Lou that hadn’t been used. Unfortunately I only found one. But here is a link to a sweet photo gallery with very touching music from the Hippensteel website (I know it had me shed a tear or two):


LouAthaObit1 LouAthaObit2 Waybac.1980.lat10.8

On Friday, 3 of the 4 projects were wrapped up with only the generator left and the next stage for it will be the delivery of the machine in a month. Even though it was late when I got out of work, it was the first time I was able to wear my shades all week! On Saturday, we headed over to Grandma & Gigi’s house to do their lawn work. Afterwards, we came home and worked in and around the yard. I need to pull up our Dogwood tree as it is toast. The Pin oak is very nearly completely dead as well. That little blue spruce though is looking good though. We had to take Matt out to the high school for football practice and then I took the kids over to Dairy Point for their help in the yard. That night, we went out to the high school field for the annual Blue / White football games. Each program level is on display at this yearly occurrence. The little guys (Luke’s age) start in the morning and they work their way all the way up to the Freshman/Jr. Varsity and Varsity scrimmages as the headlining attraction. It was a little cooler that evening; in fact I could tell a huge difference in the weather while mowing today. Matt played both ways during this exhibition. On offense, he played nearly every snap at center, only coming out for three plays. He made several nice blocks and is really starting to understand the position. Defensively is where I got excited as he was asked to play my old position – defensive end! It was his first experience at this position and he made his old man proud, getting in on a couple tackles and only losing outside contain once – pretty good for a newbie. 😛 I hope the coaches see some good in the film and give him more opportunities at that position.

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On Sunday, we worked around the house, doing our weekly chores. The washing machine did really well. We spread out our laundry loads over the entire day so as to not work it too hard all at once and we saw no issues (yeah; finally a little break our way for once…not let’s see how long that lasts!). LOL Ann took the kids out back-to-school shopping after getting them registered for school earlier in the week. I couldn’t believe how expensive our book rental fees were this year! OMG; and I thought our increased property taxes were supposed to alleviate these types of expenses!? Ann more than made up for it with some awesome chicken alfredo but for whatever reason, Luke didn’t agree with this sentiment. In fact he didn’t want his “Chicken Papa Johns” (I wonder if he was thinking it was chicken parmesan!? 😛 …However, when given the choice of eating it and getting chocolate sundaes for dessert, he somehow found the courage to scarf it down… Mom came by to say hi when she got back in to town. She brought me Sandy’s memory card with some darling pictures from their trip. It was a fun race to watch at Watkins Glenn today as Jeff Gordon brought home a top 10 finish to secure his spot at 2nd in the championship standings. The Reds beat the cubbies today to sweep them in the weekend series and put them up 2 games over the Cardinals! Go Redlegs!! And to top off the spectacular sports weekend for me, one of my all-time favorite ball players, Emmitt Smith, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in Canton, OH! The Cowboys even beat the Bengals in the HOF game to kick off this year’s football season. Yes, the summer is truly ending…the signs are everywhere. We’re not quite ready for it to be over yet however. We have a little something special planned for the kids. They think they know what we’re doing…but they have no idea. 🙂

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Here is a montage of mostly Matt’s game from this week, along with another couple Zep-related videos this week to boot:

Let’s take a quick look at some Waybac photos. Leading off, we have a couple crops of a great picture of the Biddinger children from about 1960. Gigi is the little one. Next up is a couple crops of Ann’s dance picture with her partner in about 1980. After that is a cute picture of Nathan & Katie on their lovely sofa in Kokomo (actually, I fell asleep on that damn thing several times – it was actually very comfortable) in approximately 1981…maybe Aunt Sharon could set this date a little firmer – she’s written on the back that Nathan is 3 years old and Katie is 5 months. Also in this section is a good one of the back of our Rockwood St LaPorte home from the back lot. Looks like Rob & I are playing baseball and I think I see Hal working on that house again…

Waybac.1960.bk1 Waybac.1960.bk2 Waybac.1980.adp.lbo1 Waybac.1980.adp.lbo2 Waybac.1981.naks.kisws.uc Waybac.1983.08.lprsby.tsrb

Next up is another one of Aunt Marylou’s retirement party in Rossville in the late 80’s – pictured are Uncle Kenny (and I think his sister?), Aunt Marylou and Aunt Dorothy; then Ann at her high school graduation in June of ’88 in Greensburg; Uncle Timme, Grandpaw Brown, Rob and Aunt Dorothy in front of St. Peter’s in LaPorte for what I have to assume is Rob’s First Communion, which would put this in about ’88 or so. Next is Keith walking Ann up the isle of our wedding in Greensburg in ’95; and three pictures of the Bryan Family Christmas party in Rossville – circa ’94-’95…pictured are Uncle Virden, Aunt Belinda and Aunt Sharon…and of course Rob in his “Golden Arches” hair cut! 😉 Then we have a couple more of Matthew’s first year of life in Columbus – first with Mom O & Mom B and then with his mommy and that face that he still makes to this very day!!

Waybac.1987.amlrp.ri.kskhmlhdt Waybac.1988.06.aeo.hsg.gbi Waybac.1988.utgpbmbadrb.spclpi.rfc Waybac.1995.09.23.aes.ko.awd Waybac.1995.12.bc1 Waybac.1995.12.bc2 Waybac.1995.12.bc3 Waybac.1996.09.gmogmbmns.mff.cit Waybac.1996.10.aesmnsff

Well that wraps up this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch you up again next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Great going boy on those projects!!! The floor looks really great!! Wow you sure have had a very exciting week at work and home. Not a dull moment huh??!! Who is the dark haired lady with the beautiful dark haired baby in her arms. What a neat picture. Boy, is Meagan getting big and so cute. Give our love to MaryAnn and Sandy also. The video’s were really neat. I can’t believe how old Robert Plant looks but I sure like his songs. That was a great video. The WayBac pics were great also. Yes, that is Uncle Kenny’s sister Dottie (she is still living) along with Aunt Dorthy and Aunt Marilou. Yes, that also is Rob’s First Communion up in LaPorte and Uncle Timmy and Aunt Dorthy came up and visited and went to the ceremony. On the pic of our LaPorte home from the back street; isn’t it kind of scarey to think you used to climb the extention ladder and clean out the gutters all around the house. Wow!!! Take care and have a great week and give the kids a hug and kiss from us. Till next time….Our love

  • Hey Mom,
    Yeah; the flooring turned out really nice. It’s a huge difference from what we had…it smells so nice in there again. …and no; we haven’t had any dull moments this week; it’s been back to our normal break-neck speed again. That seems to be our comfort zone – or at least we tell ourselves that so we don’t break down! 🙂 No; honestly, we know this is a special time for our family and it’s only for a limited time, so we try to enjoy it and not look at it negatively. We realize these are the “good old times” that we’ll look back to and that is why I’m trying to document as much of the day-to-day stuff as I can as well as keep you involved in our lives as well. The lovely lady & baby is Ally, Sandy’s neice and her daughter Adel. …and yes, Percy still has a great voice and vibe to him, but he’s lived a hard life on the road… Why did Uncle Timmy & Aunt Dorthy go to the cemetary in LP? I was trying to explain to Abby how far up those gutters were on the back of the house, but I don’t think she believed me until she saw the picture. See you soon!!
    – Tom

  • Mom

    Aunt Dot and Uncle Timmie went to the First Communion “ceremony” at St. Peters Church. I double checked to make sure I put the right word and I did you funny guy you!!!!!! Rob never went through with his Confirmation but he didn’t feel as if the Catholic Church was right for him. Talked with him yesterday. He sounds good and busy too. Things just seem to go so fast any more and we don’t slow down and “smell the roses”. Years ago we would go to the farm and it was such a different world down there. Those for me were the good old days with Brenda and Karen and our dolls out in the field. Playing wedding in Grandma Morgans corn or playing like we were going to town in Grandpa Morgans truck. Of course it was in the barn but we could still pretend. Love you also so much and till me meet again.

  • Oops; sorry. We’re home now, grabbing a quick bite to eat, checking email and then…gettin’ ready to ‘head out on the highway!’…

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