Little Jr. – He’s all in a Rage…Did you know that he was Comin’ of Age?

We’ve made it through another busy week. The weather continues to get colder and colder, so we are spending less and less time outside. On Monday, Ann made an appointment with the dentist to take Lukey to see Dr. Stradley, so I left work early that afternoon to get him and take him on over. Dr. Stradley was wonderful with him and kept him at ease the entire time. He extracted the tooth without a single tear shed! He is so stinking cute with that missing tooth! Abby went to jazz class but I needed to go pick her up because Baili and Amy had to leave early to go to the ER. Rob had a gun accident, but it’s not what you think. Being a state trooper, he is a gun expert. He was trying out a new rifle and underestimated the “kick.” It reared up and the scope caught him right in the middle of his forehead. I don’t know which hurt more – his head or his pride! He needed a bunch of stitches to get him put back together. Mom brought Matt home from wrestling practice just as I was hopping on the treadmill. Ann & Matt made Mexican fudge that evening for his Spanish class. That night, we watched the Colts on MNF. That’s the kind of defense I’m talking about! I loved that LB Clint Session broke his arm and dislocated his shoulder, yet played the entire game – that’s what guys on a real defense do…they play hard, play through pain and they’re mean SOB’s…they suck it up and get their job done. No big secret. I was so impressed with how the Colts were able to take several no-name athletes that want to play and prove something rather than to play superstars with bloated egos that have more important things to do than play football – which is what the Dallas defense has become. They’re soft and until they get that fixed, they’re not going to win any games this year. It all hinges on the defense for them… and their coordinator. Good for Indy for getting that part straight. Granted, they have Payton Manning and Reggie Wayne, but it’s a good defense that wins games and eventually championships…it was also cool to see Dungy inducted in to the Indy Ring of Honor. The Colts still missed some open field tackles, but dominated Houston. …And Manning was on his game despite working with a bunch of rookies. We also watched the final game of the World Series and saw the Giants will the pennant. I had mixed feelings about them winning, as I am a NL guy but I would’ve liked to see Nolan Ryan win and I love Josh Hamilton and Vladimir Guerrero. However, the biggest news of the day? Jamie moved in with Deanna!! Good for them; we wish them many, many years of happiness together. Lukey made a shirt to honor Matt’s magical football season that you simply have to see to believe…

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Tuesday was Election Day. Ann and I dropped off the kids and took advantage of our Constitutional rights and exercised our votes (actually, that is a misnomer, there is no actual right to vote – see this link for great information on this issue: As expected, the Republicans took back control of the House while the Democrats held on to the Senate – we’re still a much divided country. That night Lukey went to basketball practice at the YMCA and again Bu and I walked the track around the top of the gym. Afterwards, we picked up Ann and, as has become a family tradition, we brought Gigi a soda to the courthouse where she was covering the local elections. This year, Lukey made a special point to also get a soda for his buddy and Gigi’s helper, Emily. Matt ended up talking with Mark on the radio. Matt didn’t have a lot to say though since he was absolutely exhausted from wrestling practice. We saw Amy, Rob and Baili up at the courthouse and spent some time talking with them as well. Lucas was mortified that “he” didn’t win the sheriff election. 🙂

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Wednesday morning started off cold (upper 20’s and only got up to the 40’s. We’ve been cold ever since. Annie has been under a lot of stress at work as she guides her organization through a major computer upgrade of their charting system. She has been putting in more hours and has begun taking a toll on her body as she had a “sick” headache, as she calls it, all week. She worked pretty late this night so I picked up the kiddos from Mom & Gigi’s and Matt from wrestling practice. He was again pretty tired, so tired he came out still barefoot. However, we decided (well, the kids did anyhow) that we needed to go to McDonald’s for dinner. Our McDonald’s was recently leveled, rebuilt and just opened this past week. Because the drive through line was so long that night, we went inside to eat. It was still very clean and new; I was a little disappointed there were no flat panel TV’s, like I had seen in other new McDonald’s. Needless to say, I ended up with a few extra minutes on the treadmill that evening. I was saddened to hear from Rob, since he had to put his dog Millie down after she had become quite sick. I spoke to Mom as well. I was glad to hear she and Dad are doing well, toughing it out in the sunny, 80 degree weather in FLA. On Thursday morning, Matt experienced the next right of his journey towards manhood. Ann had me teach him how to shave. It naturally brought back all the memories of Dad B teaching me on a cold LaPorte morning before school. It was a really cool thing for me as a father. Because we hadn’t really planned it, it was spontaneous and fun. He does have his own razor and I believe I was about this same age and it was also during wrestling season as well…lots of parallels being drawn here. Mom called us that morning and informed us that there had been a fire just a couple houses down from us, out here in the edition. We were amazed that we hadn’t heard anything since the fire occurred at about 2:30 in the morning…well, at least shocked that Ann didn’t hear anything – I don’t think the dogs even barked. At work, we completed work on our new website. Although I didn’t have a lot of input on the final wording of the pages, I did shoot all the pictures featured on it and helped to work out some of the coding bugs. You’ll have to go check it out sometime here: just to check my pictures if nothing else. I submitted about 50 pictures, all told, from various years throughout my career there. Abby went to tap practice and I called Rob after getting off the treadmill. He said it was one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do in his life. Sharon is also pretty torn up over it. They still have one other dog and there is already talk of getting another dog. Abby had Megan over to stay the night. They watched the blue ray version of Toy Story 3. Ann went bed early after taking some new meds and was out the rest of the night. Before she went, she did make a mean dinner of salmon patties and fried potatoes…yum! It was so cold all day and that cold weather eventually brought storms and although the precipitation was nice, it eventually turned to snow during the over night – and by the time Saturday morning rolled around, there was heavy frost on the windshields and grass. We may have even had snow showers, but no one saw them. The dogs weren’t sure what to think and didn’t stay out too long that morning. 😛

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We were up early that Saturday morning and headed in to the YMCA for the first game of the day. Luke received his uniform before the game. Their team name is the Spurs and they are sponsored by Honda. He is #9. It was the first basketball game of his life and he did pretty darn well! Although they don’t officially keep score, they smoked the Heat – a team coached by his soccer coach from his first season. I think we had 12 points before they scored their first basket. Out team only had two practices and although the play was sloppy, they sure were cute!! It’s refreshing to watch a league at this level again because there is no real competitiveness yet. It’s for the sure love of the sport that they are playing. They passed and shared the ball very well – impressive for this age group. Luke was 3 of 12 shooting. He’s got a pretty good shot and Grandma was awfully proud. He also had 6 steals and 7 rebounds and lots and lots of hustle that had several people shouting from the stands on a few plays of his. None was as big as his final shot and the last play of the game as he hit a huge shot just before the buzzer that swished in for a goal!! Luke knew several of the kids on the Heat team, including a couple from his soccer teams of the past and his buddy Seth Brandenburg from baseball. Ann enjoyed catching up with his mom, Beth. She and her husband John sat with us (the enemies!) and those girls didn’t stop talking the entire game…just like at baseball and softball (her daughter Alexis plays with Abby). Abby, Alexis and Megan ran off and went up to the game room on the second floor. Matt, on the other hand, was not able to get his lazy butt out of bed to support his brother, but Luke excitedly filled him in on all the details the moment he ran in the door at home. All three kids ended up cleaning up the playroom and their bedrooms. We had a few behavioral issues this weekend, likely related to the colder weather keeping the stuck inside. We encouraged them to get outside several times but by the time they eventually did, it was dusk. They ended up playing the Wii for several hours throughout the entire weekend. In between, we all took naps and watched part of the Boiler game. It started off pretty good but they fell apart in the 2nd half – especially…you guessed it, the defense – and they dropped another Big 10 game; this time to the Wisconsin Badgers. Mallory came over with her father to pick up Megan. She was in trouble and not looking forward to seeing her Mom, Julie the next day, as she went behind her back and got her belly button pierced. Luke & Bu went to bed early because of grumpiness. Matt played Xbox with his buddies around town and his best friend Brayton in Indy. It was a nice, relaxing day, all told…

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Our Sunday was equally as slow as we completed our weekly, routine chores around the house and enjoyed football, NASCAR and the return of a few of our favorite TV shows, including The Simpsons, Family Guy and Cleveland Show…and a great new show on AMC called “The Walking Dead.” Ann made a break for it and went to a craft show with Amy for several hours. Here are a couple videos from this week:

Next, let’s switch on the Waybac machine feature. First up, we have an old slide from Grandpa Owens of his brother, Dale, in the 1950’s in front of a blue house (this is obviously a reversed negative, as the house number is backwards…perhaps MaryAnn can shed light on the location of this picture??); Nathan and Grandma Bryan (Mary) on the front porch of her 20th St home…and for reference, I also pulled it up on Google Earth/Maps and included that image here as well, just in case you haven’t seen the gal in a few years; then we have a couple of Rob, Nathan & I’s birthday party up at our house in the kitchen (I think Rob was a little late blowing out the candles and Nate & I got ‘em before he had a chance to blow and he was all torn up – love Nathan’s ET shirt too!); Grandma Brown with Santa in our living room on Rockwood in LP; Sharon & Rob (nice froggy vest there buddy!) at the Bryan Christmas in Kokomo; Peanuts with a kitten (not sure what cat that is???) in our living room in LP and then Rob with the same little cat, both asleep in Dad’s chair. bhtsgev Waybac.1983.10.tsrbns.bdp.krsli Waybac.1983.10.tsrb.bdp.krslpi Waybac.1983.12.cbsc.ce.lrrslpi Waybac.1983.12.ssrb.bfc.lrwski Waybac.1983.pac.lrrslpi Waybac.1983.rbacoc.lrrslpi

Next we move on to the 1990’s – Bryan Christmas at the dream house in Rossville, circa ’95 or so includes one of the girls (Belinda, Dena Marie, Katie, Sharon and Mom); in the living room, Dena Marie in the family room, Nathan, Katie & Rob and then the Smith’s all together; Matt with one of David & Donna Buchanan’s big dogs at Mom & Gigi’s Ryle Edition home in July of ’97…also in July of ’97 is Matt in the baby contests out at the Decatur Co. Fairgrounds: w/ Ann on stage x 3 and w/ Gigi & Dee afterwards.

Waybac.1995.12.bfc.bbdmbkssssb.srri Waybac.1995.12.bfc.dmifrri Waybac.1995.12.bfc.nsksrb.srri Waybac.1995.12.bfc.nsssksds.srri Waybac.1997.07.04msbd.bprsgi Waybac.1997.07.msas.dcfhfbc1 Waybac.1997.07.msas.dcfhfbc2 Waybac.1997.07.msas.dcfhfbc3 Waybac.1997.07.sbmsdb.dcfhfbc

Here are a bunch from the turn of the century (2000, that is!): Matt at Lake Monroe with me and my good friend, Rich Drew and his daughter, Maddie (it was actually dubbed Daddy/Daughter Day, but was open to sons as well…we went canoeing for several hours across the lake, went swimming and also camped out overnight…also Matt at Christmastime, sitting at the dining room table; a view of our Main St home during a good snow storm; Abby in Grandma Owens’ living room; Bu asleep in her highchair in our kitchen and then also walking in her denim jump suit with her Rod Stewart hair; Matt in his Colts shirt on our then-new couch (he still spends most of his time here at home on it to this day!; Matt with Moe (I think) at Mom & Dad’s house on the hill in Rossville (Matt loved that Scooby Doo shirt and wore it frequently); Matt & I on the rafting ride at Holiday World; then Bu at her 3rd birthday in our new living room on Ryle in Sept of ’02; Mo, Poppy, Muffin and Chris circa 2003; Mom with Rob and then with Dad in their kitchen on Thanksgiving, 2005; Haleigh playing soccer in August of this year and finally Dan w/ Brady in October of 2010 (thanks to Sharon for the last four plus the great one of Mary and Nate – thank you so much for these).

Waybac.2000.08.ddd.micwlv.lmbi2 Waybac.2000.08.ddd.mscolm1 Waybac.2000.08.ddd.mscolm2 Waybac.2000.08.ddd.msicwlv.lmbi1 Waybac.2000.08.ddd.msormacs Waybac.2000.12.msadrt1 Waybac.2000.12.msadrt2 Waybac.2000.12.shmsgi Waybac.2000.ags.bsiowb Waybac.2000.ags.sweih.drmsgi Waybac.2000.ags.wibjowrsh.kmsgi Waybac.2000.msolrf.msgi Waybac.2000.msonc.lrmsgi Waybac.2000.mwmomadbp.ri1 Waybac.2000.mwmomadbp2.ri Waybac.2000.tsms.wwrhw Waybac.2000.tsms.wwrhw1 Waybac.2002.09.atbp.lrrdgi Waybac.2003.mapwmac Waybac.2005.11.tgd.marbik Waybac.2005.11.tgdmadbik Waybac.2010.08.27.hss Waybac.2010.10.16.dsba

Well that puts the kibosh on another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Lukey…you look like a little jack o lantern!! I just loved watching your game too!! You keep it up…we may have a junior Michael Jordan on our hands!! He does know who that is doesn’t he?? Maybe not…how about Shaq??? Looking at Matt brought back memories of you doing the same thing for me too Tom. I remember when Rob wanted the shaving cream on his face too and dad put some on…it was menthol and he screamed bloody murder!! That ended that curiousity!! I can see how my Abby is sure growing up my oh my!! She is going to be all legs and beautiful ones at that. Of course I am prejudiced also!! Hope you have a great week Tom and no problems!! Love you lots and take care. XXXXOOOO’s

  • Mom

    For the record that little kitten was Tuffy. I know she looked more tan in the picture but she turned a pretty gray as she got older. Her other sisters were tan and one a calico. Dad also looked looking at the old homestead. Thanks soooo much for pulling that up. Loved the pic of Nate with Mary (Bryan) it brought back alot of memories. Miss both of our moms sooo much!! Thanks again for a week of memories. It means alot to both of us.

  • I should’ve known that’s who it was, but yeah the color through me off. Yeah, I enjoyed all the pictures Sharon sent, so I was very happy to share that one and there’s a couple more good ones…but that one was pretty special. 🙂 Not sure if he’d know Michael or even Shaq…he would know LaBron and Kobe! 🙂 Love ya Mom. Talk to you later…and you know it is my pleasure to do this each week!
    – Tom

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