Roll me Over and Set me Free…The Cowboy’s Life is the Life for Me

It’s been another quick week for us here at the Scheu abode. Snow has filled our landscape all week, which is a bonus. Why is it that snow makes it feel more like Christmas? It’s been several years since we’ve had sustained snow on the ground this far before Christmas. The kids are all excited in anticipation of Christmas vacation to the point where they are having a little trouble focusing on day-to-day activities, requiring some key parenting interventions throughout this entire week… Last Sunday Ann’s docs, Dan & George, treated us to a day out in Indy. We started the day meeting up at a very nice restaurant called Mo’s, downtown near Conseco Fieldhouse ( ). The docs, their wives and us were treated by a vendor to an amazing lunch. It was likely the best meal of my life. Dan & I started off with a couple Bloody Mary’s to help warm us on a bitterly-cold afternoon in the Midwest. Next came the appetizers, including shrimp cocktail, crab cake and the house specialty called Moysters – Cajun pan-fried oysters w/ spinach and blue cheese. For the entrees, Ann had a filet and I had a butterflied NY Strip with some kind of lobster topping…very yummy. For sides, we had lobster mac & cheese, button jalapeno hash browns, salad and Col. Lombardo’s cream corn – highly recommended. To top it all off, we had Mo’s cookies with ice cream and White Russians! What a great time we had; I can’t wait to go again… Like I said, it was a cold walk to the stadium afterwards, even though it was only a few blocks away. We weren’t alone in our trek as we dodged patches of ice – the sidewalks and streets were packed with pedestrian traffic. We got in very quickly, considering the size of the crowd. The docs lead us through the crowd and upstairs to the club level. The boys and I found the Bloody Mary bar where we each got a Hail Mary – still one of the best versions of my favorite drink. This was my first Cowboys game, the team I’ve followed since I was a kid. I’ve always had an affinity for the Cowboys and the Bears. As I’ve gotten older and the Colts moved to Indy, I’ve obviously began following them as well, so here I had 2 of my 3 favorite teams playing, so it was really a win-win situation for me…either way, I was leaving Indianapolis a happy fan. The game did not disappoint. The Cowboys came out fast and were able to out-hustle the Colts for most of the first half. The Colts battled back and actually took the lead in the second half at one point, including a blocked punt for touchdown, which was very exciting. In the end, the Cowboys won it in overtime but it was a very expensive win, as their stud rookie wide out was lost for the season with a broken ankle during a kickoff return. Dez Bryant had been the one bright spot in an otherwise horrible season for Dallas. Both teams are injury-ridden this year. Of course Dallas’ star QB Tony Romo was still out with an injured shoulder. Also on the injured reserve for the Cowboys was their star running back, Marion Barber. I did enjoy watching their defensive studs Demarcus Ware and the Purdue alumnus, Anthony Spencer on the defensive line. They looked good all afternoon against the Colts O-line. The Colts are missing their Pro Bowl players such as safety Bob Sanders, TE Dallas Clark, and RB Joseph Addai among others but did get back a key member of their defense, LB Gary Brackett who was recovering from a bout with turf toe. He had a big game for them. Payton Manning threw four INTs and two of those were returned for TD’s (AKA pick-sixes). I had to contain my enthusiasm, sitting in the heart of Colts territory and a drunk behind me that was profain (Ann said at one point she was glad the kids didn’t come), clumsy (he spilled beer down my seat a couple times) and rowdy (trying to start shit with me a couple times)…but it’s cool, I could’ve easily taken him. He did finally find a fight after the game, as we were leaving our seats – right there in the aisle. It was a very exciting game that saw emotions and frustrations rage up, including two Cowboys fans being escorted from the stadium and lots of smack talking on both sides. Some people just can’t handle their alcohol… We owe a HUGE thanks to Matt, Aunt Dee, Mom O & Gigi for helping out with child care!

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While we were up in Indy, Matt was out at the high school for his fall sports banquet for football. It was added only a couple weeks ago, long after we had made plans with the docs. We felt awful for not being there for Matt’s event, but he was cool about it and Mom & Sandy were very kind to take him out there and get some pictures for us. His team was recognized for going undefeated this year!! He received a nice plaque and a t-shirt, along with being recognized for his interception (possible the only one from a defensive lineman!?). When I was pulling pictures off of Gigi’s memory card, I came across a bunch I had snapped off on Thanksgiving Day after Lukey had lost his tooth and there was a great one of Gigi with Santa and Max that I needed to include here as well..

lnt10.1 lnt10.2 lnt10.3 lnt10.4 lnt10.5 lnt10.6 lnt10.7 lnt10.8 lnt10.9 lnt10.10 lnt10.11 lnt10.12 lnt10.13 lnt10.14 lnt10.15 mfsb10.1 mfsb10.2 mfsb10.3 mfsb10.4 mfsb10.5 mfsb10.6 mfsb10.7 mfsb10.8 mfsb10.9 mfsb10.10 mfsb10.11 mfsb10.12 mfsb10.13 mfsb10.14 mfsb10.15 mfsb10.16

On Monday, it was still snowing as it had been the previous few days. We woke up to an 8-degree morning with a -4 wind chill…see Mom, you know you miss this weather – it has to get boring with it being sunny and eighty every day!! ;-P Bu was selected to do morning announcements for her school again this week. She was very excited and needed a bit of an attitude adjustment before school, which seemed to have worked since she did a great job of it from what we got to see…be careful if you watch the video of her below, it may cause you to have a seizure! 😉 Abby went to jazz dance class with Grandma Owens again that night. While I was on the treadmill that evening, I heard the bad news that we had lost the first Dallas Cowboy’s QB, “Dandy” Don Meredith of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 71 – very sad.

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Tuesday was bitter cold all day long. The wind howled but the snow finally tapered off. Abby got much better video of her doing the announcements. We took Lukey to basketball practice at the YMCA. Bu did her homework upstairs as I walked the track. She had me stop about 15 minutes early to play pool & ping pong with her. We hurried home for popcorn night and to watch Purdue play Valpo. We were pissed to find out that it wasn’t carried locally – that it was on ESPNU – which we used to receive but now have to pay extra for it…thanks Comcrap! On Wednesday, it was still frigid, starting out in single digits again. Lukey gave us the quote of the week that morning. As he came in the living room, whining to his mommy about his big brother, Ann gave him some reality feedback with, “Wimpy kids can’t play football or wrestle.” …to which he quipped, “Yeah, but they can sure play basketball, huh!?” 😛 …It was another bring down of a day, as it was the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s untimely death / assassination. I have included a few of my Lennon faves below in the video section as a small tribute. Thursday started off as the coldest day of the week at 5 degrees but slowly began to warm as the day progressed. Bu had tap class that night (thanks to Auntie Dee for running her there for us). I picked up Lukey and went over to Matt’s wrestling match with the Jennings County team from North Vernon. They were a very talented squad that looked good the entire night. The Pirates had their hands full and lost by large counts in both the JV and varsity meets. Ann attended one of her Christmas parties of the season and was running late. It was touch and go as to whether or not she’d make it in time to catch Matt. As it turned out, she had plenty of time. Matt was up and ready to go but for some reason, his match was delayed and by the time they called his name, he was unprepared. He had been up, stretching and getting fired up for over a half hour before he finally sat back down, not knowing what was going on. They had to call his name twice before he even made up to the table to check in. He also had to cut a half pound just before weigh-ins to make weight at 189. These two facts coupled with going up against an older, bigger, stronger upper classman caused him to come out flat and stymied anything he could do. He was trapped on the bottom for 99% of the match and was unable to do anything. I made the comment to Ann during the match and to Matt afterward that he had zero energy level for the match, which he attributed to having to sprint for 20 minutes to lose weight. He finally ran out of gas late in the last period, got turned and was pinned with less than a minute to go in the match. He was very disappointed, but we encouraged him to learn from it and keep in mind this was merely his 2nd full season in the sport. We came home and watched the Colts on Thursday Night Football, which was shown locally on a couple channels even though it was supposed to be on the NFL network, which is now a premium pay channel. They finally looked good and won in a close one over the Titans. As the kids were taking showers, Luke came up with another one of his sayings that only he can get away with…while trying to describe the skin on his upper thighs, he stated to Ann that he had, “scar bumps!” 😛 We put some salve on his rash and it cleared up by the time he woke up, but he was all concerned about it at bedtime. By the time Friday came, we were worn out and happy to have the weekend upon us again. It warmed to the 40s, melting much of the snow (but not completely!). Abby spent the night with her buddy Megan. Ann went shopping and then made her spinach and artichoke dip for us to enjoy later on at my office Christmas party. She met up with me at my boss, Kelly’s house after Matt got home from wrestling practice to watch his younger siblings. My work friends and I left early from CBC and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for the pre-party. I haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time. My friends Michelle and Kevin were in rare form and I think I may have pulled a muscle in my side by laughing so hard!! I had tears in my eyes a few times. We cut loose pretty hard and let off a lot of steam that had been building for several weeks. My friend Linda & I enjoyed a few margaritas that gave us just the right amount of Christmas cheer! Just like that it was time to head to our management Christmas party at our boss Kelly’s house, though we all wanted to stay longer since we were having such a good time. Kelly had Johnny Carino’s cater the party and it was delicious…especially the lasagna! Her house is so pretty. Ann’s dip was a hit as usual. We had a fun gift exchange called Dirty Santa, where you got to steal each other’s presents. I ended up stealing a bag of lottery tickets. Matt & Ann helped me scratch them, but all we ended up winning was $12 and a free ticket.

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On Saturday, we were up early for Luke to attend his basketball game against the other good team in our league, the Lakers. It was a very close ball game all the way and is difficult to know who ended up winning the game. Matt was able to attend the game as well since the varsity team was gone out of town for a meet. Luke responded well as he set a new personal best with 5 points. He again started off slow and it didn’t help that he was playing with our team’s leading scorer – an older boy that has a good nose for the ball and the game. He went 2 for 2 from the field and 1 of 2 from the free throw line. He had 1 assist and 3 turnovers. He had 5 rebounds, 2 steals, blocked a shot and forced 2 turnovers, building off his success from last week! I messed up the video recording, losing almost half of his game time…my heart just sank when I realized what I had done, missing his first free throw attempts. Thankfully, Ann got some decent pictures of him, although the camera is starting to have a couple issues and it gave her a couple fits. She has her eye on a really nice Nikon that we’ll look harder at next year with our tax check. If you know of anyone that would be interested in a nice, used SLR camera, be sure to send them our way. We’ll probably try to sell our current system to help pay for the upgrade. Saturday turned out to be a very quiet day. Abby stayed another night at her friend Megan’s house. Matt ended up playing online with his buddies on the X box and Lukey ended up in bed early for driving us nuts! I think we all took naps on the couches throughout the day. The #18 Boilermakers won by 20 against North Florida in a game we turned off at halftime to allow Luke to play on the Wii. That raises Purdue’s record to 10-1. They’ll have two more games before beginning the Big Ten schedule a few days before the end of the year. I read that Purdue’s senior stud and NFL-bound defensive end, Ryan Kerrigan – who has earned numerous accolades this year already – earned a big one on Saturday as was named to the All-America team!!! He had a great career and just an outstanding year for a Boiler defense that really struggled. Kerrigan also won the Big Ten Defensive Player and Lineman of the Year awards this past month. He wrapped up the regular season as the national leader in tackles for loss (26.0) and third in sacks (12.5). He finished fifth for Purdue with a career-high 70 total tackles, the most by a defensive lineman in the Big Ten in 2010, and recorded five forced fumbles to improve his career mark to 14, a figure that ties for the most in FBS history. His tackle for loss total was third-best in a season in Purdue history and his sack tally sixth. He ended up fifth in Purdue history with 57.0 career tackles for loss and tied for second with 33.5 sacks. It was a nice day to stay inside as it began raining around noon and didn’t stop until it turned to snow in the late morning hours. It continued to snow all day on Sunday. Gigi came over for a few minutes and dropped off a couple PCs for me to look at next week and get working for the station. Abby came back shortly after lunch and had a great time with Megan and her family. Matt went out and shoveled snow for us in the afternoon, in preparation for any special visitors that may come by. You see, Luke had me email Santa and ask him to come to our house since he had missed him during Ann’s “Cookies with Santa” party. We were hoping he could come by today but it turned out the roads were too sloppy – even for reindeer. So maybe we can get him to come see us next weekend…we’ll see. We spent all of Sunday night watching the Cowboys again, this time against the dangerous Eagles that always seem to have Dallas’ number. This time out, Dallas again looked good but in the end, Michael Vick and Philly beat them by a field goal. The snow kept coming all the way to and through bedtime. The phone rang a couple times and all the kids were up, listing to hear if school was cancelled. We did get the call that we’re on a 2-hour delay, but the kids are already talking about a snow day tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll dream of snow tonight in hopes that it doesn’t let up ‘til dawn…

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Here are this week’s videos. The first is the Cowboys / Colts game highlights, the second has the OT portion of that game, Matt’s wrestling match vs. Jennings County and the start of Lukey’s basketball game. The third one includes the rest of Lukey’s b-ball game at the Y vs. the Lakers. The fourth and final family video this week are clips of Bu doing the morning announcements. Also included are a few odd Zeppelin – related videos and then an assortment of Lennon videos:

Now let’s flip on the Waybac Machine and take a look at some old family pictures. This week’s batch doesn’t go too far back. Leading off, we start in a great year, 1987, and feature the Bryan Family Christmas with Vird, Belinda, Sharon and Dan in LaPorte. Next is Christmas day with Grandpaw Brown coming down the stairs in LaPorte and us seated at the dining room table with Grandpaw, myself, Dad B and Robby. I love how Robby is looking at Grandpaw…but notice that Dad & Grandpaw both have the same looks on their faces when I’m around them… Next we go up to Lafayette at Aunt Dorothy’s house for a Brown Family Christmas party in about 1988 with a picture that features Homey, Dorothy, Rob, Kathy, Debbie and others that Mom can probably ID; me back in LP for Christmas in ’88 (I think), with my John Lennon/Jim Morrison/lumberjack beard and new Dallas pillow…I wonder what ever happened to that old thing?? We wrap up the eighties in 1989 at Christmas with Grandpaw, Rob, Mom, Dad & I (there’s that look again) then Rob with an apron on (??) for Christmas Eve I think and me posing for mom with THE mullet in the bathroom upstairs. That thing was nearly alive!!

Waybac.1987.12.bc1 Waybac.1987.12.bc2 Waybac.1987.12.bc3 Waybac.1987.12.cdd0 Waybac.1987.12.cdd1 Waybac.1987.12.cdd2 Waybac.1988.12.bfc1 Waybac.1988.12.cd1 Waybac.1988.12.cd2 Waybac.1989.12.cd1 Waybac.1989.12.cd2 Waybac.1989.12.ce1 Waybac.1989.12.tlhilp

Next we move up to the nineties. We start with a bunch from 1990: a birthday party in LP for Rob & Nathan (& Katie?)… I even see Peanuts in that batch with Dan & Sharon, et al; next we see a party in Kokomo for Nathan’s High School Graduation, I presume, which would be approximately ’94 (Aunt Sharon will correct me if I’m off) with three pictures that feature the usual crew; then a couple of Kenny, Becky, Chris & Allie – first in December of about ’96 and then May of about ’97 (Sandy can probably help with more exact years); and we wrap up in Columbus in ’99 for the arrival of our lovely little Bu: Me working hard to keep the couch on the floor – good Lord, it’s hard to tell which one of us was pregnant at the time – there must’ve been some sympathy weight gain going on here…, Ann trying to stay cool in the heat of the moment, her loving husband by her side and then the big moment – the arrival of Abigail with her Daddy.

Waybac.1990.10.bdp1 Waybac.1990.10.bdp2 Waybac.1990.10.bdp6 Waybac.1990.10.bdp7 Waybac.1990.10.bdp5 Waybac.1990.10.bdp4 Waybac.1990.10.bdp3 Waybac.1994.05.ngp1 Waybac.1994.05.ngp3 Waybac.1994.05.ngp2 Waybac.1996.12.bciw Waybac.1997.05.ahsg1 Waybac.1999.09.16a Waybac.1999.09.16b Waybac.1999.09.16c Waybac.1999.09.16d

Finally, we enter the new millennium with Matt in February of 2001 in the living room on Main St., Abby a week later in the same basic area, Bu a month later, enjoying Matt’s birthday cake in the dining room and then a couple of little Bu and Matt in the dining room around Christmastime and finally the two loving siblings in the living room with Bu’s favorite toy – her diaper box! Next we move on to 2002 with Matt jumping in to our first pool at our new house out in Ryle in July, a couple of Abby’s 3rd birthday party a couple months later with my friend from work, Beth, Matt’s best friend Brayton, Matt, Bu, Beth’s daughter, Maddie and Ann – all out in the playroom on Russell; then a few days later Bu with her buddy Chuck E Cheese at his restaurant, and a week later with Matt getting ready for school; and we end in the fall of 2003 for Abby’s 4th birthday cake and Matt playing flag football out at the YMCA.

Waybac.2001.02.10.mwtmslrgi Waybac.2001.02.18.aos.mslrgi Waybac.2001.03.23.aemc Waybac.2001.12.koms1 Waybac.2001.12.koms2 Waybac.2001.12.koms3 Waybac.2001.12.koms4 Waybac.2001.07.aakip Waybac.2001.09.asbp1 Waybac.2001.09.asbp2 Waybac.2001.09.awcec Waybac.2001.09.mofdos Waybac.2003.09.abdc Waybac.2003.09.mffay

Well that does it for another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. Later, Scheu

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    Nice going Bu…great job on the announcements. Maybe we have another Katie Couric Tom??!! She does a very nice job on them. Good going Matt and nice try but I could tell you were not yourself. You looked out of gas. Next time buddy. Luke killed me with his comment at the end of the meet. Only Lukey. Speaking of which nice going buddy on your game. Good hustle and good job. The “looks” from Grandpa and Dad are probably in your mind however, if you look at Rob’s face at the table, you will see him laughing so….maybe you said something not appropriate…do you think??!! Loved the John Lennon music also and all the video from the Colts game…only one question…why the pics of the cheerleaders from Dallas??? Where are the Colts cheerleaders??? Just kidding you. Have a great week and we love you all buddy. XXXOOO’s

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