Hey, Hey, what can I DO

Another exciting week has come and gone in our lives. It was a week of milestones as well as a really wet one. Don’t get me wrong, we really needed this rain – but it’s been just a really yucky week overall. Monday started wet, damp and foggy on the ride in to work. Abby went to volleyball practice after school and then on to tap dance class – thanks to Gma. Luke’s soccer practice was cancelled due to all the rain (the field was soaked and flooded). Ann and I left work early to grab Luke and head down to Aurora for a match up of junior varsities as the Pirates squared off against South Dearborn. It was very cold and we were all bundled up – sitting on a quilted blanket, covered up in blankets, warm clothes on and umbrellas. Even though it was freezing in the stands, the on-field activities really heated things up that night! Both Matt and his Pirate teammates had a great game. It was actually a dominating performance – probably the best of the year. Matt was hitting harder than I’d seen him play all year long. Due to the dirty play of the other team (something they are known for), there were several shoving matches – even by the normally mild-mannered Matt! There were illegal blocking schemes, clawing eyes / hands in the facemask, punching to the groin, blocking in the back, holding, talking shit, etc on the line – seldom called by the referees. Matt took it out on them on both sides of the line of scrimmage, hitting very hard and putting players on their butts. It is a fun video to watch below! I finally got tired of our friend (and one of the parents) not bringing her cowbell to the games and so I got one on my Droid X – that got a big laugh out of the other parents. LOL Matt played nearly all the snaps, coming out for 2 plays total…until about the 5 minute mark of the game when he finally had he had enough and snapped on a kid, throwing him to the ground (well pulling him down anyhow) and actually threw a short punch to the gut. He was told to leave the field of play when he tried to plead his case. The referee told the coach, “He needs to get off this field now!” It was great to see Matt play with a little fire in his belly!! He took the first step in upping his game and it really got him noticed. He now needs to learn how to pull it back to within the rules of the game and played with what I’ve described to him over the years as “controlled rage.” When Matt was the only one given a penalty, the kids and coaches erupted – as did the visiting crowd. Not only were the usual suspects shouting at the referees, but even Ann and I shouted our discontent and disbelief in the logic of the calls that night. Watch the play that Matt gets upset with and remember the rule – when you are engaged high, you cannot be cut-blocked below the knees. This if for safety and that is what I was on the referees for – and it wasn’t the first time it had occurred that night. Matt was pissed because the guy had his hands in his facemask again, cutting his face and dotting his eye. The crowd was livid at this point and the referee had the nerve to come over and shout at the coach, “Control your crowd or I’ll throw them out.” To which our coach quipped, “I can’t control what the people in the crowd do, so do what you need to.” Of course we could all overhear the conversation and that only proved to enrage a few of the parents. Although the jeers bordered on taunts, no one was tossed out. The lack of calling all the dirty plays really benefitted the Knights. Thankfully, it wasn’t enough to squelch the Pirates offense and the Pirates won easily. Matt had a couple of assisted tackles and several pancakes as he again played guard and center on offense, defensive tackle on D and then all the special teams. The coaches all talked to him during the game, the kids rallied and encouraged him after the game and I gave him props that evening after the game, on the ride home and the next morning before school. On the ride home he said to me about his increased aggression on the field, “That is one team I just cant’ stand. It used to be just East Central, but now it’s East Central and South Dearborn.” I told him I felt the same way about Hobart and Valparaiso…

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Tuesday saw more rain in the AM. Abby had to be to school really early for Academic Team practice (she calls herself the pretty nerd!). She had volleyball after school and then on to soccer practice. However, her jazz dance practice is on hold until she and Baili finish up with volleyball. Matt had no repercussions at practice (he was afraid he’d have to run). Luke and I exercised by playing catch with the football again as we walked in the neighborhood. Ann made one of our faves for dinner that night – breakfast! However, the big news of the day happened earlier in the day when Deanna married Jamie! The basically eloped, kept it very simple and didn’t invite anyone. Mom and Sandy were their witnesses and Grace was involved and that was it. They went up to the courthouse and stood in front of the Justice of the Peace. Thankfully, Gigi came through with some great pictures of the event. Thanks again Gigi!! We wish the two of them a lifetime of happiness…

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You’ll never guess the weather on Wednesday. OK; maybe you will. It rained pretty well in the morning, hard on the way over to work. It turned out to be a gorgeous evening and I was able to get Mom & Sandy’s house mowed. Matt returned again to football practice as he does every evening. Abby had volleyball practice after school. Ann attended a baby’s funeral that evening – whose name I won’t mention here – and saw several of her friends at the event. After mowing, the kids loved riding in the back of the truck on the way home, making me take the long way home – taking a slow drive around the neighborhood with the gate down and their feet dangling off the back. Thursday was downright cold. It started in the 40s in the morning but turned out to be another beautiful day in the 70s that evening. I went in early to do a 3rd shift fire drill at work and took the truck. It ran great and is a great feeling to know that it can now be relied upon to be a legitimate back up vehicle again. Abby brought home her school pictures which were absolutely lovely again this year. Luke brought home some good artwork from school that I wanted to share as well. And Matt and his football team were featured in a magazine inserted in to that evening’s newspaper, along with the other fall sports teams around the area. Luke and I again enjoyed throwing the football as we walked the neighborhood.

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Friday was…yep, you guessed it, cold and rainy all morning and the early afternoon. It did warm up about 70 in the mid-afternoon and lots of sun. But it was a fleeting heat as it ended up brrr cold that night. It was Ann & I’s 16th wedding anniversary! I gave her a perfume set and she got us personalized stadium chairs. It was something we had been talking about for a few years now. They are blue and have the Pirates emblem along with our last name across the back rather than a number – which will allow us to use them for all the kids. It was also Aunt Sharon’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Aunt Shar!) as well as Dad Scheu’s birthday. I called him that afternoon and spoke to him at his pride and joy – Tom’s Parkside Deli in Lafayette, where he has been the owner / operator for more than three decades now. It was also Uncle Keith’s birthday. Although I didn’t talk with him, I’m sure Ann called her brother in New York. Luke missed soccer practice again, meaning he would have no practices this week. I picked up Abby from volleyball and she brought along with her Ms. Kenzie to stay the night. We came home and met up with Ann and headed down to Brookville to watch the varsity football match up with the Pirates. It was Franklin County’s homecoming and true to form, you always want to win big at your homecoming. This was to be the case as the Pirates lost the battle of the trenches to the Wildcats and were trounced 35-9. For whatever reason, Matt and most of the team saw no playing time again; choosing instead to play the same 15 kids most of the game on all three teams. Their field reminded me of our old Kiwanis Field up in LaPorte. It was so muddy in the middle, but very nice on the outside. We stopped for some McDonald’s drive thru before heading home and getting a disgruntled Matthew who is starting to get discouraged as well. I compelled him to keep working hard in practice and JV and pay his dues, assuring him that his time would come…

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We were up early for soccer on Saturday morning. Although Abby had the week off, we headed to Sunman to play in the first round of games of the day. It was again very cold and we covered ourselves with blankets and umbrellas due to it raining off and on all day again. Luke’s team played the blue Encore team and it turned out to be a great matchup. Luke played forward but only took one shot on goal, and it went wide right. He did, however, have two assists and had several excellent passes! He also played goalie and had a couple saves, one of which was amazing! It brought cheers from our side and groans from the opposition’s crowd. Several exclamations of, “Wow!” filled the air as well. Several of his teammates gave him kudos at halftime (he was goalie during the 2nd quarter). He played midfielder the entire 2nd half of the game and only sat for about 5 minutes of the 3rd. The game ended 3-3, but it felt like a victory.

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We came home after the game and as the kids cleaned up around the house, I took the car down to have another tire repaired. The kids were very motivated due to all the activity up on the courthouse square. It was our annual Tree City Fall Festival. Despite it being cool and wet, there was a decent crowd and a fair amount of vendors. The big news of this years’ festival though was the edition of rides! Granted, they were old and creaky…and could’ve used a coat of paint a couple decades ago, but they were the timeless ones from the fifties…think of the rides at the end of the movie Grease or your county fair and you’d be getting close. They had a Scrambler, Tornado, Tumbler (the three that our kids rode) as well as some other kiddy rides such as a little rollercoaster, slide, merry-go-round and little cars. There were fewer vendors and those that were there didn’t interest me in the least – either jewelry, crafts or food (although we did get popcorn and the girls got cotton candy). We got up town just in time to catch Mark Gravely and his band take the stage. Mark is Sandy’s business partner (and co-owner of the radio station with her) as well as the morning personality opposite her on WTRE. He has a great blues band called the Top Hat Blues Revue. You would not guess it to look at him and the other guys, but they wailed and Mark was in the zone!! I would say they drew a crowd of about 50 at 1 pm on a Saturday afternoon. But more and more folks began gathering with each tune they played. Shockingly, after a mere 5 songs, the Festival pulled the proverbial plug on them and Mark simply said, “Well they said that was our last song, goodbye.” It was a shame too, as they were really starting to boogie! The girls weren’t interested in the music, so I gave them $ and sent them on their way shortly after our arrival. So Abby ran off with Kenzie but Luke hung with me, doing a little dancing and jamming until he saw his best friend and then ran off with Alex and his mom, Christy. After Mark left the stage, I congratulated him and told him I wanted one of their CDs. I then caught up with the boys and eventually the girls as we walked around the square, catching all the sites – including booths, a baby tiger, rode a few rides, met the Silly Safari guy (petting a huge boa constrictor and other animals), saw some cool cars and did face painting. We saw a couple sprinkles but it was just mostly overcast and breezy. After a few hours, we came back home where Matt and Ann were just waking up from their naps. It was dry enough for me to mow at our house. Kenzie ended up staying the night again. We decided to get our favorite carry-out from Koch’s and chilled out around the rest of the wet evening. Because of the cold, wet evening; we did not go back up that evening to catch Jimmy Riser, Larry Crane and Jai Baker – the headlining acts this year…

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We slept in a little on Sunday morning, waking up to a little rain. It would continue to rain on and off all day and we even had some thunderstorms that tonight. Ann made muffins for breakfast and we all did some our weekly chores around the house. Ann tried to take Kenzie home but no one was there so she ended up going with us over to Mom & Sandy’s house for Deanna and Jamie’s wedding reception. It was a nice turn out of about 30 people, including Jamie’s mom, Danny & Curtis, Phyllis & Dick, Aunt Linda and “Grandpa” Joe as well as other friends and family on Ann’s side that I was less familiar with. We drove separately as the boys were late getting ready and then Matt and I came back home so that I could finish my weekly chores and Matt had to start his homework. As we were walking towards the van, he asked if he could drive us home. I thought about it a second, smiled and threw him the keys. We took the back streets home and he did great. He is a better driver at this age than I was, I think! At least he hasn’t hit any garages with the family car! 😉 It was a good night for TV as the Simpsons and Family Guy had their season premiers as have several shows that are ones we have liked from before and several new ones that are intriguing. I am amazed that later this season (sometime in February, I think), the Simpsons will hit their 500th episode!! We would up this week much as we started it, cold and wet. It continues to rain as I type this tonight and in fact we’re getting thunder and lightning and the wind has picked up as well. It was very nice to give our heating and cooling systems the week off again…as does my electric bill. It is nice to finally have a little seasonal weather. It felt so much more like fall. It even looked like fall. I would imagine it won’t be long now until the leaves begin to change on the trees. Even the crickets that were nearly deafening at the end of last week are all gone now and several flocks of ducks and geese are heading south. Ann made another family favorite for dinner: chicken fettucini alfredo! 🙂 The Colts lost a heartbreaker on Sunday Night Football, but at least Curtis Painter got some PT!! He was rusty at first, but the Purdue alum looked better and better as his timing and confidence increased with each play. Matt and I are looking forward to coming home after his game tomorrow night to catch the Cowboys take on their arch rival Redskins. Thanks again to Gigi for letting me borrow her memory card to nab some great pictures at her house today!

dajr11.1 dajr11.2 dajr11.3 dajr11.4 dajr11.5 dajr11.6 dajr11.7 dajr11.8 dajr11.9 dajr11.10 dajr11.11 dajr11.12 dajr11.13 dajr11.14 dajr11.15 dajr11.16 dajr11.17 dajr11.18 dajr11.19 dajr11.20 dajr11.21 dajr11.22 dajr11.23 dajr11.24 dajr11.25 \dajr11.26 dajr11.28 dajr11.29 dajr11.30 dajr11.31 dajr11.32

Now let’s take a look at this week’s line up of videos. First up, we have 6 new ones! Those are followed by 18 vids from around the web this week:

And finally, let’s look at this week’s Waybac feature. As it has been all summer, we don’t go too far back with this batch again. We lead off with something Mom might remember – my old Oakland Acorns sweatshirt. I found this in the truck, behind the seat. It is no longer even a shirt but rather just a strip of cloth. I got this back in 1st or 2nd grade, I think and wore it until it shredded apart. I even wore it as a tank top for a little while. Then we have several from a vacation in 1989. I don’t recognize anyone else…but Mom is that you in those pictures?? I don’t know where any of these were taken, but Grandma was gone by this point.

Waybac.1976.csoos1 Waybac.1976.csoos2 Waybac.1989.gvp10 Waybac.1989.gvp11 Waybac.1989.gvp12 Waybac.1989.gvp13 Waybac.1989.gvp14 Waybac.1989.gvp15

Next we move to April of 1997 for Matt’s second Easter – this one was with Grandma & Grandpa Scheu in our townhouse in Columbus; then our first Thanksgiving in G’burg on Main St in November of ’97 – I especially like the one of the Owens girls! Next we move forward the Bryan Family Christmas in Rossville in December of 1997; and then Mike & Laura’s miracle baby – Pace – in 1998 or so.

Waybac.1997.04.mewgags1acvt1 Waybac.1997.04.mewgags2 Waybac.1997.04.mewgags3 waybac.1997.04.mewgags4 Waybac.1997.04.mseacvt4 Waybac.1997.11.26.mstgd1 Waybac.1997.11.26.mstgd2 Waybac.1997.11.26.mstgd3 Waybac.1997.11.26.mstgd4 Waybac.1997.12.27.bfcir10 Waybac.1997.12.27.bfcir11 Waybac.1997.12.27.bfcir12 Waybac.1998.pmsbp

We wind up in the new millennium, starting with several in 2000: first in March of 2000 for Matt’s 4th birthday party; then in May, down at the Sand Pebble in Treasure Island for Abby’s first visit to the ocean – what a special time for us all; then to September for Bu’s first birthday cake in our Main St. home; then a week later for Dad B and Joe taking a nap in Rossville; and another one of naptime in October; a few from the Brown Family Reunion at Tammy & Brett’s home in late October; and finally Moe hanging out at home in Rossville in November. We finish up this section with a few of Dad, George and the Week 19 crew in Florida.

Waybac.2000.03.17.mnsfbdpoms1 Waybac.2000.05.11.takab1 Waybac.2000.05.11.takab2 Waybac.2000.05.11.takab3 Waybac.2000.05.11.takab4 Waybac.2000.05.11.takab5 Waybac.2000.05.11.takab6 Waybac.2000.05.11.takab7 Waybac.2000.09.15.afbdcp Waybac.2000.09.20.damsocir Waybac.2000.10.11.damsibir Waybac.2000.10.21.bfrath1 Waybac.2000.10.21.bfrath2 Waybac.2000.10.21.bfrath3 Waybac.2000.10.21.bfrath4 Waybac.2000.11.09.madfir Waybac.2001.05.14.dawngbt1 Waybac.2001.05.14.dawngbt2 Waybac.2001.05.14.dawngihtasp

And that wraps up another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. We’d like to thank you for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you again next time around. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Good games Matt and Luke!!! Enjoyed watching both of them and I agree with you Tom…there was some very dirty tackling on the field from what I saw. Can’t blame Matt for what he did as I saw several times that he was grabbed by the face mask and the refs never called it!! Enough is enough!! They don’t want to piss Grandma off!!! Anyway the picture where you didn’t know anyone except Grandpa was taken after Grandma died and dad wanted to visit his good friend and Army buddy during the war who lives in Georgia. I helped drive Grandpa down there and I stayed about 5 days. Dad stayed about 2 wks and drove back by himself. I flew back to South Bend but had a great time with them. They were very special people who wined and dined you the whole time you were in there home. I couldn’t do anything to help them either. We went to Stone Mountain which you see in the picture and the big zoo they have in Atlanta and also went to what is called Atlanta underground. It is a whole shopping area with really neat shops, etc. underneath the downtown section of Atlanta. It is really cool there and we had such a great time. The men told some stories from the war and how they stayed together from boot camp on until they served there tours. Elton died shortly after dad did and Margaret died about 5 yrs later. I haven’t spoken to their kids lately but they also are so very nice. It’s that southern hospitality that really gets you. So glad you found those pics. Yes, that is me in one of the pictures with Margaret and also the one of Elton and Margaret with me. I loved the one of dad with Elton. What a pair they made!!! Thanks for the memories Tom and the great videos of the fair. That guy who is with Sandy at the station is very good!! I could listen to him for quite a while also. Love the blues……. and love you all…see you real soon. XXXXOOO’s

  • Mom

    Congrats to Dee and Jamie!!! We are sooo happy for them all!! And what a great picture of Abby. That’s my girl!! Look how little Matt is wow…hard to believe he will soon be 16. And Leila….have you seen any pics of her lately. She is growing up to be quite the beautiful young lady. Austin graduated last year and is in college now. My oh my do I feel old!!! I had to look real hard at the picture of Moe and your dad sleeping. It looked alot like Rob!!! Never noticed how their eyes are very much alike and when dad had hair, the hairline is similiar and their noses are kind of alike.

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