No Safety or Surprise…The End

This week really went fast for us. Although it wasn’t hectically busy, it was steady and different. Monday was Halloween and it started off wet but turned out to be a nice day. Abby had tap class after school. Ann went with her and I picked up Luke and came home to a neighborhood full of trick-or-treaters. We scrambled around and found everything quickly to join in the festivities. We really broke tradition this year. We didn’t go to the pumpkin patch nor purchase a single pumpkin in fact; Ann didn’t decorate the house for Halloween; we didn’t carve jack-o-lanterns; and Luke didn’t want to go trick-or-treating. Although he received a new costume this year – that of an evil gnome; he decided at the last minute that he didn’t want to go, despite the fact that we saw all his friends out that evening. It was a really cool mask too, which surprised me even more. We had a couple hundred kids and had just enough candy for everyone. Deanna & Jamie (and Gracie) joined us. Dee assumed what has become her annual chore- that of handing out candy for us. Jamie joined Matt and I in our annual game of football in the front yard (where Luke hung out the whole evening). Amy came in to town with Baili. The girls went out just ahead of Ann & Amy, who trailed them by a few minutes, out in the neighborhood. Abby was a cute little monkey (nice job by Ann to modify the costume to fit her cast!); Baili was an adorable Alice in Wonderland and Gracie was cute as Nadine Wolf from Disney’s Monster High (although we thought at first it was Ms. Piggy!). Luke had fun playing football with the boys and listening to our Halloween mix CD that we only dig out this one night each year. The girls were out for nearly 2 hours. It was pitch dark when they finally got home. It really started to cool down as it got later as well. We don’t have nearly as much loot as in previous years, obviously; but I think it was a fun family evening just the same.

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Brr; Tuesday started off under the freezing mark when we took Abby to Academic Team practice before school started. She really didn’t want to go due to being exhausted. Luke had basketball practice at the Y after school. We found out that his team name is the Celtics. It was only their second practice in the past 9 months but will have his first game this weekend. Bu had her musical practice after school and then went on to jazz dance class later that evening. Matt had football and is really getting excited about Friday’s Sectional Finals game in Trafalgar, near our alma mater – FC!
Wednesday was even cooler and downright cold at times. Abby was sure worn out that evening – and who wouldn’t be, seeing as she had the traumatic incident only a couple weeks ago and hasn’t missed a single school class nor extracurricular activity since. That poor thing was up late again that evening doing homework until nearly 10:00. Matt had football practice and as has been enjoying having Grandma bring him home almost every night. Truth be told, I think she enjoys it as much as he does! Luke and I walked again for the third night in a row and also played catch with the football again. It was popcorn night and we went to bed early.
It rained all day on Thursday. Matt got home late, following the team dinner after practice. He was cold and damp and really enjoyed his shower that evening. Abby had Academic Team practice after school and then Musical practice until after 9:00 that evening. It was still raining when I picked her up. Ann prepped for her big weekend by finding all of her scrapbook stuff and had Shawna over for a little while.
On Friday, Luke had a doctor appointment and got a good checkup. We said good-bye to my boss, Kelly, who is leaving to be a fulltime stay at home Mom. We are all very sad but wish her all the best in her new life. I hurried home after work and joined about 50 people (mostly parents, family and friends), including Abby and Mom O for a big send-off for the varsity football team’s Sectional Championship game vs. Indian Creek. They received a police escort and a small caravan joined them in a parade-like atmosphere out of town. It was really cool to see! It was a cold November evening but we dressed for the part. It was a tough game that went down to the very end. It was 20-13 with only a couple of minutes left when the Pirates turned the ball over on downs. Somehow, they managed to get the ball back with about a minute left but again turned it over on downs. They had their chances but in the end, the young Pirates came up a TD short this time. It was a great season for them that saw many ups and downs and suffered several injuries. They finished the season 6-6. We are so proud of these young men and how many set backs they overcame. Matt was disappointed that he did not see any playing time in Trafalgar, but I reminded him that this was the year where he needed to learn and gain any experience to prepare him for his junior and senior seasons. A few of us parents met the busses back at the high school but only a handful of us got out and applauded them as they trudged back to the locker rooms. On the quiet ride home, I encouraged Matt to remember how he felt at that very moment and never forget it as he worked hard over the off-season, in preparation for next year. Ann went out with Shawna, Natalie and her scrapbooking friends to spend the weekend at the new hotel where they had a getaway to do some serious scrapbooking (and catch up with her friends over a few beverages). With Natalie in town, Brayton also joined us and he was at the house when Matt and I got home, late that night.

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Luke and I were up early on Saturday morning as the other bums got to sleep in. Considering that Luke is teamed with many first-time players, I thought the Celtics did great. Luke is truly a leader on this team and he dominated play all game. His accomplishments are notable as he has only had two practices in the past 10 months or so. He played the Heat team out at the YMCA and this was the first time he played in the new “blue” gym – so named for the color of the floor. He had 12 points today, going 6-17 from the field. He also had 1 assist and a turnover. He had 13 rebounds, forced 2 turnovers and even had 2 blocked shots…wow! Ann and Natalie came over from their scrapbook weekend to watch the game, although Ann was a little on the ill side (she had been a little sicky-poo earlier that morning) and was not able to get very good photos for us this week. Therefore, most of these pictures are taken from the original hi-def video files. Luke’s league does not yet keep score, as it is not competitive. The girls returned to the hotel and I got Koch’s takeout for the kids and I for lunch. We watched the Purdue – Wisconsin game that was ugly, with the Boilers losing 62-17. Ouch! The kids cleaned their rooms and the playroom before going out for a basketball game. It was a beautiful afternoon – probably one of the last nice Saturdays of the year. I pulled out another box of old pictures from Mom – the 3rd of 5. It is a great box!! I enjoyed looking through and finding hundreds of goodies for our Waybac feature. I still have to scan them all yet, but have a few to share in this week’s entry. We had Papa John’s delivered for dinner, just as the kids came in due to darkness. The boys watched the big game in high-def on the big screen. It pitted #1 LSU vs. #2 Alabama. The game featured two of the best college defenses in the nation today and the game lived up to the hype. It was a defensive struggle that went all the way in to overtime. Only 5 field goals were scored the whole game and LSU won 9-6 in OT. I think all of us fell asleep at one point or another during the game and the boys went to bed following the game.
We slept in on Sunday and did a few weekly chores around the house. Nat came over a little before noon to pick up Brayton, saying she’d had enough scrapbooking for one weekend! Ann and the other diehards lasted to about mid afternoon before finally making her way home. It was a very nice day and we opened up the house for a few hours. We even went out and played a little basketball for a couple hours or so before it got dark. Now that we have “fallen back” today (Daylight Savings Time), it got dark a little after 5 or so…that’s crazy! The NASCAR boys were in Texas where our favorites Gordon and Stewart both had good days. The hapless Colts played the Falcons and got blown out again to lower their record to 0-9. The Cowboys beat the Seahawks to pull their record even at 4-4. I spent several hours scanning another box of pictures. I would say that I have about500 pictures…by far the fewest amount yet to come from a box of pictures. However, what we are lacking in quantity, we more than make up for in quality. These are some of our family’s most important pictures and they span over a century. I am very excited to share these with you over the coming winter months. However, be forewarned, due to the smaller amount of pictures this time, we will be featuring a smaller amount each week. For instance, this week we have only a dozen or so…but they are good ones…and this is what you should expect in the next several entries. We took it easy the rest of the night and enjoyed watching the Pittsburgh – Baltimore matchup on Sunday Night Football.

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Next up is our video section. As always, if you are reading this blog entry as a feed such as on Facebook, you will most likely not see this portion of the entry or see only nonsensical letters and numbers. If anything shows up, besides video, you can always view this blog entry in its native format on our blog page. Please visit our home page at and click on the blog link. This week, we have two home videos of this week’s events as well as several music videos that peaked my interest this time out. Enjoy!

Our last section is our Waybac feature. As mentioned earlier, I am working on another new batch of pictures. This time, we go pretty far back. Some are nearly a hundred years old. Mostly, they are 30-60 years old…and there will be hundreds of them…enough to last us well through the winter. I had such a fun time sharing several of them with Matt. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I will in presenting them to you. But enough of the talk, leading off this time out we have 1 of 3 pictures I found of Mom in a frame. I am guessing this one to be from about 1949. Next up is another print of one we’ve featured here a couple times through the years of my Grandpaw Brown from the 1950s. Also in this batch, we have Tammy from about 1970 or so in a cute little picture.

Waybac.1949.ssboyop Waybac.1950s.gpbp Waybac.1970.trdp

This next section features Rob’s first birthday and my twelfth in October of 1980. We were back in Indiana by this point and living in our big Kenwood St home. The first four pictures are from us visiting Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown’s house in Lafayette (love Rob’s Cowboys sweats!), including a rare one of Rob and I with our Great Grandpa Morgan. Also, we have a cake at Sharon & Dan’s where we had our annual get together for Rob, Nathan & I’s birthdays which are five days apart.

Waybac.1980.10.ratb1 Waybac.1980.10.ratb2 Waybac.1980.10.ratb3 Waybac.1980.10.ratb4 Waybac.1980.10.rtanb1

Wrapping up the Waybacs, we have Rob late November of 1980, chilling on his rocking chair in his footie jammys in front of the TV (probably watching Bozo) in the living room of our Kenwood St home in LP; followed by Rob’s 18-month old picture in April of ’81; and finally a cute one of Katie in her ballet dance picture in the neighborhood of 1985-ish. See, I told you that although they are fewer, they are great ones! 😉

Waybac.1980.11.rircoks Waybac.1981.04.remop Waybac.1985.kbdp

Well that does it for this week’s blog entry. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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