All the World’s Indeed a Stage and We are Merely Players

With the change in time, it has been a rough adjustment this week. We turned our clocks back an hour (spring ahead/fall back) to observe Daylight Savings Time last Sunday morning. Not only has it been odd going to and coming from work with the headlights on, but we find that it eats into our exercise time at home as well. Hours of light aside, the weather has been equally as odd this week. On Monday, Abby headed back to the doctor for her wrist. We had good news and bad news. The good news? She did not need to have pins put in! The bad news? We aren’t out of the woods yet; she received a new cast (purple this time!) and two more weeks of strict instructions to take it easy on that wrist! Matt turned in his gear at his last football practice that afternoon and then headed over to the Fieldhouse for his first wrestling practice. It absolutely kicked his ass! LOL He came home, ate and went to bed early. Abby had tap dance class at Dixon Dance and then headed back to the Jr. High for musical practice. Luke had basketball practice at the Y. We were saddened to hear the news that Smokin’ Joe Frazier had died of cancer and we watched a great MNF game with the Bears victorious over the Eagles. Last week, I forgot to post pictures of Matt and Brayton. They are included here, along with a couple of pictures of the infamous 4-wheeler that Bu got injured on…

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Tuesday was Election Day. We came home from work and made our bi-annual pilgrimage to the courthouse to take Gigi her drink while she broadcasted the results as they came in… Matt came home from wrestling practice worn out again and now complaining of knee pain. He iced it and got back on his regime of ibuprofen as well. Matt told us he is going for the 220 lb weight class. He has a few more pounds to lose over the next week or so before he has his first wrestling meet. Abby had a very long day, going in early to the junior high for academic team practice at 7 am and then staying late for musical practice when got out after 9 pm. I really can’t believe it is pitch black at 6 pm now. That really puts a damper on my exercising routine. The lights were even on at work when I left today! Today was the 40th anniversary of the release of Led Zeppelin IV!

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It rained all morning and became overly blustery in the afternoon and evening. Ann made one of our faves for dinner – biscuits and gravy! Abby went in for Academic Team practice early on Thursday morning. During the day, she had two performances of her Beauty and the Beast musical for the other jr high school students. It was the coldest day of the season thus far, starting out in the mid twenties (brr!)…and didn’t even get out of the low 40s. It was really windy again that day and later that evening, we had our first snow fall! The kids loved it; the parents were astonished. Matt has wrestling practice while Luke, Bu and I tried to walk in the cold and darkness but it didn’t last long before we were called in for dinner (Ann made another favorite – Panini’s!). Sandy, Mark and their crew won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award here in Greensburg that evening!!! We are so proud of Gigi!

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We had to scrape the darn snow and ice from our windshields on Friday morning. Matt had wrestling practice that evening and as we left the high school after practice, we passed next to the football field and Matt lamented, “I wish we were playing here tonight.” It would’ve been for the Regional championship if they had… It was opening night for Abby and her troupe. Mom O and Gigi were in attendance. Matt, Luke and I went to El Chile Poblano for dinner where I had a margarita that I swear was as big as Luke’s head! Meanwhile, Ann went scrapbooking. Matt ended up going to his good friend, Joel’s house to spend the night. Purdue hammered Northern Illinois by like 60 points in their season opener. Robbie Hummel is back again and scored 21! …and for what it’s worth, Indian Creek got slaughtered by Chitard by 40 points in the Regional championship. Luke was dubbed a “Super Scientist” during science today, in school. He asked some kind of question (like that inquisitive child always does here at home) and the teacher was so impressed by it, she made an award and dubbed him the class’ Super Scientist. Way to go, Lukey!

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We were up early on Saturday morning to run Luke to the YMCA. We had to be there extra early due to pictures. Luke and his team routed the purple Medicine Shoppe team. Luke had an interesting game. He struggled from the floor, going 3-36 from the floor for 6 points and 2 assists. It is hard for him to adjust between the differences from his goal here at home that is very soft and forgiving and the more “normal” ones at the Y. He had great defense getting 6 blocks, a steal, 2 forced turnovers and had an amazing 28 rebounds! He also took the ball out almost every time due to his good passing abilities. Our little #5 also won the tip off at the start of the game. The little girl he was guarding at one point shouted to her coach, “Why does he keep DOING that?” …referring to him blocking her shots on two continuous trips down the floor. Luke had a lot of fun out there today. We talked with him afterwards and I think we will likely move him up to the next league level during 2nd session, after Christmas.

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We came home and while Ann napped, Luke and I got busy. We loaded up the truck and mowed over at Mom and Gigi’s house. Luke was dying to go eat at Burger King, as he enjoys sitting at the tall tables by the window. We went to the library and got a few books for Luke to read. Then we came home and put everything away for the winter, working in the yard for several hours. It was a gorgeous late fall afternoon, reaching up to the upper sixties. Luke and I went out to the high school to let him ride his go-kart out in the open a little. It was really windy out there. We brought Matt home to watch Luke while Ann & I went to the Jr. High to watch Abby in her final showing of her Beauty and the Beast musical. She was only in 3 scenes but would like to come back out again next year. She was cute and the play was entertaining. I think Luke would’ve even sat through it. We picked her up following the after-party. She was sad that it was over, but really wants more of a lead role next time. Purdue hosted Ohio St and actually beat them at Ross-Aide Stadium! Boiler Up!!

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On Sunday, Ann and Amy took Abby to her first Colts game, up at Lucas Oil Stadium. It was a gorgeous day for them. Although they didn’t open up the entire dome, they did open up the big side window. Ann said it was actually a little stuffy in there. She said it was nearly packed – not bad for a winless team. The boys worked around the house, doing our weekly chores and catching up on our DVR’ed programs. Luke ended up playing basketball outside for a couple hours throughout the day and evening. We watched to see if the girls would be on TV, but they weren’t…and the Colts didn’t entertain them very well either; losing 3-17 yawner that saw poor offenses on both sides and dropping Indy to 0-10 on the year. The Cowboys won big, 44-7 to raise their record to 5-4 and to within 1 game of the conference lead. It was great that Kyle Busch lost an engine at the NASCAR event in Phoenix but Gordon was officially eliminated from the championship, sadly. But Columbus-native Tony Stewart is only 3 points out of 1st place as they head in to the final race weekend next week. Go Smoke!

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Next up, let’s check out our video section. We have three new home videos from this week as well as several from around the internet this week that drew my attention. As we’ve mentioned before, if you are reading this entry via a feed such as Facebook; this section will not display properly – if at all. To view this section as well as the entire blog in its native form, please visit our home page at and follow the blog link.

Next up is our Waybac section, full of several goodies this week. We start off in the sixties with some great pictures of my 1st birthday party at our Shortridge house in Lafayette. I can make out several folks in these pictures: Aunt Norma, Uncle Ralph, Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown, “Aunt” Karen, Aunt Midge but don’t know who the 4 or 5 little kids are on the floor with me…Mom can you help on this one? Next is an old one of Barney in about ’69; and finally a couple from Aunt Sharon’s wedding in what I am guessing is ’69 (?) with Dad B and Uncle Virden – probably in Lafayette. Mom, do you know what church this was in? Doesn’t Dad look like a gangster or outlaw (ah la, Clint Eastwood…look at that mean look on his face! LOL!!)

Waybac.1969.10.tfb1 Waybac.1969.10.tfb2 Waybac.1969.10.tfb3 Waybac.1969.10.tfb4 Waybac.1969.10.tfb5 Waybac.1969.10.tfb6 Waybac.1969.10.tfb7 Waybac.1969.bsfp Waybac.1969.dasw1 Waybac.1969.dasw2

Now we move in to the seventies. First up is another great old one of my cousin Barney from about ’71 (thanks to Haley for posting these great pictures of Barn on her Facebook page!); a couple pictures of Grandpaw Brown when he was featured in the Lafayette Journal & Courier in October of 1973. Those are followed by several pictures of Mom and Dad B’s wedding day in downtown Lafayette in June of ’78 and then on their ensuing honeymoon cruise through the Carribean Sea. Mom, I’m sure you can tell us all about what we are seeing in the pictures below…and this forum was designed specifically for instances such as this – to make these images come alive and to have documentation for my children and their children and their children’s children, etc…and we wrap up this decade with some great pictures of little Robby when we lived on N Soreno Dr in Temple City. These pictures were taken by Mom & Dad’s friends, but the ladies’ names escape me as I write this…oh Mom! These were taken in November of 1979.

Waybac.1971.bsfp Waybac.1973.10.gpbna1 Waybac.1973.10.gpbna2 Waybac.1978.06.madbw31 Waybac.1978.06.madbw32 Waybac.1978.madbh1 Waybac.1978.madbh2 Waybac.1978.madbh3 Waybac.1978.madbh4 Waybac.1978.madbh5 Waybac.1978.madbh6 Waybac.1979.11.rnp1 Waybac.1979.11.rnp2 Waybac.1979.11.rnp3 Waybac.1979.11.rnp4

We have some interesting eighties pictures, starting with several from one of our first shared birthday parties in Kokomo in October of ’81…God, look at those awful glasses on my head! That is followed by Rob’s party at home in our living room on Rockwood. We would’ve likely just moved in to the house only a few months earlier. I don’t remember this move, exactly. But, I do see in these pictures that the trees are still out in the front yard of the house. There aren’t many pictures of the house with these trees still intact. These are followed by a newspaper article in about ’82 of Dad B in St. Joe’s Hospital. He would be in the ICU with Mom after her aneurism…something that I think Mom & Sharon were just discussing on Facebook this week…I am still thankful that Sharon took time out of her life to look after Rob & I – I know I wasn’t the easiest person to deal with at that time in my life. Thanks Sharon. Next we have two school pictures of yours truly – first from the fall of ’84 as I entered my sophomore year (wearing my very cool LP football jersey) and then the following year, in September of ’85 as I entered my junior year…sporting my Motley Crue tank top that I wore out that year…what a great concert up at Alpine Valley earlier that summer!!!

Waybac.1981.10.bobdp1 Waybac.1981.10.bobdp2 Waybac.1981.10.bobdp3 Waybac.1981.10.bobdp4 Waybac.1981.10.rsb1 Waybac.1981.10.rsb2 Waybac.1982.rebasjh1 Waybac.1982.rebasjh2 Waybac.1984.09.tsysp Waybac.1985.09.tjysp

We wind up this section in the nineties and have a good one of Rob’s fifth grade picture of him at eight years old in the fall of 1990; then Barney & Steph with baby Haley in about 1990; Rob in his 6th grade school picture in September of 1991 when he was twelve years old…and still at Riley, I assume; and finally my last pic of Barney & Steph with Haley and Nick (I think?) in about ’93 or so.

Waybac.1990.09.rfgpeyo Waybac.1990.bsfp Waybac.1991.09.rsgptyo Waybac.1993.bsfp

Well that wraps up this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Great pics and videos Tom. Go Luke…keep up the great defense and playing wholeheartedly!! Go Matt on the wrestling…hope his knee doesn’t give him too much trouble. Go Abby and her castmates. They sounded pretty good to me and I enjoyed the show at home. Even enjoyed watching Luke on his hot wheel. But did not enjoy seeing the snow and ice. Made me think that it was cold out here…had to walk out to make sure it wasn’t. Tee Hee In the Waybac of one of your birthdays, I believe one of the kids is Kathy Spoor. It would make sense that it was. I don’t know who else would have been there. The ones from our cruise is of San Juan and a view of the city and there were performances at an outside stage that we attended. The girls that took the pics of Rob out in California were Carol and Carmen. They were great friends and dad worked with Carol in the meat dept. of the store that he worked at. They always were doing so many nice things for us. Well kiddo…thanks again for everything and take care, stay warm and we are doing well down here where it is always alot warmer!! XXXOOO’s

  • David

    Love the photos of Barney as a little kid.

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