So just Hold on…You can make it Happen for You

It was yet another fast week for us at the Scheu abode. The big news and talk around the house centered around the ever-changing weather, planning for Maryann’s surprise party and Matt’s debut at varsity wrestling. Monday got us kicked off in the right direction. It was a lovely day that saw temps soar in to the seventies! What a difference a few days makes, eh? Matt went back to work at wrestling practice as he tries to cut about 10 pounds to get down to 220 lb weight class. He is learning the hard way that football shape is not the same as wrestling shape. Because of his team’s success at football, it really cut in to his wrestling training. With the first tourney coming only after a couple weeks of practice, the training has been intense. Luke had basketball practice at the Y and Abby had tap dancing class at Dixon Dance. The bad part of the quick increase in temp is the inevitable mixing of warm and cold fronts and this time when they did, it created a tornado watch and lots and lots of rain in the late afternoon and all evening… Abby showed me her ticket from the game she went to the day before and Luke showed me a paper he colored and aptly named, “bird.”

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Tuesday was much cooler and completely wet. Abby ended up joining the Drama Club that evening after school. Her jazz dance class was cancelled and Ann & I had a parents’ meeting after Matt’s wrestling practice. We couldn’t believe it when we were told that the varsity wrestlers would be practicing on Thanksgiving and travelling to Lafayette on Black Friday and the following Saturday for a wrestling tourney across the Wabash at Harrison! …whether or not that includes Matt is yet to be seen.
Wednesday warmed up a little bit but was extremely windy all day. Matt had about 3 or 4 pounds to still cut after practice. Abby had an Academic Team meet that afternoon but did not participate for whatever reason. It was Maryann’s 73rd birthday and we worked hard to play off the party we hosted for her at our house that evening. We had to get her in our home so we had her pick up Matt. He was supposed to tell her that he had a pair of pants for her to sew up but instead he called an audible and came out of wrestling practice limping badly and told her that he hurt it badly (all a part of the façade) and then needed her help to carry things in at home (we needed to get her in here somehow). We played it off that she should stay for dinner since we had plenty. It just happened to be spaghetti (her favorite), salad and garlic bread. She tried to leave but I kept her here until Gigi showed up with Deanna, Jamie and Grace. She was so mad at Matthew and swore revenge. LOL She got a refurbished antique box and some sewing store stuff. Dee & Jamie brought dessert – another favorite of Mom O’s – Cheesecake Factory sampler cakes! After everyone left, I worked on a new computer for my work friend, JT.

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It was even COLDER on Thursday…much, much colder. It stayed in the 30s all day with a bitter, cutting wind. It was all the way down in the low 20s overnight, frosting up the windows the next morning. We actually had to turn the heat up to keep warm that night. Abby had Academic Team practice before school that day. Matt had his challenge match for the varsity 220 # spot that afternoon at practice and he successfully beat out the upper classman to earn the spot!!! However, he still has a couple pounds to lose before Saturday’s weigh-ins. He was so excited when he got home!!
Matt was still over by a half pound after Friday night’s practice. Ann, Luke and I had a big, homemade dinner that night while Matt had a banana and couple apple wedges (poor kid!). Abby stayed with her best friend, Megan at her mom (Julie)’s house up in Greenwood. We were up early on Saturday morning to get Matt in to the high school about a half hour early – just in case he needed to drop and more weight. As it turned out, he was under by a pound and that we the case when he hit weigh-ins an hour later at the Rushville Invitational. Rushville hosted Greensburg, Franklin Co., Oldenburg and Lawrenceburg. Greensburg matched up against Franklin County in the opener. For some reason, they started at the higher weight classes and that meant that Matt was the third match of the day. He came out fired up and dominated his first varsity action – in fact, he bull rushed the kid, put him in a front headlock and took the kid down to his back and pinned him in just over 30 seconds! 32 to be exact, since Matt wanted to know!! 😉 We were all so excited – wait until you see his victory celebration on the video below! In the next two matchups (Lawrenceburg & Oldenburg), there was no competition, so he won by forfeit, meaning he started off his varsity career 3-0! In the final round, we matched up against the host Rushville team, which now featured Matt’s buddy from out here in the neighborhood (Blake) that transferred schools just before this year started. Matt’s good friend Joel injured his right knee during a match and his year is questionable at this point. In fact, there are many grapplers on the injured list right now – most of which are the upperclassmen. There are only 3 seniors on the team and none participated in the Invitational today. After seeing no action for about 4 hours, Matt tried to get back up for this late afternoon match. This guy was much bigger than Matt and a junior. It was a great matchup and one of the best matches all day. There was a controversial call at the end of the 1st period that should’ve given Matt the lead, but the point was denied. Matt was up late in the 2nd period until he was taken down with 5 seconds left in the period to go down 4 heading in to the 3rd and final period. The referee should’ve warned the boy to stop hitting Matt and it got pretty physical and Matt was a little pissed as the boy kept messing with him and it worked, frustrating Matt into doing something a little over-aggressive and the opponent countered it and turned him on his back. Matt fought hard and although the score was lopsided in the end (10 point difference), when you watch the match below you will see that the points don’t really show how close the match actually was…one in which Matt almost won – please watch below and see what I mean. He nearly pulled off the upset. But as it was, Matt ended the day 3-1 and looked very impressive in his first varsity wrestling experience. He should have a load of confidence after today. The team however went 0-4, primarily due to forfeits and youngsters – all due to injuries.

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Ann had to leave before Matt’s final match and run Luke to the YMCA back in town for his basketball game. I don’t have any stats and only a few pictures and a very short video. He told me he had about 10 points (he said baskets, but I don’t know about all that – Ann got 4 points on video) and a few blocks (Ann got one on video) and Ann said he had lots of rebounds. He said he had a lot of fun but there was one boy he almost got in to it with – which only tells me he finally had a little competition, which is what needs. Ann went out with her friend Stacy, from college that evening. They met up in their old stomping grounds – in Franklin and at the Willard to boot. They were a little dismayed to find only a couple of college students and mostly folks older than them. They got a hotel room and stayed up late talking and enjoying beverages. Funnily enough, the hotel was on Lovers Lane! Their mutal college buddy, Paul, was supposed to also stay with them but he backed out at the last minute due to not feeling well. Abby stayed the night with Megan and Julie again, up in Greenwood. The boys had Koch’s carryout and took it easy, staying up late to watch our DVR’ed stuff. Ann came home about the same time that football was starting today. Abby followed an hour or so later. She and her little brother were both a little grumpy and spent time in their rooms to refocus. We cleaned up the house and did our weekly chores. Ann talked me in to putting up the Christmas tree. It was Matt’s turn to put up the ugly orange ball…but we’ll have pictures and video of that next week. We were just finishing up the tree as Tony Stewart won the race at Homestead to win the championship. It was a cool race that came down to the last lap. As it turned out, Smoke finished 1st and Edwards second which left them in a dead tie after the whole season. Since Tony had won more races, the title was his! The Cowboys won in OT over the rival Redskins. The Colts didn’t lose this week…however that’s only because they had a bye week. The Christmas tree looks good in the corner of the living room. We decided not to put it in the front window this year due to the kids not being able to keep the love seat off the wall when we have to move it. Since we just had the living room redecorated, the tree was moved. We are anxiously awaiting next week as Keith & Rosie are coming home for Thanxmas and if Matt wins the varsity slot again, we’ll be making a trip up to my hometown…

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Next up, we have several videos, including two new family ones from this week’s events. As always, if you are reading this entry via a feed like Facebook, this section will either be blank, missing or have weird lettering instead of the numerous videos. To view these vids as well as read our blog in its native format, please visit our homepage at and click on the blog link.

Next up; let’s flip on the Waybac machine for more great family and friend pictures. Again this week, we have a very special batch of pictures that feature key moments in our family’s developmental stages. Leading off, we have what I believe to be Grandpaw Brown’s baptism picture. I found a piece of cardboard with a note scribbled on the back that I will feature at a later date, but I believe it goes with this picture. It states, “Our dear little Robert Louis taken when he was two months old…Baptism.” If this is the same picture, it would date it September, 1923 (Mom, would this be in Rossville?); then we have Aunt Midge dressed in nursing garb (Mom, I assume she was a nurse at Home or St. E?)…and judging by the coloring of the photo, I would approximate this photo to be from the late 40s; then we have the photo that I’ve seen the most of Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown – that of them before a big K of C event, standing in their front room in Lafayette; next we have a few crops of a great picture from Vird and Belinda’s wedding – including Belinda’s folks as well as Grandma Mary in California, I presume, in what I am guessing to be about 1972 (judging by the outfits – Mom, how close was I??); and our last one is also one of the last ones of the original Grandma Bryan in about ’75, standing out in front of her house in Lafayette.

Waybac.1923.09.rlbtmob Waybac.1940s.amnp Waybac.1950s.gmgpbkocp Waybac.1972.vabw1 Waybac.1972.vabw2 Waybac.1972.vabw3 Waybac.1975.mb1 Waybac.1975.mb2

Our middle section features two main events – Mom and Dad B’s wedding and Rob’s baptism – we start at the Lafayette courthouse in June of ’78 then move to the 40 & 8 a couple hours later. I love the one of Nathan & I (I doubt I could still pick him up today, but maybe we need to get together and try to recreate that picture! 😉 I see Uncle Dan, Vicki Crum, Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown and two people I don’t recognize…Mom? Next we have a couple pictures of the hospital in LA where Rob was born, circa October 1979; and then Rob’s Godparents Ed & Charlotte (?), their daughter and the priest that administered Rob’s baptism out in Temple City, CA in December of ’79 and finally Mom afterwards, standing in front of our home at the end of the road at 5112 N Soreno. I remember Dad and Ed (?) building that fence and then you guys being down the neighbor’s house and Dad falling through a fence very similar to this one on one particularly festive night! Ha! Ha!

Waybac.1978.06.madbw33 Waybac.1978.06.madbw34 Waybac.1978.06.madbw35 Waybac.1978.06.madbw36 Waybac.1978.06.madbw37 Waybac.1978.06.madbw38 Waybac.1978.06.madbw39 Waybac.1978.06.madbw40 Waybac.1978.06.madbw41 Waybac.1979.10.rbhla1 Waybac.1979.10.rbhla2 Waybac.1979.12.rbic1 Waybac.1979.12.rbic2 Waybac.1979.12.rbic3 Waybac.1979.12.rbic4 Waybac.1979.12.rbic5

Our final section has a wonderful picture of the Timm family with Uncle Timmie, Aunt Dorothy, Mindy & Missy (front) and Peggy, Doo-Doo Debbie, Kathy & Trudie (back row) in an undated photo that I would guess is about ’84, judging by hair and clothing. Mom, care to guess on a date here? Next, we have a nicely made little picture, commemorating the party that Mom & Dad B threw for Grandpaw & Grandmaw’s 40th anniversary. I still have the video of that around here somewhere. I’m not sure if we’ve featured that on the blog yet or not. I am fairly certain I transferred that VHS to DVD years ago. I’ll have to look back and see if we’ve put that up here yet or not…that is followed by Rob’s 2nd grade picture from 1987 when he was still at Riley in LP; and our last picture is a great one of the Smith family in Highland Park in Kokomo in November, 1993. What’s the dog’s name again? I wonder if that letter jacket still fits Nathan?! I know mine is snug!! LMAO

Waybac.1984.tfp Waybac.1986.gmagpbfap Waybac.1987.09.rsgpeyo Waybac.1993.11.sfp

Well, I hope you enjoyed the Waybacs this time out, we are loving this box of pictures…wait until you see what else we found in there!!! Anyhow, that does it for this entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Tom, nice videos and go Luke,,you made some nice baskets. Go Matt…congrats on your first and impressive victory on your varsity wrestling meet!! I would have jacked that kids jaw that you wrestled at the end. On Waybac I think that grandpa was baptized at St. Boniface in Lafayette as they were members as far back as I can remember. Aunt Midge inherited a nursing home from her parents and as far back as I know that is where she worked and ran the business. Later in life she worked at the Veterans Home in West Lafayette. Vird and Belinda were married in 1977 the same year that Mary passed away. Charlotte and Ed’s last name is Timme. The couple that you don’t recognize were neighbors of dads for years by the last name of Miner. Their kids and your dad, Vird and Sharon played with them also. Don’t know what year that picture of the Timm’s was taken. The dogs name was Prudy and she was a sweet dog. We had Peanuts at the same time they had Prudy. Thanks again for the memories and the new ones too!!!

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