I’m Dreaming of a Whet…Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! It is a magical feeling around our house. …and even though it is rainy and warm and there was no snow on Christmas, we still finally started to get in to the holiday spirit. Monday started off foggy and wet and remained that way for most of the day. Matt has wrestling practice and Ann went with Abby from her first basketball practice to tap dance class. Tuesday was more of the same – damp, cold and rainy all day long…and it was a long one too – I headed in to work at 430 and left about 630 that night after an all-day generator test. Matt had wrestling again and made the paper again as well (for his runner-up finish at the Columbus East Wrestling Invitational last weekend)! The kids stayed home for their first day of Winter Break on Wednesday while Ann and I had one last day of work. It took forever for the day to end, but it was warmer due to all the clouds. Luke had more artwork and even a Christmas card…and we received more cards from our friends and family. Ann & I enjoyed our first day of vacation on Thursday and celebrated by sleeping in…aaaahhhhh…vacation is nice! It again rained on and off all day. It was just a little too warm to snow again, hovering in the 40s. Ann went scrapbooking to complete a couple of projects she’s been working on for presents. Matt had wrestling and came in at 8 pounds under – he was so excited to be able to eat this holiday! I took the boys to get hair cuts downtown and then took all the kids out to El Chile Poblano for lunch. That evening, Ann and Bu went out for last-minute shopping and out to eat at Carino’s in Columbus while the boys watched football, went out to Mancino’s for dinner and wrapped presents for the girls. Suddenly at bedtime, Luke said in a whiney voice that he was thirsty and then promptly barfed in the bathroom sink. Afterwards he said his belly felt much better but the sink was not stopped up. It took a while, but I eventually got the pipes apart and cleaned everything out real good. What a gross mess that was! Lukey slept on the couch and Lola helped console him by snuggling with him. Matt & I then settled down and watched the Colts on TV. Originally I didn’t think we were going to be able to watch the game due to Comcast having the NFL Network as a premium-packaged channel. Thankfully, Channel 4 out of Indy carried the game here locally. The Colts surprised everyone by staging a dramatic come-from-behind win, 19-16, to earn back-to-back victories (their only 2 of the season)…but in the process may have lost their chance to get the first overall pick in next year’s draft – talk about mixed emotions! Luke was feeling much better on Friday. Bu & I went shopping while Ann and Luke wrapped presents. Phyllis and Dick came over to say hi and bring their yearly goodies (coffee cake, caramel popcorn, homemade ornaments, etc). We also had Kenny (Matt’s wrestling buddy’s dad) bring by a jar of homemade salsa and jalapeño deer sausage. We’re set! I continued with the scanning project (it’s gonna take me a couple weeks to get all of these negatives scanned in).

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Matt & I were up early on Saturday morning, which was Christmas Eve. We met up with the wrestling team down at Trackside Café for breakfast (I don’t think we even got half of the team to show up) before heading over to the K of C’s to volunteer at the Cheer Fund again this year. Like last year, we were the last ones there, loading the last several vehicles. We came home and took naps before continuing to scan negatives. Ann and Abby baked all day, making cookies, fudge, olive dip, Chex mix and other goodies! We headed over to Mom & Sandy’s for our traditional dinner. As always, they did us up! We had ham, pizza, sausage/cheese balls, a snowman cheese ball with 3 different cheeses, Ann’s olive dip, lots of crackers and chips, bbq meatballs and more! We ended up skipping church for the first time in a couple decades due to a dozen kids vomiting in the sanctuary the night before. Instead, Gigi had each of us to tell what we were thankful for this year, which was a cool idea. Afterwards we of course opened lots of presents! We watched the Cowboys on TV and they truly sucked as Romo got hurt again, setting up a huge game next week with the Giants – the winner is in the playoffs and the loser is done for the year. Skipping church actually helped us out by getting started an hour and a half earlier, meaning we were done that much earlier as well. We wrapped it up over there and headed home to continue with our traditional activities, which included spreading reindeer dust, reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’, set out milk & cookies and cheese / glass Santa coke. The kids got to bed earlier due to getting home sooner and therefore Santa came earlier. In fact, Ann & I got to bed around 1 am, which I think is some kind of record since we started having children. We missed not having Mom & Dad B over to take our annual picture of them sleeping, but we did get Lola napping in the blanket basket (the first time we’ve seen her do this).

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We heard Luke getting up at 4 am but made him come back to bed until after 6. We finally got up a little after 6 and video-conferenced in Mom & Dad B from Florida so they could join us for Christmas morning present-opening. The kids were enthralled, as usual. Luke swore there were a million presents under the tree! We opened presents for a couple hours, wearing out Grandma & Grandpa, who had to sign off. Favorite presents included: Matt – laptop, iPod and Air Soft AK-47 gun; Abby – netbook, Ugg boots, monkey stuff & bedroom décor; Luke – 3-DS, Legos, Hot Wheels and Under Armor clothing; Ann – bed warmer, radar detector, cooking stuff and alcohol (Grey Goose & Petron!); Tom – lots and lots of Hot Wheels! We went back over to Mom & Sandy’s house for lunch. Again, we did it up with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, noodles, homemade mac & cheese, dressing, rolls, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, lots of cookies, brownies, etc! We came home and took naps, watched NBA basketball all day (it was opening day, finally, after nearly cancelling the season with the lockout). We later came back and pilfered food from their fridge (and stole the olive dip!). Man, I love those cold turkey sandwiches! The kids played with all their toys and we didn’t even bother getting out of our jammies all day. The old house was a wreck, but we let it go for today and just enjoyed the time off…

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Next up, let’s take a look at our video section. We begin with five new home videos from all the Christmas activities. That is followed by dozens of miscellaneous videos from around the net. We hope you enjoy this section. Again, if you are reading this post via a feed like Facebook, this section will not be viewable. To view this section, please go to our homepage at www.scheumann.us and click on the blog link.

Next, let’s take a look at the Waybac feature. Leading off this week’s edition, we have a lovely woman from about the 1920s. I have no idea who this is, as the picture has no markings on the back side. Mom, I’m sure you can help us with this mystery – that isn’t Grandma Mary Bryan, is it?! That is followed by a few more pictures of Mom & Dad Scheu’s wedding in ’68 – including classic pictures of Aunt Judy, Aunt June and Aunt Mary.

Waybac.1920s.pwcp Waybac.1968.04.madsw28 Waybac.1968.04.madsw29 Waybac.1968.04.madsw30 Waybac.1968.04.madsw31

Next up, we have a few more pictures of Vird & Belinda’s wedding in ’77, followed by a Morgan Christmas gathering in late December, 1977 – including outstanding pictures of Aunt Karen, Great Grandma Morgan, Grandmaw Brown, Mom looking quite slender, Great Grandpa Morgan, Aunt Brenda and others out at Aunt Norma & Uncle Ralph’s house; followed by several more photos of Mom & Dad B’s honeymoon in ’78 – including the best of the lot – the honeymooners dressed in baby outfits!! Love it!!! There are other couples that I’m guessing have lost their names over time. And last but not least is a darling photo of Katie in June of ’79.

Waybac.1977.08.vabw9 Waybac.1977.08.vabw10 Waybac.1977.08.vabw11 Waybac.1977.12.anurh1 Waybac.1977.12.anurh2 Waybac.1977.12.anurh3 Waybac.1977.12.anurh4 Waybac.1977.12.anurh5 Waybac.1977.12.anurh6 Waybac.1978.madbh38 Waybac.1978.madbh39 Waybac.1978.madbh40 Waybac.1978.madbh41 Waybac.1978.madbh42 Waybac.1978.madbh43 Waybac.1978.madbh44 Waybac.1978.madbh45 Waybac.1979.06.20.kes.smo

In our last section, we feature several of Rob during his first year of life…such as the one with Dad’s friend Eddie Laguna with a 5 month old Rob, Rob in our living room and in his bedroom in Temple City, FL in March of ’80; Nathan & Katie in ’80; two-year-old Robby in 1981; and finally some Timm grandchildren (maybe Peg & Larry’s kids?) in the early eighties…Mom, I need your help on these as well…

Waybac.1980.03.elwrafmo Waybac.1980.03.rafmo1 Waybac.1980.03.rafmo2 Waybac.1980.03.rafmo3 Waybac.1980.03.rafmo4 Waybac.1980.03.rafmo5 Waybac.1980.naks Waybac.1981.10.rtyo Waybac.1981.tgc1 Waybac.1982.tgc1

Well that’s it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. We hope everyone had a great Christmas and we wish everyone a safe, fun and prosperous New Year. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Loved the videos and being able to be with you guys via the computer on Christmas…it was really neat and both dad and I enjoyed it very much!!! The pictures were great especially the card from Luke for a Marry Christmas…too cute. Enjoyed the video at Mary Ann and Sandys and loved seeing all the wonderful gifts and what a beautiful picture for Mary Ann. Loved seeing the video also of what we didn’t quite see and hear at the Christmas morning opening of presents. Now, the Wayback.. Yes, that is dads mom Mary Bryan when she was a young woman. Wasn’t she pretty. This was on a locket and Sharon had a picture made of it from that. The picture of the helpers at my wedding reception to your dad are from left to right…Tam Cherry, Vicky Walkey, Aunt Mary Koerner, Judy, June and Susan Gray. The honeymoon was a hoot. The night we dressed up as babies was a costume pary and we used the sheets and pillow cases off our bed. We had a blast. They gave us the props off their supply on the boat. I don’t recognize the one of “Eddie Laguna” I’ll have to ask dad???!!! The kids are Steve and Debbys boy Matthew and Peg and Larrys boy Nicholas. They were taken at different ages. They are all grown up now. All pictues were just too cute!! Love you bunches and Happy New Year!!! XXXOOO’s

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