…And the Hammer Batters Down the Door; You’d Better Run

Man that was a fast week! It has been crazy out at my work and Ann’s isn’t far behind mine. I swear our building was erected on a sacred Indian burial ground… Abby tried out and made the 6th grade travel team, so she is not doing 2 basketball teams, 2 dance teams, track and academic team. Matt progressed to Regionals this week in wrestling, which was a huge thrill for a little sophomore and his family. Luke started gearing up for wrestling practice…it can’t start too fast for us. That child needs an outlet. With all the wonderful weather we’ve had, you’d think he would get out more, but rain has put a damper on things when we actually have had a chance to get out. The talk of the town (and region for that matter) has been about the Super Bowl and all the festivities taking place up in Indy this week.
Monday started off warmer that last weekend, stretching all the way up in to the fifties…this is February, right? What I remember of Februarys is that it is the coldest month of the year. Not this year though, at least not yet anyhow. Matt had wrestling and Abby had tap class. After everyone was home, we all fell asleep early on the couches.
Tuesday was even warmer, if you can believe it for the last day of January! We got even more rain however, and several areas are starting to show signs of flooding. This is Bu’s long day as she started off before school with academic team practice then had a full day of classes. Afterward, she got her homework done at Grandma & Gigi’s house, grabbed dinner and then was off to jazz practice at Dixon Dance Studios. That sixteen hour day is tough for a girl her age…and boy was she crabby that night… Matt had wrestling practice where he again hurt his shoulder. He says it feels like it is popping in and out of joint. He hears a popping noise, followed by stabbing pains. He says he can normally walk it off and it will feel better after a few minutes. The pain never truly goes away, just dulls after time. He helped to “junior coach” at the middle school wrestling meet afterwards. Matt was in the paper today for his exploits last weekend in Brookville. He was on their paper’s website as well with a full color picture of him! Way to go, Scheu!! Instead of getting more of my scanning project done, as I had planned; I was pleased to finally receive my W2 in the mail and could get our taxes done. Again this year, we went with the Turbo Tax website. Although it is free, you have to be careful with the buttons you push and pay attention to each page. They almost go me; but I figured it out a page later. The free version is very good and I would recommend it over doing it by hand. I really didn’t see the need for the pay version; you just have to click on the boxes instead of them automatically doing it. The state version is also free this year. If you have used the iFile on the Indiana website in the past like us, you should’ve received an email with a promotional code to enter at the Turbo Tax site. Since iFile was free and Turbo Tax is not, you have to enter in this code or you will be charged. Not a big deal, Indiana taxes are so easy anyhow. How far we have come; I still remember vividly doing our taxes by hand in the workbooks with pencils and calculators. Ha!

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More rain was what we woke up to on Hump Day morning. It turned out to be a lovely day again – sunny and lower 60s – just amazing for this region at this time of year! I have not ever heard of a February 1st day being like this…I hate to say it, but I almost miss the snow…almost. Matt hurt his shoulder again at wrestling, but he said it recuperated faster tonight – whatever that means. Ann had an after-prom planning meeting at the high school. Looks like this year’s theme will be Neon Nights for prom and New York City theme at after prom…sounds kind of cool.
Abby had academic team on Thursday morning and we had another great day that started off frosty. We had to scrape the windshields that day. But it was again in the upper 50s by mid afternoon. Reports came flooding in from several sources about A-listers being in our neck of the woods in Columbus. Apparently John Travolta flew his plane in to the local airport, which is only a couple blocks from our facility. In addition, we have Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp staying at the Hotel Indigo, here in downtown Columbus. We’ve stayed there a couple times ourselves. It is a very nice hotel but weird to think that there may be a bunch of paparazzi around downtown as I type this…who knows, maybe Columbus will make it on some national TV show or in some national rag. Abby had travel team basketball practice that night and did very well. With her performance, I think she’ll actually get some playing time next week! Matt said only 10 kids are now at wrestling practice, which is sad but totally understandable. It’ll probably be even less next week.
Friday was the by far the longest day of the week. It was insane at my work as we had 9 vendors in the building (when it rains, it pours) and – due to low census – I had to cut all my staff except for me that afternoon. …and from what I hear, Ann’s day wasn’t much better. However, she made up for it by grabbing Abby after school and going shopping in Greenwood until well in to the night. She said traffic was crazy and I watched the news to see the LMFAO perform in downtown Indy to 300,000 people in the streets. I guess it was a mess, as you might assume. We did not get up to Indy for any of the activities, sadly; but we simply haven’t had the time. The weather has been picture perfect and so atypical for this time of year. With that said, Commissioner Goddell has been impressed with how things have gone this week and said Indy should get a 2nd Super Bowl in the coming years. I brought the boys home fast food for dinner and Ann & Bu finally showed up a little before 10, having shopped till they nearly dropped. Both were tired (and a little grumpy), but they had accomplished most of their goal – they found a cute dress for Bu to wear to her formal next weekend and to Hailey Scheu’s wedding in a few Saturdays…

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We were up early on Saturday for Matt’s wrestling tournament in Richmond. He had earned a berth in the IHSAA Regional tournament with his 3rd place finish at Sectionals last weekend. He came in with a record of 25-17 (varsity, 30-17 overall) for the season and matched up against a very large young man from Cambridge City Lincoln and had a good record. Matt was in control from the start and never looked back. He was leading on points by 6 with under a minute to go in the 3rd and got the boy rolled and pinned him towards the end of the match!! It was very exciting and Ann I were thrilled with his effort. That victory gave him an automatic bid for the semi-state tourney next week in New Castle!! Matt next matched up against the equally hulk-ish junior from Milan in the 2nd round. This is the boy that won the Sectional tournament last weekend. Matt got all pumped up for the match only to have a delay due to the 45 minute rule. State rules say that no wrestler can wrestle more than 1 match every 45 minutes. Due to the time constraint, he had to wait about 10 minutes. Matt came out flat and although he survived the 1st period, he couldn’t get out of the 2nd and was pinned with 14 seconds left in the period. That put him in the finals for 3rd place. He matched up against the junior from Connersville with an outstanding record of nearly 40 wins this season. Matt was a trooper and tried to impose his will on the boy. It was possibly one of the best ones he’s had all year. However, he came up just a point short at the end and tried a couple desperation moves to no avail. It was an excellent match that went down to the very end and showcased why Matt belonged in this tournament. He is officially one of the top 64 wrestlers in the state!! All in all, of the five that came to the Richmond Regionals, three moved on, including 2 sophomores and 1 senior. Later that night, Matt looked up his Semi-State pairings for next weekend’s tournament in New Castle…and he is slated to face-off against the #20th ranked guy in the nation from Pike. He is seeded 16th and will face the #1 seed. He has work cut out for him, but anything can happen on any given day. He has a good attitude and needs a good week of practice to prepare for this weekend… We picked up a shirt for him again this weekend. The Regionals shirt had his name on the back, along with the other participants, which was really freakin’ cool!!

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The two victorious sophomores went out to eat together afterwards while Ann & I took the kids out to Wings & Rings. We ended up going to that night’s basketball game with the #2 ranked Pirates. They are still undefeated and have a chance at the state title. Matt and Colton were recognized as they got up in front of everyone at mid-court before the varsity game started by the Athletic Director (who promptly called Colton by his brother’s name, Cody). As good natured as he is, he never made an issue of it. Ann & I talked about later on and agreed that those two represent the wrestling team very well with their attitude and actions in general; they’re both very easy going and great ambassadors for the sport in their school. With their help, I would look for the program to rebound from this year of not even being able to field a full team to a much larger one next time just due to these two’s personalities. Luke had fun playing with his classmate and all-star baseball teammate, Oakley…although they really need to be outside more so than inside. …and the Boilers dropped a big one to the Hoosiers at home – hopefully Painter will get their heads out of their asses in West Lafayette in time to make the Bid Dance…it’d be a shame for Rob to miss out on it his senior year.

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Super Sunday was treated like most other Sundays around our house. We stayed home, took naps and did our weekly chores. The girls went out shopping all day. The boys ordered Papa Johns for dinner just as the gals got home. I think most everyone in our house was rooting for the Giants (something not quite right with the Patriots being in the Super Bowl in Payton’s House). 😉 We enjoyed the game, but wondered again why Madonna was performing at halftime. She did a good job and it was pretty cool. The kids really seemed to like it. Luke loved the Party Rock guys. We laughed when she very nearly fell getting up on the bleacher. Obviously, we loved the commercials this year. Some of our faves included the Doritos sling shot baby, the eTrade Babies, Coke Polar Bears, Audi vampires, and the Go Daddy girls, among others. It was a great Super Bowl that had it all: big hits, big catches, interesting strategies, started with a safety and ended with a Hail Mary – and went right down to the last play of the game, which is what we were really hoping for anyhow. In the end though, the Lombardi trophy went with the Manning after a great late-game drive again – which was only appropriate, given that the big show was in Indy.
Next up, let’s take a look at some videos from this week, including 3 family movies from this week and several from around the internet…

Next, we open up the archives of the Scheu Family Waybac machine. Leading off, we start with a great old picture of my Grandpaw Brown when he was about a kindergartener or so in about 1929…not sure who the other kid is with him though; next up is a neat picture of Grandmaw Brown and her Market Square (just across the street from them) in Lafayette. Her team was sponsored by Burnett’s Convalescent Home in the Keglerettes League. Members of her bowling team in 1967 included her (Connie), Marge, Peg & Sharon. Then we have several more crops of a couple more pictures from Mom & Dad Scheu’s wedding in April of ’68 (including Mom & Grandpaw Brown and then a great group shot of Scheu’s, including Aunt Judy, Aunt Sally, Granny, Uncle Chuck, Dad Scheu, Mom, Aunt Sue, Grandpa Scheu, Uncle Hank, Uncle John, cousins David, Cathy and Vicki, Aunt Mary and cousin Billy. Nice expression on Dad’s face…LOL.

Waybac.1929.rlb1 Waybac.1929.rlb2 Waybac.1967.lmsbkl1 Waybac.1967.lmsbkl2 Waybac.1968.04.madsw71 Waybac.1968.04.madsw72 Waybac.1968.04.madsw73 Waybac.1968.04.madsw74 Waybac.1968.04.madsw75 Waybac.1968.04.madsw76 Waybac.1968.04.madsw77 Waybac.1968.04.madsw78 Waybac.1968.04.madsw79 Waybac.1968.04.madsw80 Waybac.1968.04.madsw81

Next up we have several photos of yours truly in 1969, including me on our couch in March; Mom & I dancing in the living room on Shortridge St. in July; me rocking in the chair in the dining room in July and then a few of Aunt Midge giving me a bath in her sink in Lafayette; also included are a couple more of Vird & Belinda’s wedding in August of ’77 with Uncle Vird, Dad B and Belinda’s dad.

Waybac.1969.03.tmsoc Waybac.1969.07.tamil1 Waybac.1969.07.tamil2 Waybac.1969.07.tmsorcil Waybac.1969.tamis1 Waybac.1969.tamis2 Waybac.1969.tamis3 Waybac.1977.08.vabw14 Waybac.1977.08.vabw15 Waybac.1977.08.vabw16

Our final section starts with Rob’s birth picture from his Hollywood hospital in October of ’79; speaking of hospitals, the flower arrangement was delivered to Mom when she was in the hospital from the gang at Dad’s work; next we have the photos of Mom & Dad B with an eight-day-old Robby back at our home on N Soreno Dr, out on the west coast in November of ’79; then we have a Christmas photo of cousin Tammy in December of ’79; then Rob & I with Nathan & Katie at the annual birthday celebration (we used to celebrate all four of our birthdays at the same time since we were all so close) – this one was in Kokomo in October of ’81; then Grandpaw Brown & Rob in Grandpaw’s favorite chair on Elmwood St on Thanksgiving Day in November of 1981; then a nice write up in the Journal & Courier (Lafayette) of Grandpaw’s election to the head of the Forty & Eight (a VFW-type of organization); and finally a couple of school pictures of your blog editor – first a fourteen year old freshman in LaPorte in September, 1982 and finally an outtake from my senior picture photo session in the summer of ’86, before my senior year…looks like I have a “gotcha!” on my neck there, huh? 😉

Waybac.1979.10.rebbp Waybac.1979.11.ffdw Waybac.1979.11.maredo Waybac.1979.11.radic1 Waybac.1979.11.radic2 Waybac.1979.12.tbcp Waybac.1981.10.bdpik Waybac.1981.11.rebrlbtgd Waybac.1981.rlb.faenpa Waybac.1982.09.tmsfyo Waybac.1986.09.tmsspo1

That does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us again this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then have a good one,
Later, Scheu

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    Way to go Matt “the Hammer” Scheu on your big win!!! See you at Semi-State and good luck!! Loved the videos and the photo’s and hope to see the little “Hammer” in the future. Abby looks great in her new dress…very pretty. She looks sooo grown up.,,toooo soon huh??!! The Waybac was good also had to laugh at the expression on your dads face also…it looks like he is thinking “I did what”???!! LOL Moms bowling team was sponsored by Aunt Midge’s Nursing Home in Lafayette on 9th St. Boy momma was young there!! Don’t know who that is standing next to a very young Grandpa maybe just a friend from his neighborhood. Love you all bunches and have a very Happy Valentines Day…..XXXOOO’s

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