…And I Welcome you to Tommy’s Holiday Camp

Although I didn’t get to talk to Mom during the week, I left a couple messages and talked to Dad who said she was holding up just fine. It was a chemo week which means it was double duty for them as they also had her dialysis appointments to meet as well. Rob should be getting ready to move down in that area as soon as the union can find him work… I have been working on the Scheu family scanning project slowly but surely. I have everything on the computer; now I am cropping, etc to make them usable for my cousins. I should have that done this week and can focus on the Week 19 photo project. The kids stayed at home, enjoying their summer break. Abby had her first fast-pitch softball practice and got her elusive 1st victory in slow-pitch. Luke’s team remained undefeated with several games this week and Matt went to college – thankfully only for the weekend – but it was a little foreshadowing of what it will be like in just two short years…
We enjoyed staying home on Monday, in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. Matt drove Ann to Columbus for the first time as they went clothes and cleats shopping for his football camp this weekend as well as other things for all the kids. Back at home, Luke & I played catch by practicing pitching for next year when it will be his first year in kid-pitch, minor league. For a novice, he’s pretty good! We watched all the races from the weekend on DVR and called it a night. We got Abby’s pictures from dance and her’s & Luke’s certificates and school stuff from the last day of school last week.

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Tuesday was our first day back to work and it sucked. Thank God for Dennis and Philip also returned today after being off for a month. It stormed in the morning but turned out to be a pretty afternoon. Matt was up and in to school very early for football practice and then again in the early evening…but it’s not officially two-a-days yet – just voluntary work-outs. Luke & I practiced pitching in the backyard again. This time we moved back farther, to 40’. We’ll keep moving back little by little until we hit 46’. After a nice dinner by Ann, I took Luke, Abby and Megan (who is by now an honorary Scheu family member!) out to the Parkside Lanes bowling alley where Luke dominated play, winning the 1st game and almost winning the 2nd game – I only beat him in the 10th frame! We had a lot of laughs and had the place to ourselves. We had the jukebox rocking with some Zeppelin and Buffett as well as some awful music the kids liked. 😉 Afterwards, we went next door to the Parkside Sweet Shop ice cream stand by the putt-putt course for cool treats on a warm, early summer night. To top of the day perfectly, Luke caught the first fire fly of the season out in the front yard!

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Luke & Bu both had ball games on Wednesday night. Abby played first base on diamond 2 against the Decatur County Memorial Hospital team and made a few really good plays, including a diving attempt at a foul ball where she gave herself a couple strawberries from the brick dust. Officially, she was 0-0 at the plate as she drew 3 walks! She ended up scoring 2 runs and got 1 RBI. Her team fought hard that night and almost pulled off the come-from-behind upset of the first place team. In the end, however, they still ended up losing 14-11. I helped out by coaching 1st base for as long as I could before I had to leave for Luke’s game about an hour in to it. During the final inning of Bu’s game, I jogged across the park to diamond 5 where I discovered that we were a coach short. So I called Matt who quickly rode his bike out to the park and helped us by coaching 3rd base (thanks buddy!). We played a much younger Red Sox team that we absolutely dominated – as the score indicated: 17-2 in 4 innings! Luke went 2-3 with a pair of singles, an RBI and 2 runs scored from the lead-off position. His swing was off a little tonight and I had to get on him for throwing his bat a couple times. He again played near-flawlessly at 1st base with 1 error in 12 chances. He also had 1 unassisted putout – overall very, very good play by the defense as a whole. The team is really hitting its stride now but has a big game coming up in a week against the 2nd place Reds, who are always a tough opponent for us. It was popcorn night back at the house and everyone fell asleep on the couches early. It was a beautiful night out at the diamonds and just a gorgeous day overall, here in south-central Indiana.

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Greensburg was back in the news again on Thursday – this time it was for more stupid stuff. A YouTube video has gone viral that involves a small, local “cult” church (Apostolic) and features a 4-year-old boy singing a hate song about homosexuals. You can see a version of it below as well as a local news report on the stupidity of some of the town folk, here in Greens-tucky. Matt headed back to early football practice, came home and watched the kids during the day, and then went back to football practice at night again. He is starting to get a little nervous about camp, which starts tomorrow. Ann & I are very excited for him – I never had a chance to attend any type of sporting camps as a kid, so this is pretty cool for me. Abby had her first fast-pitch softball practice out at North Park. It looks like she may have a decent team on defense, though not everyone was there that evening and the hitting will need to come around. Storm clouds rolled in during practice and with it came the lightning which made us end practice a little early. Poor Bu’s swing is totally screwed up for fast-pitch due to her slow-pitch season being simultaneous. I am still not sure why they are overlapping them yet again this year, but something has to give because by the time slow pitch ends, there will only be a week or so of fast pitch left before the tourney – her first game is next Friday! Like a dumb-ass, I tore up my leg at practice. It stormed pretty well that night, which is fine – we needed the rain. I just wish Matt had gotten the bushes trimmed today or the lawn mowed at least… Ann’s good friend Shawna came over for drinks on the patio and brought a computer for me to work on over the next week or so. I have several different pictures off Facebook, including Abby, Lindsay, my old high school buddy Dan Jongkind, the train at Columbian Park, and several older ones of Matt at basketball games…

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Ann took the day off on Friday to take Matt up to Anderson for the “Down & Dirty” football camp for linemen. It rained on & off most of the day and was much, much cooler today – only in the low 60s. Luke & Bu were both back in action again out at the ball diamonds where it felt like fall – man, was it cold that night! I was late getting to the fields with the equipment, so I had Ann bring me a sweatshirt from home. However, it ended up being one of Matt’s old ones that was 3 sizes too small for me! Thankfully, Ann’s friend (and team mom) Cecelia let me borrow one of hers (thanks a lot, Ann! 😉 JK). Luke’s games was up first, playing the Cardinals again – this time they dominated again 15-0 in 3 ½ innings!! Luke was 3-3 from the plate with 2 doubles & a single. He had 3 RBIs and scored 3 runs. He played 1st base with no errors and several putouts. He played in right centerfield in the final inning but had no balls hit in his direction. Next it was on to Abby’s game vs. Coffeehouse Farms for the twilight game. The girls played very good and won their first game of the year, 17-8! Abby was again 0-0 with 3 walks, 3 RBIs and 2 runs scored. It was weird weather as the rain went around us. We saw some ugly clouds, sporadic sunshine and a huge, beautifully bright rainbow. To top off the night, we went out to El Reparo for dinner and margaritas!

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The next day was absolutely gorgeous. It was a little warmer, in the low 70s. Luke had his makeup game (his very first league game was rained out this year) on Saturday morning vs. the Red Sox again. In a near repeat of the game earlier this week, we blew them out of the water again 16-3!! Luke was 2-3 with 2 home runs. He was called out for throwing his bat in his 2nd at-bat after throwing it again in his 1st at-bat of the morning. The umpire was a bit of a dick that game and we had a run-in early after a couple of questionable calls that I was razzing him about. He finally lightened up as the game went on. When we got home, Ann worked on sending out thank you cards to all the folks that helped out with After-Prom festivities. Matt spent the day up in Anderson University at camp again. Bu, Luke & Molly went with me to Gma & Gigi’s house to do yard work. Luke & Molly enjoyed riding in the back of the truck on yet another gorgeous day. We had the house opened up with the air off all weekend – it’s been a nice change of pace. We came home afterwards and Luke helped me by mowing the front yard while I ran the trimmers. He did a really good job! The kids and I played basketball for a couple hours before Ann called us in for our favorite dinner – popcorn! We watched movies until late in to the morning. Luke & Bu spent the night on the play room couch / pull out bed and were up pretty late as well.

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Sunday was a perfect day with temps in the 70s again. We did our weekly chores around the house before we had to leave to go pick him up from Down ‘n Dirty camp, up in Anderson. We got up there a little early so we could watch the end of his practice and an informal awards ceremony where he was recognized twice for placing high in a couple of competitions. One was for runner up in a one-on-one drill as well as his team (made up of himself and Pirate teammates Jake Kelso & Brad Wilson) in Escape from Bagdad – a three-man team drill competition. We picked up Matt from the dorm, got him a t-shirt and went out to eat at Olive Garden…yum! We got home just in time for Abby to get to her fast pitch softball practice that evening. I dropped her off and came back to finish up weekly chores, so I missed practice; but it looks like they want to move her from first base out to left centerfield because she can run fast and catch fly balls. I agree that she would make a very good outfielder, but I think it’s a waste of her skills, since I doubt many of the girls will actually hit it out to her…I guess we’ll see next Friday night. We have pictures and video of Matt at Anderson U today, but we will feature that next week. We had a few extras leftover from the past couple weeks, including a couple pictures of my cousin Seth’s graduation from high school (good luck, man!). Also, I have several pictures from Gigi’s camera of muscle cars from a recent car show. Also included, I have photos of old bottles up that are up at the corner store, including a couple for all you Mountain Dew lovers out there – I wonder if the kids today would be surprised to see how the Dew was originally marketed…

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Next up, we have a couple of new family videos as well as several from around the internet:

Now on to our Waybac section. Due to time constraints, we only have a few again this week. Leading off, we have a couple of old pictures that hung in Granny’s house for years – since I could remember anyhow. They are of my Great, Great Grandparents, Bernard & Millie Deerr from about the turn of the 20th century. Next up are a couple more of Aunt Sue & Uncle Hank’s wedding in April of 1961, including their reception at the old Scheu Highland Ave home in Lafayette. That is followed by Cathy in an old walker beside an old lawn mower in September of 1964. Then David in June of ’65 at one month old, Cathy at 3 years old in November of ’66 and then again with David, “watching for Santa” at about the same time frame. Next is another of John & June’s wedding in December of ’68 and finally one more of 5-year-old Cathy in June of 1970. All thanks for this collection of photos goes to Aunt Judy’s uncle, Gil Hutton.

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I finally got a chance to talk with Mom late on Sunday night, when she made her weekly call to Lukey. She sounded really good and we had a nice talk. Looks like the doc decided to take another pet scan, here in a couple weeks. Apparently from there, they will make a determination on whether or not to continue with the next two rounds of chemo. Dad is going back to work this next week, so they have been working out schedules with friends in the area. Rob & Sharon are finalizing everything in TN before they make the move to sunny FL very, very soon. Keep fighting, Mom. Stay strong, Dad. Uncle Keith, Aunt Brenda and Aunt Karen are all pulling and praying for you guys as well as all of the gang, here in Greensburg. 😉 We love you both. To those that are still reading at this point, thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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  • Mom

    Great videos Tom with good games of each of my buddys!! They are sure growing up fast. Great old waybac pics of some pics I remember also Tommy. Granny’s bedroom on Highland stayed the same for a number of yrs didn’t it? I loved her room as it always seemed so homey. It was sure good to talk with you yesterday and all is going well for us. I just got some beautiful flowers a few minutes ago. Daddy surprised me very much. He is such a good manand I love all the men in my life very much. Love you always….Mom

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