Good Morning, Campers!

Gorgeous weather this week in south central Indiana helped us to deal with an immensely busy schedule that I don’t know that I can even recall everything that we did this past week. Mom B continued to battle and get better. Rob prepared to transfer from Tennessee down to Florida to be with Mom & Dad. The kids had summer camps & games galore – and Mom O thought she had retired – ha! And sadly, it was also filled with several deaths from the entertainment and sports arenas – including legendary writer Ray Bradbury, the talented singer/songwriter Bob Welch – best known for his years spent with Fleetwood Mac and the innovative Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys.
We start last Sunday when we all went to pick up Matt from the “Down & Dirty” football camp, up at Anderson University. He was recognized twice at the end of camp for his efforts. One was for a second place in an individual drill of drive blocking! He also got first place in ‘Escape from Bagdad’ which was a three person competition (he teamed up with fellow-Pirates Kelso & Wilson). He had a good time and the campus was pretty. I don’t know if he would consider going to school there or not, but I could see it…

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We were up early on Monday to get Matt in to football practice by 6. Abby had volleyball camp for a couple hours and then 5 minutes later, she had basketball camp right afterwards for another few hours. Meanwhile, at the same time, Luke had football camp where Matt helped out with the coaches to facilitate. Luke got 3rd place in the 40 yard dash competition. Luke had a baseball game against the Blue Jays again. It was a tough game as the boys were not on their game that evening. However our defense was superb and we won 5-0, to remain undefeated. Luke went 1-3 from the plate with a triple, fly out and K as the leadoff hitter. He also had 1 RBI and did a very good job at first again…and best of all, he did not throw his bat! The pitching was a little spotty as the coach was a little stressed / tired. But there was no time for celebrating as we were focused on the big game coming up on Wednesday against the other #1 team in the league. Matt missed the game that night due to attending the 2nd football practice that night which lasted until dusk.

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Tuesday was a near repeat as Matt was up and in early again for football practice. Abby had volleyball camp and then turned right around and had basketball camp immediately afterwards – and believe it or not, that was followed by fast pitch softball practice in the mid-afternoon! Luke went back to football camp with Matt helping again. This time he placed 4th in the Pro Agility competition (think obstacle course). Matt again had a 2nd football practice in the early evening until dark. I got the back yard mowed after work and then Luke & I practiced pitching from 46’ – seems a little far for his age group, but I verified the length for his age group and it is correct. Ann made one of her faves for dinner – roast, potatoes & carrots that were ready when we got home, thanks to the crock pot (we love easy meals!).
Matt had the day off from football on Wednesday. But Abby had her volleyball and then basketball camps. Later that evening, she had a slow-pitch softball game and got blown out 12-2 against the Mayhugh’s team. Bu had a single in her only at-bat. She played 1st base with no errors. Luke had his football camp again with Matt that morning. This time he got 2nd place in the passing competition! That evening, Luke had a baseball game at the exact same time as Abby’s softball game. So Ann went with Bu and I went with the Duke. His White Sox took on the Reds – our arch nemesis (and the other half of our all-star team). It was expected to be the best game of the year as both teams were undefeated going in to this game, so essentially the winner of this game would win the league’s regular season title. However, that evening the whole team struggled both offensively & defensively – and our pitching wasn’t very good either, as coach was pretty tight/nervous the whole time. Luke was 1-2 with a pop-up and single. He did great at 1st base – zero errors in 12 chances – 3 unassisted outs and 9 assisted putouts – but that was the good side of our defense. Uncharacteristically, we made 10 errors. Offensively, we had several pop-ups (again, very uncharacteristic) and we were shut-out for the first loss of the year, 6-0. The kids were both upset over their lopsided losses so we took them to Pizza King to sooth their wounds…

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Thursday morning saw Matt back at it early for football before 6 am. I went in early and stayed late for a very important visitor (2nd in command at our corporate level!) but things went really well despite the short notice and large amount of work. I gotta give kudos to both Dennis & Philip for all their hard work this week and especially over the last several weeks. The kids went back to Mom’s for about an hour or so and then they were back to their camps again – Bu to volleyball & basketball and Dukester to football with Matthew. He won another award today – placing 4th in the punt competition. The boys went back home afterwards and trimmed the hedges out in the front yard (thanks guys!), but Bu spent the afternoon at the city pool. Abby came home long enough for dinner and then when I got home later that evening, I ran her out to the ball diamonds to hang out with friends. There was no evening football and I understand that there won’t be another for a little while now. Matt spent the night at Joel’s house while I began work on Shawna’s PC. It was not looking good early on – it has physical hard drive damage making it unbootable and unreadable via USB drive. So I tinkered around with recovery software but couldn’t find a free program to even read the drive. I ended up going with EaseUS Data Recovery which really did the trick and found every one of her picture files (which is what she hired me to recover. There were several new pictures from our family and friends, including Conner’s graduation from high school, Aunt June & Lindsey headed to Africa, Abby with her friends, Aunt Karen with Emily and her daughter, Allen at the fire station just a block from our work (he helped us out this week as well – thanks, Al!), Nick’s graduation from high school, another pic of Seth’s grad day and Rosie’s post of Venus passing in front of the sun for a partial eclipse.

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We called and wished Dad S good luck on his back surgery early on Friday. Ironically, it is very similar to the surgery Dad B has had previously and nearly in the same place. The kids wrapped up their camps today. Abby had a LOT of fun with the volleyball camp and will continue to attend open gym throughout the summer, playing with the girls before tryouts start in August. She also had her last day of basketball camp. Luke also wrapped up football camp by winning the kick competition! Before I could get a good scan of it, however, he had already taken out a birthday group picture from a couple years ago and had taped in his certificate! He was so proud – and we are very proud of his accomplishments in this camp. Bu & her First Federal fast-pitch team had hitting practice at the YMCA’s batting cages before their opening night games – yes games. They had a double header to start off the season…and the slow-pitch season hasn’t even wrapped up yet! But they jumped in with both feet to face one of the better teams in the league – her old coach Don’s Dawg Haus team. Abby did fairly well in the early evening game but the team struggled and received their first loss of the year 10-4 in only 3 innings. Bu was 0-0 with a walk in her only at-bat. She was 2-3 in stolen bases – getting thrown out at home. She was named the outfield captain and was moved from first base where she played all of last year for this same coach (and quite successfully, I might add) out to left centerfield. She was put there because she “could run, catch and throw better than anyone else.” She had no balls her way. Her team did much better in the twilight game against the Lambert Abstract team, achieving their 1st win, 9-5 in 4 innings. Abby still has no official at-bat this young season as she went 3-3 with 3 walks. She had 6 stolen bases and scored 2 runs! She even had an RBI. Ann went scrapbooking after work, came to the ball park and then returned to scrap some more with her good buddy Shawna. Meanwhile, Matt stayed another night at his friend Joel’s house. I took the two little ones out for a quick dinner through the McDonald’s drive through and we finally got back home sometime after ten. I worked on Shawna’s computer and finally began making some headway locating her picture files on her crashed computer’s hard drive.

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We finally had a chance to sleep in on Saturday morning. Luke & I went out to the football field and got signed up for youth football, picked up our blower at Herbert’s who repaired the fuel line. We checked Maryann & Sandy’s house but they didn’t need mowed, so we returned home and mowed/trimmed the very back yard. It was very warm again, as it has been all week. I was able to finish up Shawna’s computer by pulling off all old pictures and burning them on to several DVDs. I helped Rob to recover his music files off his iPod after reformatting his computer. I finished up the Scheu family scanning project and burned and contacted several of my cousins and Aunts for their addresses to ship them out. I finally printed Aunt Brenda’s old Morgan photo and got it ready to ship. Ann will mail out all my envelopes from her work on Monday (thanks honey!). Luke & I practiced pitching again in the back yard. He threw about 75 pitches and is doing better and better. We went and got some oil for my glove and got it loosened back up (it had been about 3 years since it was last treated) and it is getting more use now than it has in years as both Luke and Abby are using it now. Today was very special for me, personally as Mom achieved one of her goals she had set for herself. She wanted to see her 34th anniversary. Today was her 34th anniversary. Congrats, Mom. I love you for being so strong. …May you see number 35, my friend… We tried to call them but only got their voicemail, so we sang them the Happy Birthday song except we substituted Anniversary for Birthday. LOL! Happy Anniversary you two! One of the best marriages I have ever had the pleasure of seeing firsthand. You guys are great!! Abby went to the city pool with her friends for the afternoon. I picked up Matt at Joel’s house and then swung in to get Bu and she brought with her a couple friends, including her good buddy Megan. The girls stayed at our house for a couple hours before Ann took them over to Megan’s dad’s house for a bonfire. Ann picked up Bu after 10 and she was exhausted.
We slept in again on Sunday morning. It has been a pretty relaxing weekend, actually. Luke went just down the street to his buddy Oakley’s birthday swim party. I took Abby out to get a new bat, ball & glove and came home and she, Luke & I practiced throwing and then tied a ball in her mitt like Dad B showed me years ago. I just needed some mink oil (but they were out). Still, it is pretty soft already but we tied it up anyhow and put it between her mattress and box springs and will leave it there 48 hours…just like I did back in the day. Afterward, Luke and I practiced his pitching. Luke threw about 75 pitches or so before Ann made us cheeseburgers for dinner – man, I have gotta get that gas grill fixed! But, I will need to spend a few hours doing research to figure out where to get new gas lines & burners for my 3 year old grill (what a bunch of crap!). Lukey was in the paper at some point this week for his participation this year on the all-star baseball team.

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Next up is our video section with two new family videos from this week along with a whole gob of stuff from around the net…

Next is our Waybac section, which is currently featuring the Gil Hutton Collection of old Scheu Family pix from the 60s & 70s. Leading off this week is another from Aunt Sue and Uncle Hank’s wedding in April of ’61. This one is Sue coming down the stairs at the Scheu Family home on Highland Ave. Next is Cousin Cathy in March of ’64 at 5 months old. Next up is Aunt Judy in September of ’64. Then a 3 month old cousin David in September of ’65 and a couple months later is Cathy in December at age 2 years, 3 months. And finally is Cathy on Christmas Eve in 1966.

Waybac.1961.04.15.sagw4 Waybac.1964.03.25.c5mo1 Waybac.1964.09.10. jsps1 Waybac.1965.09.09.d3mo1 Waybac.1965.12.27.cs2y3mo1 Waybac.1966.12.24.cadce1

Next we have a couple crops of Aunt June at her wedding in December of ’68 at St. Mary’s church in Lafayette. Next is two more from a photo shoot with David at 5 years, 4 months old in June of ’70. And we wrap this section up with a good one of my dear friend Dawnan with her then-future husband, Cory in about ’90 or so, likely in Bloomington.

Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw6 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw7 Waybac.1970.06.15.d5yo3 Waybac.1970.06.15.d5yo4 Waybac.1990.dachib

This week’s Shit that Luke Says comes from Abby when she was with Luke out at Wal-Mart at some point this past week. There was a group of Amish folks that walked in and Luke exclaimed, “Look Abby! Look at all the pilgrims!!” 😉
Well that wraps up another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. I talked to Robby today. He is still waiting to hear back from the union rep so he can move down to Florida. He was hoping to be going down south this afternoon, but never heard anything yet. So he’s still playing the waiting game. Dad is back to work now and Mom is trying to do a little more each week. Keep it up Mom, you’re doing great!! We love you and Dad and wish we could be close by your side right now… To Dad S and Grandma Barbie, we hope that Grandpa is healing quickly and is being a good patient and staying down…yeah right! LOL! Again, wish we lived closer to you guys so we could help out more. Hang in there – we love you guys! …And a super big thanks to Mom O & Gigi for all their help with the taxi service this week and all summer!! We love you both so much!! Man, that’s a lot of love going out this week, huh? 😉
If you have made it this far, thank you so much for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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