Sure as the Dust that Floats High in June…

Ya know, I don’t think we’ve mentioned it here yet, but her parents wanted to tell Abigail congrats on her very high ISTEP test scores, earning the coveted pass-plus in all three areas!! She also got her schedule for next year and we are also very proud to say that she has been placed in all the enriched classes for next year again – way to go, Bu!! It has been very dry this week. Dry and hot. Spending every night out at the ball diamonds, I can tell you that it is too dry. Imagine a dust cloud every time one person walked on an infield. Now, imagine how many people move on the infields each and every inning. Now multiply that by 8 diamonds and you start to gain a sense of how much dust was in the air out there this week – and on our clothes – and in our van. On another note, Mom had set three goals for herself when she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer earlier this year. Her goals were to attend Week 19 vacation festivities in May (which was well-documented on this blog earlier), celebrate her 34th anniversary with Dad (last week) and to see her 63rd birthday (this week)…all of which she has now achieved! Congratulations, Mother!! Now it’s time to set some new goals, eh?!

This week was very busy for us. On Monday, it was back to work. Matt had morning football practice. Abby had volleyball practice in the mid-morning. That evening, Luke had baseball pictures early and then the first game vs. the Angels. Again, Luke batted in the leadoff position and played first base. He went 2-4 from the plate and had 3 RBIs while scoring 2 runs. He started off with a ground out after swinging lethargically. Afterward, I pulled him aside and had a long talk about his swing. He responded with one of the longest balls of the year for him or for anyone in the league. He hit it out to the fence on diamond 7, which is a really good poke. Not only was it an easy homerun, but the ball didn’t make its way back in to the infield until well after Luke had crossed home plate! He followed that with a pop up after swinging at the first pitch (and received another talk from Coach Dad) and ended with a sharp, line-drive hit up the middle that resulted in a double in a lopsided victory, 20-3. He made several good plays at first base, including starting a double play! In fact, the whole team had outstanding defense tonight – and obviously the offense was clicking as well. In the last inning, we moved our infield to the outfield to allow the younger boys a chance to play in the infield. Matt had evening football practice so he wasn’t able to catch the game. After a quick shower, Ann ran Luke out to stay the night with his buddy / teammate, Drayden. Mom B called and thanked us for her birthday flowers. I was glad to hear that she really like them.

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Matt was in early for football practice again on Tuesday morning. It was Mom B’s 63rd birthday today!! Abby was back at volleyball practice by mid-morning (thanks to Me Maw). Luke came back from Drayden’s house in the afternoon. He said he had a great time and said they stayed up real late and slept until 1 pm – year right, my kid??!! Bu had slow-pitch softball in the early evening vs. her favorite ex-coach, Kim Meyer and her 1st place Stone’s Napa team. I ended up coaching 3rd base and I thought we did a real good job of hanging with them. Abby was 1-1 with 2 walks, 2 runs scored and 1 RBI. She had several nice plays at first base with no errors. Honestly, we could’ve won the game but left 10 runners stranded in 5 innings and lost 5-3 against the #1 team in our league… Man! …So close and yet so far away… Ann made a great pasta dish that was a perfect cap to our warm evening. Matt again had evening football practice and had to miss Abby’s game. He came home late and worked on Driver’s Ed stuff. He was very excited & a little nervous about going to camp tomorrow – but is glad that Joel is going with him. Rush and Grace Potter & The Nocturnals released new albums today (though I had already picked them both up a couple days ago). Just before dusk, I practiced pitching with Luke and then Alex joined us for a little while until it was too dark to continue. We called Mom B and sang Happy Birthday to her…and it was not the death march version! 😉 Happy Birthday, Momma!! We love you!

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I brought the dogs with me to Columbus on Wednesday and dropped them off at the Double K Pet Motel for grooming. However, they were so badly matted that they ended up having to shave them down. It’s funny but they look naked. LOL! Meanwhile Ann had the day off and took Matt for a haircut in Columbus before heading off to Bloomington with his good buddy Joel as they embarked on the IU wrestling camp that will last until the weekend! One of the coaches asked if he wanted to get some IU swag before camp started and Matt responded with, “Boiler up!” That’s my boy. 😉 Abby again had volleyball practice during the day. Luke had baseball vs. a tough Mets team that nearly beat us last time (we won by one run then). This time it was more of the same, however it wasn’t close going in to the last inning. We were up 12-3 when the wheels fell off the wagon. They scored 9 runs in the top of the 6th to tie it up. We scored zero in the bottom and that forced an extra inning. There was confusion on how it should be run but they eventually worked it out. Luke went 3-4 with 3 singles that game, one of which would’ve easily hit the diamond 5 outfield fence. He hit a screamer right back up the box, but unfortunately nailed his pitching coach and forced a dead ball. It still ricocheted out in to centerfield! He ended up with 2 RBIs and scored 3 runs as the lead off hitter. On defense he had 1 error on a ball with some real nasty English, hit off the end of the bat. He did have 4 unassisted outs & a dozen or so putouts at first base as the defense again was very, very strong. In the extra innings, we put them down in order and then in the bottom of the inning Luke lead off with a hit. He beat out an infield single by running faster than he had run the entire year! He was followed in the order by his buddy Drew who came through with a double and Luke hustled all the way around from first to score the winning run!! It was very exciting!! We took the kids out for rootbeer floats afterwards at A&W to celebrate the tough win…

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Matt called and said he was having a great time at wrestling camp on the Indiana University campus on Thursday. Grandma O took Abby back to volleyball practice in the morning for us and then out to Kohler Park for fast-pitch softball practice in the afternoon. She followed that up in the early evening with a slow-pitch softball game. She again batted in the lead off position and played first base (just like her brother). Officially, she was 0-1 with a walk and a strikeout that really honked her off. She was so hot that she nearly got ejected from the game due to her complaints of the umpire’s called strikes. I encouraged her to swing that new bat of hers at anything close and let’s see what happens. It wasn’t just Bu that struggled with the ump’s strike zone that evening, the whole team struggled tonight and it was a bad time for it to occur, as we faced our old friend (and former coach of both Matt & Abby), Don Koplin and his 2nd place Agnew Auction team. They really took it to us, winning 11-1. We had our chances, but shot ourselves in the foot on several occasions both offensively and defensively. The attitudes and performance of her teammates this year has really discouraged Bu. She has gotten very upset throughout several games this year. In fact, it reminds me of Matt a few years ago and I’m afraid it might ruin her for this sport to where she may not want to come out for it next year. It’s really been that tough of a year for her…

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Our census has been dipping all week at work, which causes me to cut hours from my folks. Instead of Dennis losing time, I took the day off Friday, since I had enough vacation time to cover it. Abby had fast-pitch softball batting practice, out at the cages of the YMCA just before her first game that evening. She had another double header tonight, as it will be most weeks. This week her first game was against Jennie Meyer’s Game Plan team (many of her good friends are on that team) in the early game. It was a very close game and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to watch it as I was coaching Luke’s baseball game that was occurring simultaneously. Bu’s ETC team won 4-2 and she was 1-1 at the plate with 2 stolen bases. Meanwhile, Luke played in his final regular season Rookie League baseball game vs. the Cubs. His buddy Jeremy (Germie) was unfortunately not there that night, but Luke Hellmich (and Phyllis & Dick) were and had very nice things to say about Luke and his team. Lukey lead off and played first base again, going 2–4 from the plate with a pair of doubles. He played great defensively, making 3 unassisted outs and only let one ball get by him at first as the White Sox won easily, 9-0, to wind up their regular season with only one loss. Unfortunately, that one loss will likely cause them to finish in 2nd place going in to the year-end tourney that won’t even begin for another two weeks or so. I’m not sure how our schedule got so messed up, but it doesn’t seem fair that we will go more than two weeks without a game, unlike the rest of the league, before the tournament starts. Hopefully we will get a few practices in before then; otherwise it could get ugly come tourney time. The coaches took the boys next door to Parkside Sweet Shop for ice cream after the game. We then had about an hour break for dinner, so we grabbed drive through real quick. Amy sat with us in the air conditioning of the old minivan as it was 90+ degrees with high humidity. We cooled down in the parking lot and then Bu played McAllister Rental in the twilight game (this team featured two of her closest friends – Megan & Kenzie). Abby went 0-0 officially with a pair of walks (her on-base percentage is very good this year – but not her batting average!). She also stole 4 bases, running faster than I’ve seen her go! She did a great job on the bases and scored the then-go ahead run in the top of the last inning. Her defensive skills were totally wasted as she was made to sit out again for an inning (in both 3-inning games) and might have gotten one little dribbler to her out in left centerfield. She did basically nothing while in the field – such a waste of her talents, but what are you gonna do? Unfortunately, we couldn’t hold them and we lost by 1, 6-7 in the bottom of the inning. That loss evens our record at 2-2 on the year. We missed Matt today, who was spending his final night at wrestling camp in Bloomington. Man, he’s been gone a long time – seems like 3 weeks since we’ve seen him! Luke was filthy dirty when we got ready to leave the ball diamonds that night – I don’t think I’ve seen him get any dirtier! Wait till you see the pictures of him below! 😉

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We had a nice, relaxing Saturday. Luke was supposed to participate in an all-star baseball tourney. However, they only got 3 teams to sign-up, so they cancelled it for the 8 & under class. Thank goodness we didn’t…it was 95º with humidity off the chain! We spent most of the day being couch potatoes, taking naps and watching TV in the A/C. Luke took the dogs on about a dozen walks and picked up the playroom. Ann helped Abby to begin cleaning her room. Matt finally returned to us in the early evening, wiped out. He was up for a little while, but went to be very early. Ann made stuffed green peppers for dinner that were really good! The kids spent a few hours out playing in the back yard after dinner. They played in the “beach” as well as practiced pitching for quite a while. I caught pitches for about a half hour and was dripping with sweat due to the heat / humidity – at 8:30 pm! Abby’s slow-pitch softball pictures came in and we got several pictures off Facebook this week as well, including Abby from a Pirateer clinic performance at the high school in 2008 when she was in first grade, popcorn night here at home, Jackie & Sue at a Democratic convention in TX, Cathy’s new mortgage company, along with her hubby Tom checking out the partial solar eclipse last week – safety first (!), and a couple pictures of Conner at his high school graduation.

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Sunday was Father’s Day, but that didn’t stop Matt from getting up early in the morning and going out to eat with his football buddy Brad Wilson before they both went over and worked at the football fundraiser by charging parking admission at the big baseball tourney (where we should be!). He came back and took a nap in the late morning. Abby & Luke walked the dogs, helped do a little cleaning and played ball in the back yard all morning. Abby also helped to cook lunch (lasagna!) and dessert (brownies). In fact, I think SHE made the brownies by herself. The lunch was delicious, as was dessert. I got to open my present, which was a new pair of Bose headphones!! Thanks babe, they are very nice! I spoke with both my Dads today, as well as my Mom. First was Mom, who I accidentally woke up from a nap. She sounded tired, naturally. It was good to talk with her for a little while. She will know more this coming week, regarding her future treatment after getting some tests read. It was good to talk with her. I cherish each conversation we have nowadays. She is thrilled to have one of her best friends, “Little” Vicky Albrights down from Lafayette. Next I spoke with Dad S., who is still recovering from back surgery at home. He sounded tired as well. Turns out, I also woke him from a nap. Dammit! He sounded like he was in good spirits and said Barbie was taking very good care of him. It was good to talk with him as well and I’m glad he’s finally getting some rest. He deserves it. A little while later, Dad B called me back and I got to talk with him as well. He had been out driving his golf cart – showing Little Vicky around the grounds. I am so glad she was able to come down and spend some time with Mom – I know it means the world to her. I believe she is staying about a week or so, which is so cool. Also on their way down today to see Mom & Dad are Rob & Sharon, coming in from Tennessee. They are coming back down to really do some serious house hunting in the area. Rob is expected to start work down in the Tampa / Largo area this week. The NASCAR race in Michigan was delayed due to rain – man, we could sure use that down here. What a great day it was – thanks to Ann & the kids for a great Father’s Day…we’ll have pictures and vids from today next week. For now, we will move on to our video section, which includes two new vids from this week as well as a multitude from around the internet:

Next up we have our Waybac section and we are still featuring the Gil Hutton Collection of the Scheu family photo collection. We start off with a couple of Gil’s untitled / undated private pictures from the sixties. Next we have a few more of Aunt Sue & Uncle Hank’s wedding in Lafayette in April of 1961. We start at St. Mary’s and end up at the reception back at the Scheu family abode on Highland Ave. Next we have Cathy at one month old in November of ’63. Then we have a couple of Aunt Judy and her brother Steve from ’63-’64, followed by more Cathy pictures – one from about ’64 and the next from September of ’65 – I love this photo set of her laughing! Also from the same photo session is David at three months of age. And finally we have Cathy in Decemer of ’65 when she was a precious two years and three months old.

Waybac.1960s.ghc1 Waybac.1960s.ghc2 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw5 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw6 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw7 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw8 Waybac.1963.11.como1 Waybac.1963-64.jas1 Waybac.1963-64.jas2 Waybac.1964.cs1 Waybac.1965.09.09.cs1y11m1 Waybac.1965.09.09.d3mo2 Waybac.1965.12.27.c2y3m1

Next up we start in November of 1966 for more Cathy & David pictures – Uncle Gil took a bunch! Then we have John & June’s wedding with them cutting the cake in December of 1968. Also from about ’68, we have several pictures from a great photo session with Cathy, David & Aunt Judy. Those are followed by a couple more from Cathy’s glasses photos from June of 1970 – what a cutie! And finally we have David from about 1970 in a nice suit and then our little cousin Steven from November of ’78.

Waybac.1966.11.19.c3yo1 Waybac.1966.11.19.ds1 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw8 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw9 Waybac.1968.cdj1 Waybac.1968.cdj2 Waybac.1968.cdj3 Waybac.1968.cdj4 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo4 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo5 Waybac.1970.ds1 Waybac.1978.11.13.s8mo2

We have three submissions from Abby for the Shit Luke Says portion of our blog. All come from today’s lunch. Honestly we had several this week, but keep forgetting to write them down. So Ann has served dessert and asks the kids if they had anything to say to me. Matt says ‘Happy Father’s Day’, Abby says ‘I love you’ and then Luke, with his mouth full of brownies, pipes up, “Happy balls day!” He swears he tried to say ‘Father’s’, but that’s not what came out. We all heard the same thing. So we laughed and carried on a little and of course Luke had to clarify what he was trying to say (mouth still full of brownie, mind you) and tries to say ‘I love you, father’ …only it came out, “I love your balls.” We laughed and laughed and laughed. Then we got to talking about Matt and his wrestling and he was complaining that Ann and his siblings had eaten all of his power bars. I said that they were just trying to make sure they got used up and didn’t expire before his next tournament, which will likely not be until the end of this year or the start of the next. Luke looks at him and asks very calmly, “Matt, are you done with freak-style wrestling then?” Ha! Freak…

Well this week we got several of the Scheu Family Gil Hutton Collection discs mailed out, as Cathy mentioned on Facebook. I sincerely hope everyone enjoys all the old memories. I cannot say enough how nice it really is to have all the kids home again. I don’t know what Ann and I are going to do in just two short years… But anyhow, thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one…and stay cool
Later, Scheu

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    Wonderful and congrats to Abby, Matt and Luke on all their accomplishments this past week. I am also so very proud of all of you. I love my family and thanks to you Tom for keeping me up to date and I do love Gil’s old pictures…he was a great photographer!! Love you all and thanks again for my birthday flowers and song..they really cheered me up!! Love always…..

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