In the Midst I think of You, and How it Used to Be…

Before we get in to this week’s events, I have to say just how very proud we are of our little Bu who was recently nominated for Junior National Scholar! To that end, there is a National Young Leaders Conference they want her to attend as well as take the PSAT and some other academic honors! Way to go, Bu!! One funny aside to that occurred earlier this week…Matt was really excited to see that Northwestern University had recently called the house. He assumed they were calling about him…except they were calling about his sister already! :0) …poor kid… It was cooler this week and we continued to get rain. I was bummed I had to wear long pants to work each day – which meant it was too cold for the kids to get outside much as well. We finally started our bathroom project at work, which only heightened my stress level. It has been over two and a half years in the planning. Rob & Sharon are very nearly completed with renovating their new home. Dad continues to stay focused on helping them, which is therapeutic as he continues to learn how to live alone after 30-odd years. I spoke with Dad for a little while this week. He sounds good, but obviously a little lost. I am so glad that Rob is down there with him. I think it is good for both of them. Rob is, of course, taking it pretty hard. He’s the baby and is much more like Mom – personality-wise. He continues to have good days and bad days…as do I. Again, I find myself less laid back, more easily fired-up (of course, that may simply be due to it being playoff time for football, I don’t know) and find it harder to smile as often as I used to. I almost accidently deleted an old message off my voice mail that Mom had left back in the early summer…and I freaked. Thankfully, it allows you to check deleted messages and re-save them. I still find it necessary to play that voicemail every once in a while. It’s weird, almost like a voice from beyond the grave, and although it hurts and makes me tear up to hear her – I also find it necessary to hear her voice to keep her memory strong while still trying not to obsess on her loss…if that even makes sense. But enough of that…
Monday was the start of the 2nd week of Fall Break. The kids stayed home again and were very helpful with doing small chores each day. Ann stayed with them on Monday. She was supposed to still be on her scrapbook weekend but since it was cancelled, she took Luke & Abby out to Shawna’s house for a cook-out! Matt had football as well as Luke & I. We ended up having a coach’s meeting out at Coach Evans’ house and watched a fun Monday Night Football game. Payton and the Broncos looked pretty awful in the 1st half against the Chargers. But he brought them all the back from a 24 point deficit in the 2nd half to win! WOW!
On Tuesday, Matt & Luke both had football again. We had a poor turnout for pee-wee practice, so the coaches participated. I caught 2 TD passes but dropped a 3rd one. I got tackled pretty hard a couple times, including a good one where we had head to helmet contact that made me see stars and broke my “unbreakable” Otter Box phone cover…but the phone survived! That night, I found several photos on Facebook that I wanted to share here, including Abby, Katie, Seth, Brenda, Wendy, Bethany, Cathy, Kimmy, Lindsey and a few others…

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After a couple days of orientation and prepping the rooms, we finally started demoing our bathrooms at work on Wednesday after getting started on this lumbering project way back in February of 2010. I can’t believe we have actually gotten started! Matt had a dentist appointment and then went on to football practice that day. Luke spent the day with his good buddy, Alex, from down the street. When I got home, I showed Matt how to check all the fluids in the truck (he was thrilled, let me tell you), which is a necessary evil with a truck older than you. Matt, Ann & I watched the gubernatorial debate on TV. Rupert (of TV’s Survivor fame) looked scary as he secured the Libertarian nod for this year’s election. The Republican candidate, Pence, looked like a career politician – cartoonish and fake…with several mannerisms that were eerily similar to George Bush…while the Democrat Gregg looked like a walrus and took cheap shots at Pence – but made the most sense to me… One of the other football parents also takes lots of pictures at the games like we do and was kind enough to post several hundred from this year on the web. I need to go through them all, but I did find some of Matt at the North Decatur game.
Matt had football, Luke & I had football and Abby & Ann had dance class on Thursday. It was cold that day. Matt went to a late pep rally for the soccer team who is heading to semi-state this weekend. Unfortunately, they would end up losing and did not advance to the finals next week, but had an outstanding season this year. Congrats to them! Matt and the football team (and soccer squad) were in the paper that night.

fbp12.10.22 fbp12.10.23 fbp12.10.24 fbp12.10.25 fbp12.10.26 fbp12.10.27 fbp12.10.45 fbp12.10.46 lap12.10.7 lap12.10.8 lap12.10.9 mfsgnpa12.1 mfsgnpa12.2 mfsgnpa12.3 sssnpa12.1 sssnpa12.2

Friday brought about the end of a long week at work for both Ann & I. It rained on and off all afternoon and they called for rain all evening. The temps dropped quickly through the PM hours and we all dressed in coats/hats/gloves/boots and we each had our own blanket to boot! Luke went to his buddy Jeremy (affectionately known to him as “Germy”). He was upset that he couldn’t stay the night. However, we know what happens when those two get together – they stay up all night and are bears the next day…and Luke had a football game the next morning, so that wasn’t an option this time. Instead, Gma picked him up and kept him for us until we got home. That allowed Abby, Ann & I to drive to Nashville for Matt’s first football sectional game vs. Brown County. It rained the whole drive over there, which took about an hour and a half from home. Ann picked me up from work on her way through. We had several starters out of game that night, including our quarterback. The skies threatened a downpour the whole night, but somehow it held off with only the occasional mist. Matt did not start, but did play quite a bit on defense at nose guard and defensive tackle. The defense played outstanding ball and caused several turnovers and limited the Eagles to only a handful of first downs! Offensively, we couldn’t be stopped…except by ourselves – we had 5 fumbles…three of them inside the 10 yard line, getting ready to score. We also had way too many penalties, so there is plenty of room for improvement. However, we still managed to shut them out and win the game easily, 36-0. Matt played most of the 4th quarter on the offense at center and looked good as they scored a TD vs. their opponents’ #1 defense.

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We woke early the next morning to rainy skies again as we got ready and headed to other side of the county to South Decatur, alma mater of our beloved Gigi. Luke faced the Greensburg white team in the first round of the playoffs in pee-wee football. It poured the whole way over there (about 15 or 20 minutes) but just like last night, at the game we only had the occasional sprinkle even though the skies looked dire. We really got lucky this weekend. It could’ve been a lot worse. As it was, we dressed warm and were good to go. Abby stayed home and went with her good friend Cara out to her grandma’s house where they spent the night. The White team beat us earlier in the season – and was favored to do so again. However, we came out fired up, despite having a lackluster warm-up where the boys focused more on their socks and duck tape (pink for breast cancer month) – instead of focusing on the challenge at hand. It finally took me, Brian and Chad (coaches) to get them redirected and fired up for the big game. It worked…they played great – especially the defense – holding the opposition to only one TD! They were no slouch themselves and held us to also 1 TD. When we tried to kick for the extra 2-point conversion, Luke pulled a “Charlie Brown!” He came running up at the ball, but when he planted, his foot slid out from under him and landed straight on his back! It was funny to watch, but also discouraging as well, as it meant we were headed to overtime. He wouldn’t have that problem if he weren’t wearing his baseball cleats – but he lost his football cleats a week or so ago, so he’ll have to make due for now. Regulation ended with the score tied 6-6. In our league, both teams get the ball in OT, starting with 4 downs at the 10. We lost the coin toss (Luke was a captain for the game and got to go out and call the flip twice!), so we had the ball first. We ended up scoring in 3 plays and Luke attempted the extra 2-point conversion kick again. This time, we held our breaths as he got his plant foot down and the ball sailed through the uprights to give us an 8-point margin! That really took the pressure off our defense and put it squarely on the White offense. You could see the coaches and players hang their heads after he made that and really swung the momentum in our favor. The head coach would later call it the play of the game…I don’t know about that, but it was one of the key moments in the game. Next it was their turn with the ball. Luke played his best defense in the OT session, recording solo tackles on the first two plays!! He had probably 10 tackles all game at defensive tackle and also played guard on the offense and kicker on all the special teams, meaning he never left the field – except to get his ass chewed once, but it really helped as he was much better once he went right back in to the game after one play of licking his wounds. With the middle shut down by Luke, they tried two outside plays that never got going and we stopped them on 4th down to earn the victory!! We move on to the championship game next weekend now, which will be against our nemesis, North Decatur. They beat us soundly in both meetings this season and are heavily favored to win it all from the #1 seed. We have our work cut out for us, but I reiterated to Luke how hard it is to beat a team three times in the same season. The odds are against that from occurring. Afterwards, Brian & Angie invited us over to their house to celebrate with a beer. So we headed over there to have one beer…which ended up being three…which ended up being pizza for lunch…which ended up being a six pack…which ended up with us helping to set up for a surprise party at their neighbor, Rick’s, house…which ended up with us staying for the party – about 12 hours all told…all for one beer!  No…but seriously; we had a great time, as did Luke who really likes Drew (Brian & Angie’s son)…

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For some reason, I felt like crap the next day. I think it was a combo of being out in the nasty, wet weather, stress from work, screaming at two ball games (plus having intense practices) and having a few cocktails this weekend. We slept in a little bit on a lovely Sunday morning before getting ready and heading up to Greenwood to have and early lunch with my long lost cousin, David Scheu at Shallo’s bar & grill. It was great to catch up with him after nearly 35 years! The last time we were together was when both Dad Scheu and Uncle Chuck were single and Chuck was living up in Indy. I can still vividly remember playing with David that day, but that is one of only a handful of childhood memories I have of him. He is a really cool guy, just like all my cousins and it was great to spend some time with him. He was back home to attend his 25th reunion and homecoming at his alma mater, Butler University – up in Indy and looks great and is just as I remembered him! He has done very well for himself and I wish I had gotten to know him better when we were young, but unfortunately there are still some old wounds that cut deep and although I encouraged him to attend a Scheu family function, I know the chances are slim…but I’ll keep working on him so that it won’t be another 35 years until we see each other again! There is a definite family resemblance…but I think David, Billy, me, Barney, Chris, Jason & Steven all look alike. We came home and napped on and off as we watched TV, opened up the house (what a gorgeous day it was), were couch potatoes, did some weekly household chores, grilled out burgers and relaxed the rest of the day…

dvti12.1 dvti12.2 dvti12.3 dvti12.4 dvti12.5 dvti12.6

Next up is our video section which features four new family videos as well as several from around the internet this week.

We continue our Waybac section this week with more from the Gil Hutton Collection. Leading off, we have a few more of Sue & Hank’s wedding in 1961, then we have several of Cathy, Judy & David in 1964, 1965 and 1966.

Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw63 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw64 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw65 Waybac.1964.04.c3mo8 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo20 Waybac.1964.cs11 Waybac.1964.cs12 Waybac.1964.cs13 Waybac.1965.06.26.d1mo13 Waybac.1965.09.09.cs1y11m11 Waybac.1966.11.19.ds14 Waybac.1966.11.19.ds15 Waybac.1967.11.19.ds13

In the next section, we start with John & June’s wedding in 1968, Cathy and David in 1970 and Steven in 1978.

Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw93 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw94 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw95 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw96 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo44 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo45 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo46 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo47 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo48 Waybac.1970.10.01.dacoh11 Waybac.1978.11.13.s8mo17

And finally, we have several that David posted on Facebook earlier this past week, which features him at Butler from 1983-1986.

Waybac.1983.dtkep1 Waybac.1983.dtkep2 Waybac.1984.dtkep1 Waybac.1984.dtkep2 Waybac.1985.dtkep1 Waybac.1985dtkep2 Waybac.1986.dtkep1 Waybac.1986.dtkep2 Waybac.1986.dtkep3

Well that wraps up another chapter of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up ya next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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