…It’ll be…Just like Starting Over…

As the city came to grips with the loss of the four residents in the tragic plane crash last week, there was some light in the dark times. Congratulations go out to yet another cousin of mine who announced his engagement to his long time girlfriend….best wishes to Daniel and Kelsey. Happy 40th Anniversary to my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Dan! Wow!!! As for us, life carried on here in the ‘Burg. We hit our full stride as all three kids were again active and Ann & I found our back sides parked on bleachers all week again. …And the surviving members of Led Zeppelin were in the White House this week.
Monday started off chilly and rainy in the morning but it didn’t stop all of us boys from wearing shorts to school/work just one more time this year. Even though Ann thought we were crazy, it paid off with a gorgeous afternoon that was actually in the 70s, if you can believe it! I worked late, teaching a CPR class for the kids’ doctor’s office (Columbus Peds). Matt had wrestling, Abby had the night off and Luke had a lot of homework. The remaining members of Led Zeppelin (Page/Plant/Jones) were on Letterman that night after receiving their Kennedy Center Award at the White House. Also with them were David Letterman, Dustin Hoffman and Buddy Guy. Today was the official anniversary of the break-up of the group back in 1980 after publishing a simple yet elegant statement that I still have clipped from the LaPorte Herald Argus, “We wish it to be known, that with the loss of our dear friend and the deep respect we have for his family – together with the deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were.” And just like that, they were gone…

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Tuesday was again rainy and much, much cooler. Luke had basketball practice, Matt had wrestling practice and Abby performed at the junior high school basketball game as the Greensburg Jr. High cagers took on Columbus Middle School. Abby’s squad was missing 4 girls – 2 of which were Abby’s close friends – due to supposedly pulling a fire alarm at school earlier in the day. Although they swear it was an accident, the school wasn’t buying it and suspended the girls. In fact, one was kicked off the dance team! Purdue named Kent St coach Darrell Hazell as their new head football coach…and I see where they actually got a New Year’s Day bowl game – vs. Oklahoma St in Dallas in the “Heart of Dallas” Bowl (played at Cotton Bowl Stadium). How in the hell did THAT happen?? I read where the new coach will be coaching Kent State in a bowl game – not Purdue. I have to give him credit for that – sticking with his seniors and the team through the end of the season shows a lot of integrity and goes a long way in my book. Good for him and good for Purdue next year.

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Wednesday was just plain cold. Ann’s car was acting up on the way in to work, stalling once as I pulled out on to Highway 9 in front of traffic. Thankfully I was able to coast it to the shoulder, but that really sucked. After it did it one more time just as we came in to Columbus, Ann called and got an appointment for Acra’s. Abby had jazz dance at Dixon Dance and Matt had wrestling practice.
I had to scrape the car windows on Thursday morning as I ran Abby in to Student Council. Luke’s basketball practice and Matt’s wrestling meet against East Central were both cancelled. It was a good thing for Matt anyhow, as he was 4 lbs over. In fact, all events were cancelled in town that evening. Instead, St. Mary’s (and later the High School’s) gym was transformed for the showing and funerals of the four people who lost their lives this past Sunday in the plane crash. The victims were all very well known. Seems the entire city came out to mourn their loss that night at St. Mary’s school. They honored the lives of Steve & Denise Butz. They were regular attendees at wrestling meets as they have a son in the program. It will be weird not setting with them in the crowd. Also lost were Don & Barb Horan, who have a nephew in the wrestling program. Our next door neighbors’, the Walters, son-in-law’s brother was the pilot (if you can follow that). We heard reports of folks waiting in line for over an hour out in the cold and obviously even longer once inside. Our good friend Brian Messer worked very hard at setting up both sites, including stage and lighting at St Mary’s and the lights and general set up at the High School gym – working for something like 40 straight hours. He is to be commended for his efforts. Nice job, buddy…cheers to you. Once Matt got home that night, we finally got beads and some ornaments on the tree. It was Ann’s turn to put on the first ornament and Abby’s turn at the “Ugly Orange” bulb – what an honor. Ha! We had Adamo’s deliver us a huge pizza later that evening…I think we have a new favorite pizza…oh, and Matt was featured in the school newsletter today.

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Friday was another long day. The big funeral had something like a hundred cars in the procession. That evening, Matt had wrestling practice while Bu and her Student Council committee set up and ran a dance for the 6th graders in the late afternoon. She had fun with her buddy Emma. Apparently there are a few pictures from that evening, but they haven’t come in yet. The kids stayed home that evening as Ann & I went to our first Christmas party of the season. We headed back to Columbus and back to Tre Bicchieri for Ann’s work party. Ann & the docs threw another great party. It was a different atmosphere this year though, as their office has turned over their staff. It was very relaxed and festive. Everyone seemed to have a really great time. There was great food, great presents and great beer on tap – Stella Artoi. We later found out that George may have partaken a bit too much that evening. 😉 The only downer that night was that I learned from my old friend Dawnan that our class president from high school was involved in a murder / suicide as he took the life of a teenage boy before taking his own. That is so messed up – how awful…

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We were up early on Saturday to get Bu to dance team practice. She later spent the day with Memaw. Meanwhile, Luke missed his basketball practice as we headed to Muncie to watch Matt and the Pirates compete in the Delta Duals Invitational with 5 other teams. Matt made it down to 220! He was close, but did get in at 219.8 boy talk about cutting it close! To his credit, he lost 30 lbs in 3 weeks by working hard, watching what he ate and then working harder. Unfortunately, he skipped dinner last night and didn’t eat anything today until after weigh-ins. The officiating was really poor today. I’m not sure if good refs are getting hard to come by or if they just had some really biased ones, but they screwed Matt and other Greensburg wrestlers out of victories today. Matt was the first match of round 1 as we faced Ft Wayne North Side. If I remember correctly, Matt may have lost to him last year (have to check the blog for that one). This match, Matt was down early 3-0 after pulling guard. He did his signature move twice and won 4-3! I joked with him afterwards since he doesn’t usually have matches decided by points. Overall, we tied the meet with 39 points apiece. In round 2, we faced the host Delta Eagles. Matt was again the 1st match of the round and came out flat. He was obviously gassed from not only the grueling match in round one, but also from the weight-cutting this week and last. We are proud that he set a goal for himself and he met it – despite Thanksgiving falling in that time period! Although he showed moments of greatness, he could not sustain his bursts and had a couple chances to finish his opponent after a scramble but couldn’t hold him. He had the boy on his back twice but once time ran out and once the guy was able to squirm out of bounds. Matt could hardly stand up afterwards due to sheer exhaustion. He gave it his all in a back and forth match that saw him come up just 1 point short in the final seconds, losing 9-10. Overall, the team lost 22-41. Round 3 saw Matt start 1st again vs. Greenwood. Matt was still drained going in to this match after two long matches preceding it. He faced another opponent that was evenly matched and they grappled each other for the full 6 minutes as it again went back and forth. This time Matt came up a little short again – losing by a mere 1 point for the 2nd straight match, 5-4. There were a couple of questionable calls in that match. That makes 3 straight 1 point matches for him on the day as well. Overall, the Pirates were spanked, 15-48. In the 4th round, Greensburg matched up with the powerhouse Jay County. Jay Co., I believe, won this invitational last year. This year, Matt faced the #3-ranked 192-pounder in the state. He didn’t make weight, so he was bumped up to 220. No matter; he dominated Matt, who at this point looked like he had been up for 24 straight hours, swimming a marathon or something. He was completely spent and it was never really close, losing a major decision 15-0. However, on the up side; Matt (who has never met a stranger) was talking with the 220 kid from Delta who had wrestled this Jay Co kid (Blankenship) twice this year already and had been pinned by him in the 1st period both times…so Matt can take pride in knowing that at least he wasn’t pinned today. Overall, the Pirates were simply out-classed and lost decidedly, 21-59. In the 5th and final match, the Pirate grapplers squared off with Triton. Matt looked pretty good and again showed flashes of his old self – but he had no strength to hold his opponents on their backs – something that is his trademark. He isn’t quite The Hammer yet this year…but I have faith that it will come if his shoulder holds out. Again, he had chances to win but at this point it had been a very, very long day for him. He was disappointed, I know, as he again lost to an opponent he should’ve beaten – this time 7-10. On a day where he would’ve likely been 4-1, he was instead 1-4 – something none of us expected. Obviously, he will get better. This was a big wakeup call for him, I think. We were proud of him competing and it was exciting even though the Pirates did not win even one of the duals and finished dead last. The kids were out early as I got some basic chores done around the house. Ann went out to Mrs. B’s to go scrapbooking with Shawna.

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We slept in a little on Sunday morning before heading to historic Knightstown for a couple basketball games with Luke. Our first game was against Morristown. We played in the old Hoosier Gym. This was the site of all the home games in the film, “Hoosiers.” It was filled with nostalgic memorabilia. What a neat old gym. It has been preserved nicely and kept up. It was very clean and would’ve been fun to play on the court, given time. The Pirates had a great game, dominating the entire game and winning big – 34-14. Luke had a fantastic game, going 3-7 with six points. He had an amazing 11 rebounds and a blocked shot. He also had 1 steal and three forced turnovers. He did have three turnovers himself as well as a foul but he had good hustle and was really crashing the boards. He almost took a 3-pointer! :0) Next we headed over to the Intermediate school to face Hagerstown. This was no easy team and the game was nip and tuck the whole way. In the end, the Pirates came up a basket short, losing 22-20. After his success in the first game, I was little surprised to see that Luke did not play very much this game. However, we have so many good players that it is difficult to get everyone enough playing time. The officiating was horrible in this second game and it was obvious from the start that we would have to overcome many bad calls – especially at the end of the game. Luke was 1 for 1 with 2 points, a rebound, a steal and a turnover in his limited time. That evening, we went to the high school for the annual football banquet. Matt lettered in football of course. He will be one of only 6 or 7 seniors next year. We graduated almost 25 this year, so it will be tough to replace that kind of experience…

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Next up is our video section which features an amazing 8 new family videos this week (quite possibly a new record for us)…as well as several from around the internet this week…enjoy!

Our final section is our Waybac column. This week again features the work of Gil Hutton from Lafayette. Leading off we have another shot of one of presumably one of the Twin Lakes in Monticello, then Aunt Sue / Uncle Hank’s wedding in April of ’61, new born Cathy in late ’63, Aunt Judy in late ‘63/early ’64, Cathy throughout ’64 and little David in late ’65.

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We wrap up with Cathy and David in a classic photo shoot form November 19th in 1967, then Uncle John / Aunt June’s wedding in December of ’68, Cathy in June of ’70 and lastly Steven in November of ’78.

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And that wraps up this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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