…And Smiles you’ll Give and Tears you’ll Cry

Due to time constraints, we have yet another double edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Even though it wasn’t our busiest time of the year, it was still grueling so let’s get to it. We start all the way back at last Monday when Abby had open gym for basketball and Matt had wrestling. It was a long day at work, but I got back in time to help finish putting up the Christmas tree. Abby got to put on the ugly orange bulb and we put up the rest of what we wanted. I would say we roughly put up a third of what we normally would put on the tree. But it looks good. I went out to Brian & Angie’s house for our weekly MNF coaches meeting. It was rum night! We started with Sailor and moved to Captain Black and then on to Koloa – yum….
Abby had Student Council on Tuesday morning. Luke had basketball and Matt did not make weight so he missed the wrestling meet vs. East Central. It was the 1st time he ever missed weight. Ann & I were a little peeved – we left work early, hustled on the road and in to three places around town to get to the meet an hour away…only to get the news while on the interstate. We turned around at Batesville and went home. Rush was nominated to FINALLY join the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

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Abby had Science Fair presentation on Wednesday. She got 1st place! Way to go, Bu! She had dance team practice but her jazz dance class was cancelled due to Baili being sick. Matt had wrestling and was back to within a pound of making weight. Luke & Matt had haircuts with Ann while I watched the 12/12/12 Event, which was a Concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief – and wow what a great show – Springsteen, Waters, Bon Jovi, Clapton, The Stones, Billy Joel, The Who and Paul McCartney – who later was in the middle of a Nirvana reunion! Highlights for me included the Born to Run duet; Money, Us & Them and Comfortably Numb; the entire Clapton set – which was my favorite of the night (When You’re Down & Out, Got to Get Better in a Little While, Crossroads); Jumpin’ Jack Flash; Who Are You, Tommy, Baba O’Riley; You May be Right; Helter Skelter; Blackbird; I’ve Got a Feeling and of course the Nirvana jam just rocked! The concert went waaay over on time – about an hour and a half – finally ending around 1:30 in the morning…but what a show…

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Abby had dance team at the GJHS basketball game vs. East Central on Thursday night. She had four dances that evening. Matt had wrestling and Luke had basketball practice. Afterwards, Abby went to tap dance class as well. On Friday, Kenzi spent the night with us again after she and Abby had a Student Council dance at the Junior High. There were several fun pictures of Abby and her friends. During the day, Ann told me about the heartbreaking news out of Newtown, CT at Sandy Hook Elementary School where 26 people lost their lives that morning – most of them little children. What a monster. My God; what is wrong with people these days? Surely the world must truly be ending next Friday as the Mayans have predicted. My heart still aches when I see any of the coverage on TV. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and especially the parents – how awful. I wonder what would happen if we considered allowing the teachers to carry hand guns…

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Abby & Kenzi went to dance team practice early on Saturday morning. Luke had a basketball scrimmage. Meanwhile, Matt had a wrestling tourney at Columbus East. His first match was vs. Brown Co where he won by pin within 15 seconds of 2nd period. In the 2nd match vs. East, he eventually lost 8-6. In his 3rd match vs. Richmond, he pinned his man within 15 seconds of the 2nd period. And in his 4th and final match vs. Ft Wayne, he won again by pin within about 15 seconds of the 2nd period – to clinch 3rd place!! We were unable to make it to the Scheu Family Party for Aunt Sue’s birthday at the Parkside Deli in Lafayette due to getting out of East after about 5 that evening. Instead, we came home to get ready to go to The Electric Lady nightclub in Madison with our friends Brian & Angie. We had a great time (but you’ll have to ask Ann about their grilled cheese. LOL! The girls went home while the boys tore down the rig and finally got out of the bar around 3:30 am. Afterwards, we went down the street to Hinkle’s Sandwich Shop for a couple grease bomb burgers and cheesy hash browns with gravy – perfect for eating at that time of day. We finally got home about 6 and I passed out almost instantly…while Matt went out and had fun with his football buddies.

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We were up early to grab lunch drive through and headed to Centerville for Luke’s basketball games. In his 1st game vs. the Union Co Patriots, we won 20-7. Luke was 0-2 with 2 assists, 8 rebounds, 5 steals, 1 rebound, 1 blocked shot. He also had a turnover and 1 forced turnover – good defense buddy! In game 2 vs. Rushville, he won 26-11 to extend their overall record to 8-2 on the year. Luke was 0-4 from field and 0-2 form the line w/ 1 turnover; 9 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 blocked shot, and 1 forced turnover. There was dominating defense by all!! Good job today, boys!

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On Monday night, Abby danced for the final time during the junior high basketball games. Matt had wrestling practice and I went out to Brian & Angie’s house for a couple hours but came home early due to being overly tired. Abby had Student Council early on Tuesday morning. That evening, we hosted Jennings County in wrestling. He made 220 but faced a behemoth that ended up pinning Matt in the 2nd round. During the day, the truck was hit in the parking lot, getting side swiped, while Luke had no basketball due to a death in the Hellmich family.

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Abby continued with basketball tryouts on Wednesday and Matt had wrestling, but was late due to having a flat tire! Thankfully one of his friends – Bryce – stopped to help him and he learned all about changing a tire. I told him to buy him lunch one day or something nice for stopping to help. Abby had jazz dance class. On Thursday, Matt had wrestling again and Abby had basketball tryouts…and we finally got some snow! It was only a slight dusting, but it was at least snow. However, it was VERY cold on Friday – the very first day of winter (the Winter Solstice) as well as the Mayan end of the world. It has been all over the news about the world ending today. Thankfully, life went on. It was down in to the single digits though. We had a wind advisory as well as a winter storm warning. We got a few inches of snow and ended up having to shovel and salt at home and work several times due to the drifting. Matt had wrestling but got the Crossfire to drive. He was in 7th heaven! Abby made the basketball team and will be starting on the B team as the 1st alternate to the A team. We figure she will likely get more playing time this way, so it’s all good. Congrats, babe!
On Saturday, Abby & Ann cleaned the house and then Luke, Bu and I picked up Grandpa Bryan from the airport. My stupid GPS took me to the old airport. I got all turned around but eventually figured out my way to the new airport. Stupid phone! We went out for dinner at Wings & Rings and came back home and got Dad all set up on his laptop, changing over all his electronic stuff from Mom to his name. We were up and out the door again on Sunday. We all drove up to Fishers to Chuck & Cindy’s house for the Scheu Family Christmas party. The house was filled with Scheu’s everywhere! Vicki and Billy/Blancha were there, as were Daniel and Seth and their girlfriends (well, actually Daniel is now engaged to Kels now!); Chuck & Cindy and Cathy & Tom; Dad & Barb and Ann, Dad B and I with our three kids; John, June, Barney & Steph, and Haley, Ryan & Parker, Nick & Conner, and Ryan, Carly & Emmitt, Kimmy & Chuck with Brayden and Gavin, and Lindsay & Jack; Sally & Scotty, Chris & Trisha with Jack & Joey and Jason & Erica with Tyson, Kyleigh and the twins – Kyle & Ryleigh. I think that was everyone…what is that, like 50 of us…and that wasn’t even everybody! We had a great lunch, watched football, had Bloody Mary’s and did a lot of catching up. I can’t believe I forgot my camera! Ugh! Then to add injury to insult, I took over 50 pictures that didn’t come out – AAAAAAH! Dammit! I still got some, but I will publish those with the other Christmas pictures in our next entry…meanwhile, I have several pictures from Facebook this week as well as some great Christmas cards.

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Now on to our video section… This week we have seven new family videos to share with you as well as several from around the internet…

Our final segment is our Waybac section, which features more of the Gil Hutton Collection. We lead off this week with a couple from Sue & Hank’s wedding in April of 1961 with pictures of Sue, Hank & Mary. Next is Aunt Judy from ‘63/’64 then Cathy from throughout 1964…

Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw82 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw83 Waybac.1963-1964.jas17 Waybac.1963-1964.jas18 Waybac.1964.03.25.c5mo7 Waybac.1964.04.c3mo22 Waybac.1964.04.c3mo23 Waybac.1964.04.c3mo24 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo27 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo28 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo29 Waybac.1964.cs17

And we wrap up with David in early and later 1965 as well as Gil’s Christmas tree for David / Cathy in ’66; John & June’s wedding in December of ’68; Cathy as a Jeff cheerleader in ’68; Cathy & David in ’70; and Steven in ’78.

Waybac.1965.09.d3mo20 Waybac.1965.09.d3mo21 Waybac.1965.12.27.d6m8 Waybac.1966.12.ghcp3 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw115 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw116 Waybac.1968.12.dacsp3 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo69 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo70 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo71 Waybac.1970.06.15.c6.5yo72 Waybac.1978.11.13.s8mo22

And that wraps up another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and all year. It’s been a hell of a year. We had astronomically killer highs and absolutely devastating lows. Through it all, we kept going and are stronger for it. Still, I’ll be glad to put 2012 behind us. Let’s hope that 2013 is whole lot better. We’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. We miss ya, Mom…especially now…
Later, Scheu

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