Try Getting Back to Me…Get Back Which Used to Be

We are very proud of our little Bu who was recently asked to be a part of the National Junior Honor Society. Although a little too young yet to be a member, she was formally requested to be a marshal at this year’s event. We are so proud of her hard work in the classroom. We are equally proud of our eldest child who finally allowed us to surgically repair his shoulder. The labrum has been torn for over a year so it was time to get it done. We want him to be 100% for his senior sports seasons! Abby was in the paper a few times for basketball. That season is starting to wind down now. She has one game this week and has one more next week. She only has a handful of volleyball games left as well and then she’ll be ready for dance competitions! Luke is focusing on artwork and has several unfinished projects that he would not let me show. I grabbed a few of his doodle pages and included them below. Sadly, Abby had another friend lose a parent. It hasn’t been a good time to be a parent here in Decatur County lately.

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Monday was a lovely day. I believe it stretched all the way up in to the lower sixties in the afternoon and even in the evening it was still in the fifties. However, it brought with it rain overnight. Matt had his first wrestling “meet” as a coach this year. He is on the orange team this time out. He said his team did very well but didn’t say if they won or lost. We picked up Lukey and headed to Osgood as the Pirate Junior High B team was facing the Jac Cen Del A team in a 7th grade basketball matchup. They had really big, wide, strong, aggressive girls. And the referee style complimented them nicely. That didn’t fair so well for our girls – who are much more accustomed to a closely-called game. We are used to 3 hour marathons. This was the polar opposite. I would say it was the fastest game we have had all year. The Eagles jumped out to a fast start as our girls dealt with culture shock. Here were these big farm girls throwing elbows, pulling, tugging, running over and just generally being full-tilt…and our girls were a little intimidated, I think. Like I said, this was actually their A team. Although we hung with them and made a late run, we couldn’t get any closer than 6 points and eventually lost the game, 23-17. Abby did not play much in this game, for whatever reason. Sure, she made mistakes; but the entire team made mistake after mistake – it was not our finest hour. The players were frustrated; the coaches were frustrated and of course the spectators were frustrated with the fact that they were “letting them play.” Ordinarily I would be amenable with this style, but not when we’ve played just the opposite all year. By the time the girls started to adjust, the game was ending. Abby was pretty angry with her lack of playing time and I don’t blame her. She never got a chance to get in to the swing of things. Abby is the type of player that needs to get a little winded, a little sweaty and a little pissed off for her to be at her best. In playing only a couple minutes and being pulled out, that was never allowed to develop. Three of their players would’ve easily fouled out of the game if this had been played back at home. They had a gal that did most of their scoring. She was really good. They also had a 6-footer that dominated in the paint and the Pirates endured only their 2nd loss of the season. Luke tried his hand at a 3-point shooting contest at halftime and even got to move up to the free throw line. But he rushed his shot and he missed it badly. It was for a good cause, so it was all good in the end. Abby was a meager 0-1 with a turnover.

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Ann & I took the day off on Tuesday to run Matt to CRH early in the morning for his long-overdue shoulder surgery. His labrum has been torn since last year’s Sectional wrestling tourney. Boy, what a difference a day makes – when we came out to get in the car, weren’t we surprised to find it no longer spring…but rather it had reverted back to full-blown winter with snow and ice on the ground and vehicles. At some point overnight, the rain had turned to snow. There was a very strong wind all night and it was still rather blustery on the ride over with temps all the way down in the low 20s…brrr! I have to take a moment to give a huge thanks to Mom & Gigi for getting the two little ones off to school – thank you guys!! :0) …Don’t know what we’d do without you!!! They later joined us at the hospital to wait for Matt to get out of surgery. We spoke to the doctor after the procedure. His labrum was torn from (think of a clock face) 11:00 to 6:00; so the whole front was just gone – completely severed from the bone. He has 6 little “screws” in his shoulder now to help it properly heal. We also have a great little machine to help him along in that process. It is called the Recover Plus and is an automatic cooling/compression device that will help to keep down the pain and swelling in his joint for the next few weeks. What a nice little invention. It ended up snowing later that evening as Abby stayed after school with Emma and they went to a basketball game. Ann made garlic chicken for dinner (Matt’s request) and later made brownies and chocolate sundaes…yum! Ann booked our flight for Rob & Sharon’s wedding this spring – its official now! 

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On Wednesday, the Lakers’ owner, Jerry Buss, died after a lengthy fight with cancer. It was cold and rainy. Abby went over to Emma’s house after school and then they attended the boys basketball game afterwards. She then had jazz dance class. Abby again had basketball practice and then had a Student Council function at the boys basketball game but it ended up being cancelled when the weather went south. She still had to go to her tap dance class though. Matt went back to the doctor for his follow-up appointment where he got his huge bandages off. Now only stitches and band-aids remain. Well, that and the 6 screws on the inside, holding it all together…but those will dissolve over time. Yeah! He also got to shower finally!  The winter storm continued all through the night. By Friday morning, it was very cold with over a quarter inch of ice everywhere. It made driving in to work exciting, but it wasn’t too bad up on the highway. Ann went scrapbooking with Shawna and then they celebrated National Margarita Day at El Reparo. Meanwhile the kids and I got Koch’s and watched movies. We spoke to both Grandpa Bryan and Uncle Robby, who are both doing well. We did pretty much the same thing on Saturday. Matt & I were couch potatoes. Abby had Megan over for a little but spent time picking up room. Luke had Alex over for lunch and then they went back to his house until dinner time. We watched the DVR’ed races from earlier in the week before watching the Nationwide race. It was a great race but had a horrible ending as there was a 12 car accident at the finish line as the race ended. It was the #32 car of Kyle Larson that was thrown in to the wall and catch fence. The fence sheered the front end of the car off, leaving a gaping hole in the fence with numerous parts ending up in the crowd, including the engine, a tire and several pieces of car and fence. 28 fans were injured – 2 critically injured – in the accident. There is some footage below from both professional and amateur cameras, a few of which are featured below in our video section. Amazingly, none of the drivers were killed. Tony Stewart ended up missing the wreck in front of him and drove another 100 feet to win the race. We have lots of new Facebook pictures this week, including Nick & Emmitt; Abby and her buddies; Lindsey & Jack; more Abby; Nathan’s daughter; Matt’s good friend Brayton; Haley & Parker (she looks more and more like June each year); Abby & Emma; GPN; Aunt Mary & Bob’s new business; National Margarita Day; and our lovely daughter, Bu. They were able to repair the fence overnight and had it ready for the 500 on Sunday morning. We did our weekly chores around the house as we watched the Daytona 500 and then later headed to Enochsburg for Abby’s volleyball games. The Dreamsicles were outstanding as they went 6-0 in matches against some camo team (Abby didn’t know who they were) and then smeared the host St. John’s team as well. Abby looked good with several nice plays both offensively and defensively and earned several points serving.

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Next up is our video section, which includes 3 new home videos and several from around the internet.

For our Shit that Luke Says entry this week, Luke was looking in the fridge for something to eat and asks Ann very innocently, “Can you please buy more hamburger bread?” Ann and I snickered and looked at each other. Ann asked him, “What do you want?” He said, “You know, hamburger bread…so I can make turkey sandwiches.” Ann looked an me, laughing and says, “You mean hamburger buns!” We laughed so hard…hamburger bread…now we’ve truly heard it all… 😉

Next up is our Waybac section. This is our final entry that will feature the Gil Hutton Collection of Scheu family photos from his old studio in Lafayette. Our final selection includes pictures of Gil, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Judy, newborn Cathy, a couple Christmas cards and more of Cathy & David; and we also have a photo of Keith & Rosie from July of 1997, taken at Greensburg Camera.

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And that does it for this week’s installment of the Scheu Family Blog. Thank you for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma…
Later, Scheu

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