I Woke up this Morning, Lord the Rain was Falling Down

Thankfully, things finally slowed down a little bit these past two weeks and allowed us to catch our collective breaths. Hello again and welcome to another double edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Matt continued to recover from his shoulder surgery. Abby finished her winter sports. Ann continued to run the After-Prom preparation meetings with Shawna. Luke and I decided to go on a diet. It was a couple weeks of standardized testing: Luke & Abby had ISTEP testing while Matt prepped for and took the SAT. Matt continues to receive mailings weekly from colleges around the state. Before we know it, we’ll be visiting campuses…
It was rain, rain, and rain on Monday. Ann went back to work while Matt stayed with Memaw. Later, Ann picked him up and took him back to the doctor to check out his thigh (which has been numb since surgery). It is apparently due to the position he was in while under the knife – the doctor says it should wear off in a couple months. Abby had her final basketball game at South Dearborn in Aurora. It was another ugly game. Don’t get me wrong, the Pirates won pretty easily, but the game was getting out of hand by the end. Abby was ready to fight not only the Squires team but the whole student body by the end of the game (wait till you see the video). She punched one girl, kicked a couple others and nearly ripped the head off another with her words. See if you can spot her giving the stink eye to the crowd after a free throw! The final score was 33-19, bringing their record to 6-2 (I think). Abby played a lot of minutes but did not score. It was not for lack of trying as she was 0-4 from the floor and 0-4 from the stripe with an assist and 3 turnovers. Defensively, she had 5 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 blocked shot and 4 forced turnovers. Now that basketball is finished, she has only a volleyball tourney standing between her and the final winter sport for our kids this year. Her focus is now on competition dancing.

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On Tuesday it was still raining. Matt stayed with Memaw all day. Abby had Student Council. Wednesday saw more rain that eventually turned to snow. Matt went back to school – it was only a half-day, but it was still a big step nonetheless. The kids went to the basketball game that saw the Pirates win by 30 over South Dearborn (seems to be the thing to do this week…). Abby’s jazz dance class was cancelled again. Thursday it…well, you can guess – yep, more snow and rain – goody!! Matt went back for to Gma’s again and then back to school for another half day. Abby had Student Council again. She also had her first track practice – spring is nearing! Later, she and Ann headed back out to Dixon Dance for tap class. That evening, I got on Facebook and I see that we have a class of ’87 from LaPorte and we have set a 25th reunion date for July 6th. We’ll have to wait to see what is going on with the kids before we commit to plans to attend (yes, I know it will actually be 26th – not 25th – but no one got it done in time last year). While I was there, I came across pictures of Kimmy, Lindsay & Jack, Emmitt, Missy, Mindy, Kathy & Trudy, Grace Potter, Abby with Megan and Abby w/ the Regional-winning Pirates basketball team!

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Friday was the first day of March – which came in like a lion. So we here in a few weeks it should go out like a lamb. It is hard to believe that in just 3 short weeks our baby will be 17 years old! Ann went scrapbooking that evening and the kids went to the Batesville – Greensburg sectional matchup. It was officially sold out – 6,000 people in attendance!! Wow! The Pirates won the rubber match this year by about 8 points. The Drakes were in attendance with the kids. Luke, Ann & I had Taco Bell and we got TP’ed by Abby’s friends, we assume. Saturday was a lazy day. Ann got up and went scrapbooking while Matt & Abby went to the Sectional final basketball game, hosted here in G’burg. The Pirates won the Sectional! Good luck to the boys at Regionals next week! We got Luke & Abby signed up for baseball / softball. Abby is again doing both slow and fast pitch. Later that evening, Luke & I picked up his buddies Alex & Drew and headed to the Armory where we watched local pro wrestling. The WCWO is based out of Indy, I believe. They come down here frequently. The boys had a blast! Afterwards, Luke & I went out to Bryan & Angie’s house for a nightcap with the Evans’. The big topic of discussion was of the upcoming baseball and football seasons, of course…and what we’re going to do about the coaching situations. Sunday we slowed down and took it easy. I spent all day scanning a new box of photos from Mom. I can’t wait to share all the new finds – most I had never seen before. It is a good mix of early pictures of Mom with Grandpaw & Grandmaw along with some from a few years back before the blog started. In fact, there were so many that I didn’t even get them all done despite spending over 14 hours scanning. I still have one more box to go after this one is done but there are so many pictures from this batch that it should last the rest of the year, easily.

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The following Monday, it was ISTEP week as well as finals week. I was a little under the weather. I made it in to work, but I felt horrible. MaryAnn had gull bladder surgery. Ann obviously took the day off to be with her. She recovered nicely and was back at home, resting comfortably with Sandy a few hours later. I came home early, feeling pretty sick and having difficulty staying off the pot for more than 5 minutes at a time, especially once the Imodium wore off. Eventually I made myself puke and I felt 100% better nearly instantaneously. Poor Ann, who had been caring for her sick mother, then came home and cared for her sick husband. What a woman! Abby had track practice and then accompanied Ann to an After-Prom meeting she hosted. Thanks for the Imodium and Diet 7-Up, honey! It was just what the doctor ordered.
I ended up staying home on Tuesday to rest up. I picked up Luke from school and took him out for ice cream at Dairy Point before picking up Abby after track practice. Later that evening, Ann took Abby to the Junior High for the National Honor Society induction ceremony. Abby is too young to be initiated, but they invited the top few students in the 7th grade to be marshals in the ceremony. We are very proud of Abby’s accomplishments and this was quite an honor…granted she didn’t get to do much, but what a neat thrill that really got her name out there. It started raining early in the afternoon. Eventually the temps dropped and it turned to snow…and boy did it! It snowed and snowed. It was very windy as well, so it was difficult to tell just how much we got. Judging by the vehicles, I think Ann estimated about 6”. And the estate of Jimi Hendrix released a new posthumous LP with a previously unheard track called Somewhere and features Stephen Stills on bass. The LP is called People, Hell & Angels and is the best “new” album I’ve heard in months. Our local radio station out of Seymour has it in its heavy rotation and I entered their newest contest. You had to send in a picture of you with a mullet. I had one back in the 80s and early 90s, so I thought what the heck. Sure enough, they liked it and now its up on their website at www.wjaa.net. LOL!
Needless to say, they cancelled school on Wednesday. Ann and I took our time and made it safely in to work without incident. The kids were left with a list of chores to accomplish while we were gone but they got nothing done, instead they found it necessary to spend the day playing video games and napping on the couches. Abby had jazz class that evening. I ran the boys over to Columbus to get their haircuts with Jami. Abby’s class ended up getting cancelled yet again. It seems they have missed more classes than they have attended lately. Sadly, the world lost one of the greatest guitarist from the ‘60s/’70s as leader of the rock band Ten Years After and later a lengthy solo career – Alvin Lee died of complications from routine surgery. I guess you never know. He was 68. I have several of my favorite tunes of his below in our video section.

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On Thursday, the kids returned to school. Matt got the Crossfire out from under the carport at the station and drove in to school with Lukey. He later drove over with his little brother to Columbus to meet up with Ann at her work. They dropped Luke off at my work and went to Matt’s follow up doctor appointment with Guse. Last entry I had reported that Matt got his stitches out, but he only got his dressings off. This time he really did get his stitches out. We also turned in his cold compression machine, which had caused him to break-out in a small rash and so he stopped using it about a week ago. They also discussed the numbness in his left leg, which the doctor said wasn’t all that unusual, it was just the first time it had happened to one of his patients.  He said it should go away soon.
By Friday, nearly all the snow had melted as it warmed back up. Matt admits that he is missing elementary wrestling but he can’t afford to have someone horseplaying and end up screwing up the repair job on his shoulder. Abby had track practice as nearly all the snow is now completely melted and the temps approached 50 degrees. Ahh Indiana weather, if you don’t like it – just wait a few hours, it’ll change. Luke went out to stay the night at his buddy Drew’s house. I met up with his dad, Bryan and we eventually went next door to Beuhle’s Bar for a cocktail. Ann spent the evening with Shawna at the Mrs. B’s scrapbook store.
Ann was up and out the door to go scrapbooking again in the morning – this time with Bryan’s wife (Drew’s mom), Angie. Matt was also up early, prepping for the SAT. He took it at the high school and was there for nearly 5 hours. I don’t remember it being that long back in the day, but it probably was. Like last weekend, I spent the day scanning in hundreds of family pictures to share over the remainder of this year. Some of these are just great. The dates range from early Brown and Morgan family pictures to Luke’s birth. There are some good ones from 1980-82 as well. I went ahead and pulled pictures from the last box that Mom gave me as well. I now have all the pictures out, but have probably 600 more to scan in to the computer. In the meanwhile, we have about 1000 new photos to use in this year’s blog entries and possibly beyond. We got our weekly chores done around the house as well. Abby ended up going to spend the night with her buddies Brooke and Megan. Matt went to his buddy Colton’s house to spend the night also. I came across some very intriguing papers in my searches, including Mom’s divorce decree, which was very enlightening to me; giving new insights in to my life and Mom’s from 1967 to 1976. It was a lot to take in…And the Pirates basketball team won the Regional championship to advance to the Semi-State tourney in Richmond next weekend! Way to go Pirates! They will take on Matt’s friend Brayton’s team in Fortville – the Mt Vernon Marauders. I think Ann & I may attend to meet up with Natalie & Mike.
Abby wrapped up her volleyball season with the league’s annual year-ending tourney at the junior high school on Sunday afternoon. They came out and played a team they had beaten 3 times previously. Today, however; the girls were not ready. They looked like they had taken last weekend off and a couple girls showed up not wanting to play. Shawna was a little upset with a couple who had poor attitudes. Another couple of our girls did not have a good day. Abby, the youngest on the team, had a heck of day. She had a couple dozen points and several nice little plays. She may have been the best player out there today, but it didn’t matter. They were beaten in two straight sets and were out just as quickly as they started. As a consolation prize, they girls were regular season champions with a 20-7 record! Way to go, Dreamsicles – great year! We will have pictures and videos next week. We are out of time this week to get it in. Afterwards, Matt met us at Wings & Rings to celebrate Abby’s volleyball season. We came home and took naps while watching the NASCAR race. Luke went over to Alex’s house, so everyone got some peace! Ha! Ha!
That brings us to our video section, which features 3 new family videos, 1 “old” family video and several from around the internet this week…

For our Shit Luke Says entry this week, I submit to you: As Luke walked from the car in to the junior high today, he quipped, “Good thing I wore shorts today so I could get a tan!” 😉

In our Waybac section this week, we begin featuring all the new photos from box 4 of 5 from Mom. There really are some classic photos in this huge batch of pictures. This week’s selections are a good cross section of what we can expect. Leading off, we start with Grandpaw Brown in the South Bend Tribune newspaper, circa 1946-ish. He was working at the local brewery in Lafayette. The Indiana Brewery & Soft Drinks Council (for which Grandpaw was serving as the Council VP in the years following his service in WWII) presented a library of books worth $1K (a big amount back in those days) to the Northern Indiana Children’s Hospital. Following those two crops, we have a picture that was prominent in Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s house, always setting somewhere in their living room for years and years – Great Grandma Brown (Mary) from approximately 1950, I would say. That is followed by an undated photo of a class who appear to have taken their First Communion at St. Boniface perhaps (Grandpaw’s and Mom’s church)? There are no markings on the front or back to indicate it, but I would say it is from the 50’s. That is followed by a great picture we’ve seen in the past – Grandmaw Brown in 1969 at their cabin with a 2’ fish. Then we have the Timm girls in 1973 – Missy at 6 years old, Kathy at 10 and Trudy at 13. Next is a slew of photos of Nathan’s first year of life – 1977. First at 6 months in April, then 1st birthday in October and several at Grandma Bryan’s old family house – where we find Grandma (Mary), Sharon, Dan and of course little Nate. There are some great pictures of Grandma’s yard – including a picture of an old Nova or Chevelle (Dan’s?), Grandma’s lovely peonies (Mom also had several patches of our state flower in our yard growing up as well), and the front door/porch of the family house. Next we have a wrestling pin of me from about ’84 and then Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown’s 40th Anniversary party that Mom & Dad set up in August of 1986. If you look close you will see not only Grandmaw & Grandpaw, but also Mom & Dad, Dan & Sharon, Dorothy & Timmie and Brett & Tammie. Next we have some undated pictures from Week 19 at the Sand Pebble – I’d say circa 2003 maybe? Then we have a couple Christmas pictures from 2003 – one of Luke in Rossville with Grandma & Grandpa and one in Greensburg with Matt & Robby. There’s a picture of Mom & Dad’s backyard after a March snowstorm. And finally we stop in 2007. I know the four Christmas pictures are from 2007, but I think the two of Week 19 are also from 2007. I will need some help from Rob & Dad for confirmation of that date. It was the year Dad went parasailing.

Waybac.1947.rlbip1 Waybac.1947.rlbip2 Waybac.1950.ggmMB Waybac.1950s.sbfc Waybac.1969.08.cmbwf Waybac.1973.09.MissyT.6yo Waybac.1973.kt.10yo Waybac.1973.tt13yo Waybac.1977.04.ns6mo Waybac.1977.10.nfb1 Waybac.1977.10.nfb2 Waybac.1977.nag1 Waybac.1977.nag2 Waybac.1977.nag3 Waybac.1977.nag4 Waybac.1977.nag5 Waybac.1977.nag6 Waybac.1977.nag8 Waybac.1977.nag9 Waybac.1984.twp Waybac.1986.08.ggba1 Waybac.1986.08.ggba2 Waybac.1986.08.ggba3 Waybac.2003.05.sp1 Waybac.2003.05.sp2 Waybac.2003.05.sp3 Waybac.2003.12.cig1 Waybac.2003.12.cir1 Waybac.2007.03.madsyr1 Waybac.2007.05.wn1 Waybac.2007.05.wn2 Waybac.2007.12.cd1 Waybac.2007.12.cd2 Waybac.2007.12.cd3 Waybac.2007.12.cd4

At that puts the wraps on this week’s entries. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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