See the Steps Grow Lighter as (we) Reach their Final Few

Luke and I decided it was time to get back in shape – our goal is to be looking good when we get down on the beach for Rob & Sharon’s wedding. I had extra incentives. Luke just wanted to do it with me because we are buddies. After working so hard to lose 80 pounds after my health scare, I had gradually gotten back in to bad habits and really let myself go after Mom passed away. The extra girth my belt struggled to hold up has not only started to bring back minor health issues but also interpersonal issues due to horrible snoring – not to mention the self-esteem. So it was with this along with the head start of getting sick last week that Luke & I began our venture. My goal for the year is to lose 30 pounds. Luke, I think, would like to lose about 10 pounds before football starts so that he can makes sure he runs the ball. Since getting sick one week ago, I have lost 10 pounds – not bad for the first week! Now let’s see if we can do another 10! :0)
The big news for us was that we finally got our camera back from the shop! We had sent it in twice for repairs and now it is back and working great. We got a chance to try it out at Abby’s volleyball tourney at the junior high last Sunday. Abby played outstanding as did many of her teammates. Unfortunately, not everyone was on the same wavelength and the breakdown cost them. They lost in two straight sets and just like that they were done; one and done. They did have one consolation – they received a trophy for winning the league this year! So although it was a very disappointing loss, it did mean we got to go each lunch at Wings & Rings earlier! Also in attendance that day was Abby’s personal cheering section – Brooke & Megan. They even had a banner sign that read, “Abby is our Best Friend.”

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After “Springing Ahead” for Daylight Savings Time, we were all tired on Monday morning. It rained all night from about midnight on Sunday and continued raining all day. Abby and Luke had ISTEP testing. Matt returned to a full week of all-day school. After school, Matt resumed coaching elementary wrestling. They had a meet that evening and they won! It was the final meet of the year. Now all they have left is the year-end tourney. Abby had track practice. Luke & I exercised as Ann made a great dinner of tortellini and meatballs in a red sauce and garlic bread with salad – yum! Abby helped me with the dishes and Ann & I got caught up on our DVR shows.
Tuesday was much colder. Whereas on Sunday it was 60º, we started off at 20 this morning. It didn’t get much warmer all day either. Luke had his I-Read testing – an extra ISTEP-type test that all our 3rd graders must pass in order to move along to 4th grade. Ann cooked breakfast for the kids as she tries to do each morning when they have important testing that day. Matt had his big year-end tourney at elementary wrestling after school. Abby had her Winter Sports Awards ‘banquet.’ It is a banquet only in name as there was cookies and punch for food. Unfortunately, she had to miss the one for Dance Squad as it was held simultaneously with the one for basketball. She earned not only 2 pins for her letter and certificates of participation; but she also won the rebounding award for the year!  Way to, Bu! That night, before it began snowing again, Luke & I were back out walking. The wind was cold but the sunshine was sure nice!

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The rain turned to snow and by the time we got up on Wednesday, we had about an inch of snow and the roads were covered in ice. Poor Matt had to drive the minivan instead of the sports car because the roads were a mess. Ann & I saw a couple slide-offs, but Gigi said there were 25 reported accidents this morning in Decatur County alone! It took us a little bit longer to get to work, but it cleared up the closer we got to Columbus. Luke & I froze out butts off as we walked that night. You know it wasn’t too bad on Monday but it has gotten progressively colder each night we’ve gone out. Hopefully that trend won’t continue. Abby pulled a muscle in her leg at track practice that she whined about all night. Matt was grumpy all night and wouldn’t talk but to say that he was tired. Ann had a meeting with her friend Jean about Tri Kappa sorority at El Reparo. That poor woman worked all day, came home afterwards only to drop me off and head right back out to dinner without even coming inside, came home afterwards but only stayed long enough to use the restroom and left with Abby right away for jazz dance class.
It was another cold one on Thursday morning. It did warm up decently with some sun, but the wind would cut right through you. Abby had track practice after school. It is still too cold to get outside, so they are practicing in the Fieldhouse at the high school, I think. Matt was asleep on the couch when we got home from work. He has been very tired this week (and a little bit grumpy at times). Luke went to Alex’s house to play for a couple hours. Gigi brought Abby home from practice as I was walking. It was still cold, but not as cold as the previous days out there exercising. The girls took ice cream to Hannah (Shawna’s daughter and Matt’s “fiancé”), who had her tonsils taken out. They went from there to tap dance class at Dixon Studio. By the time they got home, I was already asleep on the couch, having missed the entire second half of the Purdue basketball game. It was their first round game of the Big Ten Tourney. It was close the whole way but they ended up losing by 2 to Nebraska to finish their regular season. I think they’re done for the year since I believe you have to have at least a .500 record and they ended up 15-17…talk about a rebuilding year. Lord, let’s hope they get a decent recruiting class this fall…
It finally warmed up a bit on Friday, but it didn’t start out that way as we had to defrost the cars in the morning. The day flew by. Matt attended the elementary wrestling banquet in the evening. He was recognized as coach of the orange team and enjoyed an abundance of pizza afterwards. His thigh continues to be numb due to his positioning during his shoulder surgery. I think it bugs him more than his shoulder at this point. He is starting to use his hand more and more. Matt got his report card and came out with a 3.4 GPA – all A’s & B’s except one C+. Abby had track practice and continued to whine about being sore. She must be pretty tired because her attitude has sucked all day and has gotten progressively worse this week. She got straight A’s on her report card! Way to go, Bu! Luke waited for me to get home and then exercised outside with me. He even ran for about half of the time we were out there. Luke got all A’s & B’s on his report card – great job, buddy! We are working on his attitude though. He is a bit big for his britches and his mouth occasionally gets the better of him. We enjoyed a good, homemade dinner of taco salad and spent a quiet night at home, chilling on the couch and catching up on our DVR’ed shows.
Congratulations to my cousin Chris’ son, Connor – who was on TV recently when he modeled prom clothing for the Men’s Warehouse on Fox 59’s morning show. See below for video from the feature…lookin’ good, Conner!! Luke had some new artwork this week. And there were lots of new pictures from friends and family on Facebook, including Rob & Sharon soaking up the sun & suds; a few miscellaneous pictures of Abby, Jack & Joey (Chris & Trish’s kids), Haleigh & Jaicie (Nathan’s girls) & the Timm sisters on vacation in Key West – including Peggy, Do-Do Debbie, Trudi, Kathy, Missy & Mindy, John & June on vacation with Barney & Steff and their kids/grandkids; Aunt Sharon & Uncle Dan with their grandkids and Katie & Jake; and the Regional Champions photo of the Greensburg basketball team. This week also marked the 40th anniversary of the release of Pink Floyd’s masterpiece, “The Dark Side of the Moon,” and the Floyd camp released several pictures of the LP’s famous cover – all redone by famous designer Storm Thorgerson.

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We took it easy on Saturday morning, sleeping in and watching TV until it was time to leave. Shortly after lunch, we all piled in to the car, picked up Abby’s friend Brooke and hit the road, heading up to Richmond to see the Pirates face the Mt Vernon Marauders in semi-state basketball action. We met up with Mike & Natalie, who are from Fortville – where Mt. Vernon High School is located. They had an identical record to us and we traded the #1 ranking back and forth with them all year. We ended up sitting on opposite sides of the huge arena, where we met up and sat with our good friends Bryan & Angie and Chad & Jean. We had really good seats, despite the entire town of Greensburg (it seemed) being in attendance! The Pirates started off hot, hitting two straight 3-pointers and never looking back. The held the lead the entire game and it was never really close. They were up by 20 at halftime and looked great. Although their defense and shooting was spot on, it was their passing that made them the better team today. It was that impressive. The Pirates pulled away in the final quarter and won going away, 62-37. The Pirates are headed to the state finals! Good luck, boys!! Abby & Brooke went with Megan and Mallory back to their house after the game to spend the night. Meanwhile, the rest of us met back up with Mike & Nat, along with Matt’s oldest and best friend, Brayton. We went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, where between the wait and the service, it took nearly 2 hours to eat. It was all good as we got to spend more time that way with Smiths. It was so good to see them. With both of us having three active children, it is getting harder and harder to get together. By the time we got home, it was too late to spend St Patty’s day with our friends out at Bryan & Angie’s house. So instead we came in and fell asleep on the couches.
We slept in again on Sunday morning. We caught up on our weekly chores while watching the NASCAR race at Bristol. Gordon was winning when he blew out a right-side tire and was out of the race – just like that. Memaw needed help moving a door down to the basement, so Luke & I went over and got it for her while she was napping. To thank him for helping, I go him ice cream from Dairy Point – but only a small, since we are on a diet. 😉 We were under the threat of a severe snow storm, but never did see much precipitation – if any at all. It was still pretty cold though. It’s hard to believe that just one year ago, it was 80 degrees here! Now we are still stuck at the edge of winter, waiting for spring. Let’s hope that next week brings more sunshine and some warmer weather. Luke & I want to start wearing shorts again. Ann went to pick up Abby late in the day and ended up making it a girls night out with dinner out and followed by some fo-yo that she has been bugging us about for weeks now. The kids were all excited at the advent of having some time off as next week starts Spring Break!

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Next up is our video section, which included one new home movie and several videos from around the internet.

Next up is our Waybac section. We have lots of great pictures this week. Starting off, we have a great photo of Grandma Brown (Connie) with her brother (Keith) and Mom & Dad in January of 1948; then Grandpaw Brown (Bob) at Purdue Police School in 1951; Mom and her cat (Spotty); Aunt Norma w/ Karen; Mom with her Grandma Morgan and Brenda at Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s home on Elmwood Ave in 1951; Mom & Brenda at the one of the twin lakes in Monticello in July of ’52; Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s summer cottage in August of 1954; the Lafayette city pool in March of 1955; the Monticello summer cottage in August of 1955 with Grandmaw, Grandpaw, “Aunt” Lou and who I believe is her husband (Terry, maybe?) and their kids; Mom w/ her family friends on Easter in April 1960; Great Grandma Brown, Grandpaw and Aunt Marilou at their home in Rossville; and Grandpaw & Grandmaw Brown at the summer cottage in June 1960 w/ “Aunt” Midge and her first husband as well as others, including (I think) Uncle Ralph & Aunt Norma; Grandpaw on the cover of the TV guide in Lafayette in May of 1967; me at Olan Mills studios in about 1970; Grandmaw & Lou with friends in September 1980 at the Marriott Hotel; Rob on Christmas morning in December of 1982 in LaPorte; Rob, Mom, Dad, Julie & I in what is labeled as October 1986 (I think it is ’85); Christmas Day a couple months later (again, I swear this is ’85 not ’86 like the picture is labeled); Mom, Dad, Rob, Grandmaw & Grandpaw in LaPorte on Easter in April of 1987; Grandpaw w/ Aunt Norma & Uncle Ralph in May of 1987; Mom, Dad & Grandpaw in May of 1987; and Matt’s birthday party w/ Luke, Abby & Grace in March of 2007. Enjoy! :0)

Waybac.1948.01.mfp1 Waybac.1948.01.mfp2 Waybac.1951.gpbpps1 Waybac.1951.gpbpps2 Waybac.1951.mah1 Waybac.1951.mah2 Waybac.1951.mah3 Waybac.1951.mah4 Waybac.1951.mah5 Waybac.1951.mah6 Waybac.1951.mah7 Waybac.1951.mah8 Waybac.1951.mah9 Waybac.1951.mah10 Waybac.1952.07.mab1 Waybac.1952.07.mab2 Waybac.1954.08.sv1 Waybac.1955.03.cppo1 Waybac.1955.08.gmgpb1 Waybac.1955.08.gmgpb2 Waybac.1955.08.gmgpb3 Waybac.1955.08.sv1 Waybac.1955.08.sv2 Waybac.1955.08.sv3 Waybac.1955.08.sv4 Waybac.1955.08.sv5 Waybac.1955.08.sv6 Waybac.1955.08.sv7 Waybac.1955.08.sv8 Waybac.1955.08.sv9 Waybac.1955.08.sv10 Waybac.1955.08.sv11 Waybac.1960.04.ed1 Waybac.1960.04.mlgpggb1 Waybac.1960.04.mlgpggb2 Waybac.1960.06.sv1 Waybac.1960.06.sv2 Waybac.1960.06.sv3 Waybac.1960.06.sv4 Waybac.1967.05.gpbip1 Waybac.1970.tmsomp Waybac.1980.09.20.mh1 Waybac.1980.09.20.mh2 Waybac.1982.12.25.cd1 Waybac.1982.12.25.cd2 Waybac.1986.10.28.bd1 Waybac.1986.10.28.bd2 Waybac.1986.10.28.bd3 Waybac.1986.10.28.bd4 Waybac.1986.10.28.bd5 Waybac.1986.10.28.bd6 Waybac.1986.10.28.bd7 Waybac.1986.10.28.bd8 Waybac.1986.12.25.cd1 Waybac.1986.12.25.cd2 Waybac.1986.12.25.cd3 Waybac.1986.12.25.cd4 Waybac.1986.12.25.cd5 Waybac.1986.12.25.cd6 Waybac.1987.04.19.ed1 Waybac.1987.04.19.ed2 Waybac.1987.04.19.ed3 Waybac.1987.04.19.ed4 Waybac.1987.04.19.ed5 Waybac.1987.05.21.rngp.cmi1 Waybac.1987.05.mdgp1 Waybac.2007.03.24.mbdp1 Waybac.2007.03.24.mbdp2 Waybac.2007.03.24.mbdp3 Waybac.2007.03.24.mbdp4

Well that wraps up another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thank you so much for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with everyone again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma…
Later, Scheu

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