…And your Will’s Sinkin’ Low…Just Believe and you Can’t go Wrong

So that’s it? Summer is over? We finally are hearing and seeing the locusts/cicadas (in fact I can hear them as I am typing this now). We are seeing the woolly-worms on the country roads and the geese are starting to migrate. What a contradiction the weather has been. For weeks now, it has felt more like autumn than the heart of the summer. Don’t get me wrong, opening up the house has been nice. I love wearing sweatshirts too, so I am good with the lows in the 50s and the highs in the 70s. It just doesn’t seem right, since we still don’t even have Monday Night Football yet! We kicked around some kind of virus in the house and it landed firmly on poor Abby. And the boys played their first football against someone other than themselves for the first time this season. And the Power of the Past festival returned to the fairgrounds.
On Monday, Matt had football practice after school. Ann took Abby to Open House at the Junior High, where they had an awkward moment with the volleyball coach. Luke & I had football practice. We stayed late to work on kicking extra points. We grabbed drive-through pizza for a late, quick dinner. I stayed up late, getting up every two hours to try and see the big meteor shower that was supposedly occurring. Although I accomplished the waking part, I did not see even the first streak of light in the sky.
Matt had job shadowing at the hospital on Tuesday morning before school, went to a full day of school and had football practice afterwards. Luke and I also had football practice that evening. We scrimmaged the older fifth graders, pitting our defense vs. their offense. It was the first time we had a chance to work on things from that side of the ball. I was thrilled to try out our 5-2 and 4-3 defenses. We moved some kids around to try different combinations. We had them start on the 15 yard line each time. I thought the kids looked real well. We forced a couple turnovers and allowed them in the endzone a couple times. Coach Messer worked with Luke on his kicking and corrected something in his technique. The results were amazing. His previous best was making 3 of 20 kicks. That evening, he made 18!! Wow! We have a ton of Facebook and Instagram pictures to share this week, including Ann with scrapping friends and with the Silver Surfer look; Bu and friends; Luke & Megan; more Bu & friends; Joey Scheu; Katie, Uncle Dan and kids; Rosie & Megan Owens; Jason & Erica’s kids; Aunt Dorothy & Uncle Timmy; Haley, Ryan & Lila; Allen at celebrity golf outing; Shawna, Ted & Hannah; Rick working on the Love Bug; Matt from the Blue/White game; Rusty playing at Bus-stock; Lafayette’s Dog n Suds back in the day; real Hot Wheels; Emmitt’s first birthday announcement; and a couple photos of Allen Lanier, founding member and guitarist/keyboardist for Blue Oyster Cult, who died at 67 of COPD.

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Ann’s passenger-side car window broke after work and was stuck down. Luke & I tried to figure it out but had no luck. Ann and I attended a varsity football meeting at the high school with Coach Moore. We stayed late to attend a seniors’ parents meeting. It was weird to think that this was the last time we would be doing this for Matt and with the high school for at least 5 years…Coach Moore gave us a copy of the Indiana Football Digest. Matt was featured in it and was supposed to have his picture in it. However, when they showed up to take pictures, Matt was at Rob & Sharon’s wedding in Florida. Still, it is cool to see his name in print and the nice things they say about him and his teammates.

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Matt returned to the hospital for his job shadowing class then football afterwards. Ann had a dentist appointment then we ran the car to the shop and headed in to work. Luke and I also had football that evening. Abby worked on her application for Student Council and received some assistance from her big bubby.
On Friday, The boys were excited to wear their jerseys to school for the first time this year. It was game day! With the Pacifica in the shop, I got to drive the old truck in to work. JT figured out one of the issues with the old girl. What we assumed was an over-heating issue was found to be a temp gauge gone bad. Ann had an eye doctor appointment, ran several errands around town and took our ailing Bu to see the doctor over in Columbus. We were hopeful that she had not contracted strep-throat, which was something one of the kids had at last weekend’s sleepover. We were thankful to find that it was viral. The girls made it back in time for me to meet up with them and we headed out to Matt’s scrimmage vs. Indian Creek. This was a match-up of the two teams that have squared off in the last two Sectional title games – which we won last year for the first time in school history! Matt lead the opening rally cry as the Pirates gathered in the endzone before taking the field for the game! He got the starting nod at defensive tackle and offensive tackle. He looked very aggressive and really anxious to get his first taste of contact in 6 months. He was all the way back! It was the end to a long road back from his shoulder surgery. He actually got a little chippy at times until the referee cooled him down. We appear to be very strong on the O-line, QB, D-line and linebackers with most of those positions filled with seniors. However we have inexperience and younger boys in our defensive secondary and in our backs/receivers on the offensive side of the ball – that will be the big question. We will be able to make a hole, stop the run and make good decisions when we have the ball. Can the specialty areas of the team step up and make an impact? That will be the big question this year for this team. If a few unexpected boys can step up, we will have success. It was fun to be back out with all the now-senior parents that we have been with for so many years, just weird that this is our final hurrah. Last year, this game was played with 90+ degree temps. This year it was a complete 180 – we were cold by halftime and wishing we had coats by the end of the game. Memaw & Gigi joined us. Luke played with his buddies out in the field and Abby walked around with her friends the whole time. Matt had a handful of tackles and looked very good with his blocking; only missing one assignment. Although we didn’t officially keep score, we were unable to put the ball in the endzone whereas they found paydirt multiple times. We went out to Pizza King for dinner afterwards. Matt joined us, which was very nice. There were several families out there with us and was a cool little scene. We went back home afterwards where we all fell asleep on the couches early.

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Abby had a busy Saturday. She was up early to attend try-outs for travel fast-pitch softball out at the ball diamonds. It was pretty chilly out there, but she braved the weather and gave it her all. It would go a long way to repairing her self-confidence if she were to make this team. Luke played over at Alex’s house for several hours throughout the day. Matt had football practice. I mowed at Mom & Sandy’s house and then back at home. It was a little warmer and was picture-perfect…what a gorgeous day it was! Ann took Bu up to Indy for Megan’s birthday party and stayed the night. Afterwards, she took Shawna for some shopping therapy. She needed to get her mind off taking her oldest to college yesterday…something we will experience next year with Matt. I can’t even imagine how hard that will be.  Luke & I went Hot Wheel hunting, washed the Crossfire out in the front yard and repaired the blue spruce tree in the back yard. We watched a couple movies and the two NASCAR races as well as took naps the rest of the day and evening, being as lazy as possible.
On Sunday, Abby came back home early. We worked around the house, doing our weekly chores in the morning and then went out to Luke’s football jamboree in the afternoon. He played against Connersville and then had weigh-ins after the game. Luke played defensive end and offensive tackle the entire game. He had a few tackles and fumble recovery. I was very happy with the defense. We forced 4 turnovers with two fumbles and two interceptions. He had a couple of really good blocks. We let them get in the endzone once we started making substitutions. They got us on a reverse. Offensively though we struggled. We have some work to do this week in practice as we prepare to enter our regular season next weekend. We had weighins for the season and Luke made weight by hitting the 100 lb mark – which will allow him to run the ball this year! He was ecstatic. To celebrate, we grabbed Wendy’s and went home to get out of the heat. Summer finally hit this afternoon as the temps on the field were in the 90s. About an hour or so later, Lukey had travel basketball practice at the Jr. High School. Abby went to the movies with “Sweetie.” 😉 We enjoyed breakfast for dinner – something we all enjoy! Brian called an impromptu coach’s meeting out at his house. I gave him a couple gifts to help cheer him up after an incident we had at weigh-ins with a parent this afternoon. I gave him a CD and DVD of the Rush show he had attended last month. But the real gift was a t-shirt that Ann and I have been planning for some time now. Last year, he was confronted by another disgruntled parent, who had called him the worst coach ever. That became an ongoing joke last year and all through the winter. That’s when Ann & I concocted the idea of a t-shirt with that exact slogan on it. I gave that to him tonight and it really helped to lighten the mood of the evening. We ended up have a drink and a “stick” along with a huge bonfire. At one point we had flames about 30 feet in the air! We had a good talk and unwound after a long night and an even longer week. It was a perfect way to wrap up the week and get ready to start it all again…

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Next up is our video section, which includes three new family videos and several others from around the internet:

For the Shit that Luke Says section, we actually have a good one from Matt. It was late on Friday night, after his football scrimmage and after we had come home from Pizza King. He had just showered and was heading from the kitchen back to the couch in the playroom. He had a couple ice bags with him and Ann innocently asked him, “Whatcha icing, Matthew?” He responded simply, “Everything.” 😉

Next up is our Waybac section. Leading off this week, we start with Grandmaw & Grandpaw in the ‘40s with their brewery friends; a newspaper article from October of 1950 as Grandpaw Brown joined the force; then my Great-Great Grandparents’ gravestone (interesting note: their name is actually Leif but to “Americanize” themselves, they changed their name to Leaf); Mom swimming at the quarry in ’52; Mom out in her front yard in ’53; Aunt Lou at the Columbian Park pool in ’55; Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown at one of the twin lakes in ’55; a picture of who I believe is Bishop John George Bennett in November of ’57 (he was the first Bishop of the newly-formed Lafayette diocese and died while in office); Grandpaw with school children in a photo that would eventually be used in the newspaper, regarding a new safety program with children and strangers; Grandmaw’s birthday with Mom and Aunt Marilou and Great Grandma Brown in attendance in May of ’59; Aunt Karen in May of ’59, doing the hula hoop; Mom dancing with Aunt Midge in May of ’59; Mom showing off her new clothes on her birthday in June of ’59; Grandpaw Brown’s promotion to Captain in December of ’59; Rob & Vicki Crum in Lake Schaeffer in August of ’82; Great Grandpa Morgan and Aunt Sharon Morgan at Christmas in her house in December of ’82; Christmas Eve dinner at our house in December of ’82; Grandpaw Brown’s birthday at our house in July of ’88; Dad at the Pine Lake docs in the 2nd of series of 3 photos from George (this one says, “Where is my damn boat?”) in June of ’97; Rob with Matt, Abby & Baili riding horses in July of 2003 in the parking lot of WTRE; Abby’s 4th birthday party with Mom, Deanna, Grace and of course Bu in September of 2004; Christmas Day at the Scheu abode in December of 2006; and Mom & Dad during Week 19 in May of 2007.

Waybac.1940s.gbf4 Waybac.1940s.gbf5 Waybac.1940s.gbf6 Waybac.1950.10.12.ginttt Waybac.1952.gggmpgs Waybac.1952.maq2a Waybac.1953.mwd3 Waybac.1953.mwd4 Waybac.1955.03.alacp1 Waybac.1955.08.datb6 Waybac.1957.11.20.jgbdbol Waybac.1957.gin6 Waybac.1959.05.cmb2 Waybac.1959.05.cmb3 Waybac.1959.05.cmb4 Waybac.1959.05.mwm1 Waybac.1959.06.mwh2 Waybac.1959.12.12.gin1 Waybac.1959.12.12.gin2 Waybac.1982.08.06..svim11 Waybac.1982.12.19.caukh3 Waybac.1982.12.24.ceas1 Waybac.1988.07.17.gbbp1 Waybac.1988.07.17.gbbp2 Waybac.1997.06.dwmb2 Waybac.2003.07.mabhbr1 Waybac.2004.09.afb14 Waybac.2004.09.afb15 Waybac.2006.12.25.cdig21 Waybac.2007.05.17.wn41

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. We thank you for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you, Mom. In fact, I have had a couple times where I’ve thought about you to the point of tears. It was first during the TV show Perception when the main character, Daniel, was having delusions of interacting with his dead mother, who succumbed to lung cancer years earlier. Later in the week, Futurama had Fry involved in a dream sequence of his final day in 2000 and had a segment with his Mom, who was also now dead. Both characters had difficulty and it stirred up feelings within me that had been covered up. I really miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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