This Song is Over, I’m left with only Tears…I must Remember

The temperatures took a nose dive this week, which meant the trees were gorgeous here in south central Indiana. The kids began the 2nd nine weeks of school, which was a rude awakening after a nice, two week vacation for Fall Break. The farmers are finishing up their harvest and you can see forever in the countryside again. Rocker Lou Reed died at age 71 this week. The kids wrapped up their fall sports schedule and looked forward to winter sports starting up again. Matt made some big decisions this week and we did our traditional winterizing of the house. Football, which has been the center of our lives for these past months, had a bad week overall, especially for my favorite teams – from pee wee to high school to college and pro, although the Boilers did not lose this week…of course they didn’t win either since they didn’t’ play at all…
We start with last Sunday where we travelled with the fourth grade team to Aurora, IN to play South Dearborn, which is another East Central feeder team. We came out a little flat, missing 2 starters on defense and one on offense. We played well on defense in the 1st half, bending but not breaking except for one play where they ran a long one in for a TD. We also scored and entered halftime down 6-8. The offense came out and scored for us in the 2nd half to take the lead, 14-8. The defense held and got a turnover by forcing a fumble. We were looking good, getting ready to score again with 1st and goal on the 3 when it all fell apart. Instead of us going up by two scores, we let them run an interception back for a TD and the defense gave up a TD as well and we lost 22-14. We finished the regular season 5-3. We really gave one away today. We were missing a key player today, who was involved in an auto accident yesterday. We will enter the play-offs as a 3 seed and have to play this team again next week in Connersville. …Although Matt did not attend the game, Abby did bring Baker – who was nice enough to shoot video for us. He’s such a good kid. He reminds Ann & I so much of Matt. On the way home, we stopped by LaRosa’s for a late lunch and came home for football, racing and naps. Sean Lee had another big game to lead Dallas to a victory over rival Eagles to get their record back above .500 at 4-3. But the big game was on Sunday Night Football. It was special because Peyton’s Pony’s came to Indy. It was the first homecoming for the prodigal son for Manning as the Broncos faced the Colts for the first time since Peyton was cut from the team.

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On Monday, Matt and Luke went back to football practice. Bryan had a special thing going with his newest business venture – opening a Jimmy Johns restaurant out by the Wal-Mart here in town. We wish him luck in this newest venture and can’t wait to try a JJ sub! That left Monte and I to coach the practice. The 6th grade was nice enough to scrimmage us and let us work out some details on defense. I moved a bunch of boys around to give them some experience at different positions to make us more flexible when we are missing boys and/or have injuries. Abby went to tap class. We cancelled our coaches meeting in order to talk to Matt who finally was able to listen to reason (Ann’s voice mostly) and agreed to have surgery on his knee ASAP in order to get back as quickly as possible and prepare for whatever comes next. I asked him if that meant playing at the next level and he left the door open for that possibility. I think his primary goal is to get back in time to participate in the conference tourney or Sectional tourney. We have several new social media pictures this week, including Matt’s fan club (Makayla); Matt, parents & girl next door on Senior Night; Luke with silver Charger like the one we drove on vacation; Abby & Megan screwing around; Rick & Lynn & JJ’s; Bu & Baker; our good friend Pat; Camille (Aunt Karen’s grandchild); Chris & Trish’s boys; John & June’s great-granddaughter (Barney’s grandchild!); David and his daughter; Gracie in her new home with Chad; Bryan & Angie hanging with the crazy street people in downtown Indy after the Colts game Sunday night; Dawnan & Cory’s girls; Chris’ ex-wife and son; the Charger getting caught running a red light in Alabama; cool artwork with colored Hot Wheels; Luke & I after JJ’s; Matt’s new patch; Luke’s Pineapple Willy sticker; and Lou Reed shortly before his death.

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On Tuesday, Luke went back to football practice. It was a noticeably colder day with light precipitation in the evening. Ann took Matt to Dr Guse to discuss options and he missed practice because of it – he could possibly have surgery in two weeks – November 5…or sooner if an opening presents itself. Luke had some new artwork to submit this week, including his rendition of Willy; his breast cancer awareness posters; his Halloween picture for Little Caesar’s and Luke’s truck that he wants in high school.

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We couldn’t believe it, but Wednesday was even colder. We again had a small amount of precipitation. Matt returned football practice. That evening, Ann had a business dinner with her docs in Columbus. I met Matt at his school and swapped vehicles to go mow at Memaw & Gigi’s house. I brought little ones back to the house where Megan came over to spend the night with Abby. Meanwhile I mowed at home. By the time I got to backyard, it was already dark but I decided to see how far I could get before I couldn’t see. By the time I got done it was pitch black and the lines were crooked as hell but the security light allowed me to finish it all! The final ¼ was very wet with dew and I swear that on the last 1/8 of the lawn, the dew had turned to frost. The yard was slippery and it sounded different when getting cut. It was the coldest temperatures I’ve ever mowed in. Afterwards, Luke went with me to pick up pizzas for the kids. Matt spent most of the night at Andy’s house but came home at some point in the middle of the night. We had a coach’s meeting out at Messer’s Mancave and then I came home early enough to catch game 1 of the World Series, which turned out to be a blowout of the Cardinals by the Bosox. Thanks to one of Ann’s friends on Facebook, we have several new football pictures of Luke this season.

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Damn if we didn’t have a cold start in the 30’s again (just like yesterday). I’m really not ready for this yet. We had to let the cars warm up a little while before we left for the day. The kids had the day off for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Ann left work early to attend Matt’s conferences. She said she heard so many nice things from everyone there. Then it was off to the Jr. High for Abby’s teachers. Abby earned straight A’s again this 9 weeks!! Way to go, Bu! Again, Ann heard so many nice things about…Matt!! She said everyone wanted to talk about Matt. I had 4 hours of meetings and then hurried home to meet Ann at the elementary school for Luke’s conference. Luke made the A/B Honor Roll again but by the time I got there, the teacher (a varsity coach) and us only talked about…yep, Matt! 😉 Bryan picked up Luke and took him to practice. They ended up practicing at the Armory because we got our first dose of winter in the form of a wintery mix – it rained then sleeted then snowed a little – I’m seriously NOT ready for this shit yet! Luke & I ate at Jimmy John’s for the first time since it opened on Tuesday. Ann ran Megan home and we fell asleep on the couch while watching the new American Horror Story – Coven. It is just as good as the previous two seasons. I love how they reinvent the character’s roles and just keep going. Luke brought home his football pictures that night. I thought they turned out really good.

lfp13.1 lfp13.2 lfp13.3 lfp13.4 lfp13.5 lfp13.6

Friday was downright cold with a frost warning in AM. I wore long pants to work for the first time this fall. Matt and the varsity Pirates had their first sectional game at home vs. the Indianapolis John Marshall Patriots. It was hard to watch Matt on the sidelines again this week. But he again led the team to the field both halves and did his best to get them fired up and ready. He was even introduced as the starting defensive tackle – thank you to Coach Moore or whoever did that – it meant a lot to him, I know…and to his parents. He was so pumped up that he even jogged on to the sidelines before the game! The game was back and forth – it was a good match up. It was speed vs. power. It came down to execution. They made more plays and didn’t turn the ball over. We dropped too many balls and had five fumbles. That did not spell success for the Pirates. The offense desperately missed Matt’s presence. They couldn’t run the ball left and so had to go right. Eventually the defense began keying on it then we couldn’t run the ball effectively any longer. Defensively, though, is where we missed Matt the most. They ran right up the middle (Matt’s domain) freely all night. We drew first blood but they came right back. At halftime, they were up by a couple scores. We made some halftime adjustments and they only scored once more. Unfortunately, we only scored twice more and came up just short, losing 27-32 – ending the Pirates season prematurely. They ended the season with an underachieving record of 6-4. There were no games, save one maybe, where the boys couldn’t/shouldn’t have won. It was very sad to see the seniors out on the field, well after the game, soaking it all up one last time. I remember my last game. We seniors did the same thing. In fact, by the time I finally came off that field (also after a disappointing loss), there was no one left in the stands, just like tonight. I hope Matt holds on to that memory; I know I still remember it vividly all these years later. It is a bond with those boys that we still share today. Hell; I remember the last play. I don’t remember shaking hands with Valpo, but I remember that damn endzone stand and the feel of that cold, wet, grassy mud. There were tears and hugs as the boys came to grips with the end of their high school careers. We met up at Pizza King for dinner and came back to catch up on our DVR’ed shows until late in to the night…

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We slept in on Saturday morning. We enjoyed being lazy in the morning. Abby got her room cleaned up and went out for the day with Baker and his family. They attended a sports banquet and then went out to the haunted woods. I dropped off Luke at basketball practice and came home to winterize the house. You know it’s getting towards the end of the year as we have annual traditions that take place each year at this time. We changed the license plates on the cars. Our days are shorter and it gets dark so soon now. We put away our hoses and the horse swing from the tree. We put up insulation over our crawl space windows and put away the window units. We would normally also do a bunch of stuff with the pool…but we were relieved of those duties a few years back. Believe it or not, I actually look forward to these tasks each year. I got done just in time to pick up Luke and take him out to lunch, since he agreed to clean his room all afternoon. We went in to BK and came back and did our weekly chores while watching our DVR’ed shows. Matt ran to Jimmy Johns for dinner for us after he returned from Columbus where he and his buddies went to Golden Corral for a late lunch. Abby came back home late and Matt ended up going over to Andy’s house (his senior buddy who quarterbacks the football team) and then on to a Halloween party. We watched our new movies Despicable Me 2 and Turbo and fell asleep on the couches.
Sunday was Robby’s 34th birthday. We were up early and out the door as we headed to Connersville for Luke’s opening game of the post season tourney. It was freakin’ cold outside. It was in the 20’s when we woke up and there was a hard frost on the ground. We were there to play South Dearborn for the third time this season. We split the regular season. This time they were really ready for us. Their defense beat our offense all day long. We were not able to put the ball in the endzone even once from that side of the ball. That left it up to our defense. We did fairly well. We made some big plays, including two turnovers – one a “pick six!” However, they were able to exploit the middle of our defense on their opening drive and came down and scored. We made an adjustment that initially saved the day. We called it a Black Knight (basically a 6-2). However, since the offense could not stay on the field, the defense eventually became tired as well as us having to play our bench players. They took advantage of our smaller, timid, inexperienced players and they were able to get back-to-back 40-yard plays and scored in the middle of the 4th quarter. We held on the extra point and found ourselves down 8-14. We had a great run back on the kickoff, nearly scoring on a 75-yard run by my defensive captain and Luke’s buddy, Grayson, that was down on the 4 yard line. However, the offense petered out again and they held us from scoring from a first and goal, inside the 5 (they did that to win the game last week as well). That killed us; we lost momentum; and we never recovered. We were able to get the ball turned back over for one last gasp effort with 40 seconds to play. However, on 4th and 10, we ran a hook and lateral that worked briefly but it soon was snuffed out and we found ourselves on the losing end of a game we again gave away. We were the #3 ranked team taking on the #6 ranked Knights. Luke got to be captain and won the flip. We started on defense and intercepted the ball on the very first play and ran it back for a TD. That would be the only scoring for our team. We had another great turnout by the parents/fans. Many people came out to watch us and I feel bad that we let them down. We ended the season a disappointing and under-achieving 5-4. Luke did not have his finest game. He was very apathetic about the entire day. I was a little disappointed in his effort. He did not listen nor do his job on defense and did not remain engaged with his man on offense…just kind of lackadaisical. Granted we put him on their biggest guy on offense and then he was double teamed many times on defense, but he still put forth very little effort. I think he and many of the boys were ready to be done with football. I know he is getting pretty excited about basketball. He is still young and needs to enjoy playing different things. I hope we just kept him and his teammates engaged enough to want to come back out next year to play. We came home and watched the Cowboys drop a game where the offense scored 30 points and the defense got 4 turnovers. I’ll take that every week – you will win most games with stats like that…but not the Cowboys, dammit! Ann made her signature lasagna and we had Mom & Gigi over to celebrate my birthday a day early. They sang a death-march version of the birthday song that was one for the ages. I got to open up gifts, which were all Hot Wheels!! We had some delicious cake that I’d never had before – it was really good. Matt FINALLY got his college applications sent off! Abby, Luke & I called and sang to Uncle Robby for his big day and watched Peyton’s Ponies take on the evil Redskins – which turned out to be a good game (Peyton won). Ann & I remained on the couch for the rest of the evening. Luke & Bu gave me a nice present – the night off from doing dishes (thanks guys)…and we watched even more football until we fell asleep.

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Next up is our video section, which features four new family videos and several from around the internet.

For our Shit that Luke Says segment; Luke was sitting in the living room, late on Sunday night when Abby & I were discussing new movies to watch. When I brought up the new Chucky movie (Curse of Chucky); he said, “Ooh! I want to watch Christ of Chucky!!” :0)

Next up is our Waybac section. We lead off this time with Grandmaw Brown (Connie) at her family’s farm house in rural central Indiana in the late 20’s (1927?); Aunt Karen at the beach (likely one of the twin lakes – Schaeffer?) from the early 50’s (1953?); Grandpaw in the newspaper in January of ’54; Mom in front of her Elmwood St home in about ’54; Phyllis Hellmich and her two oldest kids in the mid fifties (1956?) as well as other pictures of her children in a few pictures afterwards; Uncle Keith and Aunt Sharon’s wedding in March of ’57 which features a cute little Mom B in many of the pictures; Great Grandma & Grandpa in May of ’57; the new Lafayette Fire Chief’s custom ’57 Chevy (what a beauty!!); Grandpaw and Aunt Midge in March and April of ’59; Grandpaw in the newspaper in ’61; Grandpaw with Robby in their dining room at Easter of ’82; Uncle Ralph & Aunt Norma at Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s 40th anniversary in Lafayette in August of ’86; Grandmaw & Grandpaw with Ralph & Norma in May of ’88; Mom & Dad B with Matt in our living room at Christmas in 2003; Abby’s 5th birthday party in the same living room but in September of 2004; Ann opening presents in the same front room in 2006 on Christmas Day as well as all the presents…

Waybac.1927.cjm2 Waybac.1953.lsb2 Waybac.1954.01.06.gin2a Waybac.1954.mwg3 Waybac.1956.pdh1 Waybac.1956.pdh3 Waybac.1956.pdh5 Waybac.1956.pdh7 Waybac.1957.03.ksmw2 Waybac.1957.03.ksmw4 Waybac.1957.03.ksmw6 Waybac.1957.05.mp2 Waybac.1957.nlfcc Waybac.1959.03.ggb2 Waybac.1959.03.ggb4 Waybac.1959.04.gbam1 Waybac.1961.gin1a Waybac.1961.gin3 Waybac.1982.04.eil30 Waybac.1986.08.ggba17 Waybac.1988.05.18.cm2 Waybac.1988.05.18.cm4 Waybac.2003.12.cig20 Waybac.2004.09.afb16 Waybac.2006.12.25.cdig46 Waybac.2006.12.25.cdig48

And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this time out. We’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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