Amie…What You Wanna Do?

We had another emotional week with more ups and downs, giving Ann & I more and more gray hairs. This will probably come across as sour grapes, so I will apologize in advance if it does. I know that all parents think their kids are good enough to be part of a competitive team…its human nature. But perhaps my ideal description of a cheerleader is not normal – what is yours? Is it a young lady who is attractive, athletic, popular, a decorated dancer with a decade of competitive experience, a great student (a perennial Honor Roll-ee) and a leader? Maybe it is something else that I’m not seeing, but something screwy is going on at that damn junior high school. I’m sure we must’ve somehow pissed someone off over there, as there seems to be some sort of conspiracy afoot….and that is not only unfair to the student but utter bullshit in my book when politics rules in small towns.
Monday was my 45th birthday. Thankfully, it was a little warmer than last week. There for a while I really thought I would see snow on my birthday. I’ve only seen it once – my freshman year at Franklin. It was so weird to see the trees with all their leaves still on and full of snow with their branches hanging down near the ground. But instead it was a crisp, sunny day. Matt had his final football practice, which brought out a lot of emotions, memories and I couldn’t help but think about my teammates & I cleaning out our lockers that last day…what a heartbreaker. Abby had her first practice for cheerleading at the junior high. There was a lot of girl drama this week and Bu wasn’t immune to it this time. Usually, she is good at staying out of it, but this week it hit a little too close to home for her and she found herself right in the middle of it. Luke also had his final football practice and turned in his equipment since we decided not to do an all-star team this year. With the way the kids played down the stretch and only a week to put together an all-star squad, we decided against it. We might try to host something next year, but you never know what might pop up over the next couple weeks. Immediately after leaving the football field, we headed to the elementary for basketball practice with the same little squad we had last year. I do think there may be a couple of new faces this year, but it will still be coached by Phyllis & Dick’s son, Trevor. Abby and Ann had jazz dance at Dixon that evening. I dropped off Luke & Grayson, ran a couple errands and headed out to Bryan’s house for what was likely our final coach’s meeting of the year. However, I instead walked in to a surprise party! I had never had a surprise party before. It was very cool. I got and shared a big bottle of top-shelf Kentucky bourbon and my favorite Puerto Rican rum cigars. We had lots of food, some Sailor, a few silver bullets and football with good guys – what a great night! Thanks fellas… and the Boston Red Sox won the opening game of the World Series against the St Louis Cardinals. They say that whoever wins the first game has the best odds of winning it all, so we’ll see…

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On Tuesday, Abby headed in to school early for Student Council and to cheer practice again after school. I was a little slow getting going in the morning for some reason…and it was a really long day at work as well. It got a lit warmer again, which is a good sign. Matt had wrestling practice/open mat after school. He is getting along pretty well with the knee and looking forward to getting it repaired next week and beginning rehab again this year. I had every intention of getting back on that treadmill again that evening, but we spent too much time at Mom & Gigi’s picking up the kids and then had to run back over to get Luke’s backpack and then had to run out to get sausage for biscuits and gravy (which I was actually OK with)…and after all that, I was out of the mood and exhausted. But that gravy was sure damn good. I love when she makes breakfast for dinner. After being up late for the past two nights, I passed out early and ended up sleeping about 10 hours…aaahhhhhh….man that felt good…
Luke had art club after school on Wednesday. Abby had cheerleading practice one more time before tryouts and Matt had wrestling open mat/practice again. I finally got back on that treadmill that night and have made the decision to do it regularly again to drop about 30 pounds.
Halloween was Thursday. It was warmer but it rained all day. With the expected nasty, turbulent weather that evening, many cities (including Columbus and Greensburg) decided to postpone trick-or-treating. It’s a good thing they did, we had some really yucky wind and rain all evening. Abby went to the cheerleading tryouts. Her confidence has been shook from the volleyball diss…I’m not sure how she would handle another disappointment, so we’ll have to see. We’ve got lots of new social media pictures to share this week, including Gracie with Chad, Dan & Sharon’s grandkids; Cathy and her dog; Lindsey and her friends; Barney’s girl and grandson; a beardo with a bow; Dawnan’s girls; Miller’s Colfax restaurant (a staple of my early childhood); Evil Kinevil jumping busses at King’s Island in the 70’s; one of my favorite Snoopy panels; a new Hot Wheels; Abby’s montages (including a sweet one of her & I for my bday!); Matt at Golden Corral and again in junior high with BIG HAIR!; and again with girl friends; Bu & Baker pictures; Kimmy & Chuck; Haley & family; Aunt Brenda’s granddaughter; Dena Marie; Coach Pat O’Neil from LaPorte with new wife; Sean Lee of the Cowboys (the defensive player of the week for the NFL!); Jeff Gordon winning a race – FINALLY!; a cool new Hot Wheels Drag Bus; a real-life Hot Wheels Deora II; Grace Potter playing in the rain; several promotional items from my favorite TV show – American Horror Story; Abby with puppy hats/hair at Gma & Gigi’s house; Jack & Lindsey as the ball & chain; Barney and family on Halloween; Kimmy’s family; Chris & Trish’s boys; rock and roll pumpkins; the new Rush movie; and the new Dr Who is approaching…

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Sure enough, just when you think something is a for-sure thing, you get surprised again. As alluded to in my opening rant this week, that damn junior high really grinds my gears. Our over-achieving Bu was again disappointed by her junior high school. Here is a good person (she has been involved in the STARS mentoring program and Student Council her entire junior high career and earned the coveted position as the face of her school’s “We are the Wall” program of making good life choices), a smart person (one of the top-runners as valedictorian of her class), athletic (she has been involved in softball, basketball, volleyball, track and soccer for a decade), a performer (a decorated, competitive dancer for a decade and a member of the dance squad last year), who is popular and attractive…I guess I’m not real sure on what the prerequisites were for the cheerleader team??? After seeing who DID make the team, perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. What doesn’t kill her will make her stronger, right? It was a big hit to the ego, for sure; but this should only stoke the fire in her belly to come back next year with that much more determination. We also reminded her that some of the people she hangs out with at times may not be the best decision in this one-horse town where everyone knows when someone farts in the school and everyone is constantly judging you and trying to tear you down. I give her credit, though. She has carried on and is a little more humble – which isn’t a bad thing. In addition, it is giving more rest time for her knee and back to heal, so again; it may prove to be a blessing in disguise. We reminded her that there is a reason for everything. The reason may not always present itself immediately, but give it time and you’ll figure it out. Anyhow, that Friday was officially Linda Elkins Day in Columbus – as decreed by the mayor. So each November 1, you can bet we will be celebrating at CBC! Linda has worked to make the city of Columbus better and has worked to make the lives of the young people in our area better. She has worked at our facility for 20 years. We held her retirement party that afternoon and of course there were tears. It really made it hard to work afterwards. I should’ve just come home after the party. But work goes on and as we are finally finishing up our bathroom renovation project, I got some things finalized for our next project at the facility – that of a complete HVAC system replacement. We wish Linda and her husband a long, relaxing retirement out in the desert, near Dennis. I told her that I would keep a position open in the grounds keeping department because I know how much she loves puttsing in the flower beds at work… I hurried home afterwards as that night was Trick-or-Treating (we used to call it Beggar’s Night in LaPorte as they did not do trick-or-treating on Halloween, but that Friday night that it was closest to) night and Luke and Alex were all ready to go when I got home. Ann had taken Luke to get his haircut and it looked good. She had gone back to be with Abby, who was undergoing a major overhaul of her image. Ann would eventually call this look, “Amy.” So we’ve taken to calling Bu “Amy” all weekend. :0) “Amy” has shorter, dark brown hair. It is a good luck, just a lot different; and it comes at a good time. She needs a break from the way things have been going. We’ve noticed a slight change in her attitude since her two best friends moved out of town this year. She has been much sweeter this weekend. So Luke changed his mind five times on what he wanted to be – we told him he was not getting some cheap, store-bought costume he would wear once and then throw it away. He had to come up with his own. He was going to be a football player then a zombie football player then a few other things and finally decided on being a dead soldier. So he wore a camo shirt, grabbed a bb gun and put on red face paint and was gone as soon as Brogan arrived. Baker and his mom beat the girls home so he and I played catch with the football (what Jamie & I would normally do, but since Gracie is now living with Chad, they didn’t come out this year for trick-or-treating) while his mom ran a couple errands. Abby came home with the Amy look and played catch with us. With her glasses on, she really looks different! The boys came back and played 500 with me. Eventually, we all went in and Abby & Baker handed out candy to the kids. We didn’t have a very large turnout and Luke reported that many homes did not have their lights on. Ann made potato soup and sandwiches for dinner and we all sat down for a nice, warm dinner. I was exhausted and fell asleep early on the couch. Baker’s mom and brother left and I went to bed while Ann, “Amy” & Baker watched a movie and then Annie took him home. The Red Sox won the World Series in 5 games – which is 3 times in 10 years. The Reds got rid of Dusty Baker at manager and hopefully the new skipper can get them deeper in the playoffs next year.

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Saturday was a lazy day. Luke had basketball practice. The kids helped clean up the house. We watched several movies, including Grown Ups 2, which made us laugh for a couple hours. What a fun movie that is! The Boilers got smoked by the #4 Buckeyes, which means I’ll hear all about it on Monday from my buddy Scott at work. Ann got ready late in the day and went out to Bryan & Angie’s house to help Angie celebrate her 40th birthday. They had a party bus to transport 8 ladies down to Cincinnati to do some shopping and then to Lawrenceburg to do some dancing. Along the way, there was some serious drinking as well, I believe! The boys surprised the girls by showing up at Boogie Nights at the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg and reserving an RSVP room, just off the dance floor. It was an awesome party that night. The girls had a blast dancing and the boys had fun drinking beer and watching them dance! 😉 We saw all kinds of interesting people – from one of Santa’s elves, to a gal with a blow up doll and interesting headgear; to a couple of old, bald guys really jamming out all by themselves on the dance floor to the pony-tail guy that was really amped up on the sidelines…and then there were the celebrity impersonators like Slash and Billy Idol. What a wild night it was…but before we knew it, it was time to go. We had an interesting ride back on the party bus with all those women and Bryan, Rick, Rich & I – it was like the Beach Boys song, “Two Girls for every Guy!” 😉 We tried to stop in Batesville but McDonald’s wouldn’t serve us because we couldn’t physically drive through it with the bus. We attempted to walk through but they denied that as well. We swore then that we would never again give our business to this McDonald’s. We all made it home safely and damn was it cold out. Abby watched Luke and the Messer kids for us. They were all asleep on the couches in the living room. It was pretty late, so we just let them sleep there and went to bed ourselves. We turned our clocks back as Daylight Savings Time finally ended. My body feels so much more natural when we aren’t doing the DST thing…
We slept in on Sunday, especially considering we gained an hour while we slept! Ann took Drew & Hannah back home. Matt went to Golden Corral with his buddies Joel & Big Daddy Hayes…and then stayed out with them all day. Bu & I had leftover Papa John’s pizzas from last night as our brunch. Abby’s softball practice was cancelled. Luke went to Alex’s house for the day. So Bu & I had the place to ourselves since Ann napped the entire afternoon. I watched football, including and exciting victory for the Cowboys!!

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Next up is our video section which includes one new family movie and several from around the ‘net…

Next up is our Waybac section, which again features several early pictures of Mom. We start off with Grandmaw Brown in 1927, out in front of her family’s farmhouse; then some bad flooding in Decatur County in a slide taken by Dad O in the 1950s; then Grandpaw Brown in the newspaper in 1954; Mom out in front of her house by herself and with Grandpaw – also in ’54; then we’ve got three pictures of the Hellmich children in 1956; then Uncle Keith and Aunt Sharon Morgan’s wedding in March of 1957, including Mom in a sweet white dress; Grandmaw (Connie) and Aunt Norma in May of 1957; then Grandmaw, Grandpaw, Aunt Midge and her first husband at the Elmwood Ave home in Lafayette in March of ’59; Grandpaw in the paper again in 1961; then the Hellmich’s in a big family picture (but still only 7 of their 10 kids!) in April of ’66; Santa with me on his lap in our Rockwood St home on Christmas Eve in ’82; then a great late-era photo of Grandmaw Brown with her husband Bob, her sister Norma and her husband Ralph in May of ’88; then Abby at Grandma & Grandpa Bryan’s house in Rossville in December of 2003; Abby’s 5th birthday in September of 2004 and finally our living room on Christmas morning in 2006.

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And that does it for this week’s Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one.
Later, Scheu

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