Winter’s Cold Winds Call Me

Well another week has passed quickly. Mom always said that the years go faster and faster as you age and boy she wasn’t kidding. 2013 has flown by us. The kids continued with their winter sports. Matt is just chomping at the bit to get back on the mat. He has been cleared to do upper body weight training, but still no contact yet. He has continued to build up the knee through physical therapy, exercises and cold compression. He received two special letters in the mail this week! Thankfully, the Boilers wrapped up a horrendous football season with an embarrassing loss to IU, meaning the Old Oaken Bucket is residing in Bloomington until next year. This year couldn’t end soon enough for that poor team. They only had one W and drew the collar in conference play. Speaking of Purdue, at least the men’s basketball team is off to a decent start at 6-2. Sticking with basketball, the Pacers are also off to the best start in the NBA with a 16-1 record! The weather was all over the place this week with a couple days in the 50s and 60s as well as 20s and 30s – and sunny days, some rainy days and some snow and ice days.
Last Saturday, we left Matt at home (actually he wasn’t back from Andy’s house by the time we left) and headed up to Lafayette for Lindsay & Jack’s wedding at the Methodist church (Trinity United) on 6th St (same place a few Scheu family weddings have taken place over the years). We then followed Dad & Barb across the Wabash, over to campus at the Purdue Memorial Union (a very pretty building) for the big reception. It was a very nice, simple ceremony. The reception, however, was an extravaganza! John & June really pulled out all the stops for this one, their last child to be married. We enjoyed hors devours and cocktails and chatted with family before going in to one of the banquet rooms for dinner, dancing and all the normal festivities. It was great to catch up with everyone again but we left early due to having to drive so far and the kids were ready to go. We swore that we would be attending the next Scheu family wedding without children and will plan to spend the night! There were lots of Scheu family members in attendance, including Aunt Sue (up from Texas), Vicky & Faddi, Daniel & Kels, Billy & Blancha, and Jackie who had her kids, Zach & Jazmin (who also had her baby). Uncle Chuck and Cindy and Cathy & Tom were there as well as Dad & Barb. Of course John & June were there (as well as several of the McKenzie’s), Barney & Steph, Haley, Ryan & Parker (what a cutie!), Nick & Connor, and Ryan & Carly; Kimmy, Chuck, Braden & Gavin. Sally & Scotty were also there as well as Chris & Trish with Jack & Joey and Jason & Erica with their kids Tyson, Kyleigh, Ryleigh & Kyle. We enjoyed dinner and catching up briefly with Dad & Barb and other Scheu’s but didn’t stay long. We had a long drive and the kids were driving us crazy. We have already decided – the next wedding will be sans children!

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On Sunday, Luke had basketball at the high school’s Fieldhouse. First up was New Castle. They are a very, very good team – likely the best in the league. They were a very good test for us. Luke saw very little playing time and went 0-2 from the field, had a rebound, forced a turnover, got a fould and fought for loose balls. Although we came back late, it was too little/too late and we lost our first game of the year, 26-39. Luke, Bu and I went to Wally World between games and then went home to watch some football. However, before long we were back for our second game. This time we faced the Connersville Red team – the same team that beat us three times last year. Luke had even fewer minutes in this very close game. He did not take a shot but did force 3 turnovers, playing good defense again. He continued to fight for loose balls and this time we did come from behind 28-24! Thanks to Abby for getting a few photographs for me this week again. We went through Wendy’s drive through after the game and then went home to watch football. We saw both the Colts & Payton’s Ponies win. Ann came back home after going to the Colts game where she went with Angie and her girlfriends and had a lot of fun. Also at the game was my cousin Katie and her good friend and our doctor at work – Ann. We took it easy the rest of the evening and fell asleep early on the couches.

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On Monday, Abby was in early for Student Council. Matt returned to wresting practice. Abby had jazz dance at Dixon with Ann. Luke had basketball practice at the elementary school. While we get the tires ordered for the Pacifica, I got to drive the old truck in to work. I love driving that darn thing – something about a guy and his truck… It started to rain after work and it continued to precipitate all night long and I continued to workout on the treadmill. I have lost about 15 lbs so far on my way to 50 that I need to drop.
Abby was in early again on Tuesday for Student Council. Matt headed back to physical therapy and it was the last day I was able to wear shorts to work this week and maybe the rest of the year. Matt returned to wrestling practice on Wednesday and was much, much colder. They started talking about a big storm that was heading our way. Matt received two more college acceptance letters!! He was accepted in to IUPUI as well as Ann & I’s alma mater, Franklin College!! At least he has choices now. He is still waiting on two other schools to respond before he makes his final decision…but we are very proud of him!

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Acra’s got new tires mounted on the Pacifica on Thursday. Matt had physical therapy and Abby worked the basketball game at the junior high before heading to tap dance at Dixon. Luke had basketball practice at the elementary. It continued to get colder and colder. It rained much of the day…
Overnight, the rain changed to freezing rain and sleet and then it changed over to snow. There were widespread school cancellations, and our kids got to sleep in and take the day off. It was a slow ride in to work, but that didn’t keep me off the country roads either way. It snowed all day. Accordingly, we spent all day outside clearing that damn white stuff. I cleared it once at home, then 6 times at work and then once more at home when I got done. In between, I spent 9 hours outside shoveling, sweeping, running the snow blower and applying salt. It was dark when I went in to work and it was dark when I came home. We had about a ½ inch of ice and then about 8 inches of snow. Despite travel advisories for all the counties in our area, I didn’t find it too difficult to navigate – at least at the right speed. I would say I averaged about 40 on the way in and about 35 on the way back. It took me about an hour both ways. Meanwhile, the kids and dogs played outside in the snow (well, I don’t think Matt did). I came home, took a hot shower and fell asleep on the couch. We have many social media pictures to share this week: Abby and her girlfriends; many photos of Lindsay’s big day with Kimmy, Olga, Haley, Steph, June, Parker, Ryan, Ryan, Carly, Nick, Conner, Braden, and all the Scheu kiddos; then Allen on duty (love the number of the truck!!!!); Calvin & Hobbes Sunday panel from last week; more Bu; Aunt Dorothy & Uncle Timmy at Timmy’s (Bill’s) 90th birthday party!!; Aunt Brenda & Uncle Steve now and then – they celebrated their anniversary and Steve’s birthday this week; Aunt Sharon & Uncle Dan also celebrated their anniversary this week; Seth and his fiancé; more Lindsay & Jack fun with the happy couple, Blancha, Sue, Zack & Jazmine’s son; Jackie & her grandson (that sounds weird!); Chris & Jason’s kids with Jazmine’s son; Dad & Sue; and the cool little desserts; then more Allen with his brother and sister-in-law; Peter of Family Guy referring to Brian’s death last week; my favorite radio station (96.3 WJAA)’s “Cool Bus”; our Week 19 friends Cassie & Courtney; and this week’s Calvin & Hobbes Sunday panel.

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Ann & Bu were up early and went Christmas shopping all day. Luke was supposed to have a practice game against the 5th graders, but that was cancelled due to the poor road conditions. Luke & I did our weekly household chores before he left to go sledding at Drew’s house at lunchtime. I went out to pick up Luke at twilight and ended up coming back with both boys and Drew spent the night. Matt tired to get the Crossfire out of the WTRE parking lot, but after 10 minutes, he gave up. I ended up having to push the car back under the canopy eventually and he took the van to go out and do some running. Eventually he ended up going to meet up with Andy, Jake & Bryce and went over to Batesville to watch the big basketball game. Batesville is the only team to beat this group of seniors during the regular season in three years. Remember, they were undefeated going in to the sectional play as sophomores and then Batesville was their only loss last year during their title run. One of these two teams has eventually won the sectional in the last 8 years in a row with 4 going to each team. This game did not disappoint. The Bulldogs jumped out to an early lead, the Pirates came back and then late in the 4th quarter, Batesville cut it to 4 points. However, that was as close it would come and the Pirates won going away. Matt was right in the front row with his buddies and was on TV the whole game (he’s the one in Luke’s red hat in the screenshots below – it was a “gangster” theme for some reason?). The game was broadcast live on the ETC cable company’s high school channel. However, we have ComCrap and didn’t have access to it. However, they also had a live simulcast over the internet and we so we sat on the couch and watched the game on my laptop. Ann and were going to meet up with Bryan & Angie at the new bar uptown, called The Beach Tiki Bar. However, we were nodding off on the couch during the game and so we just went to bed…how lame.

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We tried to sleep in on Sunday, but the dogs and kids had other ideas. So we flopped on the couch, trying to stay warm and watched football. There was talk of a second winter storm coming our way and because of it; they cancelled the league basketball games for Luke’s travel team. They were supposed to be in Milan to battle the host team and Jac-Cen-Del White. I’m sure they’ll be re-scheduled. So we flopped on the couch, kept warm, watched football and waited for the snow…

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Next up is our video section, which includes two new family videos as well as several from around the internet this week.

For the Shit that Luke Says, we actually have Abby with the statement of the week. I was complaining that my feet were cold and Abby had both blankets on her. She told me to put on socks and I told her I had a pair on but I would take hers. So I grabbed a hold of her foot and started tickling it so that I could take her sock. She exclaimed, “Stop Daddy, you can’t put my sock on – you’ll break it!”

Next up is our Waybac section. We lead off with a threesome of Aunt Marilou school pictures from the 50s; followed by an old slide from Dad O of a flood in southern Indiana (I believe this is on the Ohio River); Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown at the twin lakes in Monticello with the Atha’s in the summer of 1954; then we have two school pictures of unknown young ladies (Mom’s friends?) in the fall of ’55; Grandpaw in the newspaper again in December of 1957; then a staff photo that was eventually in the newspaper of Grandpaw with three young school children in about ’57…and if you look close, the little cutie in the foreground is my beautiful mother, Sandy; then we go to the summer cottage again in ’58 and see Mom, Grandmaw & Grandpaw B, Great Grandma & Grandpa Brown, Aunt Midge and her first husband and their daughter; then Grandpaw and his partner on the cover of the newspaper’s TV guide in the 1960s; then another slide of Dad O’s – this time from April 1966 of our good friends, the Phyllis & Dick Hellmich and their children (or at least 7/10 of them!); the Boiler Express during the Lafayette Christmas Parade in December of ’76; then Rob in his favorite jammies at the time – the Incredible Hulk ones in June of ’82; then a couple months later where Robby found himself floating in Lake Schaeffer in Monticello during the summer where we stayed outside Indiana Beach in the Great Chief Lodge in August of ’82; then we fast-forward a few years to June, 1985 in our backyard on Rockwood. It still shows our old, original garage…looks like this is just before I spent a month scraping, sanding and re-painting it…and then a year later, Dad had it torn down and a new one built! – but this great picture has even more going on in it…it features Mom, Rob & I as well as Grandpaw and Aunt Lou but it also has Rob’s first sandbox as well as one of the old foundry buildings out behind our back lot. This is a true time capsule – as most of these things no longer exist…in fact I think Rob & I are the only two things that have survived this photo…then we have one of my two senior pictures from the late summer of ’86; then we jump forward to the fall of 2003 where Matt is swinging after soccer practice at Washington Field; then a couple of pictures from the Bryan family Christmas a decade ago in Rossville in December of 2003 with Luke and then Mom & Bu; and finally we have our little Pirate that no longer wears the blue and white – Matt in his first year of football in the fall of 2007 at his first Blue/White game at Shriver Field.

Waybac.1944.cjmbc Waybac.1950.ambh1 Waybac.1950s.sif6 Waybac.1951.ambh2 Waybac.1952.ambh3 Waybac.1954.08.sbp1 Waybac.1954.08.sbp2 Waybac.1954.08.sbp3 Waybac.1954.08.sbp4 Waybac.1954.08.sbp5 Waybac.1955.09.usp1 Waybac.1955.09.usp2 Waybac.1957.12.01.gin2 Waybac.1957.12.10.gin1 Waybac.1957.gamin3 Waybac.1957.gamin4 Waybac.1958.09.scp1 Waybac.1958.09.scp2 Waybac.1958.09.scp3 Waybac.1958.09.scp4 Waybac.1958.09.scp5 Waybac.1958.09.scp6 Waybac.1960s.gin8 Waybac.1966.04.pdak2 Waybac.1966.04.pdak2a Waybac.1982.06.13.rihj Waybac.1982.08.06.vaib2 Waybac.1985.06.13.gglvlp3 Waybac.1986.09.tsp3 Waybac.2003.10.mswf2 Waybac.2003.12.cir31 Waybac.2003.12.cir32 Waybac.2007.09.14.mgp1

And that does it for this episode of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you Mom.
Later, Scheu

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