And as I Turned to make my Way back Home, the Snow turned into Rain…

Hello and welcome to a special double edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Since the last time we talked, it has been the story of two weeks. The first week was cold and snowy. The second week was warm and rainy. The only thing consistent was the precipitation. We saw temps tank in to the single digits early on and get nearly a foot of snow dumped on us. Then we saw temperature differences of 50 degrees as well as widespread flooding.
To begin, we go all the way back to last Sunday. Luke’s basketball games were cancelled due to the sloppiness of the roads and the threatening weather. We still had Matt’s football banquet that evening, though. We left the younger kids at home and ate with the boys and families one last time. Then it was on to the fun part – awards! Matt won the Most Improved award. We couldn’t be prouder of how hard he worked the last year. We had a good time hanging with the football parents one last time. It will be weird not seeing these folks every week…these boys have been together for a long time now. They handed out the highlight reel and although I haven’t seen it all the way through, at the end of it there is a segment that the boys taped as freshmen…wait until you see and hear Matthew…priceless!!

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After school was cancelled on Friday due to the weather, the kids were excited to have a two hour delay on Monday morning. Matt’s doctor appointment was cancelled due to us receiving another two inches of snow overnight. Matt did got to physical therapy so he missed wresting (they are at the same time). Luke’s basketball practice was cancelled but the varsity game went on as scheduled and the #1-ranked 3A basketball Pirates shellacked the Hauser Jets, 96-28. Ouch!
The kids started off Tuesday much the same way as yesterday – on a 2-hour delay. However, the weather conditions did not improve and they ended up cancelling school altogether. Matt did get to his doctor appointment, finally; following up on his knee. They are very happy with the range of motion he has achieved and is still considered to be ahead of schedule for his rehabilitation. He did not get back in time to go practice. We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week, including several more of Lindsay & Jack’s wedding; my new LP Slicer ornament, Rush ended their big tour recently, there’s a new Calvin & Hobbes movie coming out; Matt at a varsity basketball game, sporting the giant head of one of his buddies Ty; Grace, who is now living with Chad and may miss Christmas with us this year; Luke & I out getting pizzas; Phyllis & Dick; Franklin College’s new stadium (a lot different than the one I played on!); Rob getting ready for Christmas; and Abby with Megan.

smp13.12.47 smp13.12.48 smp13.12.49 smp13.12.50 smp13.12.51 smp13.12.52 smp13.12.53 smp13.12.54 smp13.12.55 smp13.12.56 smp13.12.57 smp13.12.58 smp13.12.59 smp13.12.60 smp13.12.61 smp13.12.62 smp13.12.63 smp13.12.64 smp13.12.65 smp13.12.66 smp13.12.67 smp13.12.68 smp13.12.69 smp13.12.70 smp13.12.71 smp13.12.72 smp13.12.73 smp13.12.74 smp13.12.75 smp13.12.76 smp13.12.77 smp13.12.78 smp13.12.79 smp13.12.80 smp13.12.81 smp13.12.82 smp13.12.83 smp13.12.84 smp13.12.85 smp13.12.86 smp13.12.87 smp13.12.88 smp13.12.89 smp13.12.90 smp13.12.91 smp13.12.92 smp13.12.93 smp13.12.94 smp13.12.95 smp13.12.96 smp13.12.97 smp13.12.98 smp13.12.99 smp13.12.100 smp13.12.101 smp13.12.102

Wednesday again had a 2-hr delay for the kiddos. We still aren’t sure why they waited, though. It started off at 7 degrees (though the car read -2 at one point out in the country) and never got in to double digits until after lunch and it stayed in the low-to-mid-twenties. Luke went to the Y with Drew & Angie for the evening and Ann made chili for dinner. We had a couple snow flurries, but that has been more the norm this week.
Matt had physical therapy on Thursday, so he missed the bus for his wrestling meet. They ended up losing badly, so hopefully Coach can get the ship righted. Matt was wiped out from PT and ended up crashing out early on the couch. Ann went with Abby to tap class at Dixon. Luke & I worked on his homework and watched a movie after exercising. Matt received another acceptance letter to college! Now, on top of offers from Franklin, Anderson and U of Indy, he now has the option of attending Ball State! This is the alma mater of Uncle John and home of one of the Scheumann Stadiums, so he would be right at home…and he has talked about being interested in going Greek and will consider Phi Delta Theta!
Friday was another busy day. Matt had wrestling practice and Abby stayed late at the junior high school, setting up for her Student Council function the next day. We received two more inches of snow. Matt took Abby to the varsity basketball game where the Pirates beat East Central easily. We ordered pizzas for a quick and easy dinner while Ann was out scrapbooking with Shawna. Luke & I watched movies and fell asleep on the couch.
Matt was up early on Saturday to head to the Delta tourney to help coach / cheer his teammates. It is absolutely killing him to not be in there, wrestling. Abby went to the junior high for Cookies with Santa with her good friends Emma & Brittney. Luke went with Memaw to a big train exhibit. The kids and I did our weekly household chores all day and then made a snowman late in the afternoon. The snow was perfect for building a snowman and we did a pretty good job, I think… Meanwhile Ann did scrapbooking in the morning and went Christmas shopping with Amy in the evening. Abby went to the movies on a date while Luke & I got more pizza and watched Purdue get beat by 4 against Butler.

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We slept in on a chilly Sunday morning. We didn’t do a whole lot that morning but Luke did have Alex over to play for a while. Just as the Colts game was getting going, we were off to the elementary school for a basketball doubleheader for Luke. First up, the Pirates faced the Blue River Valley Vikings, out of New Castle. Despite having not played in 14 days and only practicing twice during that time, the boys came out on fire. They jumped off to a 10 point lead and never looked back. Luke and all the boys had a good amount of playing time. I think all ten of our boys scored during the game! Luke had 4 points on 2-8 shooting from the floor. He had 2 forced turnovers, 2 blocked shots, 9 rebounds and a pair of fouls. The Pirates won in dominating style, 57-26. We had an hour break between games that I used to go push Matt out of the ice. He had again attempted to get the Crossfire free from the grips of the WTRE parking lot…and again gotten it stuck. We easily got it moved back under the carport and I was quickly on my way back out to the school. Next up, the Pirates squared off against the Lincoln Eagles out of Cambridge City. We ran them right out of the gym. We opened up a commanding lead after just 5 minutes. The boys went on to score the first 49 points of the game! They finally scored with about a minute to play on a pair of free throws. I thought it was classy that the Greensburg fans applauded when the boy scored from the stripe. The Pirates went on to win in an obvious blow-out, 53-02!! Luke had a good game, scoring 6 points on 3-4 from the field with a turnover. It was again defensively where Luke plays best. He had 11 rebounds, 2 steals, 4 forced turnovers and a pair of “1st downs!” You’ll just have to see the video below to see what I mean…  We called Matt and had him meet us at El Reparo for dinner. We came home and watched the Cowboys blow another game, losing by 1 after have a huge lead at halftime to the Packers. The Boilers didn’t do so well this weekend either, losing to Butler. Thankfully the Colts and Pacers at least won, as did the Bears. I went out early and Ann wasn’t far behind. And as we went to bed, it began to snow again…

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The snow made things a little tricky on Monday morning, but everyone was safe. It was ironic that it was even more dangerous in this slick snow than it was with the wet snow last week, but there was no 2-hour delay this week. Matt had physical therapy on Monday, so he did not go to wrestling. Abby had jazz dance while Luke went to basketball. We have a received a few Christmas cards, including Haley & Ryan and family, Kimmy & Chucks’s kiddos and Katie & Jake and family. We also have some new artwork, including a really neat koala bear by Abby and some hot rods by Luke.

cc13.12.1 cc13.12.2 cc13.12.3 aap13.12.1 lap13.12.3 lap13.12.4 lap13.12.5 lap13.12.6

Tuesday started our warming trend. We started to see peeks of green patches. Ann finished setting up her new Greensburg satellite office downtown. Abby went to Student Council meeting before school then worked the basketball game afterwards, running the Shoot for Loot fund raiser at halftime of both games. Luke stayed after school for art class. Matt and the wrestling team had their first home meet of the year and one of only two or three for the year. It was against East Central, who is always tough. EC jumped out to a good lead but the Pirates slowly began eating in to it and by the final match, were only down 1 point. In the final match, the Pirate grappler pinned his opponent and gave Greensburg a 37-32 come-from-behind victory over a rival that has had their number for years!! You could really see Matt chomping at the bit to get in there and compete but did a great job of rooting/coaching his teammates. Abby did Shoot for Loot again. After we got home, I did a wrestling job for Ann’s friend until late at night.

mwec13.1 mwec13.2 mwec13.3 mwec13.4 mwec13.5 mwec13.6 mwec13.7 mwec13.8 mwec13.9 mwec13.10 mwec13.11 mwec13.12 mwec13.13 mwec13.14 mwec13.16 mwec13.17 mwec13.18 mwec13.19 mwec13.20 mwec13.21

Wednesday saw the continuation of the warming trend around this area. We actually saw the 40s for the first time in a long time. Matt went to wrestling and I fell asleep early after exercising. Ann had her Secret Santa party on Thursday morning in Shelbyville before work. We had the great snow melt-off today with temps soaring in to the 50s. We saw a lot of standing water and just some minor flooding. It is a good thing that it happened today, because they are calling for major rain all weekend. That would’ve made things very, very messy. Matt had physical therapy and Abby worked the Shoot for Loot at the junior high basketball game before heading to tap class. Luke had basketball practice at the elementary. After surviving a couple weeks, the snowman is completely gone now.
Friday was a gorgeous day. I wore shorts to work. It was warm enough to get rid of everything else, snow-wise. In fact, the only thing still around is the dirty, nasty stuff in the piles where it got plowed. Temps were up in the 60s and it rained and rained. Abby and her buddies had ugly Christmas sweater day at school. Matt had wrestling practice and then went to the home basketball game. Abby watched Luke till Matt got home and then spent the night with her friend, Kama. We had our staff Christmas party at my work where my right-hand man won the big award of the year – the Service Excellence award. Philip totally deserved it; he does so much for the kids an staff at the facility. Later, Ann had her office Christmas party. It was great – prime rib and baked potatoes for dinner with beer and margaritas. That was followed by a very nice gift exchange and dessert. And finally we had drunk bowling with several pitchers of beer. George & I battled for the top spot overall and he almost beat me in the final frame, but I ended up taking the title with an amazing “high” score of 143! LOL :0) We drove home in the rain and opened up the window by our bed to listen to it rain all night long…

ausd13.1 ausd13.2 ausd13.3 acp13.1a acp13.2a acp13.3a acp13.4a acp13.5 acp13.6 acp13.7 acp13.8 acp13.9 acp13.10 acp13.11

It rained all day on Saturday. It was the first day of winter and yet the temps were in the upper 50s all day and even later in the evening. We even saw thunder and lighting – how often can you say that we There was widespread flooding, as predicted, as well. Abby stayed at Kama’s all morning and went shopping with Ann in the afternoon. Luke & I did some work around the house as well as our weekly chores while watching the first few bowl games – too bad Purdue stunk so badly this year, there was never a chance of them making a bowl this year. Ann went out shopping later that night with Shawna to finish up her Christmas lists. I think we might actually be done…and when I say we, I really mean her of course.
We slept in a little on Sunday. Ann made dessert and we all got ready and headed up to Fishers for the annual Scheu family Christmas party. John & June were already gone to Florida, so Chuck & Cindy held it again this year. The Colts and Cowboys both had games as did the Purdue men’s basketball team. The women’s team is off to a great start and is ranked about 10th in the nation.

I have received some feedback on the layout of our blog entries. Some folks would rather see the Waybac section without having to go through all those darn videos. So, starting this week, we are moving the videos to the last section of each entry. We hope this makes your experience here better.

So, next up is our Waybac section. Again, we feature photos from large box # 5 from Mom. We begin with a rare photo that has a caption on the back that reads, “Four Generations” and features my Great-Great-Grandma Morgan, Connie Morgan (my grandma), Robert Morgan (my Great-grandpa) and William Fisher (not sure who he is); then we go to my Uncle Keith Morgan’s senior picture (I think) in the fall of ’52; then we have a bunch from the early 50s (about ’52-ish) with a couple shots of Grandpaw’s new car, Mom & Grandmaw and the Atha children (I think); Mom with some neighborhood kids and then Mom with her baby doll; then we have an unknown family in the Brown’s living room on Elmwood Ave in August of ’57; then a GREAT one of Mom (look at those curls!!) with Grandmaw in the same living room (Ann & I would later inherit that chair and the matching “davenport” in later years) in October of 1957; then Mom down in the basement with her Mom & Dad playing ping pong – circa ‘57/’58; then on to June of ’60 at the summer cabin with pictures of Aunt Midge and then Mom in a boat on the lake out back of the cottage; then a month later at the same cottage on the 4th of July with Mom and friends, Grandmaw & Midge in the kitchen, and Grandpaw playing badminton; then Grandpaw’s force photo after his promotion to Captain in 1960; Grandpaw’s revolver in his bedroom in ’61; the Hellmichs in April of ’66; several of Nathan, Sharon, Dan & Grandma Bryan (Mary) in 1977; Rob on Easter Day in Lafayette on April of 1982 at Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s house; then Rob at Christmas a couple months later, up in LP; Rob playing Pop Warner football in October of 1987 – out at Kesling Jr High field; then another rainy Saturday in Franklin in October of 1987 during one of my college games; and finally some Week 19 pictures of Mom & Dad B, George & Sue with Austin, Mike & Rose and Bob & Jackie in May of 2007.

Waybac.1927.mmcmrbwf Waybac.1952.09.ckmsp2 Waybac.1952.mil1 Waybac.1952.mil2 Waybac.1952.mil3 Waybac.1952.mil4 Waybac.1952.mil5 Waybac.1957.08.uv1 Waybac.1957.10.magmb1 Waybac.1957.mpp1 Waybac.1957.mpp2 Waybac.1960.06.sc1 Waybac.1960.06.sc2 Waybac.1960.07.04.mfv Waybac.1960.07.04.msv2 Waybac.1960.07.04.msv3 Waybac.1960.07.sc1 Waybac.1960.gpptc1 Waybac.1961.mgcs2 Waybac.1966.04.pdak3 Waybac.1977.nas23 Waybac.1977.nas24 Waybac.1977.nas25 Waybac.1977.nas26 Waybac.1977.nas27 Waybac.1982.04.11.eil4 Waybac.1982.04.11.eil5 Waybac.1982.12.cilp7 Waybac.1987.10.rsf1 Waybac.1987.10.rsf2 Waybac.1987.10.rsf3 Waybac.1987.10.rsf4 Waybac.1987.10.tgf1 Waybac.2003.06.24.lbd6 Waybac.2007.05.14.wn45 Waybac.2007.05.14.wn46 Waybac.2007.05.14.wn47 Waybac.2007.05.14.wn48 Waybac.2007.05.14.wn49 Waybac.2007.05.14.wn50 Waybac.2007.05.14.wn51 Waybac.2007.05.14.wn52 Waybac.2007.05.14.wn53

For our Shit that Luke Says column, we have an odd one this week. As you know, Luke thinks differently than most people. He is very intelligent and sometimes has trouble communicating his thoughts in a way that we can understand. He and I were going in to Main Street Market for ice cream and Archway seasonal cookies and it was, of course, raining pretty good…and he looks at me right in the middle of the parking lot and says, “It feels like there’s a tsunami in Florida right now.” I wasn’t sure what to say or what it meant, but I just agreed with him and walked on…and I still am not sure what he was trying to say with that one…

And so now our final section is our video section, which includes six new family movies and several vids from around the internet.

Yer Blues R'n'Roll Circus live by philprank

And that does it for this special double edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma…
Later, Scheu

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  • Karen Vester

    Good morning, Tom. The people in the pic you didn’t know are Aunt Louise ( grandpa Morgan’s sister), her husband Uncle Don and their son Jimmy. And I think the July 4th 1960 pics are your mom and Brenda and me hanging on the post, with Dad down by the water….I’m not a 100% sure, but it looks like us. Hope you all have a great Christmas, Love, Aunt Karen.

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