Cruise…We’re both Travelling so far…

We enjoyed a slow down for a change…and it was appreciated. We reflected on the past winter sports and prepped for the coming spring sports. The weather continued on its warming trend, allowing me to wear shorts for a couple days at work. We said good-bye to winter as the first official day of spring came and went. The kids enjoyed their week of Spring Break. They were originally scheduled for two weeks but with all the snow days this winter, they not only pushed graduation back but also took away a week of their Spring Break…glad we didn’t make any plans to go away for that 2nd week!
Speaking of going away, Matt was in Tampa on Monday morning boarding his cruise ship and heading to the Caribbean with his buddies. There was severe weather in the area that kept Dad from being able to come down and see his grandson off. It was the 1st day of Spring Break but Abby was not in the celebratory mood. She, Ann and her classmates attended the 2nd funeral for one of their own in the past couple weeks. Luke stayed with Gma for the morning before going out to eat with the girls and then coming home to play. Abby had dance later that night, but was obviously preoccupied with the loss of her classmate.

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Tuesday was a cool but lovely day. Luke spent his day bike riding and shooting hoops, playing outside with Bu for several hours. That day, Abby went to track. Luke went to the Y with Drew. I got my butt back on the treadmill before playing Blur on the Xbox with Luke and then some basketball until it got dark. We heard from Matt today with a simple text. It read the following: “Hey mom. The first day was pretty awesome. We spent most of our time exploring the ship. Andy, Colton and Bryce spent most of their time in the casino. I tried to just stay and watch but I was told that I couldn’t even watch them play. The food is good. We should be on the Cayman Islands tomorrow. Love you guys!” There were a ton of wrestling pictures posted today on the Greensburg Elementary Wrestling Facebook page. I found several of Luke & Matt. They are not in order, but still are great photos.

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Abby had softball practice on Wednesday. Luke went to a dodge ball game with Drew at Bryan’s new building. Ann went with Shawna for an After Prom planning session. Matt set ground on the Cayman Islands. We heard from Matt again today. It was priceless: “Hi mom. We went to the Cayman Islands today. It was amazing. The beach was amazing too. We decided to ride jet skis, but they were kinda sketchy. The warning light was flashing the whole time, but nothing bad happened so it was a success. I’m not sure what is in the food here, but I’ve had awful gas and I had the grossest poops. We’re still having a good time. We will dock in Cozumel (probably spelled that wrong) tomorrow, so we’ll probably spend most our time on the beach. Love you guys!”
It was rainy all day on Thursday. Abby’s track practice was cancelled but she did have dance. Ann enjoyed a girls night out with Angie and friends. Matt spent the day in Mexico. Luke spent the night with Alex. Abby & I grabbed drive through after dance and watched TV. We have several new social media pictures to share this week, including Abby and friends; Reese with Katie & Aunt Sharon; Abby with her twin friends; Bu’s tribute to her big bubby on his bday; John & June’s kids at a fun Roaring 20s party this weekend; me with a margarita larger than Luke’s head; Bryan & Angie also out for a drink on Friday night; Ann’s card for Megan who also had a birthday this week; and throw-back classic of Bryan & Angie; newly un-earthed outtake photos of the Star Wars trilogy; a couple cool Pink Floyd pictures; several great Calvin & Hobbes toons; a classy pic of Grace Potter; an old pic of the Greensburg semi-pro baseball team in the ‘40s; a couple old pictures of the Greensburg courthouse; and Rick & Lynn enjoying a sunset in Maui again.

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Friday was an amazing day that soared up to the 70s! It was Matt’s 18th birthday. It is hard to remember what our lives were like before that little turkey came in to our lives, but he changed mine forever. I’m still mad though; he promised me he would stay little forever…and now look at him! Ann had late-night scrapbooking so Luke, Bu & I had dinner at El Chile Poblano for chips and a cocktail. Afterwards, Luke & I went out to play with Drew & Bryan. We watched a couple of great games in the Big Dance, had a couple of drinks and enjoyed a stogie – it was a perfect way to end the week…
Ann returned to scrapbooking on Saturday morning. I took Luke & Abby and ran errands all day. We started by signing up Luke for baseball. Next we made a stop at Hibbett’s for baseball & softball gear such as cleats, helmet and batting gloves for Luke. We didn’t find everything, so we headed to Columbus to try MC Sports. We were able to find a couple of bats for the kids but still couldn’t find metal cleats for Bu. We next hit the outlet mall but again struck out and decided we would have to find a pair on the internet. The Pirates basketball team won semi-state at Richmond!! They are headed back to the state finals again!!! Tickets go on sale on Tuesday! Matt’s van broke down about 9 hours from home in Atlanta. They ended up getting a rental car somehow and managed to get home about 5 am on Sunday morning…what a long day.

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On Sunday, Abby had softball practice. Luke’s baseball practice was cancelled. Luke enjoyed playing outside all day and ended up riding bikes with Alex and went to his house for the afternoon, playing Xbox and Nerf guns. He came home and we had quiche for dinner and watched basketball and the NASCAR race in L.A., where Jeff had a chance to win and came up 1 lap short of victory and ended up 13th after a caution on the 2nd to last lap. Matt let me copy pictures off his phone. Although it doesn’t include any of him or the boys, it does have some interesting sites during his cruise. We are hoping to get a bunch from Andy’s parents in the coming days…

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Next up is our Waybac section. We have the next batch of photos scanned and ready to be shared. I was surprised by what I found in this batch. Initially I thought most of these were already shared previously, but upon further examination I believe that some of these are duplicates and that most of these are previously unpublished. These are much newer than the bulk of the last batch. The vast majority of these will be from the quarter century of 1977 to 2002. Leading off this week, we start with a great picture of my lovely mother (look how thin she was!) with Grandpaw and I in November of 1978; then our trip to Universal Studios in California in March of ’79 including the collapsing bridge in Jaws, Dr. Marcus Welby’s house and Animal House’s Delta Fraternity house; Rob & Dad in December of ’79; Great Grandpa Morgan’s 78th birthday party at Aunt Norma & Uncle Ralph’s house in January 1980 – including pix of Uncle Ralph, Uncle Keith, Uncle Bob, baby Emily, Wendy (?) and Great Grandpa; then on to Dan & Sharon’s house in January of 1980 with classic pix of Mom, Robby, Aunt Sharon and Katie; then Thanksgiving in LaPorte on Kenwood St with Robby in November of 1980; Christmas a month later; Rob & I visiting Aunt Lou in August 1981; back to Kokomo in August of 81 with great pix of Uncle Dan, Nathan & Katie and Rob & I; then Rob on Christmas Day getting his new bouncy horse in 1981; then back to Kokomo for Bryan Family Christmas a couple days later; Uncle Kenny & Aunt Marilou at a Brown family reunion and fish fry in September of 1983; Rob and Peanuts in LaPorte for Christmas on Rockwood St in 1983; Rob and neighborhood friends in April of 1984; Grandpaw at Christmas in 1984; Dad with Rob and his Cabbage Patch Kid in January 1985; Grandpaw’s birthday in July of 1985 on our front porch on Rockwood St.; Christmas in LaPorte in 1986; Kimmy in 1993 who also had a birthday on Friday; yours truly opening presents on Christmas Day in 2002; Dad & Moe in 2002; Matt and his noodle in 2002; Matt on the patio in 405 at the Sand Pebble in May, 2002; an older couple who are no longer with us as well as George and Mike at the Pebble also in 2002; Abby at her first Dixon Dance Revue in May of 2003; the 4th of July Parade in G’burg with Matt pushing Luke in the stroller, Gigi pushing Megan and MaryAnn pulling Abby & Grace in 2003; Abby at her birthday in September, 2003; Bu & Gma B at the Bryan Family Xmas in Rossville in 2003; Bu in the playroom and with Gma B at her birthday in September 2004; and Aunt Sharon with Nathan at Bryan Family Xmas in Rossville in 2004.

Waybac.1978.11.19.mtgpb1 Waybac.1978.11.19.mtgpb2 Waybac.1979.03.30.us1.cb Waybac.1979.03.30.us2.mwh Waybac.1979.03.30.us3.ah.dh Waybac.1979.12.citc1 Waybac.1980.01.06.mfr1 Waybac.1980.01.06.mfr2 Waybac.1980.01.fvtk1 Waybac.1980.01.fvtk2 Waybac.1980.01.fvtk3 Waybac.1980.01.fvtk4 Waybac.1980.11.27.tgdok1 Waybac.1980.11.27.tgdok2 Waybac.1980.12.coks1 Waybac.1981.08.sv1 Waybac.1981.08.sv2 Waybac.1981.08.sv3 Waybac.1981.08.sv4 Waybac.1981.08.sv5 Waybac.1981.08.sv6 Waybac.1981.12.25.cdilp1 Waybac.1981.12.bfcik1 Waybac.1983.09.bfrff1 Waybac.1983.12.26.cilp1 Waybac.1983.12.26.cilp2 Waybac.1984.04.eilp1 Waybac.1984.04.eilp2 Waybac.1984.12.cdilp22 Waybac.1985.01.rdcpk0 Waybac.1985.07.rlbbd1 Waybac.1985.07.rlbbd2 Waybac.1985.07.rlbbd3 Waybac.1986.12.cilp1. Waybac.1986.12.cilp2 Waybac.1986.12.cilp3 Waybac.1993.KimmyScheu Waybac.2002.12.cig1 Waybac.2002.12.cig2 Waybac.2002.dwj1 Waybac.2002.spti1 Waybac.2002.spti2 Waybac.2002.spti3 Waybac.2002.spti4 Waybac.2002.spti5 Waybac.2003.05.addr1 Waybac.2003.07.fojp1 Waybac.2003.07.fojp2 Waybac.2003.09.a4bd1 Waybac.2003.12.bfcir1 Waybac.2004.09.a5bd1 Waybac.2004.09.a5bd2 Waybac.2004.12.bfcir22

We have a Shit that Luke Says entry this week, after being absent for most of the winter. While Ann was talking about her voluptuous derriere, Luke chimes in, “You just need to take bigger poops – BIG POOPS – like horse poops!!”

Next up is our video section, which includes 1 new family video and several from around the internet…

And that does it for this week’s Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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