I Need a Love…to Keep me Hoppy

We enjoyed a mild, early-spring week here in south-central Indiana. It was a typically busy week for us at the Scheu abode. Abby & the Dixon dancers really started cleaning the dance routines as competition is a week away. She is also driving regularly now. Luke and the Titans also honed skills and are also a week away from their first competition. Matt came home for the weekend and the family was complete again for a short few days.
Monday gave us a cold start to the week with fronts on the windshields. However it was sunny all day and eventually climbed up to the 50’s. Abby drove from school to Memaw’s and then later drove us home when we picked up the kids. The kids and I played basketball out in the driveway when we got home. Luke played for a while with the neighborhood kids while I hopped on the treadmill. Meanwhile the girls ran some After-Prom errands and then went on to jazz class. And it was Eric Clapton’s 70th birthday today. Slowhand is special in our household as he is the author of Ann & I’s song…
Tuesday was a gorgeous day that soared in to the mid-sixties. Abby had Student Council before school. Luke finally had his first baseball practice outside on the ball diamonds. I was able to do my exercising out at the ball diamonds and watch a little of their practice. Ann & Abby went tanning and it was popcorn night for dinner. We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: Barney & family; Reese; Uncle Keith & grandkids; messages of support around the state; Jon Stewart’s replacement was named this week (Trevor Noah); a “Peep’s show;” Gracie with Joe Walsh; Calvin & Hobbes panel; Bu & Hannah; Megan fencing; the Frozen Custard; Bu & Pirateers magnet; Matt & his roommate Colton; Rick & Lynn in HI; and Ancient Aliens producer Giorgio.

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We had another lovely day in the seventies on Wednesday. Man, I would take today’s weather every single day of the year. This was the weather that Mom always liked as well. The grass is getting greener with each day and has begun growing again. The pollen count was up a little and I’ve started seeing trees, bushes and such starting to sprout buds. There was not Homework Club after school due to most of the girls playing high school softball now. Instead, Bu had her boyfriend Dakota over for dinner and some quiet time in the family room. It was hard to keep Luke away from them! The girls went tanning right after work/school and then Ann grilled out pork chops and had some grilled veggies as well. Yum!! I ran Luke out to practice and again stayed there to exercise while watching practice.
It rained on and off all day on Thursday. It even stretched in to the night and we even saw our first severe thunderstorms with some low-level flooding. Matt had a good doctor appointment with Guse and is really starting to strengthen that shoulder. We ran the Grand Caravan in to Acra’s to get it ready for Abby to start driving more. I had my 4th straight day of exercising as I got on the treadmill again. I’ve been enjoying my quiet time and catching up on some recent movies. Luke & I played some more basketball outside while the girls went to tap class at Dixon studios.
It again rained on and off on Friday. Abby went to Indy after school to spend the night with Megan and be with her when she got her first tattoo. I tried to tell her to wait a couple years, but it was a sweet tribute to her father. Matt had Andy over for dinner as Ann was again grill-master; this time cooking some great cheeseburgers. Keith & Rosie came home for the weekend and stayed at Mom & Gigi’s house and Matt had his friends over until the wee hours of the morning.

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Saturday was another busy day. It was a cool day but really sunny and pretty – a prototypical spring day for this area of the country. Ann was up early to pick up Bu from Indy. Ab went straight to dance practice before the ladies went shopping all day in Cincy to find shoes for Prom. They were gone most of the day. Matt played baseball with his buddies and then hung out at Andy’s house to play cards and whatnot. Meanwhile, Luke & I worked around the house doing our weekly chores (laundry, dishes, vacuuming) before getting a bucket of balls and practicing pitching in the backyard. Afterwards Luke talked me in to riding bikes in to town to Memaw & Gigi’s house. We seem to get farther and farther out of town! When we came home we played a quick game of PIG (Luke killed me – I was so worn out!). Matt ran to BK to get takeout and then we watched the Final Four games in Indy – Duke won the first game vs. Michigan State and Wisconsin beat the previously undefeated (38-0) Kentucky. Somewhere Jamie was sad. So now we know who will play on Monday night for the championship. And a picture popped up today on Facebook – it was one with Mom & I in the hospital 3 years ago, which of course brought on a flood of memories. I miss ya, buddy…
We had a beautiful Easter Day on Sunday. We actually slept in for the 1st Easter I can remember in two decades! The dogs were actually up before the kids! The kiddos found their Easter baskets and enjoyed candy for breakfast. Slowly we got cleaned up and headed to Maryann & Sandy’s house for lunch. What a wonderful meal again – turkey & ham, homemade mac & cheese, pasta salad, corn casserole, deviled eggs, baked beans, Ann brought cheesy potatoes and olive dip, and of course there were all the trimmings and a wealth of sweets – including a few pies! Mom & Sandy had the five of us over as well as Keith, Rosie & Megan, Dee & Jamie, Linda & Dave and “Grandpa” Joe. We took naps afterwards and apparently played Bingo while I snored. We came home and got comfy for a little while. We played the Wii and Matt beat me in Baseball Stars before heading back to school. We said our goodbyes with him before heading back later for leftovers for dinner. It was just as good as lunch! We said our good-byes with Keith & Rosie and came home and watched Interstellar. What a long movie; but I thought it was really good and was a great way to end another wonderful week of family life.

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Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature many items from my personal sports scrapbook that Mom saved for me. We lead off this week with one of my favorite pictures. This one sets on our office desk, here at the house and features Ann & Keith in late 1970; then we head to Lafayette for Christmas with me opening presents with Mom & Dave Linville looking on, as well as a lady that looks very familiar but I cannot put a name to in December of 1976; then Grandpaw & Schnapps in their favorite location doing crosswords at the dining room table in his boxers in ’76; and then my birthday party in our basement in October ’77 with Jerry & I at the boys table as well as Missy, Mindi, Tammy and my first girlfriend Risa Campbell (I remember even giving her the cliché plastic ring from the gumball machine at Arth’s drugstore; and we leave Lafayette with a sad picture from my 1977 Oakland elementary yearbook of the old school being torn down; next is Sept 1981 for our Boston Jr High football team; junior high honor roll in February ’82; Boston track articles and awards in May ’83; Freshman wrestling in December ’83; sophomore yearbook picture in September ’84; the first big rock concert in LP in June ’86 – this would lead to dozens more over the next two years, including SRV, Ace & Yngwie!; football article in September ’86; Yngwie article in October 1986; all-area team article in November ’86; LP Slicer award in November 1986; BEAT HOBART bumper sticker in ’86 – this was a hot commodity that fall; wrestling roster in January 1987; a note from Robby in 1992; and Uncle John’s company goes public in 1993.

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Our final section has our videos. We have two new family movies and several videos from around the internet this week.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

And that does it for this year’s Easter episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for sharing your time with our family and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom…you would’ve really enjoyed all the family time today…
Later, Scheu

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