Slow down, Hold on – You’re much too Fast…

We are really back in to full swing again. Honestly this was probably the single busiest week that we’ve had since Matt went away to college. We had it all this week – baseball games, dance competition, severe weather, worked in the yard, serviced vehicles, crowned a March Madness champion…even medical issues and a sudden death within our network of friends.
In what would be foreshadowing for the next several days, it rained all stinking day on Monday. It forced Luke’s baseball practice inside at Bryan’s shop. The team had a party for one of our boys – Nate – who had brain surgery the following day. He would end up doing great and was able to go home after a couple days. Luke was excited to get his new uniform after practice. Abby & Ann had jazz dance at Dixon – their final before their first competition of the year. I hopped on the treadmill and then Luke & I watched the NCAA basketball championship where Duke won a great game over Wisconsin. And a big thank you to my friend Philip for giving me his old Hot Wheels track set which is actually three sets in one!
Tuesday was National Beer Day! It rained again and even had thunderstorms and some hail in the area. I got back on the treadmill that evening and Ann & Bu went tanning. Ms. Ann again got off easy with a warning after being caught speeding today. Good thing she is so pretty and well endowed!
More rain greeted us on Wednesday along with more severe weather. Ann and Shawna had another After-Prom meeting as they grow ever closer to the big night! Luke’s baseball practice was again moved indoors to Bryan’s Randall building while I got my butt back on the treadmill. Big kudos to Bryan! It was Soup Night for the Homework Club but the girls continue to be in softball so instead Ab had Dakota over and Ann made an awesome dinner of steaks on the grill (NY strips & ribeyes), salad, potato fries and corn on the cob. Man was it good!!
There were more storm warnings all day and night. A lightning strike hit work that morning and did damage to several systems. We worked the rest of the day and well in to the night to get our systems back online. I got home about 10 that night. Meanwhile Ann is working double duty at work as they are down a person this week. She ended up with both kids at tap class that night.

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On Friday we were still working on getting systems back up at work. We left work early to run up to Indy Sports Park for the King of the Mound tourney. These games marked the official opening of the baseball season for Luke and the 11U Titans. It was a little cool but very tolerable for early spring in Indiana. We faced the Lafayette Stars and won 5-2! Luke batted 5th in the order and went 0-1 from the plate. He & had a high pop up to 1st and then got walked on four straight pitches. He played great defense with a nice dig out of the dirt and an unassisted double play! Bu and I sat up on the deck and enjoyed a bag of sunflower seeds and a couple beers. In fact, I think nearly all the parents had a beer – it was very cool and laid back atmosphere. We decided that we wanted to have all our tourneys here this year! We had dinner at Hooters after the game with the Messers – the boys loved it…the girls not so much…
Man, Saturday was a long, busy day for us – we didn’t stop from the moment we got up to the time we went to bed. It was a gorgeous day that topped out in the mid-seventies. Perfect… Ann & Bu ran here and there all day while Luke & I did a ton of chores – including getting the yard equipment up and running and the lawns mowed at home and Mom / Sandy’s house; got the oil changed & washed the Pacifica; helped Curtis move furniture; picked up the Grand Caravan from Acra’s; paid bills and did laundry till 3 am! In between we made the trek back up to Indy again for Luke and the Titans to finally have their follow-up game. We played a great team called Powerhouse…and boy were the ever – they mauled us 0-17. Luke played well at 1st base, making a couple plays. He batted 4th and was walked in his only at-bat. But he got picked off before the next pitch was even thrown! Oops… I got a bit upset when they continued to run the score up at the end of the game and decided it was best that I walked down to the left field foul pole because I found I could no longer hold my tongue – probably because this is one of the few places where they actually serve beer! We got back late and did laundry until 3 am! We have several social media pictures to share this week: Wendy and her family; Nathan; Monica (David’s daughter); Ryan & Emmitt; Pat & fiancé; Beer Day!; Indiana is trying to switch gears and create a different buzz with some positive promotion as the state nears its bicentennial next year; More Indiana negative promotion – there was an entire segment dedicated to this issue on the Daily Show; Jeff & family visited the White House and then finished in the top ten at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend and even broadcasted the Busch-level race; the newest Hot Wheel Super Hunt; Grace released a new song this week (solo); – James Best AKA Sherriff Roscoe P Coltrane (shown here with his pooch Flash) passed away this week; the Star Wars franchise (Disney) re-released the series as official digital downloads format with the promise of exclusive content; and Matt and his buddies made their way to Ball State this weekend.

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It was an early start for the girls at 4 am to head up to Pike High school where Abby and her Dixon Dance teammates competed in the StarSystems dance competition. The boys followed a couple hours later as we grudgingly got up and got going again. Abby’s tap routine was the 2nd dance of the day. It was called, “Pon de Replay.” They scored a platinum award (the highest possible grade for her category!), 1st place in the tap division called the Champions Award and 1st place overall in their age group! Wow!! But then a half hour later she and her team made up primarily of her Pirateers teammates had their jazz routine. It was called, “Bang.” They again saw great success! They too scored a platinum award as well as took 2nd place overall in their age group (losing to Abby’s tap troupe). Way to go Bu!! The girls were missing one of their teammates whose father unexpectedly passed away earlier this week. The girls wore a black wrest band in her honor and cries of “Do it for her!” could be heard in the crowd as they initially took the stage. It was very heartwarming. After awards, the girls came home, got changed and went to the funeral home to console their friends in their time of need. Meanwhile, Luke & I left after the dances and headed back down to the south side of town for the final day of his first baseball tournament. It was another absolutely gorgeous day that soared all the way to the upper seventies – the warmest day of the year by far. The Titans were seeded #7 and faced a very good team called the El Diablos, where they lost 0-9, though the game was actually closer than the score would indicate. We were only a handful of plays away from competing with these kids. We are close but still have a little ways to go. Luke had some good plays at 1st but struggled to make the tough plays (couldn’t pull in a couple balls that were thrown too high and couldn’t dig a ball out of the dirt for a double play – things he normally can pull off). He batted 5th and went 0-2. He had a good at-bat in the 1st inning with 2 on and 2 out where he ran the count full and then fouled off three balls before striking out on a curveball. I believe it was the first he has seen. Then in the 4th inning he hit a long fly ball to right but it was too high and the kid easily caught it on the run and that was the end of the day. Drew came home with us and we stopped at Steak & Shake for lunch on the way home. Were the boys tired after their long weekend? Heck no; they played basketball and ran around the neighborhood with all their friends. After I ran Drew home, Dakota came over later and spent a few hours with Abby, who had driven home from Indy today on I-74! Ann & I had to work hard to keep Lola and Luke away from them. Congratulations go out to Uncle Rob who not only landed a sweet job as an electrician but also passed his real estate agent test. You go boy! We ended the evening quietly with Abby doing homework, Luke playing video games in his room and Ann & I flopped on the couch, catching up on our DVR’ed shows while laughing and reflecting on what all transpired this week. We enjoyed every minute this week, but do hope it slows down a bit this next week…one can dream…

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For our Waybac section, we continue to feature many items from the box of scrapbook items Mom saved for me. We lead off this week with a classic of Dad Scheu on his antique tricycle in September of 1948; my baptism certificate in ‘68; Ann in ’71; Oakland yearbook in 76/77 of the final year at the old school; Boston honor roll in December ’82; wrestling at BJHS in early ’83; track at Boston with our record relay in May ’83; high school wrestling in Feb ’85; football in August ’85; a Sectional Championship program with some of my bonsai stickers for defense; a picture of me and the football team in the paper for a fumble recovery in September ’86; and a picture of a portion of our graduating class in June of ’87.

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Our final segment has our weekly videos, which includes 3 new family movies and a few from around the internet this week.

That does it for this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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