If the Rain comes…they Run and Hide their Heads

It was another fast week for us. We battled the weather again this week, as is the norm for this area at this time of year. Rob & Sharon really want us to come down for Week 19 but there’s just no way to do it this year. Ann really geared-up for After-Prom. Abby is already excited about Prom next weekend. I think she and I are going to run the 5K here in a few weeks…well jog and walk it, but that counts too right? And Luke really started getting in to baseball this week.
It rained on and off all day on Monday. It was noticeably cooler as well. Ann had a late work meeting so the kids and I cleared the driveway and we spent about an hour out playing basketball that night. I was pooped. Later, Abby & I played another game of Baseball Stars – that game is as addicting now as it was back in college.
Tuesday was cooler yet as we ran Bu in to school early for Student Council. Luke had baseball that night with the 6th graders. I think the combination of the better talent and their coaching really helped Luke. I got on the treadmill again and started watching the WWII movie, Fury, with Brad Pitt. Ann made her signature dish for dinner – spaghetti & meat sauce, garlic bread and salad – yum! Bu & I were back at the Nintendo that night for more Bball Stars where she beat me for the first time. Bryan & Angie went to FLA for a wedding, so we took Drew to and from practice. We found Abby’s awards from last weekend in Ann’s car. Luke brought home his yearbook.

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Wednesday was the coldest day of the week. It was overcast with sprinkles but not enough to washout baseball practice for Luke & Drew. It was popcorn night instead of soup night at the house and we enjoyed more Nintendo and then American Idol.
It finally warmed up on Thursday but with it also came the rain again. Abby joined her Jr Optimist club members at the elementary school that night for Family Fun Night. She looked very pretty and then went on to tap class. Luke & I mowed the backyard again already – we didn’t even make it 4 days. I can’t believe how fast it is growing right now and we haven’t even fertilized yet. The dandelions are really bad though and we’ll have to get something on the lawn when we can get a few dry days in a row next week.
There was some nasty fog on the way to work on Friday. After it finally burned off, it turned out to be an amazing day that topped out at 80! Drew spent the night with us to make it easier in the morning. Ann & I had a couple beers on the back porch while the kids played out in the yard that evening. It was a great way to end a long work week. Later, Megan came over to visit Abby and ended up staying the night also. With a houseful of kids come a lot of hungry mouths so we ended up having Pizza Hut delivery that night and had enough to snack on the rest of the weekend. We love having the Hut back in town! They boys actually got to bed at a decent time…a rarity for those two. We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: Mom with friend; a few of Abby; Luke facing Drew in practice; Barney & Haley; Bu & Emma; Wendy’s daughter got engaged; Lynz is in FLA for a wedding; Uncle John’s golf course; Bu and her artwork – a house with a piranha with a mole eating it; Luke & Drew in the clean van; Megan looking silly; Megan playing “polo??? (crochet); Bry & Angie looking good in FLA for a wedding; U Indy night at the Pacer game this week (I don’t think Matt was able to make it though); Abby’s dance teacher tried out for the Indy Colts cheerleading and nearly made it, making it through all the cuts but the final one; ole FC; Jeff’s new Penn State paint scheme; Record Store Day; Joan Jett made it in to the R ‘n’ R Hall of Fame; Calvin & Hobbes panels as they near their 30th anniversary; and a new set of Hot Wheels / Star Wars crossover cars.

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We were up bright and early on a sunny Saturday morning and headed to Columbus for another baseball tourney. This was my old home ballpark. This is where Paul and I played softball for many years and enjoyed great success. This is where I hit my final homerun – on diamond 1 – over the leftfield fence. Although we started our first game in sweatshirts, we quickly peeled them off for the 2nd game and I think everyone got sun tans that day. Luke, Drew & the Titans faced a very good River Rats team out of Jeffersonville. They jumped on us early and it was never close. We think they won the tourney we were in last week. We barely even made it through our batting order once. Luke was 0-1 with a strikeout. He played 1st base and made several nice plays, including a great one down the 1st base line, over his shoulder. He also pitched for the 1st time this year. He gave up 3 unearned runs on two hits. His defense made two errors in the outfield and missed a groundball. He had one strikeout and may have had one walk. We lost 0-16. The boys tried to shake it off for their 2nd game but found more of the same as they faced the Diamond Dynamics. They lost 2-16 but finally scored a few runs. Luke started off playing 1st base and then was moved to 3rd base in the last couple innings as the coaches tried to shake things up a little. Luke was 1-2 as he got his first hit of the season on a sharp grounder to 3rd that bounced off the defender’s chest. He then made it to 2nd due to an error during a pick-off attempt at 1st base. He took 3rd base on a groundball to short thanks to a nice hustle play where he actually beat the third baseman to the bag! Afterwards we went to MC Sports and got Luke a nice, new bat. The Easter Bunny was supposed to bring him one but wasn’t sure what he wanted. He picked out a very nice one that we hope will increase his confidence as we move through this season. It is his first big barrel and is very excited to use it. We grabbed lunch at Riviera Maya and went to the mall. It is sad to see how many businesses are left in that mall. I was hoping there was still a music store since it was Record Store Day and I was hoping to get either the Jimi Hendrix 7??? or the Robert Plant EP. We took Drew home to spend some time with his Grandma, who was house-sitting for the Messers. The girls went shopping for After-Prom prizes with Shawna. Meanwhile Luke & I worked in the yard and then cleaned out the minivan. I don’t think we’ve ever cleaned it quite this detailed in about a decade. It was long overdue but looks better than it has in years. We picked up Drew after we finished up at the carwash where we spent an hour running two vacuums in the van. Drew again spent the night with us as we again had the early game the next morning. Abby helped me clean up our mess (it is amazing how much stuff can fit in to a Grand Caravan!) as the boys ran around the neighborhood. By the time we finished up, I was pooped. Even though we didn’t get everything done that we wanted to, I was done. I thanked the kids for their help with a dinner of ice cream at Dairy Point. I know what you’re thinking…Dad of the Year, right? Everyone fell asleep early that night.

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We were up again way to early on Sunday morning. What a difference a day makes. It was overcast and humid. It rained on and off all day again. We headed back to Columbus for the Grand Slam Classic. We faced the Indiana Inferno team in the rain. We again had our defense shook up but the lineup went unchanged. Luke did not play the infield and was instead stuck out in leftfield where he was extremely bored. He had one ball hit to him as a ball squired past the 3rd baseman and dribbled in to the grass. I know the coaches are trying to find a winning combination but we had two of our best players in the outfield today and were completely taken out of the game. The Titans faced the Indiana Inferno and were very much in the game today. Their whole demeanor was different in fact. The pitching looked very good – which was Drew. The defense played better and we again scored a few runs. In fact, we had the lead in the top of the last inning, 3-2 but they scored three or four in the bottom and we lost 3-6, I think. It was raining so hard at the end of the inning they mercifully called the game a little early as we were the only ones still playing in the cancelled tournament. Luke went 0-1 with a fly out to centerfield and a walk. He stole 2nd and 3rd and then scored the then-go-ahead run but things just didn’t go our way. Had it not been raining, maybe things would’ve been different. We were thankful to leave when we did as we were all cold and wet. We came home and did our weekly household chores, took naps and relaxed as we watched our DVR’ed shows and the NASCAR race which was on for like 12 hours at Bristol. Jeff came close but finished 3rd. And the NBA playoffs began and sadly the Pacers just barely missed out…
Now we move on to this week’s Waybac pictures. We lead off with a few pictures of Mom & Dad Scheu with Vicky & Jackie in February of 1968 in an undisclosed location; Dad Scheu at my 1st Christmas in 1968; then a couple of what I think is a couple pictures of Dad Scheu’s birthday in September of 1969 – this may be at Dad B’s house (?); then my kindergarten school picture in September 1974; an article from the Boston Jr High newspaper with the football team roster in October 1983; a football newspaper article in November 1985; a wrestling article in December 1985; another football article in August 1986; a football program in October 1986; several crops of an article of the LPHS fall sports banquet November 1986; yet another football article in late 1986; the Phi Delt school picture in the fall of 1989; Ann & Stacey in their dorm room in 1989; and finally Stacey & Danny’s wedding program from November 1993.

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For our Shit that Luke Says entry, we have Luke in the van. While riding to get ice cream, he was looking at the ceiling of the vehicle. It is coming loose and started to fall down. I told him we would try to put a thumb tack or two in it to see if it would help. As we pulled in to Dairy Point, he says, “Dad, when are we going to put the tic-tac in the ceiling???? I asked him if it was stinky back there as Bu and I were cracking up. He didn’t get it at first but when we explained it to him, he also laughed at that one. :0)

Next up is our video section which features a pair of new family movies and several vids from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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