Let’s Run Tonight…Till the Morning Light

It was another beautiful week here in south-central Indiana. Granted the temps are lower and we actually had to let the car warm up for the first time this year, but otherwise it was brilliant autumn week. Thanksgiving is creeping ever closer and we’ve started our Christmas shopping. Luke had a big week, running his first 5K and playing in a pair of basketball games. Abby and I entered our third 5K walk since I had my heart attack. On top of that, her week continued to be filled with all things dance-related. We got to see Matt a couple times this week. He had some phone drama as he continues to work hard at U-Indy. Ann knee issues worsened this week. And we even had some doggie drama this week. Hello again and welcome to the newest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.
Monday started out nice then turned cold and rainy about midday and remained that way the rest of the night. Poor little Molly had ear surgery to remove a hematoma. She ended up staying the night with the vet. Abby had Pirateers at the high school and later went on to her jazz class at Dixon Studios. Luke had basketball practice at the junior high school that evening. We got a call from Matt, who had somehow lost his phone over the weekend. We worked a few options out with him and gave it a little more time. I went ahead and deactivated the phone so no one could do anything stupid with it. I got my fat butt back on the treadmill that night. Ann said her knee was finally feeling better as we got ready for work that morning. She had a busy day of work and ran errands afterwards. In a cruel twist of fate, she injured herself again. She was coming inside for the night after a long day. It was still a little rainy and she decided to bring in some of her scrapbook stuff from the car. She took one step inside the house and must’ve slipped a little…but somehow popped something in her knee. She said it hurts more than her other knee ever did and nearly made her go to the floor. We have no idea what she’s done now but she is falling apart! Might be time to trade that body in for a new one?? :0)
Ann had a rough morning on Tuesday. She could barely sleep that night due to the intense pain, now in both her knees. Hell, she could barely walk that day with her knee all swelled up. We left work early to pick up Molly. She looked awfully pitiful with ear all wrapped up. Abby had Pirateers for about three hours as she continues to choreograph her dance as well as learn their next routine. Luke played with the neighborhood kids and later had Oakley over to play Xbox. I walked the neighborhood and ran a few errands. We have lots of new social media pictures this week to share: our lovely Bu, our oldest up at school; Katie & little Reese; Aunt Sally & Scotty; Joey won another soccer title; David was back in town; Bethany; Matt & Abby looking silly; Ang & Ally; Allen with a cool sweatshirt; Ann’s favorite Peanuts references; Abby’s lovely artwork; Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor (Motörhead drummer) passed away this week; Dad B and Aunt Sharon took a train in to NYC to see the Rockettes; more Bu; some cool dude looking hot; Aunt Shar showing her support for France on Facebook; Sally; Tammie; Jamie at a bluegrass festival; Allen was promoted to Lieutenant!!- Way to go, Al!; The Grizzlies smoked Hanover to capture the Victory Bell again; more support for our French friends; and classic attractions at Columbian Park.

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Abby worked at the dance studio after school on Wednesday night, but not until after she and Britney attended ping pong club. Noah brought her home later that night. Matt, who had lost his phone over the weekend, was starting to really panic and was looking for a replacement by this point. Some of the options we talked about were using an old flip phone, upgrading to new, buying an older used phone from a buddy…but Bryan came through in the clutch and let him have his old phone, which was really, really cool. Matt had given his old phone to a friend for free and never got it back. Abby had done the same with her old phone so we didn’t have any extra smart phones around the house unfortunately. Ann & I took the phone up to him at school, activating it while driving on I-74. We gotta hand it to Verizon for their help during this whole ordeal. We met him at one of our favorite burger places – Five Guys. It was really windy and when we snapped off a quick picture, I had to poke a little fun in his direction. Big thanks to Memaw for watching Luke late for us that evening.
On Thursday, Ann had physical therapy on her old hurt knee and an orthopedic appointment on her new bad knee. I think we may be working towards buying Dr Guse another yacht! The x-rays were inconclusive and she needs an MRI now. He thinks it is another meniscus tear. Luke had basketball practice after school. Abby had tap class and her and Ann enjoyed their weekly routine that evening.
Ann went scrapbooking on Friday night. Luke, Bu & I went out for a pre-5K dinner at Subway, keeping in healthy at least for this night. Abby went out with her friend Shelby for a double date and then sleep-over. Luke & I watched movies on the big screen. And we heard the horrible news of the big terrorist attack on Paris.
We were up early on Saturday for the Turkey Trot 5K to benefit Carousel, a local non-profit daycare center. It was very chilly – in fact it below freezing on our way to the event. That kept the numbers low. I would estimate only about 50 people competed that morning. I was the only one in shorts. While Abby & I walked in our 3rd 5K since my heart attack, it was Luke’s 2nd and he actually ran it. He set a blazing pace early and he ended up winning the event!! Way to go, little buddy! His time was 28:15. Again, it cannot be understated that this was a hilly course and pretty damn cold. Bu & I had a good early pace but I couldn’t sustain it, having shin cramps and had to slow down. Still, we were under an hour at 59:22. It was not our best effort but at least weren’t last! Luke missed basketball practice, which was at the same time as the 5K. Ann braved the conditions and came out to support us. Thanks babe, we love you. We ran to the store to get groceries for Ann to cook dinner later that day for Mom O’s birthday party. Megan came over to talk to her “other Mom” and Matt came home for the day. Meanwhile, I treated Bu & Duke to lunch at ElRep. We got home in time for Matt & I to watch the Purdue football game and they nearly pulled off the upset. Then we watched the IU/Michigan game and Indiana almost pulled off the upset as well. We continued to watch good football games until Mom O, Sandy, Dee & Noah came over to celebrate Memaw’s birthday. Although it’s not until next week, it was a good time to get everyone together for a big dinner (spaghetti & spasagnia), sing the birthday song (event though she was a poop about it), enjoy some dessert and open her presents. Grandma is going to try and learn how to use an iPhone – look out world! Ann’s dinner was amazing. We said goodbye to Matt. Abby and I cleaned up the kitchen before she had a friend over for a little bit. Luke, Bu & I were all out early, sound asleep by 1030. We unwrapped Molly’s ear. It was really starting to bother her. It looks goopy right now, but hopefully it will dry-out quickly. She’s been so good through all this and takes her medicine like a trooper.

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We slept in a little on Sunday…until work started calling. We got up and did our weekly household chores before heading down to Versailles. Luke had a couple basketball games at the Jac-Cen-Del school. First up, the 6th grade Pirates faced Lawrenceburg and the second game they faced the host Jac-Cen-Del team. In the first game, the Pirates jumped out to a quick lead and were up by 20 by half. They never looked back in the second half and doubled up the score of the Lawrenceburg team by games’ end, 46-23. After a short break, the boys were right back at it. The Pirates withstood an early push from the JCD boys and opened up a decent lead by halftime. In the 2nd half, they knocked them out in a surprising blow-out, 63-25. Luke’s combined stats for the day: on the offensive side he was 3-5 from the floor with 6 points, 3 assists and 2 turnovers. Defensively, he had 10 rebounds, 4 steals, 1 blocked shot and 3 forced turnovers. He was on the floor 7 times and had 6 fouls. Later in the afternoon, Abby went to her friend Mary’s house (Luke’s girlfriend’s older sister) to finish up the choreography of an upcoming Pirateers dance. The Cowboys lost again. Peyton Manning became the all-time passing leader but that was the only highlight for the Broncos and Peyton in particular. He completed only 5 passes to his teammates and 4 to the opposition. He looks hurt and eventually was benched in the 2nd half. Surely he must be playing hurt because he looked old, sore and tired today. The NASCAR race kept getting postponed due to rain until it became a late, night race out in Phoenix. I stayed up way past midnight watching it and trying to upload this post but Yahoo had changed its webhosting to a new name and was transferring everything, meaning I couldn’t upload any new photos. I guess if you eventually read this, it means I was able to get it figured out…

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Next up is our Waybac section, which continues to feature classic photos of our young family in the mid-nineties. We lead off this week in March of ’96 with a visit from the grand parents as Matt was still acclimating to his home in Columbus; then on to November of that same year for (one of?) his first visit to Grandma & Grandpa Bryan’s house – this is the Dream House in Rossville; next we move forward to Easter Day at Grandma & Gigi’s house where Matt got to play with both in his new outfit – love his face as he enjoys riding his new truck with Gigi! Next we go to November of ’97 at our first Greensburg home for Matt getting his haircut with Aunt Dee; next more Easter fun in Greensburg – this time with Ann coloring eggs with Matt in our dining room in April of ’98; and finally our annual trip out to Brown County to party at our good friends’ (Rich & Beth) house in October ’98.

Waybac.1996.03.mch01 Waybac.1996.03.mch02 Waybac.1996.03.mch03 Waybac.1996.03.mch04 Waybac.1996.11.mvr1 Waybac.1996.11.mvr2 Waybac.1996.11.mvr3 Waybac.1996.11.mvr4 Waybac.1996.11.mvr5 Waybac.1997.04.mge01 Waybac.1997.04.mge02 Waybac.1997.04.mge03 Waybac.1997.04.mge04 Waybac.1997.11.mdh01 Waybac.1997.11.mdh02 Waybac.1997.11.mdh03 Waybac.1997.11.mdh04 Waybac.1998.04.mge01 Waybac.1998.04.mge02 Waybac.1998.04.mge03 Waybac.1998.04.mge05 Waybac.1998.04.mge06 Waybac.1998.10.dap1 Waybac.1998.10.dap2 Waybac.1998.10.dap3 Waybac.1998.10.dap4

We have an entry for the Shit that Luke Says this week. So after the 5K and after we got Ann home to get to her cooking, the kids and I went out to ElRep to celebrate the successful completion of our 4th 5K…and of course to celebrate Luke winning today’s race! So the kids sat in one seat and I sat in the other and of course they were exchanging barbs like they always do, going back and forth. But it was Luke who had the final word this time. He looks at Abby in the middle of this verbal exchange and says straight-facaed, “Yeah, well Noah is just using you to get closer to me!” 

And finally we have our video segment. This week we feature three new family home movies and a few from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry into the Scheu Family Blog. We thank you for keeping up with us and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Momma.
Later, Scheu

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