Back…to my Old School

Funny how a long week can go so fast… It’s almost not worth taking that long vacation to come back and have to work so hard to catch up on everything you missed during that time. Aw, who am I kidding…of course it’s worth it. As the first month of the new year progressed this week, it felt more and more like winter. The kids had their first classes of 2016. Abby had dance nearly every day but Luke seemed to have obstacles at every turn for his basketball team. Matt worked a full week as did Ann & I. Ann continued to rehab her knee and limp around the house while I tried to work off some of my winter coat that I accumulated during the holiday break. It has been great to spend time with Matt watching college basketball and NFL playoff games. I’m gonna miss that here in anther week… Hello again and welcome back to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.
We started off the week cold on Monday morning with temps in the 30s. It was a rough day because it was back to work for Ann, Matt & I. Ann had a PT appointment at CRH. Abby went out with friends after school and then on to jazz class at DDS. Despite the cold, I walked to Ann’s office after work and later helped Dee move a mattress upstairs at Mom & Sandy’s. With the girls gone to dance, the boys had leftovers and lounged on the couches. I fell asleep so I went on to bed before they even got home, pooped from my busy day.

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Tuesday was even colder as temps dipped in to the 20s most of the day. It was a rough morning again as the kids struggled to get up for their first day back to school and the start of the 2nd semester. They have been off for half a month, I believe, so it was tough for them. Thankfully it warmed to 32 before I walked to Ann’s office again. Abby again had Pirateers practice after school. Luke’s basketball practice was cancelled that evening due to power issues at the junior high school…in fact all after-school activities cancelled that night. I again walked to Ann’s work on a very chilly evening. It was popcorn night and Ann made a big batch of Fireworks popcorn for dinner later.
Wednesday was still cold – around freezing all day. I braved the elements and walked to the airport and back after work. That people trail is very nice. Ann worked in the Greensburg office in the afternoon. Abby did not work at Dixon Dance Studio that night and so she instead came home and brought Britney with her. By the time I got home, we had a full house with all our kids plus Noah & Britney. Although Noah was over to see Bu, he ended up hanging out with Matt and Britney helped Abs & Ann make a huge pot of potato soup…which was delicious! That night we watched the return of American Idol, which is now in its final season, sadly. We have a ton of new social media pix to share this week: Bu & friends; John & June with fam on a Disney cruise recently; Monica; Bu; Mom O’s hospital room; Mike & Rose; Kosier family; FC started Winter Term this week; a great collection of PU bobble heads; Coach Pagano will be at the helm of the Colts still; recent Calvin & Hobbes Sunday panels; McFadden reached 1K yards this year somehow; Colts did not make the playoffs; Katie’s kids at the Pacer game; Tammie & friend; Ken Griffey Jr was elected into the Hall of Fame (!) along with Mike Piazza; NYE pix; Bu and friends; Angus Scrimm (“Tall Man” from the Phantasm movies) passed away; Wendy & fam; Wayne & Shannon; Daniel & Kels & a great Zep meme.

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It was warmer on Thursday. I walked to Ann’s office again after work and made it in 25 minutes. Abby had Pirateers and then went on to tap class at Dixon Dance Studio. Matt & I watched some Boilerball as Purdue faced Big Ten foe Michigan with new starting lineup. After the loss to Iowa, they dropped to #20 in the national standings but they were good that night and won by about 20 points. I am so old that when the game ended, I conked out and went to bed before the girls even got home. Report cards came out today. Luke lost his phone for a few days until he brings up his two C grades. Abby did not have straight A’s but got to high B’s in a pair of classes that are some of the toughest in the entire school…and she’s only a sophomore. So she is going to present a persuasive speech to Ann & I to convince us we should still honor our agreement for a $20 bill for straight A’s…based on strength of schedule. Should be interesting…As for Matt, we still haven’t seen his grades…oh Matthew….
It was a warmer, rainy Friday. In fact it rained all day and night. Thankfully it slowed to a mist by early evening and allowed me to walk the People Trail to the airport again. Ann went scrapbooking after work. Matt received a good checkup at the dentist but does need to have his wisdom teeth out like his sister. Luke & I went to the high school to watch Abby & the Pirateers’ dance routine at halftime of the girls’ basketball game vs. Franklin County. The girls looked great but Ann didn’t make it. Afterwards, I picked up Bryan & Drew and Luke & I met Matt at BWR for dinner. We enjoyed a nightcap at Messers where we watched Tenacious D episodes while the boys played on the drum set and did a little boxing. Meanwhile Abby went out to eat with Britney & their friends at BWR and then out on the town. Britney ended up staying the night and Ann got home late.

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The girls were up early and out the door on Saturday as Brit went home and Ann took Bu to Pirateers out at Shelby’s house. Luke had basketball practice that morning as well. The 6th grade Pirates were supposed to play on the big, Varsity floor but the Frosh team ended up using it and the boys were able to find a court at the elementary school. As I dropped him off, I hopped on the walking track that we used for the last 5K event. We ran errands and did our weekly household chores the rest of the day. In between, we took down the Christmas tree and decorations. The kids helped Ann & I…well Matt and Abby helped. We sent Luke to his room because we got tired of hearing him bitch about it. We finished just in time to watch the playoff games. Abby went out to dinner with Britney & Cody and then they came home and played the Wii in the family room while the boys watched football on the big screen. Ann napped on the couch, which for her is also “watching” the game. LOL! The first game was a blowout but the second game was a doozie that saw the Bengals blow a victory due to not staying in control of themselves. Matt ran to DQ for us between games for our “dinner.” It rained on and off all day and really picked up at night. But at some point overnight, the temps dropped as all the winter storm warnings that popped up on the TV during both games had predicted, which meant fun times were ahead for us! Britney spent the night with Abby and they had some neighborhood friends over to the house later.
We enjoyed sleeping in finally on Sunday. It was nice to stay in the warm bed because the house was so damn cold! The temps really dropped fast and the wind was howling. All that standing rain that was on the ground and on our cars had all frozen and caused several delays and cancellations. It was snowing when we got out of bed and was very pretty. It figures that we take down the damn tree and THEN it snows! Ann cooked a big breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese biscuits. Luke’s two ball games at Jac-Cen-Del were cancelled. We were supposed to play Batesville 1 and Morristown…but the weather cancelled those games early that morning. It was just as well, we wanted to watch the NFL playoff games anyhow. This time it was the NFC and both were outdoors in the bitter cold elements. Abby had Noah over for a while and then he and the girls went out for lunch before she had to get ready and go to her volleyball intramural game at St. Mary’s. Abby & the Ninja Turtles (coached by Shawna who took out her eldest for her 21st bday last night) faced off with another St. Mary’s team. They took two of three sets. Noah went to the game for support and then came over for dinner. Luke went out and shoveled the driveway for us and then salted it real good for Ann. It was in the teens most of the day. Luke made an “igloo” for Lola & Molly to keep warm when they go out. :0) During the football games, we saw yet another ambulance and fire truck next door at Ed & Ginny’s house. We can only hope that Ed is okay… After the girls got back, they cooked dinner of chicken and rice casserole. It was cool watching the games today with my boys. It reminded me of days up in LaPorte watching football games with Dad B and Grandpaw Brown. It was a great way to end the weekend.

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Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature our young family in the late nineties from our first six photo albums. We lead off this week with Matt coming home form the hospital to meet friends and family in March, 1996; then Matt is up and standing as he first learns to walk in our Columbus townhouse in November 1996 – stay out of my cup, Matt!; next is “Messy Marvin” eating his dinner and then at Easter in our new home in G’burg, both in April 1997; next we head up to Rossville for Matt to ride Uncle Robby and later back to our home for Thanksgiving in November 1997; then Easter in April 1998 with the egg hunt in our yard and then up to Lafayette to Aunt Sally’s house for Jason & Erica’s baby shower in April, 1998; Matt hating his bumble bee costume and also licking my bday cake in October 1998 – little turd! :0)

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Next up is our video section which includes one new family home movie and a few from around the internet this week.

And that does it for this week’s Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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