And the Stars Look very Different Today

This week has been one of change. To say that it has been a long week is understatement. To say it has been a shit week would be more profound. Matt wound down his last week here at home with some learning experiences that he won’t soon forget. Abby also learned some tough life lessons this week as well. Luke did much better with his homework this week and I think he grew another inch (his legs are so long). Ann continues to struggle with her knees as her workload continues to increase. And I worked hard to exercise daily despite the unpleasant weather and hectic work week. On top of that, there were several celebrity deaths to bum us out. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog…
The kids started off the week with a 2-hour delay due to the cold and ice. Thanks to Mom O for running our babies to school for us. Unfortunately Matt had to go back to work with Ann & I. Abby had Pirateers practice and then went on to jazz class at Dixon. Luke had a late basketball practice and then shoveled the driveway and salted real good for us. I got on the treadmill and then the boys watched the NCAA championship football game as Alabama beat Clemson in a great game. And sadly, David Bowie succumbed after a lengthy battle with cancer at the age of 69. We have several social media pictures to share this week: Bu & friends; Wendy & Bethany; David Bowie’s death this week; the FC campus looked pretty with the snowfall this week; baseball season is about a month away; more Bu; Conner; Luke’s GF; Mark & Amy; Rich & Beth; Columbian Park; and more deaths – Alan Rickman (Die Hard & Harry Potter series), Ted Marchibroda (NFL player & Colts head coach), and Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams).

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The kids lucked out again with another two-hour delay on Tuesday because of the extreme cold and slick roads. Although I did not get in my walk, I did shovel snow for about a half hour, so it’s all good. The guys were giving me crap about doing it in shorts, but I was honestly comfortable. Britney came home with Abby and the girls helped Ann make a big pot of chili on a cold Indiana night. Later Britney helped Abby cope with an acute case of transient apical ballooning brought on by a text she received that evening.
Somehow the kids got to sleep in again on Wednesday as the kids had a third straight 2-hr delay because of the extreme cold again. We probably need to take Maryann out for dinner for taking care of the kiddos for us. Abby struggled to get going and then had a short day at school due to still suffering from takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Ann & I picked her up and took her to lunch at Chili’s because she hadn’t eaten all day. But that wasn’t enough so the Ann treated her to a dose of shopping therapy before meeting Amy & Baili at ElRep for dinner. Abby ended up not having to work at DDS that evening and was much better by bedtime so thankfully no further therapy was necessary. That allowed me to work from home on my reports, which are overwhelming at the start of the year. Luke and I tried to get out to the Y to walk but never got around to it after it took forever for the van to warm up and defrost since it hadn’t been driven in so long.
Thursday was a little rough for the kids as they had to actually get up on time for the first time in nearly a week. It was much warmer and most of the snow melted throughout the day. It was crazy – the temps jumped 50 degrees! I got a chance to get out on the People Trail across the street from work and Ann & I took off early so that we could get to the boys’ basketball game at GCHS as they hosted archrival Batesville. Abby & the Pirateers had three routines and also presented the colors. Ann worked the front door at the coat check as a fundraiser for the Pirateers. Unfortunately the game went late and she ended up missing her tap class at Dixon. Afterwards we went out for dinner at BWR.

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Friday was a long, rainy day. Matt’s buddy Joel was home on pass from the Marines. He came over for a while and then went to dinner together. Afterwards Matt went out with his old football buddies to play cards until late at night. The annual Winter Formal was that night and Abby was asked to the dance but ended up having a night out with the girls and had a big sleepover. Meanwhile, I got home late and picked up Luke, who accompanied me to the Y to walk because it was too wet to get outside. We stopped by Phyllis & Dicks’s house and picked up their grandson who plays on the same basketball team. I hit the 2nd level walking track while the boys played a pick up game down below. When we got home, Ann treated us to big bowls of Fireworks popcorn and watched the new J-Lo / Ray Liotta series, Shades of Blue. The first couple episodes were pretty good.
All that rain from the previous 24 hours froze overnight and we work up to a cold, frozen Saturday. Luke’s basketball practice was pushed back to later in the day due to the slippery roads. When he finally did have practice, he got to play on the big varsity court which he thought was pretty cool. I went early to pick him up and hit the walking track despite the cold and the slippery track. It also kept Ann from going to Columbus to catch up on some work and instead stayed in town and went scrapbooking. Luke & I did our weekly household chores and ran errands most of day, getting the oil changed & car washed in the Pacifica, wrote out bills and did Matt’s FAFSA, did lunch at Taco Bell and got supplies for Ann to cook dinner and make Chex Mix (we only get the good stuff anymore when Matt’s around!). Ann made us chicken fettuccini alfredo for his back-to-school dinner, since tomorrow will be so busy. Abby was gone all day with her girlfriends and only came home long enough to change and get cleaned up before they were all right back out the door for some more quality time. We sang the birthday song to Grandma Barbie, who is busy getting the old Surface house ready to go on the market. Dad invited us up to Coyote Crossing for a big celebration next weekend with all the Scheu family and even the Deerr family for what would’ve been Granny’s 100th birthday. There is just too much going on for us to make it up unfortunately so we’re pretty bummed about that… I did enjoy watching football again with Matt & Luke. The early game was pretty good but the late game was crazy as the Cardinals somehow beat the Packers in OT and put on a whale of a show.
We finally got a chance to sleep in on Sunday morning. While Luke, Matt & I headed to Jac-Cen-Del for basketball, Abby & Ann made their way to Enochsburg to face St Catherine of Sienna for a CYO volleyball game. Abby & the Turtles played very well and won all three sets to remain undefeated on the year. Luke & the 6th grade Pirates faced the Batesville 2 team and then Morristown. Strangely, they scored exactly 52 points in both games. The Pirates jumped out to a quick lead vs. Batesville and never looked back. Luke shared playing time with his buddy Luke Hellmich at center. Although he shot three times, he could not find the bottom of the net and had a turnover. However, the Pirates won easily 52-32. After an hour off, the kids were back for game two. They quickly picked up right where they left off and before long had another 20-point lead. Luke wasn’t involved much in the offense again this game but continued to shine on defense. He hustled all day for loose balls, set picks for his teammates and passed the ball very well…all things essential for a good team. He played his role well and ended the day with 13 rebounds, a steal and 3 forced turnovers. His aggressiveness also got him 5 total fouls between the pair of games. We came home and Ann had ordered Papa Johns pizzas which were perfect companions for watching the Broncos vs. Steelers in the final playoff game of the weekend. It was again cool to watch the big game with the boys and it was exciting as Peyton’s Ponies pulled off the win and will face Brady and the Patriots in the AFC Championship next weekend. Megan was with Abby when we got home and ended up staying the night. After the big game we said a tearful goodbye to Matt, who returned to U Indy for his final few months of his sophomore year. We thought it was supposed to be easier the more you did it but that’s just not the case for us it seems. I love how he always blows his horn all the way down the street to let the neighborhood know that he was leaving again…it was so cold when he headed home and it was supposed to continue to fall in to the single digits overnight…which should make for a cold start to the week tomorrow. Shortly thereafter, Abby & Megan went out to Steak & Shake with Britney and a few boy friends since they have tomorrow off for MLK Day.

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Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature our young family in the nineties. We lead off this week in May of ’96 for a visit to Mom & Dad B’s first house in Rossville; then to Mom O’s house in December ’96 for Christmas fun; next we fast-forward to July of ’97 where Memaw & Gigi walk the 4th of July parade with Matt, who is busy feeding his face with yet another cracker (the 3rd picture would end up in the newspaper); next we go back to Mom & Sandy’s for Christmas in December ’97; then back with Mom & Dad B in June ’98 – this time all the way up to LaPorte for a ride in Aquaholic and a dip in Pine Lake; and finally we go to Christmas in 1998 – first with Dad & Barb Scheu at the Scheu family party – this year I think was in Indy at Vicky & Fadi’s house and finally Matt meeting Santa at the little shed “house” on the courthouse front lawn…I wonder why they don’t do that anymore?

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Next up is our video section which includes three new family movies as well as several from around the internet this week.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks again for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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